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How to play Nasus for Dummies

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Why hello there, and welcome to my Nasus Guide. This guide will help you learn one of my standards for Nasus, although it may not be as detailed as certain players who play Nasus religiously such as Hyfe or Steeleye, this guide will help you on your feet for learning Nasus. There are three types of Nasus' in my opinion. Tank Nasus Damage Nasus Utility Nasus No matter which one you pick as long as you're last hitting creeps with your Q you will be a threat on the field along with your wither which is the best CC in the game. Normally Nasus's get kited so the best options would be to go tank or utility, but if you're dominating the game and you want to one shot people with IE last whisper, be my guest because against good players you will not get a chance to hit anyone near their back line. The reason why I chose Nasus over all the other heroes in the top lane is because in this new patch for preseason 4, games will last longer then normal, and when you get to late game as Nasus, you will likely carry your team and win games. This guide isn't for players who only play Nasus but for those to learn how to pick up Nasus and where to start. With that said lets get into the basics.

All of nasus's phases are simple, starting with the early game all you do is farm until level 7-9 then start trading aggressively while asking for your jungler to dive them at their tower making full use of your ult. Use TP to get back into lane when low hp and mana or to get dragon at level 6.

You're still farming and pushing your lane by then but you can ask your team to deep ward so you can do some ganks while flanking them. You want to be split pushing at the opposite side of the map whether it's dragon or baron.

That's right you're still farming late game. Your Q stacks don't have a limit, which means if you're at 6 item you can still get stronger. But at this point you normally want to be the tank for your team if you don't have the tp. Have your team group up and look for objectives effectively and aggressively.

You have two choices, protect your AD carrier or chase after theirs. Always wither their AD carry or anybody who is effected with attack slow. When peeling, stand in the front still, kill their divers/tanks faster then they can kill you, when low hp just run away and heal up at either base or any creeps nearby. When diving, coordinate it well with your team. You can't exactly engage and lock down a target so make sure you can follow up when your engagers do go in. If you don't have an engage then just keep split pushing and wait for an opportunity to flank which can also be considered as an engage.

Nasus is a super late game brusier/carry that works well with the new patch. I can approve that teams that have nasus in solo queue will be more likely to win mainly because of the late game scaling itself. In this video even if I had a bad score, I was able to get around 500 stacks at the 30 minute mark which is really really good for Nasus at the time in the game. From this video you can learn some of the basics and that building spirit visage and triforce directly is not a great choice vs ad zed middle. In this situation perhaps rushing gauntlet after spirit visage would of been a better choice into randuins. Triforce is great late game but it does not make you a god early if you do not have the necessary tank items to survive your entire ultimate. [vid=]

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