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Fencing Like a Sir. The in Depth Fiora Guide. (Outdated)

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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
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    Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration (+2.56 armor penetration)
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[.]About me: Why hello there, I'm Icy, from Puerto Rico and this here is my first ever guide. I've been playing for about 8 months, and have developed a decent knowledge of the game thus far. I read a lot of guides, watch a lot of streams and play whenever I can to expand my knowledge of the game since it's so very interesting to me. My Elo is not the highest (still, give my guide a chance, you won't regret it), I barely play Solo Q but I've been getting my mind ready to get to it soon. Also, don't think I've played this character for ages but, by playing her a couple of times, practicing in custom games and even played [highlight]ranked[/highlight], I'm pretty sure of how to build her successfully. I apologize in advance for any grammar errors since English is not my main language but I'll try my best. Anyways, on to the guide! [.]About the guide: In this guide I plan to help those that might be a bit lost on how to build her, even when watching the Champion Spotlight something doesn't seem so right. I will base my build and play style in making her the most threatening carry, not based in early game shining(if you do shine in early game, EVEN BETTER!) so your lane should be solo lane. In the spotlight it's all about the damage and the crowd control for later (Frozen Mallet last item), and I don't quite agree with that. Of course I haven't played this character a whole lot since it's new but it's gone pretty well and I think Fiora is going to stay as a very strong champion even after the nerf she's getting next patch since her ratios are so high. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any suggestions and/or criticism in the comment section. [highlight][.]Outdated:[/highlight] I honestly stopped playing this Champion a few time after I made the guide and updated it frequently so I can't really put updated information into Season 3 because I don't main her or even close to that. I apologize if these has caused any inconvenience but I've just had much more fun with other Champions. I wont Trash the guide because I spent a good amount of time in it and there's still very good and detailed information here, to get to know the champion and how to play her, even if now shes best played as an AD Caster, way more than just attack speed. Please enjoy the content. Thank you. Blitzcrank Top lane guide:


[highlight]Pros:[/highlight] [.]Decent sustain in lane with passive. [.]Very nice mobility. [.]High attack speed without any attack speed items. [.]Very high damage output. [.]Nice split pushing abilities. [.]Can take out turrets in 4-5 seconds with [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png], an attack item and Demolitionist. [.]Can parry a buffed auto attack like [imgsmall=champ/wukong.png] and [imgsmall=champ/nasus.png] Q, and even Gangplank's Parley. [.]Glass Cannon. [.]She can fence. [highlight]Cons:[/highlight] [.]Very squishy in early levels. [.]Doesn't have the best escape, depends on a target to dash out. [.]Amazing Ultimate but CAN be baited into disaster sometimes if you're not careful. [.]Has to get close to do damage. [.]Has NO crowd control(CC).

[.]I shall put all noticeable updates made to the guide here. August 26th, 2012: Released Top Lane Blitzcrank guide, make sure to check it out! August 9th, 2012: Added more info to the Match-ups chapter. Including laning against Irelia and Kennen. July 8th, 2012: Fiora got ulti buffed. Lesser Cooldown in lane, better. Plain and simple. Blade Waltz Cooldown reduced to 130/120/110 from 150/130/110. April 17th, 2012: Added more things to the Match-up chapter. April 4th, 2012: Updated the Skill Order Chapter, noticed it wasn't up to date with the rest of the guide. March 20th, 2012: GOT FEATURED!! very exciting :) Patch Notes for Hexdrinker: Hexdrinker Recipe changed to Long Sword + Null Magic Mantle from 2 Long Swords + Null Magic Mantle Total gold cost reduced to 1400 from 1800 Attack damage reduced to 25 from 35 Shield strength reduced to 250 from 300 Shield duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4 New Item: Maw of Malmortius Recipe: Hexdrinker + Pickaxe Total gold cost: 3300 (combine cost: 925) +55 Attack Damage +36 Magic Resist Unique Passive: +1 Attack Damage for every 2.5% health missing. Unique Passive: If you would take magic damage which would leave you at less than 30% of your maximum health, you gain a shield which absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown. [.]Will talk about it in item description(and about new item that forms from it too). March 7th, 2012: Switched Hexdrinker item ([imgsmall=items/hexdrinker.png]) to the core vs AP or Hybrid characters over Phage([imgsmall=items/phage.png]), also added explanation next to the item. March 5th, 2012: Added a "Do not lane against" section in the Match-ups chapter to not have it all in the same place. March 3rd, 2012: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: LEET! March 2nd, 2012: Released THE KRAKEN! (guide)

[.]Marks: Flat Armor Penetration for penetrating their armor. No but seriously, this is the best option to go for with AD carries since it raises your damage tremendously and helps you in early trades (if they happen). [.]Seals: Flat Armor since you're very squishy this is going to help you against early harass with auto attacks and help you stay in lane a lot longer than you usually would. If you feel you won't be needing Armor against your lane opponent, feel free to use Health per level Seals if you think you can handle the early harass. [.]Glyphs: Magic Resist per level, this is based in helping you survive bursts in the later stages of the game from their AP players and is useful in lane also if they jungler is AP. If you feel like your match up is too "stronk", feel free to change to armor blues also, but I think it's a little too much and not needed (plus hurts your mid/late game too much). Attack speed glyphs are also viable and used by many people. [.]Quintessences: Flat Attack Damage quints, this is aimed to make you more of a threat in all stages of the game. Another good option is Movement Speed Quintessences to stay on your enemies a lot easier and can help you escape ganks better. Update: Switched to Armor Penetration Quints since Attack Damage weren't really noticeable with the passive AD from W. Also going to be testing Flat HP Quints for better sustain. [imgext=]

[title][img=skills/fiora/p.png] Passive: Duelist[/title] [number]Fiora regenerates health over 6 seconds each time she deals damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Your main source of sustain in lane. Let's you trade almost safely, and stay in lane a lot longer than you might think. Can help get you out of a situation where you had a bad trade/engagement and you're thinking of going back home and recharge, Burst of Speed with a pot can really get you back in the lane without leaving exp or cs behind; even if tower hugging(don't stay in low hp if you know you can easily get dived and killed). [title][img=skills/fiora/q.png] Q: Lunge[/title] [number]Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. Fiora can perform the dash a second time within a couple seconds at no mana cost. Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing 40/65/90/115/140 (+60% attack damage) physical damage. Fiora can perform the dash a second time within 4 seconds at no mana cost. Cost 60 Mana Range 600[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Use this to escape ganks if you over extended by dashing to a minion, use this to last hit if you're a bit too far from an almost dead creep, to get close to your target, to charge the carries in team fights - if the target is too far behind, feel free to dash to someone closer first, then the carry on the 2nd charge -, and even to dodge skill shots. Very versatile skill. [highlight]Tip:[/highlight] This resets your auto attack so when fighting make sure to use -> auto attack -> use -> auto attack to maximize your damage and your passive. [title][img=skills/fiora/w.png] W: Riposte[/title] [number]Fiora's Attack Damage is increased. When activated, Fiora parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions. Passive: Fiora's Attack Damage is increased by 15/20/25/30/35. Active: Fiora parries the next basic attack within 1.5 seconds and reflects 60/110/160/210/260 (+100% ability power) magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions. Cost 45 Mana Range 20[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Very playful skill, can help you win small duels/trades and the passive is amazing for ensuring last hits. Remember that you can Parry every on-hit effect spell, like Ezreal's Mystic Shot, Gangplank's Parley, etc. [highlight]Tip:[/highlight] If you Parry an enemy Fiora's ultimate on the first hit, it will appear as everything is Parried but only the first hit is Parried (does not return damage), the rest of the hits will do reduced damage as usual. [title][img=skills/fiora/e.png] E: Burst of Speed[/title] [number]Fiora temporarily gains additional Attack Speed. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed. Killing a champion refreshes the cooldown on Burst of Speed. Fiora gains 60/75/90/105/120% additional Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed by 7/9/11/13/15% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Killing a champion refreshes the cooldown on Burst of Speed. (Assists reduce the cooldown by half of the base amount.) Cost 55 Mana Range 500[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ladies and gentlemen, would be, her [highlight]bread and butter[/highlight]. This is the reason you don't need [imgsmall=items/wits-end.png] or any other attack speed item. The attack speed you get from this skill is nothing short of amazing and the fact that it has the potential to also increase your movement speed to stay on your target is nothing but priceless. [highlight]Tip:[/highlight] If it ever gets to a point where you are getting out runned and won't be able to escape or catch up, consider giving a few auto attacks to a target to get a speed boost and keep running away or chasing. [title][img=skills/fiora/r.png] R: Blade Waltz[/title] [number]Fiora dashes around the battlefield to deal physical damage to enemy champions. Successive strikes against the same target deal less damage. Fiora dashes around the battlefield striking random champions 5 times for 160/330/500 (+120% attack damage) physical damage. Successive strikes against the same target deal 25% damage. The first and last attack will be against the same target. Each strike applies on-hit effects. Cost 100 Mana Range 400[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Commence pain. This skill can do anything from securing a kill, to sniping a carry in a team fight, to even dodging everything being thrown on the field. This is why [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] is so amazing on her, since there's life steal being applied for every hit. By the time this skill is over, you will be amazed of how much health you got back. Be very confident to tower dive when you have this available since the turret isn't going to hit you and if you kill the target you should be free to go since you were untargetable in the act. [highlight]Things to watch out for when using this:[/highlight] The target you do this to can bait you into using it and flash to their teammates - if they're close by - and kill you when your ulti finishes. [highlight]Tip:[/highlight] If you find yourself in the middle of a Team Fight taking too much damage feel free to pop your ultimate to dodge the hits while your team cleans up. [highlight]Note:[/highlight] The ulti [highlight]CAN BE CANCELED[/highlight] if someone becomes untargetable, for example: Fizz doing Trickster(jumps on his trident), Vladimir using his Sanguine Pool, or Master Yi doing Alpha Strike, It will cancel the Blade Waltz and it WILL go on cooldown. Remember this procs on-hit effects, so it makes items like Black Cleaver and Phage/Frozen Mallet that much more useful.

The skill order [highlight]should[/highlight] be [img=skills/fiora/r.png] ---> [img=skills/fiora/w.png] ---> [img=skills/fiora/e.png] ---> [img=skills/fiora/q.png]. [.]The reason to take [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] in level one is because it has more flexibility and you're too squishy early on to try and harass. Then take [imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png] at level two for better last hitting and a Parry in case he gets too close to you and harasses. After that, focus on maxing [imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png] mainly whilst having [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] maxed by level 13 - without missing a point in [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png] of course - since it's your [highlight]bread and butter[/highlight]. [.]Now... This is [highlight]NOT[/highlight] the only option you have. You can also get a point in [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] at level one auto attack harass while abusing your passive. I would not recommend this against an AD Bruiser with CC since most of them are more tanky than you will be at early levels (especially level one) and you will also be taking creep aggro which can hurt a lot in early levels.

[.]In this chapter i'll explain the purpose for the items and at what time you should be getting them, depending on the situation of course. [highlight]Explanation:[/highlight] [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] The difference in boots depends on your lane opponent, you need to counter your lane to increase your chances of winning it, if you win your lane it probably means you can carry the game, so [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] if AP and [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] if AD. No excuses. [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png] Is this really needed early against ADs ? YES!! You need this against AD Bruisers [highlight]EVEN IF[/highlight] you scored a kill and are going back to heal up. Don't think you won't need it 'cause you just scored a kill, he's gonna come back with items and you're gonna need it to stay ahead. Plus a free ward to avoid getting ganked! If late game arrives, consider selling this for a second [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png]. [highlight]Lulu Patch:[/highlight] Wriggles life steal got reduced, no biggie. The item is STILL cost efficient, it still gives you a free ward every 3 minutes and there's not reason to not get it when you should get it (against ADs). [img=items/hexdrinker.png] This would be like your Wriggles against ADs, but in this case, against APs. It does not give life steal but it does give you more attack damage than [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] and a solid amount(for early/mid game) of Magic Resist plus the glorious shield it gives every minute. As long as you have the shield ready you can fight head to head against APs and the Magic Resist comes in really handy too. If not feeling safe enough you can get [imgsmall=items/health-potion2.png] or so when going back to lane. Also, careful when using this item since your opponent can hit you from range to activate the shield on purpose and then burst you to death when its on cooldown. Considerably you can grab 2 [imgsmall=items/dorans-blade.png] and be 'ok' but this is more of a hard counter to AP and it wont hurt your damage output. Also, I DON'T BELIEVE IN DORAN'S OK! DON'T JUDGE ME! [highlight]Lulu Patch:[/highlight] The price was reduced and the item is more cost efficient this way (in my opinion), so I will not remove it from the usual build, it's actually better this way I think. [img=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] This will follow your Hexdrinker's way against a hybrid(mostly AP damage based) or AP opponent in lane and it's a very good item. One good thing to note is that you can make the best of the damage increase passive and take a gamble, risk going low hp and pop your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png] to do increase damage and heal it back with your life steal (if you have a [imgsmall=items/vampiric-scepter.png] around). The shield will still be there and even better than before, still on the same 60 second cooldown so everything should be fine or better than before. The item's price might cost more than a [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] but Magic Resist most of the time costs more than Armor so yeah. Very good item overall. [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] When you have this, you inflict fear. This is the item that is going to sky rocket your damage and when fully farmed, you have the item with the most life steal in the game in your hands. If you feel like you're doing fine without your [imgsmall=items/phage.png]'s slow then don't mind getting this item first. Still, when you do get it, don't get over confident, it can really hurt your team. [highlight]Note:[/highlight] If you're doing really well, don't hesitate on getting a 2nd one over your [imgsmall=items/the-black-cleaver.png]. [img=items/phage.png] This is your "you can't run now!" item. I usually get this somewhere before finishing my [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] since the slow becomes really handy, especially since it gets proc'd a lot with the attack speed buff of [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png]. Getting this item doesn't mean you need your Frozen Mallet quickly, I usually finish my [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] after [imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png], I feel like you won't NEED the hp that early on. [img=items/frozen-mallet.png] Like I said above, you usually don't need this early on, maybe not even in mid game. Consider getting this earlier than usual if getting bursted to death for some reason, the extra HP will really help you out. [img=items/the-black-cleaver.png] I'm not really a fan of this item but hey, it works. It Procs with your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png], with your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png] and with [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] you will have your opponent shred into pieces in no time. I would get this around 35 minutes which is usually the time you would want a [imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png], in this case Black Cleaver works better - plus the shredding can be used by your team, not just you - and the extra attack speed is welcomed also BUT the item is more expensive than Last Whisper. Getting this item around the 35 minute mark will slow down your Infinity Edge greatly, so consider getting it after the [imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png] unless the opponents are stacking WAY too much armor. Most of my games I find myself not even getting to the point where I can get this. [img=items/infinity-edge.png] No question about it, the place for this item is AFTER the [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png]. Your damage will completely sky rocket at this point and you SHOULD BE unstoppable if doing well. Pop your ulti with this and a fed Bloodthirster equals: the enemy team at least lost a carry. If the enemy team is stacking armor, consider getting [imgsmall=items/the-black-cleaver.png] instead of this item and leave this for last, or before [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] if the game gets to this point (late game); this being the case, the Infinity Edge will be kind of a relic item (wont really need but it will still increase your damage tremendously). [img=items/guardian-angel.png] If the game is still going on at this point then this is the way to go, even though you're a glass cannon, this item gives you a bit of defense to get in there and do your job, come back, pop your ulti and since you can't get targeted, heal up and clean up. [highlight]Items to Consider:[/highlight] [img=items/dorans-blade.png] This item has a lot of fans, i'm not one of them. It can really help you in lane, it's a great item, you can even consider starting with it but I just don't quite like dead end items too much, especially when this build is based on making you a carry, not having the strongest early game; it does have it's time and place. I just feel like it's not really needed to get kills in lane and if your opponent is stacking them and you're not, play defensively and avoid engagements, if you get your cs or ganks from jungler, you will be FAR ahead. [img=items/dorans-shield.png] Could be a viable start against easy lane opponents but again, dead end item, would probably be better off starting with boots +3pots. Can be useful against an easy lane opponent if you're playing a very passive style and just focusing 100% on farming and letting your opponent farm also. [img=items/last-whisper.png] Very good item, can definitely work on this character but [imgsmall=items/the-black-cleaver.png] is just better on her as explained above. Consider getting this item if you need Armor Penetration on the go since The Black Cleaver is much more expensive. This can work as an item "on the go" since its more cheap, but ONLY if they're stacking armor and you need the armor pen 'asap' and are not doing decent damage at all without it. [img=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png] Consider getting this item if they have 3 or more guys with 3k+ hp and no one can take them down, guess what, you're gonna have to help take them out too. This item will help you do this since your attack speed is so tremendous and the proc this item has is very nice, and it just got a small buff. [img=items/philosophers-stone.png][img=items/heart-of-gold.png] This items aren't really needed on her since she can stay in lane enough time and can score cs pretty well too. You can get a Philo Stone if you feel comfortable using it and then sell it afterwards. Same with HoG, you would have to sell it later 'cause as a 'glass cannon' you shouldn't be carrying the items that come after those, the tank or off tank should, and support if [imgsmall=items/locket-of-the-iron-solari.png] or [imgsmall=items/shurelyas-reverie.png]. [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png] If you get caught, you're very likely to combust so I wouldn't get this item on her unless there's a [imgsmall=champ/malzahar.png] or a [imgsmall=champ/warwick.png] always casting their ulties on you, then you can consider buying it since you will put it to good use. Other then that, you shouldn't be needing it since you should be off the Crowd Control effects, all though sometimes it's close to impossible. [img=items/sheen.png] This would be kind of a fun item, you can proc it twice with [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] and the quick auto attack you get after each dash, but with the ulti it would only pop once (sad face) so I wouldn't get it, especially since you wont be going the [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] route. [img=items/the-brutalizer.png] The Brutalizer... this can be useful in lane to bully your opponent constantly but i've found myself more than Ok against an opponent who gets it with just using [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png]. I wouldn't morph this into a [imgsmall=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png] since there's better things you can get for this price. If you do get it, I would recommend you sell it later if the game gets to the late game. [img=items/banshees-veil.png] This item can be useful, especially for the free spell shield it gives you but [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] would be a better choice since you can do more stuff with it. Still not a bad choice if you highly like the item or prefer it over others. [img=items/warmogs-armor.png] Again, this build makes you a glass cannon so this item doesn't really fit you. If you feel the need for hp, [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] is your best choice. [img=items/atmas-impaler.png] Glass Cannon! This item wont raise your attack a great deal to be worth the price, the armor wont be of much use and even with [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] it wont be worth while, you will probably get more attack from having a half built [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] or [imgsmall=items/the-black-cleaver.png] than you would get from Atmas. [img=items/boots-of-swiftness.png] This can work but in since you always finish or should finish your boots in lane, this won't really counter your opponent. If you're ahead for 2-3 kills I guess you can consider it. [img=items/berserkers-greaves.png] This aren't really necessary considering you get more than enough attack speed from [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png]. If you don't need to counter your lane 'cause you're far ahead than him and there's no need to buy boots to counter your lane opponent, then you can get this boots, they're viable. Though, you have to keep in mind that you're gonna be a tiny bit more squishy, don't forget! [img=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png] Could work, but we're not going with "could" here, so no. [img=items/wits-end.png] As stated before many times, you get all the attack speed you need from [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png], it's a good counter to AP but you should not ever NEED it (even though it procs 5 times with ulti). Also, getting a [imgsmall=items/the-black-cleaver.png] would be so much better. [img=items/executioners-calling.png] This item is VERY underused and underestimated. Against someone with high sustain like [imgsmall=champ/vladimir.png] you can use this item's Active every twenty (20) seconds and harass. The time to get this would be early on, after [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] or even before if you're doing really well. [img=items/ionic-spark.png] I guess if you're trolling at this point and will win no matter what, you can get this item since it's really fun to use, other than that I see no good reason to get it since there's so many better choices for her. [img=items/tiamat.png] Coming soon... I'm completely against this but I guess I'll have to try it eventually... [img=items/sword-of-the-occult.png] Just... just don't.

In the early game you should mostly be [highlight]FARMING[/highlight]. Forget about harassing early, you're too squishy for that, your damage is low and your passive won't forgive many mistakes. Concentrate on winning in CS(Creep Score), if you're getting harassed, try to avoid it and if you reach half hp and he still has mana or uses no mana, drink a potion and always hit a creep to keep your passive activated and healing. Your passive doesn't heal much but it adds up. Your focus is to get your Wriggles if against an AD or get your Phage/B.F. Sword and then worry about doing something. Also, you won't be needing ganks since you will be farming but if the jungler is available to gank, make the best of it 'cause even if neither of you score a kill, if it was something as 'little' as your opponent using a summoner, it means you're ahead.

At this point you should have your first set of items, your goal here is to finish your Bloodthirster. By this point you should be winning in CS and maybe even have a kill or two. If other lanes are not doing too well, try not to get hurt by that since your team is going to depend on you. Keep your guard up and ward constantly because against just your lane opponent you should win a duel (1vs1) with relative ease so if you see someone coming get back and play safe, let them get babysit, it's gonna be beneficial for your team later on. If you get dove in your tower, remember you have Flash to get away from range and let the tower go to work, plus your ulti to make you untargetable. Also, consider split pushing while the enemy team is busy doing other things since you can take out towers fairly quick with Burst of Speed but be sure to ward or at least know where the enemy team is and know when it's time to back out, also when split pushing, care for people with Teleport in the enemy team. Team fights are meant to happen at this point in the game, mostly small ones so whenever you can, make sure you join and help your team out without letting yourself get killed. If you decide to help your team in fights, make sure you have your lane pushed (unless it's an emergency and they need you as soon as possible), that way you won't lose your tower when you leave, and make sure you don't get killed cause it might cost you your tower, and even your lane (farmwise).

Late Game... as if you didn't shine enough in the mid game. If the game got to this point, you should be the biggest threat in the game. You will rip carries apart before they can say 'watch out'. If Baron is happening, be sure you're there. Even if you're the biggest threat, don't get cocky 'cause if you get caught by their team, you're gonna get CC'd and you WILL die. That's about a minute spawn, not good for your team and not a fun spot to be in either. Baron usually decides the fate of the game at this point so make sure to ALWAYS keep an eye on it. At this point you should always be with your team and let your presence be known in every single team fight. Your build should be done and so should be your enemy team.

[.]Here I will be putting tips on how to lane against a certain character and hopefully win it. This Chapter will be updated frequently. [img=champ/wukong.png] This lane is very easy and predictable most of the time. Start out [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] His main source of damage/harass will be popping his 'E' to dash to you (while doing damage) and then his 'Q' to auto attack you with higher damage. When he does this, as soon as he pops his 'E', throw down your Parry which you will have at level 2 and in level two is when he usually gets his 'Q', you can Parry his 'Q' and he will back out and you will keep farming. If it's not going in your favor you can just pop a potion and heal it off. After your Wriggles, he should have no chance even if he has [imgsmall=items/the-brutalizer.png]. [img=champ/fiora.png] Mirror can get real tricky. You should both be carrying Ignite and trades are mean't to happen in this match-up. Make sure to make full use of your Parry and if she gets too close, pop your Burst of Speed, get off your 4 stacks on your passive and back off. If at level 6 and she wants to engage, make sure when she activates [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] you active your ultimate so her buff wears out, then she should ulti you right after. Then you can active your own [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] and gain the advantage. If she's stacking dorans then play defensively and avoid engagements, you should pull ahead when you get your Wriggles and Boots before her. Start out [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] for passive play or [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png] for more flexibility. [img=champ/warwick.png] The Lanewick. AP or AD, his 'Q' is still very annoying. He should be using it on you every chance he gets. Start with [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png] to have more mobility to not let him get close and spend some time without getting slashed with his 'Q' when you have to. You can't really deny his farm 'cause of his lifesteal but he shouldn't deny you of much either. After Wriggles he should do close to nothing to you since you can just heal the damage off. Careful for his ulti at level 6 as it can open a window for the jungler to get on you if he's ready to gank. [img=champ/gangplank.png] Start out [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] or [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion4.png]. This matchup should be no problemo. His main source of harass is his Parley ( 'Q' ) which you can easily see coming (by his movements, like moving straight forward past my minions for example) and Parry it back to his beardy face. He will probably be requesting help from his jungler so still play carefully if not warded, 'cause you can be farming better than him but if he gets a gank it will probably set you back big time if not careful. After Wriggles you should demolish him easily. Remember to warn your team when he hits level 6 so they can all keep an eye opened for his ultimate ( global range ultimate that fires bombs in a huge circle, does damage and slow ). After Wriggles you can safely trade with him and you will recover your hp back a lot sooner than him so don't be afraid unless really far behind. [img=champ/renekton.png] First of all, start out with [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] and play [highlight]defensively[/highlight]. The reason why you want to play defensively early on is not only 'cause his skills are going to do more damage than yours early on, but because trades against him are not going to go in your favor. He can heal more than you instantly since you heal over time so if you trade, you have to wait to get back to where he is at (no bueno). After you have Wriggles you can think of trading a bit but even then you have to play carefully, he can [highlight]stun[/highlight] which means you're not gonna be able to use your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] completely since he should stun you after you cast it. Since you don't want to fall off cs, make sure to ask for ganks from your jungler early on to FORCE him to play defensively, therefore, letting you farm peacefully or without much harass. If he feels like he can tower dive you and does, even with his jungler you should be fine most of the time, just remember to use your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png] defensively when dove in your tower. [img=champ/nidalee.png] This is a though match up, she can harass you with auto attacks a lot and maybe even spears if you're not careful. She has more sustain than you thanks to her heal and it's gonna be hard to keep up in cs since she's ranged and you're not. Start out [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] to reduce the pressure from auto attacks and be able to farm whilst not dying. Since AD is more popular than AP at the current meta, you want to get your Wriggles as soon as possible to, again, keep up with her. She can push better than you and lane better than you, plus she's really hard to gank after level 6, so if the jungler is willing to gank your lane make it before level 6 and also avoiding the traps she puts in the brushes. Don't forget to Parry auto attacks when you get the chance, to return some of the harass back at her and if she comes at you in kitty form, back off, she's most likely going to demolish you even if all she has is boots. As long as you play defensively, you should be fine; let Parry be your best friend. [img=champ/tryndamere.png] Start with [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png]. Don't be afraid to fight him, he has about the same sustain you do but of course, when he's in full red bar (+crit%) don't even think about dueling him. When he has full bar that's when he's gonna start looking for a fight, if he comes to you, then that's when you walk back a bit and activate Parry if he gets close enough to hit you, that should stop that harass. When engaging/dueling, be sure to activate [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] and fight for the good 3 seconds that the attack speed buff lasts, then back out with your 4 passive stacks and just heal the damage off. Care for his 'W' spell which can slow you if you're looking in the opposite direction from him but also lowers your AD even if you're looking towards him, if his runes help the trades go in his favor even without the full bar on then try to avoid trading at all and focus on farming. After level 6, you should be ahead, especially if jungler ganked (usually scores you a kill even when he spins away), get your Wriggles and if you have to back before that, be sure to grab [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] on the way back. Against him you can run [imgsmall=summoners/exhaust.png] or [imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png], they both work since Ignite stops his healing and Exhaust stops him from retreating or dealing any damage to you. Lastly, remember to [imgsmall=items/sight-ward.png] since Tryn's slow is REALLY heavy, it can let his jungler do massive damage to you. [img=champ/shen.png] This is a fairly passive matchup since it the only annoying harass he can put on you is his 'Q' which is kind of a poke. In the early levels you can trade better but if he puts the sword on you it's not too smart to just duel him, since he's gonna be healing too. He will most likely build full tank which will turn into hitting a piece of ham, he's not gonna feel anything so you might as well focus on farming. One thing to watch out for is of course the taunt, he can escape very easily and capture you very easily, usually you can move horizontally ( <--> ) and dodge it but if he gets you and the jungler is ready to gank, you're in for a lot of pain. Start off [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] if you want to play a more passive play style and you can farm a lot better, his 'Q' does magic damage though, so it will only help against auto attacks. Starting with [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png] is also ok. Remember to warn your team when he hits level 6 so they can all keep an eye out for his global ultimate (shields an ally and teleports to their location). If he goes AP Shen instead of Full Tank then just get quick [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] to hold off his harass a lot better. [img=champ/nautilus.png] This champ on top is very unusual but if it does happen, start out [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png] if you want to harass, if so, you should also start with [imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png]. If you want to play more passively, start off with [imgsmall=items/null-magic-mantle.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion2.png] since most of his damage is AP. I recommend to start with boots and W since you can harass him very heavily and get off your 4 stacks from your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/p.png] then just move back and heal the damage off and he can't, especially if he started with Dorans ring. Careful for ganks since his passive can root you to the ground and he has slow, his ulti can make you 'jump' and it can open a lot of windows for his jungler to come in and gank efficiently. Remember to keep warding and if doing well, rush [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] after [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png]. If not, get your [imgsmall=items/vampiric-scepter.png] early instead of your [imgsmall=items/bf-sword.png] first. [img=champ/akali.png] This lane is so very easy. Start off [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png]. Why is this lane so easy ? She is more squishy than you, and you have more sustain than her which means you can pressure her easily. Now, she revolves around throwing down the smokescreen to slow you down and make plays that benefit her, like popping off the invisible to hit you and going back invisible and be safe, then move out when it's about to finish without receiving any damage back. The way to counter this is very simple, since she cant fight you up front, you always try to maintain (after your first back) a [highlight]pink ward[/highlight] in the middle of lane to avoid the use of smokescreen, be sure to throw it down when she does a smokescreen which most of the time will take her by surprise (even if seen the item in your inventory). With pink ward in the lane, you can zone her out extremely and even score a kill early on. You shouldn't even need ganks from your jungler versus her and she has no CC. For summoner I use [imgsmall=summoners/exhaust.png] since the damage from [imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png] shouldn't really be needed to kill her. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] This is very unusual match up also but since it can happen, here it is. Start out with [imgsmall=items/null-magic-mantle.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion2.png] if you want resistance against early levels of his Drain Life but it's better to just start with [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png] since his main problem is Drain Life and you should always run from it so it cancels the channeling. If he Fears you and then Drains then drink a pot and keep farming since he cant really spam that sequence or he's going to be mana starved which means he cant cause any harm. Against him it's really ok to leave your lane to go buy and heal since he cant push even if he tried so that's something to keep in mind. If [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] are needed before [imgsmall=items/hexdrinker.png] then its ok to get them first but otherwise, get Hexdrinker as soon as possible. After you have that he cant really kill you alone and since you will always be warding your lane to guard for ganks you should be golden. You can even tower dive him with ulti and stay alive with Hex's shield, just know your limits and remember to not dive if he still has his skills available as he can fear you in tower while draining your life and that will mean death almost instantly. Be sure to run [imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png] against him so we you go in for the kill, his drain life wont keep him alive. [highlight]Note:[/highlight] Never trade with him while hes draining your life, you're not gonna win the trade. [img=champ/irelia.png] You can start [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png] or [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png], whichever fits your play style the best. I would recommend starting Cloth armor since it allows you to stay longer in lane cause helps you withstand auto attacks better and you carry 5 pots instead of 3-4 that you get from starting boots. Problem is, that armor doesn't benefit you that much against Irelia, since most people build her on-hit (with [imgsmall=items/wits-end.png] and [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png]) since it goes so well with the fact that she does TRUE DAMAGE. So stacking armor doesn't help against Irelia since most of her damage is going to be with Sheen's proc, Wits End and her True Damage from her W. Try to ask for ganks so you can snowball and that she can't trade with you, since she can win trades. She can win trades because when you get higher HP than her during trades or turn burst of speed on, she will just use her E and stun you for 1.5seconds and turn her blade on (do true damage) for the duration of the trade, if you try escaping she can stick to you with her dash and you don't want to take too much damage and have to play super defensive during lane because you will lose in farm. If she decides to go double gp items ([imgsmall=items/philosophers-stone.png]/[imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png]) then force trades, since you will go in your straight build against ADs, you will have advantage early game so force her to lose some CS so she doesn't have more gold than you during the mid game. Make sure you ward and play defensive in the first levels (before getting a ward) since she can slow you (if lower hp than her) or stun you (if higher hp than her) and let her jungler come in and do work. If your game plan is to go in for an early kill (around level 6), make sure to carry [imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png] with you. [img=champ/kennen.png] Start [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion4.png]. Don't underestimate Kennen, he can set up easy ganks for his jungler by stunning you multiple times and locking you for about 2 seconds if done right. Stay behind minions as long as you can (while farming of course) so you dodge his Q which is a skill shot and usually his main damage tool in lane. After level 6, be very careful and be sure you have a ward up before that, since he will do really high damage with his ult while keeping you locked plus he always carries Ignite which means that you could be dropped from about 50-60% HP to 0. Keep your HP high and your lane warded. In early levels, if he gets too close you can trade and while moving back, try to "zig zag" to dodge his Shurikens. Most of the time he should farm from a distance so you don't get close to him and try to poke you with Shurikens (his Q) while an available at you. Don't let him annoy you and keep your head cool. Rush for [imgsmall=items/phage.png] before [imgsmall=items/hexdrinker.png] so when you go in, he doesn't escape, especially if your jungler is ganking. If he ults, active your own ult to dodge most of his. Your ults should be the same cooldown unless he's running on Utility masteries. After Phage, you can carry on to your Hexdrinker and onwards your [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png]. [img=champ/chogath.png] Start [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion4.png]. You can either run [imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png], [imgsmall=summoners/exhaust.png], or [imgsmall=summoners/teleport.png] but this is most likely a farm lane. Don't try to straight up trade with him unless your jungler is coming to gank and you want to lower his hp a bit. If you're trading make sure to be aware of his Rupture cause not only does it hit hard, but it slows you after the knock-up and if he's leveling Vorpal Spikes (his E, which does magic damage on his autoattacks) he will most likely outdamage you since his sustain is WAY better than yours. He heals whenever he last hits and gains hp when he feeds off something (after level 6 with ult). His AoE silence hits hard too so again, don't underestimate his damage and he can set up a gank fairly easy if he lands his rupture. Try to get [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] as soon as you can, unless you want to go Double GP/10 items which is also a good idea since it's a farm lane as you should not be engaging him, if so, get Mercs afterwards. If he decides to play aggressively and harass you constantly, he should be pushing with his Vorpal Spikes, which means you can farm comfortably in your tower, safe from ganks and forcing him to ward so your jungler doesn't get a free kill on him. Go the ordinary build against AP with Hexdrinker after your Mercs and onto BT(bloodthirster). Try not to focus him in teamfights as he usually builds tanky AP, your usual targets will be the carries. [img=champ/drmundo.png] Coming soon... [img=champ/xinzhao.png] You can either start [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] or [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion4.png], Boots feel better for me cause of the mobility. His Q raises his attack damage and on his 3rd autoattack he knocks you up, even if you Parry it, it will still knock you up. Other than that, you can beat him, if you're going to jump on him, make sure he doesn't have minions around to make the trade go on his favor, you have better sustain than he does and he has no answer for [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] other than knocking you away with his ult. You will do more damage than him maxing you W first, as it should be. Build 1-2 dorans and get into Wriggles, unless you can get Wriggles on your first back which would be marvelous. Transition into Bloodthirster and the usual build. Care for ganks since he can knock you up and when he has his Q (attack damage boost) on, his spear glows so be aware. Not a hard lane overall. [.][highlight]Do not lane against:[/highlight] [img=champ/rumble.png] If against Rumble, switch lane. You cannot beat him. Your parry does nothing, his shield won't let you trade efficiently and he can play ranged and you can't. He is a [highlight]strong counter[/highlight] to you. If there is no other option but to lane against him then I would recommend going mid against him since the lane has a lot less space for him to chase you with flame thrower and slow, plus you can max [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] first to poke him and put some damage on him safely (in early levels). If mid laner is a dick and doesn't wanna switch with you then still max Q first and rush [imgsmall=items/hexdrinker.png] to [imgsmall=items/maw-of-malmortius.png]. [img=champ/urgot.png] Against Urgot, switch lane also. He is an anti-carry against AD characters. There's should be no way you can defeat him, his passive lowers AD, he has a shield that slows you enough to kite you, and if he hits you with his poison capsule (lowers armor and causes knives to lock on you) he can harass you from a ridiculously long distance without receiving any back. His ulti can suppress you for about 1.5seconds and lower your armor/magic resist so in a 1vs1 scenario, even after level 6, there is no way you can beat him. If he switches lanes too, KEEP SWITCHING! (RAGERAWRARSRAWR!!) [img=champ/teemo.png] Yet another counter to AD carries, you should not win a lane against him if hes any good. His blind can make your [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] useless and he can kite you all day long after building [imgsmall=items/phage.png]. This pick is becoming more and more popular with time to counter Fiora and other ADs in solo lanes. If he is picked against you, make sure to switch lanes or you WILL lose. If forced to stay, ask for ganks, if you do get a kill or two on him you can even things off by withstanding his harass and even trading with him if you can land a dash or two. After 6, care for his mushrooms, especially when you're close to him, since he can put them on the spot below you and slow you and land a lot more attacks in the mean time. [img=champ/olaf.png] The True Damage his 'E' does is too hard to deal with, just don't. If counter picked then switch lanes or you're gonna be way behind in CS unless your jungler babysits you. If no other way but to lane against him, make sure to rush 1-2 dorans for HP mostly and go straight for Phage for hp. Ask for jungler help and after Phage go onto Bloodthirster as usual. No need for Wriggles since you shouldn't be trading with him in the first place. His E will outdamage you 100% of the time, in the laning phase at least. [img=champ/jax.png] Start [imgsmall=items/health-potion4.png][imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png]. His E which dodges all attacks (including your ult) can wear out your Burst of Speed which means you can't really put it to good use. He's damage is hybrid which means a Wriggles isn't gonna be all that good and neither will be a Hexdrinker when he can just build a Wriggles against you. Try avoiding him or play very defensively, go for Wrrigles and try to get a quick Phage for some hp and slow if he chases you after he jumps on you so you can get away. Never duel him (1v1 him) unless you're way ahead or he is playing Jax for the first time, and maybe even then you will lose the duel. Building HexDrinker is also fine since his damage is hybrid and Wriggle's lifesteal will mostly help you from hitting minions since you can't efficiently trade with him (since he can dodge your burst of speed). Start with [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] and max [imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png] first. Don't bother leveling E since you're not going to be using it, at least with Q you can harass a bit, especially while having some extra AD from W. - Thanks to trancenergy for some of the info - [img=champ/malphite.png] Start [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion4.png] and consider this another farm lane. You are not able to kill him, you do AD damage, he builds armor for damage. His damage is mostly AP, his Q (wheel) does decent damage, and his E (aoe slam) does nice damage also and lowers attack speed dramatically. There is no way that you can kill him and he can indeed, kill you, especially after level 6 when he gets his ult. If he lets you farm and you can get early gp/10 items then that's good, since you wont be needing killing potential since you wont kill him unless you and your jungler chase him up to his tower and he doesn't flash away. You can opt to get hexdrinker but I would recommend going straight for Bloodthirster after your first 1-2 Dorans. Care for his ulti in teamfights, try to keep a tiny distance from your team before he goes in and stay away from him in the fight as he can slow your attack speed and make you close to useless. If you can switch lanes, do it.

Thank you so much for reading my first ever guide, I'm very happy with it and I hope you are too. I shall keep updating it frequently and I hope this helped you, even if it was a tiny bit. If any questions, suggestions or criticism, be sure to comment and I'll answer as soon as possible. Much love to SoloMid and Have a nice day! [imgext=]

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