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PATCH 5.6: Nautilus Top - Your anchor won't have to weigh you down with how hard you'll be carrying!

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Hello everyone, my name is TrustYourDoctor, and I am a Top/Support main. I've been supporting since Pre-Season 3 and I picked up Top lane back at the beginning of Season 4. As of writing this guide, I am in Platinum V, in Promos for Platinum IV [img=] I'll be here to teach you how to play one of my favorite top laners, Nautilus. As a champion, Nautilus offers a lot of crowd control and front line tanking potential for your team, and is a force to be reckoned with in the Top Lane. Some of you might be asking yourselves, \"Why Nautilus Top over Nautilus Jungle?\" There's a very simple answer to that, and that answer is movement speed. Nautilus is an incredibly slow champion, coming in with the lowest base movement speed in the entire game at 325. As a jungler, Nautilus can only gank so effectively because of that low movement speed early. You'd HAVE to rush Mobility Boots as jungle Nautilus to be effective, and that makes you miss out on 25% Tenacity because the Cinderhulk enchantment doesn't give you the Tenacity Unique Passive unlike the old Juggernaut enchantment. Basically, the short answer is Nautilus is too slow to be a jungler right now, so the next best thing is Top Lane! Now comes the question, \"When is it a good time to play Nautilus Top?\" Honestly? All the time. Since you have so much tanking potential and crowd control, it won't matter how poorly you do in lane; as long as you group with your team with 1 or 2 tank items and provide your CC on the right target, your team should win every teamfight as long as the enemy team's top laner can't single-handedly dive your backline and get a triple kill. PROS: -Very tanky, can be on the front line and tank damage with only one item in the mid-game -Lots of CC, you can lock down potentially the entire team with only your ultimate that can't be QSS'd -Effective wave clear, at max rank [img=skills/nautilus/e.png] Riptide can clear an entire creep wave with 2 uses -Good engage, you don't even need to land [img=skills/nautilus/q.png] Dredge Line to initiate for your team, just get close and ult the squishiest person in the back line and you disrupt the entire enemy team -Hits a mid game power spike, you're able to potentially solo kill the enemy laner in certain matchups CONS: -Incredibly slow, has a hard time roaming without TP -No reliable escapes, any champion that sticks to you early will most likely be able to kill you regardless of the runes and masteries you take -Damage falls off incredibly hard, after your mid game power spike you can no longer dive their back line and kill squishy champions because of how low your damage will be late game If this seems interesting to you, then keep reading. You won't regret it! 5.7 UPDATE: Some champion matchups updated or rewritten New item options

If you have a good level 1 team comp, you can start hook and look for a level 1 invade at whatever you think their jungler will start for either first blood or some early buff control. After that (or if you don't bother doing it at all) you want to focus on laning phase until you get at least Catalyst + Blasting Wand, ideally RoA + boots, and then start to look at how you can help your team if they need it.

By this point you should have a Rod of Ages + tier 1 or tier 2 boots, and can now effectively roam with the extra movement speed. In lower ELO, this is normally around the time your team looks for a play at Dragon to get the buff from it, so you want to have TP and be able to help your team secure the buff and get some kills. You're the tank for the team, so at all stages of the game, there's no reason you shouldn't be on the front line. Look for grouping up and sieging a tower for some extra gold and map pressure. Doing this in the mid game will make it easier to gain jungle control and be able to pick people off and take important objectives in the late game.

Now that you're the tankiest member on the team, nothing short of Irelia or a fed ADC can stop you. In the late game, you want to look to secure important pushing objectives like 5th Dragon or Baron Nashor and push with those objectives. If your team isn't warding enough, then upgrade your yellow trinket to the [img=items/greater-stealth-totem.png] Greater Stealth Totem instead of swapping to Oracle's Lens. Alternatively, you can upgrade your yellow trinket to a [img=items/greater-vision-totem.png] Greater Vision Totem if the enemy team has someone that can go invisible like Shaco, Talon, Akali, or Rengar. Stick with your team to use your ult effectively, and only split push if your TP is up and the enemy team doesn't have high burst potential.

As far as teamfighting goes, you can be an initiator for your team if need be. One good hook is all it takes to start a teamfight, but Nautilus is best at follow-up initiation, ulting the enemy ADC/APC freely after they're either stunned or their defensive items have been blown. Always stay on the front line until you see your ADC having trouble with someone that dove into your back line, then peel for them so that they can survive. This will optimize your team's damage output, and allow you to push towers much easier if your ADC survives the teamfight. If your ADC is too far behind to be effective, then just ignore him and focus on protecting the person on your team that does the most damage. If that person is you, then just dive their squishy players with your ult and spam your E key as much as you can for maximum damage output. You can chunk an ADC for at least half their health with ult + one E, so take advantage of that as much as you can if you're diving their back line.

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