Kayle Build Guide

Blazing Retribution

Updated 3 years ago
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Hi, my name is KaiTheAlchemist and I love playing Kayle. I think the changes to the masteries really made Kayle more viable to play and complement her strengths very well. Season 4 made Kayle a really strong pick for mid lane. She is extremely versatile and can viably play all positions. She can carry hard and has insane damage and great utility. This is a hybrid build for Kayle and I think that hybrid Kayle is extremely strong. Building hybrid means the enemy team has to build both MR and armor to counter your insane damage. Kayles kit really does benefit from a Hybrid build. You can shred tanks and destroy squishy champions. Season 4 has made Kayle a complete beast and I believe that if you learn how to play hybrid Kayle effectively you will be able to climb the solo queue ladders and get that rank that you deserve.

Early game you need to zone your enemy with your E. Try to prevent your laner from getting as much farm as possible. Poke them down with your Q and E. Remember that its okay to farm with your E. Once you hit 6 you can kill most mid laners. Ask for blue buff from jungler. When you have blue you can sustain and poke infinitely until it runs out.

If you have a advantage you should push it. If you can get rid of their first turret you can roam to other lanes and help them get kills. One thing I learned in solo queue is that if you help other lanes they will do better and not feed as much. The secret to carrying games is to help your team carry. Remember its not all about you. If you help your team out there is a better chance for a victory.

Late game is where Kayle shines. You should roam and kill enemies, but you shouldn't forget to CS. You should be able to shred enemies and completely destroy their health. You should be cautious since you dont have a amazing amount of sustain, you should try to end fights as fast as possible. Continue pushing your lead if you have one. If you dont you should farm up and you will be naturally OP. Be with your team in fights and secure objectives.

You want to target the squishy carries first. Ultimate whoever is fed on your team if they are close to dying. After killing the squishy carries move on to the tanky targets. Let the tank on your team initate fights. You shouldn't be going in first because you are pretty squishy.

I hope you enjoyed my Hybrid Kayle guide and I wish all of you luck with carrying yourself up the solo queue ladder with the god of S4. Kayle has became really strong with the new masteries and I think she will be seeing alot more play in ranked. I truly belive that if you are good with Kayle that she will carry you to your rightful rank. Have fun shredding!

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