Azir Build Guide

Azir Guide Mid-Lane ( Patch 4.20)

Updated 2 years ago
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Hello everyone, this is my first guide on and let me know what can i do to make it better. Im a Diamond 5 Player and i trained Azir in the last days and played him 24/7. Actually he is a very strong mid laner with high range spells and can stay savely in teamfights. The most problem about him is that he needs a really good positioning. You have to be careful about the positioning and the importent thing: the soldier placement ! So lets start :)

Well in his laning phase is easy. Try to farm save and use your \"Q\" + his soldiers to haras the enemy from far away. Don´t try to use your \"E\" aggresive except you can kill your lane enemy. If the enemy pushed you to your turret you can try to knock him in your turret. Just with a combo. - Place a soldier behind him, dash with \"E\" to him ( knocking up walk behind him and then use ult to throw him back to your turret. Its also a great tool to turn a fight by pushing him to the jungler while he is coming to your lane so the jungler will be faster at the target. Another tip is, if the enemy midlaner is going to roam, you have to push him hard ! Thanks to azir´s \"w\" that can be used on the enemy turret, you can push really easy. Atleast you should have one soldier always be ready to placed in case the jungler comes and you need to escape.

Another great point about azir is that he can have a nice drake / baron control. His huge range makes it easy to zone enemies away from the dragon / baron pit. Your Soldiers also grants vision which is nice if your team is running out of wards for a short time. But now in midgame you should try to force teamfights with azir after he gots his first three items, now his damage is huge. Try to push ! Azir can easy push turrets with his team by his \"W\", also he can harass the enemies hard under the turret. Just place some soldiers next to you and then force the soldiers under the turret and try to harass them.

His Lategame is way to strong compared to some others midlaners. You can waveclear extremly easy and push really fast. Now they are the same things as said in midgame. Just the difference is that your damage on enemies / turrets is extremly high.

So his teamfight potencial is WAY TO HIGH TO HANDLE. You need to manage following things. 1. Stay save in the backline. 2. Move your soldiers to the best direction ! 3. Attacking with your soldiers ! 4. Keep your enemies in the eye. 5. Try to help your ADC if he is next to you. So first of all. The ultimate. As i said in the beginning his ult is extremly powerful. So if you are fighting in the jungle its the best moment to use it. Try to get as many enemies behind the wall so you and your adc are going to be able to land some free damage. Another way to use your ult to push an enemy away from his own team. Like the wall from Anivia. Last thing to use your ult to push the enemies away that are on your adc. Now about the moving of the soldiers. First of all when the fights starts you should wait some sec. While you are waiting try to summon some soldiers next to you. After some time you try to get a place where its nice to move them, best place: where the most enemies are standing. Allways have one soldier in your pocket to use it as an oppurtunity for an \"E\" mobility use. Now im talking about attacking with the soldiers. The best way to practice it, it just to play and play and get a feeling about the attack range. An importent thing is that you keep in mind when your soldier will expire. If you are getting focused you can use zhonyas to get time and to confuse the enemy. Also another great defensive thing is his ult, like i told if before. As an huge damage dealer you should stay behind your tanks. Place your soldiers and then just use them to attack the enemies. If they are moving make always sure that you can move your soldiers savely, so that no one is comming from behind. Just move the soldiers if you are save !

So thats it. That was my Azir guide. If my english isn´t the best. It might be the point that im coming from germany :D . I hope you enjoined it. If u find grammar mistakes, would be nice if you could tell me then.

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