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[big][b]ABOUT THE AUTHOR[/b][/big] [img=] Hey guys. This is my first ever guide, and any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I have played Evelynn for a very very long time now, and have been through all of the changes Riot has put her through. I started playing this game towards the end of S2 and always had a craze for stealth champions. I currently play on the Garena - SEA servers and play for a team called Oblique Gaming, which is still an amateur team, formed by Indians playing League of Legends & DotA2 and is sponsored by Cooler Master. [big][b]ACCOMPLISHMENTS[/b][/big] I am currently Diamond V. [img=] Smurf Account - Unranked to D5 in under 40 Wins Only playing Evelynn :- [img=] Evelynn is a champion that is great in any ELO because she has the pressure to gank and snowball hard to carry low ELO games, and in higher ELO Games her ganks and presence give great support to the laners, and usually more experienced players know how to maintain the lead and don't throw as much, as compared to lower ELO. I have played her in almost every way possible and have experimented with lots of builds, especially this season after the changes and I think i found a really great way she can be played, and have had most success playing her in the jungle. [img=] I believe I play Evelynn really well, and have had much success with her as well.

Here are a few tips that are applicable to any jungler and will help you improve. 1) Push a lane out after successfully ganking a lane. This denies creeps to the opponent laner because the minions die to the tower, denying experience and gold. 2) When your laner dies, or recalls early, its better to last hit the creeps of the lane rather than letting them die to the tower for free. Lane minions give more experience than probably doing your wraith camp or something. 3) If you see the opponent jungler ganking a lane around 7 minutes, you can easily go to the buff he started at and steal it as it should spawn around 7:15. 4) Don't play for kills, play for objectives and SNOWBALL. Evelynn is an early game champion. If you get a kill mid game you should always try to get something important after that like pushing a tower or securing dragon. Don't do things like ace the opponent team and go back and kill wraiths.... 5) USE TIME STAMPS! If you haven't already turned your time stamps on, its a great way to time dragon/baron or even simple buffs. 6) Be vigilant of the enemy laners. Most of the time your laners will tell you when their opponent laner burned their summoners, so you can go all in to gank them within the next 3-4 minutes if possible. 7) Buying pinks and denying vision when you're ahead will ensure you keep snowballing further and win the game. 8) If the opponent jungler is fully committing to a gank at top lane, its usually safe to get your laners to push out mid/bot and pressure & secure dragon. 9) USE PINGS! If your teammate is running away from a sticky situation, and you're rushing to his aid, ping the route which you'll be taking, and ping him to walk towards you. Many times while running, you don't notice tiny things like that and your first instinct is to run towards your tower, which isn't always a good idea if your teammate is closer and can aid and save you quicker. 10) During teamfights as a bruiser or tank it's NOT your job to soak damage and die. Your job is to SOAK AS MUCH DAMAGE AS POSSIBLE WHILE ZONING OR KILLING THEIR CARRIES, OR PEELING FOR YOURS, AND WHEN LOW, GETTING OUT OF THERE. Don't just mindlessly go into a fight zoning the enemy and dying after 15seconds saying -welp, i zoned the enemy vayne for 10 seconds- Try your level best to get out of there when you're low.

Here are a few very short clips from games which involve basic tips on how to do certain things with Evelynn. [big] ( 1 ) HOW TO FORCE AN ENGAGE[/big] [vid=] In this video I flash and land a 4 man ultimate on opponents trying to disengage & with the extremely strong slow the ult provides, it gives enough time for my team to follow up and clean up the fight. [big] ( 2 ) STANDARD LEVEL 2 INVADE[/big] Coming soon....

PRO's :- 1) Easy to snowball 2) Stealth is crazy strong in this meta & forces enemies to play passive or spend money on pink wards. 3) Good clear times 4) Can do a lot of damage to carries and stick to them very easily. 5) Can engage a full 5v5 team fight very well as well as do extremely well in 2-3 man skirmishes 6) Can be built very diversely (AD, Tanky, AP Assassin , etc.) Depending on the game flow. CON's :- 1) High Ult CD 2) Very squishy without Ult 3) Hard to come back when behind 4) Countered by hard cc 5) Very blue buff reliant and mana hungry.

When playing Evelynn, it's important to have lanes with reliable hard CC. [b]Evelynn is blue buff reliant[/b], so playing it when the mid laner isn't a mana intensive champ, would be optimal. A few Champions Evelynn is strong with champions that have roots, snares, knock ups, stuns, etc. Renekton, Shen, Lissandra, Annie, Leona, Varus, Sona, Malphite, etc. are good examples of champions with hard CC. Evelynn is strong with these champions as they have strong reliable high CC, which makes it easier to gank early game, and gives your team enough CC for late game teamfights.

As you're on the blue team you'd want to start red buff because it's closer to your bot lane and they'd give you a better leash. Put down your trinket around 1:30 behind the red buff brush & smite the buff at exactly 1:55. After securing red buff, head straight to blue buff. After you get to blue buff you start hitting it, and your smite should be up by the time blue is about half hp, so you smite that as well. Then you can either gank, or do wolves. In Short :- Red Buff(Smite At 1:55) > Blue Buff(Smite) > Wolves [b]REASONING :-[/b] Since you're starting red you don't have blue buff. If you head to wraiths after and spam your skills like Q and E while killing it you won't have enough mana and will lose excess HP while clearing the blue buff. (I have tested this) Thus Red > Blue > Wolf is the most optimal start, but other normal jungle routes work almost as well also. Also its never a bad idea getting your buffs earlier, because the faster you secure them, you have to worry less about getting countered by the other jungler, and the faster you take the buffs, the faster they come back up. (In 5:00 Minutes). TIP :- After securing both buffs, you will be Level 2, with about 90% of the experience required to level 3. You don't even have to do another camp to get to level 3, sometimes you can go gank right after getting your buffs, just sit in the brush close to minions that your laner is killing and it'd take about 2 minions to hit level 3. Once you hit level 3, go in for the gank!

As you're on the purple team you'd want to start blue buff because it's closer to your bot lane and they'd give you a better leash. Since you started blue buff, you don't have to worry about mana and can do your wolves and then head to red and kill that with smite. In Short :-Blue Buff (Smite) > Wolves > Red Buff(Smite) [b]REASONING :-[/b] You can also follow the 1:55 smite method for this case as well, it will work just as good, but then you'll have to walk back down to the wraiths and kill those and then proceed to ganking. So it wastes about 4-5 seconds. Most of the times those few seconds won't matter, but in some cases it could mean the opponent jungler gettting to a lane and securing a kill, and you'd be just maybe 4 or 5 seconds late...

This is always situational, and is actually very strong as Evelynn is crazy strong early game. Just a few key rules :- - Don't try invading champions like :- Lee, Noc, Elise, Shyv, Aatrox, Kha Zix Etc at level 2 Basically champions that have good sustain while clearing the jungle & strong dueling power. Champions you SHOULD try to pressure early are :- Amumu, Wukong, Master Yi, Dr Mundo, Etc. Basically champions that take a lot of damage in the jungle, or aren't very strong early game. -Always remember this is situational and its very important to have good coordination with your mid laner in case you ever need help. (I usually tell my mid laner to hard push his lane at lvl 1 and 2 so he can help me if needed and the opponent laner will be forced to farm at tower) - Try avoiding using your trinket early as you'll need it to scout the opponent buff when invading. - Always try starting red buff for the slow and extra damage. METHOD :- 1) Do your red buff, and analyze where the opponent jungler started (usually they start bot side for a better leashe) 2) Run to his topside buff and ward the brush then run back out. (Running back out of that brush is important because junglers tend to check their brush while doing the buff, and you don't want him seeing you early) 3) When the buff is 50% or lower, run to the opponent, and Q+E+AA him and keep chasing. Usually the opponent will want to finish his buff, or instantly smite, its all situational. And try to outsmite the buff. This is the best I can explain it in text, I will add a few videos soon showing how to counter jungle with Evelynn soon :).

GET YOUR BUFFS. This is the most important part of early game for Evelynn. If you followed the above Standard Jungle route without any problems, you should've secured your buffs. After which you can either gank, try to counter gank, or continue farming if you absolutely find nothing to do otherwise. On Evelynn you should be ganking, or looking for opportunities most of the time. -Focus on ganking and presence more than passive farming your jungle, & snowball yourself and your team, but don't force anything excessively, like sitting in a lane for over 30 seconds trying to get a gank off. -Smite is at a 40 sec CD. do a quick camp every time its off CD and proceed ganking/counterganking. - Use your trinket to ward for your laners, or ward the opponent jungle for vision of the enemy jungler. - It is important for Evelynn to take the 2nd blue buff (Which will spawn at around 7:15 if you started blue) as she is very mana hungry, and is strong early game. After that, you can give the blues to your mid laner if required. [big]BUT.....WHERE DO I GANK?[/big] Ganking the right lanes is always important to know, and reading the map will only come with experience. Many junglers say \"But my lanes were pushed out, I don't have anywhere to gank\" [b]NO. THIS MENTALITY IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG.[/b] -When you see, for example, your top lane Renekton is pushing out his lane and pressuring the other top laner, it's important to know, or predict where the other jungler is. [b]THINK LIKE THE ENEMY JUNGLER[/b] If your top lane is pushing, there may be a good chance the oppon[b][/b]ent jungler will gank him, so you should always be ready to backup your teammate and try to successfully land a counter gank. COUNTER GANKS ARE THE BEST GANKS! - Another alternative sometimes is to switch around on which buffs you start. Example - Your opponent team has a Caitlyn or a Tristana as an ADC. ADC's like these naturally push out their lane, Cait because she can bully under tower with her long range, traps, and other skills, where as trist pushes as well because of her E passive. In cases like these you could give bot an unexpected gank early in the game, maybe 4 minutes in, and secure a lead for your laners by blowing their summoners, or getting a kill or two. EXPERIENCE IS KEY! PRACTICE AND YOU WILL IMPROVE! This goes for everybody! Even challenger players have the ability to improve, and what I stated above are very very common instances, there's a lot more you could learn with practice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [big]Things didn't go my way... and I've fallen behind... What do I do now?[/big] With your current Runes and Masteries set up, Evelynn has very high base damage. In some cases you won't always snowball early and may even get outplayed sometimes. There are different cases such as :- [b]1) Losing your blue/red buff early due to an enemy invade[/b] In this case if you lost one of your buffs, its not always a good idea to go into the enemy jungle and try to steal theirs later, as many times in higher elo they expect this and have it warded, thus in such a case you may even die again and fall farther behind. Its a high risk, low reward scenario. When losing a buff early you should just opt to farm up around 400-700 gold and try to get your spirit stone and basic boots so you can sustain better in the jungle and move around the map. Don't try to gank unless a lane is over pushing and is a free kill. Try to read the map and help your team in situations where you think the opponent jungler will gank, not only to counter gank and take a kill, but atleast just enough for the opponent to retreat and save your laner from a death. [b]2) Losing both your buffs by dying early[/b] Tried to gank a lane and got outplayed? lost both your buffs and are sitting at base thinking what to do now? Don't worry too much it happens very often to the best of us. And if it happened to you, it can happen to the opponent as well. In this case, just try to farm up whenever your smite is up, and aid the lane you gave double buffs to because any laner's mentality while having double buffs is to play aggressive, So if you see a good chance to gank, you can always get your buffs back, or make plays elsewhere. Its not the end of the world, stay calm and play smart. [b]3) Getting counterjungled[/b] There aren't many junglers who can duel Evelynn early except a few, or unless you're fairly far behind (a few levels difference). In these cases its hard because you're already getting denied your own jungle, losing out on exp and gold, and many people say \"just buy wards.\" I agree, this is easier said than done. If the opponent is continually taking your smaller camps its not too big of an issue, but make sure you do buy just one ward or use your trinket when it comes to your blue or red buff. Before your buff spawns (Around 7:15), ward around to see if the enemy jungler is coming. If incase he is coming to steal your buff, a few pings to your team and the vision of the enemy jungler should be enough to surround him to kill him or force a flash, making him think twice before trying that again.

-By this time you should have your [img=items/spirit-of-the-elder-lizard.png] & boots. When ever your lizard passive is anywhere between 30-80 gold you should be looking for camps to clear. -Mid game you should be focusing kills bot lane and pressuring dragon. But don't over do it because being a squishy champion, its hard for Evelynn to tank dragon. Evelynn synergises well with supports like Annie/Sona/Leona/Thresh/Braum etc. -Since you'd be focusing dragon as an objective around this time, its important to switch out your yellow trinket with the red one. SECURING BARON/DRAGON (Spiking Objectives) :- Try E'ing with a Q & smiting together to secure the objective with a strong burst of damage.

-Late game is all about securing objectives such as barons, turrets, inhibitors etc. your positioning is important, and you should always be lurking around to look for a chance to get a good engage, or catch someone off. - To be successful late game the most Important thing to have is [b]VISION CONTROL AND MAP AWARENESS[/b]. An Upgraded Sweeping Lens and a pink ward is really great at this stage. -By this time you should have a high amount armor, MR and be able to do decent damage in teamfights, PROVIDED YOU LIVE. It is VITAL that you are mostly steathled with your passive before a teamfight is about to break out, & have your W up as well. Don't ever use R and W at the same time, and blow all of your escapes and cc. Practice, and play smart. [b]TIP :-[/b] :- Many teams when ahead just try to force a Baron and make a hasty or unwise decision while trying to force a fight. When you're ahead do NOT just force a baron and play the 50/50 smite game with the opponent jungler. If you're ahead, you'd be better off sieging an inhibitor or having someone on your team split, while denying vision & trying to catch someone off. A clean catch on their jungler can then ensure you have a good chance of getting baron. Or killing their mid laner or adc can ensure you can siege an inhibitor because you've killed the champion that clears most of the minion wave allowing you to get their tower.

Evelynn can be played many ways in a teamfight. It's all situational. [b]1)Engaging a 3-5 man ulti and blowing out all your skills and W'ing out when you're low[/b] [b]2)Waiting for an opportunity after the fight begins to flank their carries since its easy to get behind them with the stealth mechanism.[/b] [b]3)Peeling for your carry and killing the opponents by going front to back.[/b] Your positioning is vital and can only be perfected with practice. [big][b]BUT....HOW DO I KNOW WHICH ONE IS RIGHT IN WHICH SITUATION?[/b][/big] -If your team is grouped mid and you see an opponent caught off to a side, or in a vulnerable spot, its great to start an engage if you can kill him with your team, it instantly gives you a leverage 5v4. -Sometimes opponents split push a side usually when they're running TP, its important to keep tabs on their teleport, and punishing them if they split while it is down, while forcing an engage mid. -If the opponent carry is like 15-2 or something, or just really really fed, while your carry isn't doing so hot, it's probably better to let your carry fend for himself and you and your front line should focus on killing their carry because that's where all the damage is coming from. -On the other hand, if your ADC is the one that's extremely fed, you should probably drop everything, build tanky and peel for your carry.

Evelynn is a very diverse champion with her stealth mechanism that can be built in very different ways as shown above in the guide depending on the situation. She is an extremely versatile champion that can initiate, burst, do sustained damage, and get consecutive kills with the W resets. Stealth is a very very strong advantage in season 4 as well. Thank you for reading my guide :) Any suggestions or questions are always welcome. [big]If you liked the guide, PLEASE DO UP VOTE IT! IT MEANS A LOT TO ME! You can support me and my team by giving us a like on facebook :[/big]

Oct 17 2014- Updated guide with a new enhanced build. August 11th 2014 - Added 2nd Mastery Page for Spell & Blade Weaving August 8th 2014 - Added information on the 4.13 Patch Evelynn nerfs. July 15th 2014 - Edited some tips on each skill and added a situational AP Evelynn build path July 11th 2014 - Added Counter general jungler tips, edited early game for when you're behind, added tips for late game, & added more items to situational items. July 10th 2014 - Added Change Log

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