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Fate has made it's choice. PATCH 5.18

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Hey everyone, my name is Sinsie/Raioc. I am a Platinum ADC/Top/Mid main. Some time in the past, Xin Zhao was considered to be a top tier pick in the jungle, before taking a pretty heavy nerf to his base armor. His damage output still has the potential to be the highest damaging top-laner and one of the best duelists in the game. With this build you have the kit to split push extremely effectively as well as instantly burst anyone of your choice, and more if given the opportunity. The mobility and map control will make you the unstoppable force Xin Zhao was meant to be. I hope you find this guide to be useful to you and if you do don't forget to leave an up-vote to share the knowledge of AD Xin Zhao with everyone ^.^ Summoner Profile: [img=] This guide will give you detailed runes, masteries, item builds, level paths, detailed lane match-ups (and how to deal with them) as well as how to play different points of the game. This guide will be updated each patch, so you may always refer back to this if you are ever questioning. [b]I am currently working on updating this guide.[/b]

Early game damage on Xin Zhao is how you will get first blood almost 100% of the time. For laning you can either use a triple Q harass tactic to open up, or farm until level two in which you will level up your E and all in with ignite and Q to attempt to get the kill. Most of the time this will be enough to do it. The rest of the laning phase is just farming and waiting for someone to over extend and be cautious of jungler ganks. In the case JG does gank you want to pick a target and bust them. Most people will get caught up in the fact they have an ally they will extend into fatal range. If you take out the top laner the jungler is usually fairly weak early, and with flash up you will most likely be able to escape them, provided they used their gap closer to initiate.

[b]V1.0.0[/b] - Guide Released [b]V1.0.1[/b] - Greater Warding Totem ([img=items/greater-stealth-totem.png]) moved to an early point in the build path due to buffs to the item. - Added in-depth build path explanation. [b]V1.1[/b] - Updated for patch 5.5 - Situational items updated. Now shows pros and cons. - Updated runes description. [b]V2.0[/b] - MASSIVE UPDATE - Added all situational items. -

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