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3.11 Corki Mayhem (Korean inspired build)

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  • 1
    Greater Mark of Critical Chance (+0.93% critical chance)
  • 8
    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (+1.5% Life Steal.)
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[title]Welcome to my awesome Corki guide![/title] I am not a very notable player by any means, however I am certainly one to keep up on the most FOTM builds for the most FOTM champions, of which Corki is certainly for this month. After looking through the guides on I could not find many that were talking about the new Korean Corki build, made popular by the KT Bullets Score. So take from this what you want, it is merely showing a breaking edge Corki build that those who do not watch OGN might not be familiar with. If you wish to look for tips on how to play the champion outside of what to build and why to build them I suggest looking at a different Corki guide just for the in lane/how to play corki mechanics type stuff. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy :)

[title]Runes[/title] Again just a relatively standard ADC(Marksman) rune page. Many people prefer to take only 2 quints of lifesteal and 1 of flat damage. This is all personal preference though. I prefer to take 3 lifesteal quints and 1 mark of critical strike chance along with 8 flat AD marks. That .69% chance of crit or whatever it is has actually won me entire lanes before, I also love rolling the dice on it ^_^. Seals and Glyphs again are just standard for most champions and roles in the game.

[title]Skill Order[/title] Pretty standard on ADC Corki just for maximizing your damage output.

[title]Item Builds[/title] [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] The trinity divinity is in full force since the recent buff of a stronger phage passive, reduced price, and the best part, the 200% base attack damage sheen proc. This item is god, and many of the forgot about champions that this item is made for are making a massive resurgence around the world (RIOT PLEASE NERF IRELIA) [imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png] This item just goes well with maximizing Corki's damage ASAP. The armour penetration from your E, and the % armour pen on the last whisper allow you to shred through your opponents defenses. [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] Sorcerer's shoes on an ADC?!? WHAT. When KT Bullets Score brought this out for the first time it left many heads shaking, that is until they were shaking in disbelief at the massive damage output this item gave Corki. Basically the idea is that 3 out of 4 of Corki's abilities deal magic damage, this item drastically increases the mid game damage output of specifically his Phoso-bomb and his Missle-Barrage, allowing them to stay relevant when a magic pen-less Corki's abilities would do little damage. Also the fact that his Missle-Barrage scales off your attack damage while doing magic damage, makes getting some early magic penetration a no-brainer on Corki. [img=items/the-black-cleaver.png] This item renders enemies armour uselss. Corki's E can apply the full armour debuff on enemies in seconds. This coupled with the natural armour shred on the Gattling Gun ability, sometimes can leave enemies with a negative armour value! [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] Get a vamp scepter when/if you need sustain. This item is good for boosting Corki's damage output, however lifesteal is not a very important in-fight stat for Corki, so some of the other items in here should be prioritized. [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] / [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] The standard one defensive item for ADC's. Usually I will start with a Guardian Angel, and if the active gets popped and I have a lot of cash left over, I will sell it and buy a banshee's veil, until the 5 minutes is up and I can purchase another GA. Another option is [imgsmall=items/quicksilver-sash.png], this item should be built when you didnt notice the enemy team has rammus fiddle sticks and galio and you were drooling on the champ select screen and forgot to take [imgsmall=summoners/cleanse.png]. [imgsmall=items/mercurial-scimitar.png] is also not a bad item.

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