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[center][imgext=][/center] Heimerdinger recently got reworked in patch 3.13. He is now more viable and can be more than a "turret-placing support". The recent rework changed all of his abilities, here are the major [highlight]changes[/highlight]; [.][title]Techmaturgical Repair Bots [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/p.png][/title](Passive): The passive does not heal allied turrets or allied minions anymore. It still heals Heimerdinger's turrets, himself and allied champions in range. [.][title]H-28G Evolution Turret [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png][/title](Q): He can now put down[highlight] 3 turrets active instead of the previous 2[/highlight]. The turrets scale from Heimerdinger's level and ability power. Every 12 seconds (minus cooldown reduction), the turrets shoots out a longer ranged beam which does more damage than their original attacks. The beam acts like an ability from Heimerdinger which means they proc Liandry's ([imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png]) and draws turret aggression if you are in range of the turret and [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] attacks an enemy champion, the turret's auto attacks does not draw aggression. [.][title]Hextech Micro-Rockets [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png][/title](W): [highlight]His rockets are now a skillshot nuke[/highlight] which only deals damage. It shoots out 5 rockets instead of the previous 3. You aim with your cursor, meaning; the rockets will focus on the place you aimed and will spread out the rest of the path. If you aim at the furthest point, the rockets will focus on the end and will not spread out. [.][title]CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png][/title] (E): His grenades animation is now similar to Zigg's Q. It flies up and down from the air instead of hovering forward. If the target is not stunned (the target was not in the middle of the grenade), [highlight]it now slows 35% instead of blinding the target.[/highlight] [.][title]UPGRADE!!! [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png][/title] (R): [highlight]Activiating his ultimate now empowers his next ability [/highlight](Q-W-E). Activating it again after 3 seconds, he will cancel his ultimate and will not have any cooldown. [.][highlight]Empowered Q - "H-28Q Apex Turret"[/highlight]: He will spawn [number]a huge turret which deals significantly more damage[/number], slows the targets and has 100% splash damage but only lasts for 8 seconds. [.][highlight]Empowered W - "Hextech Rocket Swarm"[/highlight]: Instead of shooting one wave of rockets, [number]he now fires four waves of rockets[/number] quickly dealing a ton of damage. [.][highlight]Empowered E - "CH-3X Lightning Grenade"[/highlight]: His E behaves like a Ziggs Q. Instead of landing simply, [number]the grenade bounces three times sequentially[/number], stunning everyone hit in the center and is slowed by 80% instead of 35%. Enemies struck by it more than once can only be damaged once but will take CC multiple times depending if it's hit more than once. Personally I think this made him a lot stronger, although there are elements he is missing (Like escape, proper durability etc.) also I am really sad that they did not do anything about the passive, it's quite useless imo. But he is still a lot more viable than before. [title]Pros and Cons of Heimerdinger[/title] [highlight]Pros:[/highlight] [.]Safe laning phase due to turrets protecting his lane and keeping the enemy at his turret. [.]Good poke with his [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png]. [.]Great team-fighting with either [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] + [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] or [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] + [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] [.]High single-target burst with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] + [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] [.]Eliminating objectives quickly due to his turrets. He can spawn all 3 turrets on dragon/baron, taking it in a matter of seconds, or spawning his [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] + [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] and taking down an enemy Turret. [.]No mana problems like he used to have before his rework. [highlight]Cons:[/highlight] [.]Slow/Bad ganking. He can gank quite well with his [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] but that means a lot of his damage is gone and needs to rely on his allies. [.][imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] got low HP which means enemies with high burst or long range can remove his turrets instantly. [.]Vulnerable, no mobility and no escape. Meaning he is easy to jump onto and kill quickly with burst unless he has [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]. [.]Poor chasing abilities. All he's got is his [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png]. The only real chasing he's got is when you use [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] + [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png].

[title]Hello![/title] I go by "PetruZ". My ingame name has varied a lot and is currently [highlight]"PetruZgg"[/highlight] playing in EUW. I'm a Diamond I Mid player. I've played since the beginning of 2010. Under Season 2, I played quite a fair bit of Heimerdinger in Ranked and now when the rework is here, I've been playing a lot of him lately. [imgext=] I'm top 3 Heimerdinger in EUW and top 16/17 world-wide. [imgext=] - [imgext=] [title]Guide Information[/title] I created this guide because I felt I had some knowledge in Heimerdinger that I wanted to share and to help other fellow Heimerdinger players to shine in the battlefield! [.]If you quickly want to overview the guide, read the [highlight]high[/highlight][number]lighted[/number] parts. [.]If you want to learn everything I have to say, read everything in the guide and view the YouTube videos. You may also comment if there is any questions you have. Good Luck!

[title][center]Starting items[/center][/title] [center][img=items/dorans-ring.png][img=items/health-potion2.png][/center] This is [highlight]probably the best starting items[/highlight] no matter who you face. For example, if you're facing a standard AP caster, this will provide you with enough damage, health and mana to compete against him/her. If it's an AD, you will be able to harass him early with the damage you get from Doran's ring, especially if it's a melee character. [center][img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/health-potion4.png][/center] Boots+pot is a possibility but I would not recommend it. If you feel a lot more comfortable with it, go for it. But I urge you to experiment with Doran's ring before neglecting it. [title][center]Early Items[/center][/title] In early game you want to get: [center][img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][/center] [highlight]You do not have to rush Sorceres Shoes[/highlight], but you should get [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png] sometime while/before purchasing your first full item. [center][img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png][/center] If you are up against anything [highlight]except[/highlight] AD, [highlight]get this item first[/highlight] as your first full item. You may be saying, "Heimerdinger don't need the mana!!" which may be true in some cases but the cooldown reduction, ability power and magic resist combined makes it a very great item to pick up. [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] + blue buff will grant you at least 40% cooldown reduction which is very handy on all of Heimerdinger's abilities. It also allows you to spam a lot without blue buff. Build [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] after this if you are [highlight]NOT[/highlight] facing an AD champion. [center][img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png][/center] This item will be your first item [highlight]if you do face an AD champion[/highlight]. Build [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] after Zhonya's Hourglass in that case and before you can afford [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png], you can get a couple of [imgsmall=items/mana-potion.png] to make sure not running out of mana. Zhonya is one of the most important items on Heimerdinger. That's because Heimerdinger is a squishy little yordle without any proper escape. All he has is his stun on [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] which is somewhat hard to hit. Also if you get attacked and they're ready to kill you, you can go to your turrets or place turrets around you and then use [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] quite early since that will make them wait for your [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] to finish and meanwhile your turrets will deal massive amounts of damage on them which may [highlight]turn the fight into your favor.[/highlight] [title][center]Late Game Items[/center][/title] In late game you want to get: [center][img=items/void-staff.png][/center] This will provide you with the damage that you need at this point. Usually the enemy team has started building defensive items with magic resist and armor. [imgsmall=items/void-staff.png] lets you penetrate the magic resist making all of your abilities deal significantly more damage. You may ask why not build [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] at this point but that's because it costs a lot more which makes it take a lot longer to build and finish. [imgsmall=items/void-staff.png] will give you damage and penetration making it only a bit less than buying a [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] at this point unless the enemy team has no magic resist. [center][img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png][/center] Rylai's Crystal Scepter is useful to become less squishy. That is probably the main reason I buy this item. At this moment heimerdinger has a decent amount of armor and magic resist but he has very low HP. [highlight]Adding 500 HP with[/highlight] [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png][highlight] is quite useful.[/highlight] The slow and AP is a very nice bonus, it gives more teamfight control due to the slow and obviously extends your damage. If you feel like you definitely do not need the HP, you can buy another item such as [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] or [imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png] or [imgsmall=items/abyssal-scepter.png]. [center][img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png][/center] And finally, Rabadon's Deathcap! "Why get it so late?" you may ask. That's because all of the previous items are far more important in my opinion. The survivability and utility the other items give are more important than flat AP for Heimerdinger. If you are really needy and is far ahead, you can go ahead and pick up this item earlier, but I do think [highlight]it's an important part in his build[/highlight], just [highlight]not a rushable item on him[/highlight]. He does deal a lot of damage without [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] early. But with this item you will get a huge AP boost and will probably be able to kill whoever you please. [title][center]Situational / Optional Items[/center][/title] These are some items that may work, and I'll explain why: [center][img=items/liandrys-torment.png][/center] Pre-Rework Heimerdinger, this item was a key part because all of [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] attacks procced [imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png] but now only the turret's "Beam" does it, which is every 12 seconds minus cooldown reduction. This makes it not as useful. It may be a good item to build if they have a bunch of champions with a lot of HP. (Of course Heimerdinger's other abilities proc [imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png]) [center][img=items/abyssal-scepter.png][/center] If the enemy team has maybe [highlight]2-3+[/highlight] magic dealing champions, [imgsmall=items/abyssal-scepter.png] may be a wise choice to buy. This + [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] will give you enough magic resist to survive them. It's also great to reduce their magic resist to deal more damage. [center][img=items/frozen-fist.png][/center] This item is an experiment at the moment. I've been theorizing about this item and I believe it may be a good choice if you need extra armor ([imgsmall=items/frozen-fist.png]+[imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]). It gives Cooldown reduction and a small amount of AP. Also the passive may come into great use, slowing enemies down as they try to escape your turret for example. [highlight]But I only recommend the item if you're in need of a lot of armor.[/highlight] [center][img=items/deathfire-grasp.png][/center] I've personally not tried this on Heimerdinger yet, but if you are looking to go hardcore burst then this is the item you want to use. [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] will probably kill any squishy target if you hit all of your rockets. It's a risky build though as it may not come into full use a lot of the time as Heimerdinger.

[title]I use 21 on the Offensive tree in all of my masteries, here's why:[/title] [.][highlight]Summoner's Wrath [1/1][/highlight]: [number](Increases Ability Power and Attack Damage by 5 while on cooldown)[/number] I take Summoner's Wrath to enhance ignite since I almost always use ignite on Heimerdinger, the bonus 5 AD and AP you get from it is very useful early game and for securing kills after using ignite. [.][highlight]Sorcery [4/4][/highlight]: [number](+4 Cooldown Reduction)[/number] This + [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] will give 24% cooldown reduction and when you add blue buff, you have max cooldown reduction possible (40%). [.][highlight]Blast [4/4][/highlight]: [number](+18 Ability Power at level 18 (1 Ability Power per level))[/number] Quite obivous, this will increase Heimerdinger's damage outcome via Ability Power. It gives a total of 18 Ability Power at level 18. [.][highlight]Havoc [2/3][/highlight]: [number](Increases damage by 1.33%)[/number] I only choose 2/3 on this mastery point because let's say I want to burst someone at level 16 with my [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] and I have these items: [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png][imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png][imgsmall=items/void-staff.png]. Without this mastery I will theoretically without magic resist do (ROUGH ESTIMATE): ~1500 damage, if I want 3/3 on this, I will only do 30 damage more, meaning 1530 damage in total which is barely nothing at that level (1530 is a lot but not 30 damage more). And since I only take 2/3 on it, another mastery will be open which I believe is more worth, we'll get to that shortly. [.][highlight]Arcane Knowledge [1/1][/highlight]: [number](Magic damage ignores 8% of the target's Magic Resist) [/number]This is a mastery point that is needed to complete the Offensive tree with Magic Damage in mind. Also the magic damage ignore is really handy, dealing more damage. [.][highlight]Mental Force [3/3][/highlight]: [number](+6 Ability Power)[/number] Another self-explanatory mastery point. It gives ability power, that amount is great for early game. [.][highlight]Spellsword [1/1][/highlight]: [number](Basic attacks deal 5% of Ability Power in magic damage on hit)[/number] This is the mastery point I can now afford since I did not choose 3/3 on "Havoc". This deals more damage together with 2/3 in "Havoc" than 3/3 in "Havoc" and no points in "Spellsword". It's great for harassing in lane with auto attacks when the enemy is trying to last hit for example. It extends your damage a bit. [.][highlight]Archmage [4/4][/highlight]: [number](Increses Ability Power by 5%)[/number] Makes you deal more damage, yay! [.][highlight]Executioner [1/1][/highlight]: [number](Increases damage dealt by 5% to targets below 50% Health)[/number] The final mastery point in the Offensive tree. It deals 5% more damage to enemies below half their health, great for killing low-healthed targets. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [title]Mastery Page 1:[/title] [imgext=] [title]Explanation:[/title] [highlight]Utility Tree:[/highlight] [.][highlight]Summoner's Insight [1/1][/highlight]: [number](Flash: Reduces cooldown by 15 seconds)[/number] A really great mastery point for Heimerdinger, concidering he has a bad escape, this lets him [imgsmall=summoners/flash.png] more frequently possibly avoiding his death. [.][highlight]Wanderer [3/3][/highlight]: [number](Grants 2% increased Movement Speed when out of combat)[/number] This let's him be more mobile, maybe escaping a chase or being able to go to a lane to gank more quickly. [.][highlight]Mastermind[/highlight]: [number](Reduces the cooldown of Summoner Spells by 10%)[/number] When I chose this mastery point, I once again had his poor escape in mind. More cooldown reduction on [imgsmall=summoners/flash.png] is always welcome! [.][highlight]Expanded Mind [1/3][/highlight]: [number](+72 Mana at level 18 (4 Mana per level))[/number] I only chose this because it's required for the next mastery point. I don't believe Heimerdinger suffers from mana problems and the other mastery points available in Utility is not as good in my opinion. It gives him a slight Mana boost which is fine. [.][highlight]Runic Affinity [1/1][/highlight]: [number](Increases the duration of shrine, relic, quest, and neutral monster buffs by 20%)[/number] "But you said Heimerdinger does not have Mana problems, why does he need blue buff extended then?" Well, that's because blue buff gives 20% cooldown reduction aswell which is a great feature on Heimerdinger. [highlight]Reasoning:[/highlight] I chose this mastery page because [number]it maximizes his damage outcome[/number] with the Offensive tree and it gives him the utility needed from the Utility tree. Such as [number]Summoner Spells cooldown reduction, movement speed, and extended blue buff duration.[/number] [title]Mastery Page 2:[/title] [imgext=] [title]Explanation:[/title] [highlight]Defensive Tree:[/highlight] [.][highlight]Durability [4/4][/highlight]: [number](+108 Health at level 18 (+6 per level))[/number] This mastery point will grant Health to survive. [number]It's a vital choice when doing the Defensive Tree.[/number] [.][highlight]Hardiness [1/3][/highlight]: [number](+2 Armor)[/number] A simple point put in Armor. It reduces the harass via auto attack combined with the runes and reduced damage via enemy ganks from an Attack Dealing jungler. [number]You should change this to 3/3 and put 1/3 in "Resistance" (Magic Resist) if you're up against an Attack Dealing champion.[/number] [.][highlight]Resistance [3/3][/highlight] [number](+5 Magic Resist)[/number] Makes Heimer more durable in lane against a mage. [number]If you're up against an AD champion, change this to 1/3 and choose 3/3 in "Hardiness".[/number] [.][highlight]Veteran's Scars [1/1][/highlight]: (+30 Health) Gives you 30 health which is [number]very beneficial early game[/number] (LVL 1~6) as it may save your life. [highlight]Reasoning:[/highlight] This mastery page is more focused on survivability. If you believe you need the extra Magic Resist/Armor and Health, go for this one. But in the majority of cases, [number]I recommend the "Utility" Mastery Page instead.[/number]

[title][img=skills/heimerdinger/p.png] [number]Passive: Techmaturgical Repair Bots[/number][/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Heimerdinger's Passive heals nearby [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png][highlight], allied champions and himself[/highlight] for 10-30 per 5 seconds(Depending on Heimerdinger's Level). This passive is quite useless in my opinion. Sure it does give you a small sustain in lane, but it's such a vague sustain that it's barely noticeable. [highlight]It's only good to keep the [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] alive[/highlight] if they're damaged. [title][img=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] [number]Q: H-28G Evolution Turret[/number][/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] are now very useful. They auto attack magic damage which also scales with your Ability Power. [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] have another attack aswell which shoots out a beam every 12 seconds (minus cooldown reduction). Now, this [highlight]"Beam" counts as an ability from You.[/highlight] What this means is that it draws turret aggression, it procs [imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png] and such. This is important to remember because if you make your [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] attack a turret and an enemy champion comes into your [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] range then [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] will start attacking the champion. When [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] only basic attacks the champion, you can still be able to stay under turret range without drawing aggression BUT when [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] shoots out the beam onto an enemy champion, the Turret will start attacking You since it counts as an ability from You. Heimerdinger can have a maximum of 3 [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] on the map at the same time. With this in mind, you can position your [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] in a lot of different ways when taking objectives, laning, etc. [imgext=] When you move away from a turret, the turret will be [highlight]silenced, won't attack and will loose vision.[/highlight] Moving toward the turret will re-enable it. When the turret is "silenced", it has less HP and is very vulnerable. [highlight]Turrets do not die if you die[/highlight], it will instead act like if you would've moved away from the turret. The beam charge will also reset (The white bar under the turret's HP). When taking [highlight]inhibitor turret and inhibitor[/highlight] [highlight]do not waste all of your[/highlight] [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] on the inhibitor turret because now [highlight]there's a bug[/highlight] (I believe) which makes [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] unable to attack the inhibitor if it's attacked the inhibitor turret. So if you want to take the inhibitor, save 1 or 2 [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] for the inhibitor. When you want your turrets placed so that it reaches one point precisely, then know this; the indicated range is shorter than the actual range. [imgext=] [title]With this ability you[/title] [highlight]Should:[/highlight] [.][number]Keep pressure in lane.[/number] [.][number]Help taking objectives.[/number] [.][number]Prevent ganks by having 3 turrets in lane.[/number] [.][number]Block areas when NOT laning.[/number] [highlight]Should Not:[/highlight] [.][number]Spread them out, leaving them silenced unless it's for zoning.[/number] [.][number]Initiate[/number] (Using [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] first intead of [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] for example). [.][number]Place [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] far enough from blue / red LVL 1 when helping jungler since that may result in your turret stealing the buff. Make sure [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] tank the buff monster so it'll die before stealing in that case.[/number] [title][img=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] [number]W: Hextech Micro-Rockets[/number][/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] shoots out 5 rockets at target location. This ability is supposed to be used as either poke or nuke (with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]). [highlight]All rockets do not hit at the same time[/highlight], this means that you can aim your rockets on a target behind a wounded minion resulting in the minion being killed by 1 or 2 rockets whilst the other rockets does not hit the minion and therefore hits the target behind. When [highlight]farming[/highlight] with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png], you can [highlight]try aiming a bit closer to you[/highlight] than directly at one minion out of the minion wave since if you aim it closer, the rockets will spread and hit more minions than just one. [imgext=] [title]With this ability you[/title] [highlight]Should:[/highlight] [.][number]Poke and harass in lane when enemy is farming.[/number] [.][number]Nuke single target with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png].[/number] [.][number]Aim for squishy targets in e.g, sieges and team grouping[/number] [.][number]Finish off buffs / objectives (i.e Dragon, Baron)[/number] [highlight]Should Not:[/highlight] [.][number]Farm constantly, i.e wasting mana.[/number] [.][number]Spread the rockets out when in a teamfight. It's better to aim for one squishy target.[/number] [title][img=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] [number]E: CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade[/number][/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] is basically his only CC. It launches a grenade onto target location, stunning the target if it's in the center of the grenade, if not; it slows the target. This ability is really difficult to master and it does not have a especially long range. When you're being ganked, try using this ability either [highlight]when the enemy jump onto you[/highlight] and starts to attack [highlight]OR[/highlight] when you feel like you can [highlight]stun the enemy from afar.[/highlight] [title]With this ability you[/title] [highlight]Should:[/highlight] [.][number]Stun squishy targets in e.g, team groups[/number] [.][number]Stun enemy ganker.[/number] [.][number]Stun enemy jungler if they're taking Dragon / Baron[/number] [.][number]Stun lane opponent and follow up with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png][/number] [.][number]Stun the big wraith when taking the wraith camp.[/number] [.][number]Check fog of war / bushes with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] since it grants vision.[/number] [highlight]Should Not:[/highlight] [.][number]Farm continuously (i.e, wasting mana)[/number] [title][img=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] [number]R: UPGRADE!!![/number][/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] empowers his next basic ability. You can re-activate it after a couple of seconds if you "fail ulted", this will reset its' cooldown. [highlight]H-28Q Apex Turret ([imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png])[/highlight] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] let's him put down a new turret (does not rely on parts or turrets active) which deals more damage, slows and does splash damage. It's very useful in teamfights, taking objectives and defending objectives. You can use this in a 1v1 [highlight]if[/highlight] you believe you will die quickly and will not kill the target with either ULT+W or ULT+E since the turret will stay up even if you're dead. [imgext=] [highlight]Hextech Rocket Swarm ([imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png])[/highlight] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] shoots out 5 rockets in a bunch of waves, making it a great single target nuke. [highlight]This ability is a lot like[/highlight] [imgsmall=skills/lucian/r.png]. You can not change the direction of the ability, so make sure the target you're aiming for won't be able to dodge it easily. Also [number]do not use this in teamfights[/number] [highlight]unless[/highlight] you're sure you will instantly kill someone. That's because either R+E or R+Q is more useful in teamfights. [imgext=] [highlight]CH-3X Lightning Grenade ([imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png])[/highlight] Heimerdinger's [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] launches a grenade which bounces three times sequentially. The grenade stun anyone struck by the center of the bouncing grenade during the three bounces. [highlight]A unique target can be stunned or CC'd multiple times[/highlight] if they are hit more than once, but will not take damage. This ability is great for chasing or stunning a whole team in teamfights. [highlight]Use this to stun the enemy backline.[/highlight] [imgext=]

There are a couple of different Skill Order options on Heimerdinger I will go through each ability. [center][img=skills/heimerdinger/q.png][/center] I generally always [highlight]max this first[/highlight], my reasoning for this is; It gives great lane control. Having 3 [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] in lane will prevent loosing CS and may turn an enemy gank into your favor. [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] does a lot of damage and maxing it utilizes it even more by giving it more damage and [highlight]health[/highlight]. [highlight]It's possible to max this second but this will make your turrets weak early-mid game which is the time when the turrets are supposed to shine.[/highlight] [center][img=skills/heimerdinger/w.png][/center] I max this second after [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png]. I do this because I feel like [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] gives more secure damage. You may wonder why I don't max this first because [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] gives a huge burst. Well that's because [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/r.png] does not scale depending on my [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png] lvl. [highlight]If I have 1 point in W, I will still do the same damage with R+W as if I would have 5 points in W. [/highlight] The only bad part with maxing it second is that in lane, you may not output the same damage in poke like if you would max W. But maxing Q first is more safe and controllable. [center][img=skills/heimerdinger/e.png][/center] This ability is basically just there for the stun and slow. Maxing it only gives more damage and less cooldown while the CC does not change. This means that it's best to [highlight]max it last.[/highlight]

There are a lot of things that can Heimerdinger can do. Here are some smart tips and tricks utilizing his skillset. [title]3-Turret Lane Push[/title] [highlight]Keeping 3 turrets in your lane from LVL 1.[/highlight] This will push out the minions onto their turret which forces them to farm under the turret. This will either; Waste their Mana, Miss their CS, Take Damage from Minions, Vulnerable to poke. Make sure the turrets range connect with eachother at the center end since that's the points minions will come from so that all three turrets can reach the minion wave. [imgext=] [highlight](Please watch the whole video and don't skip if you want to learn.)[/highlight] [youtube][/youtube] [title]Rocket Farming[/title] [highlight]When farming with [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/w.png], spread out the rockets to hit the melee or caster minions.[/highlight] When you want to clear a wave quickly, spread out your rockets by aiming between your targets and yourself, this will cause the rockets to spread out and then hit all of the minions. This works for either melee or caster minion. You may not be able to kill all of the minions if their at [highlight]full health[/highlight]. [title]Turret Kiting[/title] [highlight]Kite around your [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/q.png] and Turrets when someone dives you.[/highlight] Place down all your turrets as you're kiting and walking around your tower in a circle, maybe flashing to the other side and [highlight]remember to hit your[/highlight] [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] to stun them. [youtube][/youtube] [title]Responding to a Gank / Taking Towers[/title] [highlight]When you have a clear opportunity to take a Tower, do so with your turrets![/highlight] If you see your lane opponent ganking another lane, you should try take down the mid Tower since it's extremely easy as Heimerdinger. You can [highlight]use your R+Q[/highlight] aswell as all of your normal turrets. [youtube][/youtube] [title]Ganking[/title] [highlight]Heimerdinger can be hard to gank with, if you're lucky you can get a great gank though.[/highlight] When ganking, you want to have your lane pushed as much as possible. Push the enemy minion wave directly as they arrive and then go and gank. Bot lane can be the most difficult lane to gank because it's usually warded. [highlight]Ask your botlane if it's warded[/highlight] or if they can pink-ward it. [highlight]Top lane is more easy to gank[/highlight], especially if the enemy has pushed. Try land E to stun, if you're really desperate to stun, you can use R+E. Remember to put down your turrets but do it infront of you, also if the gank turns into a dive, try letting your turrets tank the Tower or atleast help dealing damage under Tower. Remember to use your ultimate fairly early aswell, since you can cancel it if it wasn't needed. [youtube][/youtube]

[title]Enemy Tower/Turret[/title] There can be a bunch of different scenarios when taking an enemy tower such as; Taking it yourself, Taking it as a team, Splitpushing, Sieging etc. Here's how you take the turret in a couple of those scenarios: [.][highlight]Solo:[/highlight] When you're taking a tower by yourself, you shouldn't use all of your turrets until an allied [highlight]Cannon Minion[/highlight] has arrived. It has reduced damage from Towers which means that if the Cannon Minion tanks the towers damage, you can place all of your turrets without them dying until the Cannon Minion is dead. Do not be afraid of using your ULT+Q (Big Turret) when taking a Tower. It deals more damage and clears the wave faster. You can make the big turret tank the Tower since it only lasts for 8 seconds anyways. Here is an example of when I'm taking a turret. [highlight](Video is also shown above)[/highlight] [youtube][/youtube] [title]Turret Placement at Objectives[/title] [highlight]Dragon 1:[/highlight] A pretty standard turret placement. The two outer turrets can attack over their walls if which gives you an advantage. [imgext=] [highlight]Dragon 2:[/highlight] You can take dragon by yourself very easily by simply putting 3 turrets and a big turret. (It may work aswell with 2 turrets and a big). On this image, I took dragon with only a dorans ring and LVL 9. [imgext=] [highlight]Baron 1:[/highlight] Basic lineup. Three turrets next to eachother. Make sure they don't tank as they will die almost instantly. [imgext=] [highlight]Baron 2:[/highlight] This gives you an advantage if enemies are coming while you're taking turret. If enemies are visible over the wall, the turrets will attack them while they won't directly be able to attack your turrets. [imgext=]

I will briefly overview some mid-matchups. [img=champ/ahri.png]

Early game is all about [highlight]sitting in your lane and pushing[/highlight] out each wave. Keep 3 turrets in your lane if possible and push it out which forces the enemy to have a hard time at CSing. If you're lane is instantly pushed and your midlaner has backed or is having trouble farming, you can go gank a lane with ease. Poke and Harass everytime you can with W. It may lead to a kill if you poke them low enough and "suprise-attack" them with your R+W. [highlight]Be careful of ganks.[/highlight] If you're going to push, you may be far ahead in the lane which makes you extremely vulnerable to ganks. Your turrets will protect you but they might not be enough. If you're lucky and the enemy underestimates you, you might be able to get a kill off an enemy gank if you kite around your own turrets and toward your Tower. If you're doing poorly in laning phase, [highlight]do not give up![/highlight] Laning phase is a neutral time for Heimerdinger. It's Mid-Late game where he impacts the game at most. [highlight]Take Dragon[/highlight] early. Call for your jungler and maybe your botlane to help you out. 2 turrets is enough for you and another one to take dragon. If you need more damage, just spawn a Big turret.

The enemy mid tower should be destroyed at this point. It may now be too risky to push even further mid, so dragon, other lanes and teamfights are starting to be important. [highlight]Dragon[/highlight] should be taken with ease. Use your turrets and some teammates. If enemies are coming to interrupt, your turrets should take care of them, if not use [imgsmall=skills/heimerdinger/e.png] to stun their jungler to prevent a smite-steal. [highlight]Teamfights[/highlight] is a key feature with Heimerdinger. I'll get to that under the "Team Fights" chapter. Start to beware of your enemies, do not wander completely alone around in their jungle for example. At around mid game, you should be able to output a lot of damage so do try to fight enemies if you can. Remember to use R+W if it's single-target and R+Q if they're more than 1. Don't use R+E unless they're diving you or you have backup because if not, you will loose a lot of damage.

If you've got this far, then it's probably a somewhat even game. Positioning is now [highlight]extremely[/highlight] important. One wrong step and you may cost the whole game. Stick to your team and do not go alone. Even if you have Hourglass, it won't be enough if the complete enemy team is hiding in a bush, sniffing for your blood. Focus objectives (Baron, Dragon, Turrets etc.) which Heimerdinger is really good at. Make sure to not waste turrets when they're absolutely useless like when the enemy will just one shot it, giving them 5 free gold. Late game is basically that, do everything you've learned when taking baron, teamfighting, taking turrets, positioning, ultimate uses and [highlight]stick to your team[/highlight].

Heimerdingers R+Q and R+E are both amazing in teamfights. [highlight]R+Q is the safe choice[/highlight], but only do this when you believe the teamfight will stick to one place so that your Big turret won't be out of range. [highlight]R+E is a risky choice[/highlight] and relies on your teammates. It [highlight]may[/highlight] stun the whole team but then your teammates has to deal damage! It's also risky because if you miss it, it's a complete waste of ultimate. If you believe you can "one-shot" a squishy target, you can use R+W if you're sure it will hit. But that is extremely situational. Remember to position well! Stay in the back-line and spam your turrets. If you're being jumped on; make sure your turrets are placed and use Zhonyas. The turrets will attack them as they wait for your Zhonyas to end. Also your teammates will notice you're in need of help and will probably try and help you.

Thank you for reading my guide. I put a lot of effort and time into making this guide as helpful and elaborate as possible. [highlight]If you have any suggestions, questions or anything[/highlight] please comment and I'll see what I can do about it. My apologies if there are any grammatical errors, English is not my primary language. If you for any crazy reason feel like you'd like to support me and my work, I would be overwhelmed and more than happy if you would donate to me. Anything at all is more than appreciated! You can donate here: (PayPal) [title]Thanks again, and Good Luck![/title] -PetruZgg

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