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A Guide to Playing With Fire (Mid) 5.15 Updated 8/6/15

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[img=] So by the way, it won't let me put up any more counter-picks, edit the build, or add item pics in my description, so this is the most I've got. I also have this in the Conclusion. Annie is an AP burst champion that is primarily used to either initiating team fights, lock down opponents, or as a mid laner, burst someone to death. She is very useful against Tanks like Gnar or Maokai, and believe me when I say how annoying it can be to play against them if you aren't Annie. Anyone who doesn't play them knows how annoying it is that they are meta now, and if they are played in the LCS, you will always see them for at least a month (Or if they are new chamions, like Ekko.) You might want to pick this champion if: You are good at getting cs early. Late game it doesn't really matter because if you're good enough your kills will count for cs in gold. Don't worry about it 30+ minutes. You should get about 80-100 cs at ten minutes I would then say 100-140 at 15 minutes, and 180 at 20 minutes. At least that's what i get. WARNING: I am not a master of annie. I do main Annie and Yasuo but I am not as good as people like Jared (A.K.A Annie Bot) Or TL Xpecial. You know how to stay safe early game. Honestly people say her mid game potential is the best, but from experience her very-late game is amazing when everyone has full builds. Especially at lower elos where people don't give a crap about team comps, like pure AD or even AP compositions. If you get 1st pick and You want to main Annie (Draft pick), then always ban Brand, and whoever the two most common tanks you see are. If they have no tank, they have no defense against you. Also Void Staff + Abbysal Sceptar is a must if they have lots of tanks, or they are stacking quicksilver sash, if their mid laner has cleanse/barrier, or if they are stacking Banshee's Veil. You know how to drag on games. You have to know how to. Say, if they are ahead in kills and gold, they just got mid inhibitor, and are going to baron, knowing that your team is smart and defends base, you go split push to inhibitor and then they have to defend if you can take it while they are doing baron. also ask your jungler to help u split. That way it prolongs the game. You can also ask for him to give you the cs, so it's win-win.

Just focus on farm. Against any matchup, only poke if they engage, or your jungler does. Here is a basic chart of what you should be doing Pre-6 1:52 Minions are in lane (Litterally calculated) 5:00 About 35-42 CS 6:00 About 45-54 CS 7:00 About 55-66 CS 8:00 Go back, you come in lane at about 8:31, minions got there ten seconds ago, 5 minions should be left. Buy Catalyst + 3 Vision wards, Sweeping lens, Pink ward is optional, 3 red pots 9:00 Roam, have about 75 CS 10:00 Its mid game

When it get's to the point where you are supposed to roam, Only do so when he does, ping that he is, ward it, and follow him. Another option is to go top, and get stun ready if their top laner has teleport up (or even has it) so he can't help. That's only if you know where your jungler is, like farming far away from the fight, or just went back, and if he doesn't have teleport himself. That many requirements makes that option very rare. Then spam the fall back ping to your bot laners, warning them that your mid laner is coming. This is also when they learn to focus you. follow your support wherever he goes so that the damage and cc is unstoppable and they won't focus you because you will most of the time be with the ADC because the support always follows the ADC.

So, late game. Finally. So this is when you shine. You can Burst anyone down, even a supertank Darius with Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage, and Thornmail. I've done it.

So by the way, it won't let me put up any more counter-picks, edit the build, or add item pics in my description, so this is the most I've got.

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