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[big][center]Season 4 Notice[/center][/big] This guide is the process of being updated for season 4. Season 4's new masteries and slowed down game pace have heavily favored health stacking tanks with innate sustain, high base damage abilities, and are usually manaless. Every popular tank top laner is a huge problem for Fiora, namely: [img=champ/drmundo.png], [img=champ/nasus.png], [img=champ/olaf.png], [img=champ/renekton.png], and [img=champ/shyvana.png]. Even Nasus who's early game is terrible, can't be shut down fast to prevent the eventual terror that is late game Nasus. Fighting these monsters as Fiora is eminently difficult and has a low margin for error. If you want to make it work, I suggest you rush [img=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png] as other offensive options won't cut through their health fast enough. But I suggest moving Fiora to mid lane, where enemies are less tanky and allow for a wider item selection such as [img=items/ravenous-hydra.png] or [img=items/the-brutalizer.png]. The drawbacks of having no escapes still is a huge threat but for now, mid lane gives Fiora a better chance to succeed than top lane. [center][title]Caster and Carry[/title][/center] [center][img=champ/fiora.png][/center] For the longest time, AD casters have been asking an AD item that provides spellvamp on Summoner's Rift. It seemed a bit unfair that building AD encourages buying lifesteal but because their damage was spell based, it sustained off spellvamp. The new Season 3 items helped, however the fundamental problem with AD casters is that building AD without crit or AS doesn't scale as well into late game. Fiora is the answer to both those issues. She can be played as an AD caster assassin with good base damage and AD scaling on her [number]Q: Lunge[/number] and her [number]R: Blade Waltz[/number]. However unlike other AD casters, her ultimate triggers on-hit effects, meaning it sustains with lifesteal. Additionally her [number]E: Burst of Speed[/number] is one of the largest AS boost in the game, making it beneficial to build crit which lets her scale into late game when other AD casters fall off. Fiora is one of the few AD casters that benefit from building crit and lifesteal. [highlight]She is an unique hybrid in the sense that she is both an AD caster and a melee carry. [/highlight]

[title][img=skills/fiora/p.png] Passive: Duelist[/title] [number]Fiora regenerates 7 + (1 × level) health over 6 seconds each time she deals damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times. [.]Duelist will proc whenever Fiora auto-attacks or lands Lunge or Blade Waltz. [.]Duelist will proc from damage dealt to minions, neutral monsters, champions, turrets and other structures. [.]Duelist cannot have more than one stack when attacking minions and turrets. Attacking champions will cause it to stack up to 4 times. [.]Continuously attacking minions and turrets will refresh the duration, unless it is stacked. [.]Only attacking champions will refresh Duelist's duration when it is stacked. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Duelist can be thought of as a conditional health regen item. You want to always have a stack of duelist if you are at less than full health. Its primarily a laning tool as the values at later levels are insignificant. One stack is comparable to a Rejuvenation Bead at lvl 3. Here is a chart of how much [number]Duelist[/number] heals. Since only striking champions will cause Duelist to stack, look to the one stack column to see how much it heals from attacking minions. [imgext=] [number]Contrary to its name, Duelist is most useful in winning mini exchanges, not full on duels.[/number] You want to keep 4 stacks on Fiora as much as possible, however once you have 4 stacks you should retreat to let your health regenerate. Duelist also procs when Fiora uses [number]Q: Lunge[/number] as well as with Tiamat/Hydra's active. This fact is key to starting these exchanges. Here are some combos to get more stacks: [number]Assume you have zero stacks:[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + AA + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + AA [number]Assume you have 1 stack from minions:[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + AA OR [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + AA + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] [number]Assume you have 1 stack and don't want to take damage:[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] to a far away minion to escape. You can vary when and how many auto-attacks you use. Fiora doesn't have the health and resistances of a bruiser but properly utilizing her passive helps her win trades and increases her effective health over time.

[highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [title][img=skills/fiora/q.png] Q: Lunge[/title] [number]Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. Fiora can perform the dash a second time within a couple seconds at no mana cost. Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 seconds Physical Damage: 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) Cost: 60 mana Range: 600 [.]Lunge does not proc on-hit effects. [.]Fiora's unit collision is ignored during cast allowing her to dodge skill shots. [.]Fiora will not attempt to attack her Lunge target after closing in. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Lunge is Fiora's primary chasing and lane control ability. Lunge is synergistic with her passive and [number]E: Burst of Speed[/number] as it gives stacks of Duelist and stacks of E's movement speed boost. Note that Fiora will not automatically attack the lunged target afterwards. So auto-attack click on your target before lunging to prevent auto-attacking a different target. The fact that Lunge procs Fiora's passive is extremely helpful in lane. Those passive stacks is key to winning small exchanges. Lunge's base damage and scaling seems mediocre at first however since it is can be used again at no extra cost, you should view it as a [number]280 damage gapcloser with 1.2 bonus AD scaling.[/number] Note that Q has a very long cooldown at low levels. At rank 1, its 16 seconds, extremely long for a gapcloser. However its cooldown scales dramatically down with rank to 8 seconds at level 5, reducing the cooldown by half. It's also important to note that Lunge procs E's movement speed stacks. When you use lunge to start combinations, activating E first will give you 1 MS boost stack per lunge. This extra movement speed can be useful for retreating after an exchange or for chasing. Here are some combinations using Lunge. I have to give credit to for this section. You should read his Fiora guide as well, its quite good. Thanks wisej12. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Double Hit: [/highlight][imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] This is very simple, treat Lunge is a single ability by using both charges at once. This is most easily done by smart casting. This gets Fiora 2 stacks of Duelist but you want to have one stack already active from hitting a minion first. Either walk away after this or AA once more to get full stacks. You can activate E before you Q+Q so you can retreat faster. Since Q is a non-on-hit spell, minions will not be aggro'ed doing this. [highlight]Chase Combo: [/highlight][imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + AA(s) + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + AA(s) When you are chasing a low health target, assassinating a squishy target, or picking a fight you know you will win, this is your general combo. Fiora's double gapcloser and large MS boost makes her very hard to kite alone. Don't use the second Q charge until they are out of range sao that you can close the gap again. The big question is whether to use E before, during or after your Q charges. I suggest activating E first to gain a MS buff before your first Q if the target doesn't have a dash, knockback, or cc. If they do then wait until they use it then use E + your second Q charge reclose the gap without wasting E's duration. [highlight]Long Gapcloser: [/highlight][imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] a minion + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] the target [imgext=] This theoretically increases Lunge's range to 1200. This is especially helpful in attacking ranged champions who stand behind their minions. The disadvantage of this combo is that you have no Q charges afterwards to chase and Duelist will only have 2 stacks as the first target was a minion. In teamfights you can do the same thing by lunging to the enemy frontline then to their carry. Same with the previous combos, you can use E beforehand to gain additional MS when you lunge. [highlight]Mind Games: [/highlight][imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] + (AAs) + [imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] to a minion [imgext=] If you don't want to take too much damage but want to harass the enemy then this combo is a safe way to do both. The damage isn't very high but it gets you another stack of Fiora's passive. Its generally not worth using E with this combo as you are retreating. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] As you can see Lunge has a variety of uses and allows Fiora to be very mobile. Lunge is the glue that holds all of her abilities together. Next, lets look at Fiora's defensive ability, Riposte.

[title][img=skills/fiora/w.png] W: Riposte[/title][number] (Passive): Fiora's Attack Damage is increased by 15/20/25/30/35. (Active): Fiora parries the next basic attack within 1.5 seconds and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. Works on champions, large monsters, and large minions. Bonus Attack Damage: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds Magic Damage: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+1.0 per ability power) Cost: 45 mana [.]Riposte negates the damage from the next auto-attack directed at her, excluding attacks from turrets, regular minions and small neutral monsters. [.]Riposte does not block physical spells like [imgsmall=champ/pantheon.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/pantheon/q.png] [.]Riposte does not block on-hit effects like Frozen Mallet's slow or the true damage from Hiten Style. [.]Riposte does not block on-hit attacks that convert physical damage to magical damage like [imgsmall=champ/twistedfate.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/twistedfate/w.png] and [imgsmall=champ/poppy.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/poppy/q.png] [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Riposte negates only one auto-attack including spells that deals multiple strikes. It will negate only the first strike from [imgsmall=champ/renekton.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/renekton/w.png] (but not the stun), [imgsmall=champ/shyvana.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/shyvana/q.png], and an enemy [imgsmall=champ/fiora.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png]. The passive bonus AD is why I take Armor Pen runes over AD ones as it is enough to easier last hit under a tower. Also note that the damage scales on AP and deals magic damage. Riposte also has the shortest cooldown of all of Fiora's skills however this is not very useful in lane. Its rare that the enemy will harass you once with an auto-attack then wait another 6 seconds until Riposte's cooldown is up again. Because Riposte is a conditional on the enemy auto-attacking you, its not reliable as a damage source. If your enemy doesn't use auto-attacks to harass you then leveling Riposte is only good for the passive AD. Since so many popular top-laners are AD casters or AP casters, they may not even give you a opportunity to counter an auto-attack. Nor does it help your chasing ability unlike Q and E which are synergistic as a gapcloser and a MS boost. Riposte is only good in auto-attack duels. While it doesn't help much in lane, it is useful as a late game assassin. Fiora's main goal is to kill the enemy ranged AD carry. They usually lack the cc of mages and deal most of their damage through auto-attacks. This is perfect for Riposte as each block could have been a 500+ damage critical. Additionally, its very easy to Riposte a ranged auto-attack as you can see it flying at you. Ironically, Fiora duels best against ranged champions thanks to Riposte.

[title][img=skills/fiora/e.png] E: Burst of Speed[/title] [number](Active): Fiora gains additional Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times Killing a champion refreshes the cooldown on Burst of Speed. Assists reduce the cooldown by half of the base amount. Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds Bonus Attack Speed: 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120% Bonus Movement Speed: 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15% Cost: 55 mana [.]Burst of Speed's movement speed bonus will not proc when attacking turrets. [.]Burst of Speed's movement speed bonus will proc off of the damage from Blade Waltz. [.]Burst of Speed resets Fiora's attack timer. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Burst of Speed is a very fitting name. Fiora's E is one of the largest AS steroid in the game at 120%, only matched by Evelyn and beat by Elise. However it also has the shortest duration of any AS steroid. It deals auto-attack DPS yet it deals high damage in a short period of time like burst spells do. Combined with Q, Fiora has amazing chasing abilities. Because it has such a short duration and a relatively long cooldown, you don't want to be cc'ed for its duration. [number]Wait until the enemy has used their cc abilities before activating E.[/number] Note that Burst of Speed's movement speed boost's duration is separate from its AS boost duration. Fiora will continue to have an MS boost 3 seconds after the last auto-attack or Lunge during the initial 3 second AS boost. Fiora can potential have 45% additional MS for upto 6 seconds. However because it requires you to lunge or auto-attack, this is not reliable as an escape. If a jungler comes from behind to gank you, activating E then Q to the jungler or a minion can act as a defensive retreat as well as giving you MS to run away. Burst of Speed also lets you play Fiora as a split-pusher however the problem is again that she does not have a reliable escape or wave clear. The best way of using burst of speed remains as a way to assassinate squishy targets along with her Q and R. Burst of Speed is like a non-ultimate version of [imgsmall=champ/masteryi.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/masteryi/r.png]. It can either snowball very hard if you get a kill, or it can fizzle away while you are cc'ed if you don't time it right. When in lane, remember that Burst of Speed resets your auto-attack animation. So AA once without it then activate it for a quick second AA. This auto-attack reset is less fluid than other ones in the game, if you mistime pressing E, you will cancel your initial auto-attack and its damage. This is a minor mechanic but one to keep in mind.

[highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [title][img=skills/fiora/r.png] R: Blade Waltz[/title] [number](Active): Fiora dashes around the battlefield striking random champions 5 times, dealing physical damage. Successive hits against the same target deal 25% damage. The first and last attack will be against the same target. Each strike applies on-hit effects. Cooldown: 130 / 120 / 110 seconds Physical Damage per Strike: 160 / 330 / 500 (+1.2 per bonus attack damage) Total Minimum Single Target Physical Damage: 200 / 412.5 / 625 (+1.5 per bonus attack damage) Total Maximum Single Target Physical Damage: 320 / 660 / 1000 (+2.4 per bonus attack damage) Total Maximum Physical Damage: 680 / 1402.5 / 2125 (+5.1 per bonus attack damage) [must hit 4 targets] Total Maximum Possible Physical Damage: 800 / 1650 / 2500 (+6 per bonus attack damage) [must hit all 5 targets, only possible if the targeted champion dies before the last dash] Cost: 100 mana Range 400 [.]Blade Waltz cannot be used when immobilized. [.]Blade Waltz does not break Fiora free from tethers like Fiddlesticks's Drain or Swain's Decrepify. [.]Blade Waltz does not prevent damage over time from spells used on Fiora before cast. [.]Fiora loses tower aggro when she activates Blade Waltz. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Blade Waltz is Fiora's execution move, her defensive disengage, and her team-fight winner. Late game, you do not want to fight without her ultimate ever. Unfortunately its on an ungodly long cooldown. Additionally note that its range is rather short at only 400 units. [highlight]Note:[/highlight] While it does make Fiora untargetable for about 1.25 seconds, this is not a true untargetable spell like [imgsmall=champ/vladimir.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/vladimir/w.png]. Each time Fiora appears on screen between her strikes, she's actually targetable for a brief moment. This is why sometimes AOE cc effects can cancel her ultimate and why bushes can cancel it as well. This is because each of Fiora's strikes requires a [number]channel time[/number] as opposed to a [number]cast time.[/number] Channeled abilities like [imgsmall=champ/katarina.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/katarina/r.png] can be interrupted where as casted abilities like [imgsmall=champ/lux.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/lux/r.png] cannot be interrupted except by death. Fiora will follow the target if they flash/dash away during Blade Waltz. There are other situations you should keep in mind: [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]When not to use Blade Waltz[/highlight] [.]You never want to use Blade Waltz as an opener. Fiora's last strike will land you right next to the target you first hit, if you do this in a team fight you may find yourself in the middle of the enemy team. [.]Don't use it when you are blinded, or during [imgsmall=champ/jax.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/jax/e.png] Every strike will not deal any damage. [.]Don't use it against enemies who have abilities that make them untargetable or stealthed such as [imgsmall=champ/fizz.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/fizz/e.png], [imgsmall=champ/akali.png]'s [imgsmall=skills/akali/w.png] or anyone with a [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]. It will fizzle out and go on cooldown. [.]If you are ignited or hit by a tether spell and about to die, don't bother using R. The damage will still tick down and kill you before you can lifesteal enough health back. You'll just be left with a long wait on Blade Waltz's cooldown. [.]Because each strike is [number]channeled[/number], Fiora can be knocked out of her ultimate by hard cc. This is especially noticeable on her first strike and against enemies with suppression type cc. Try to use your ultimate before they can cc you. [highlight]When to use Blade Waltz[/highlight] [.]When you are about to be bursted or under 50% health. Blade Waltz procs on-hit effects, which importantly includes lifesteal. Don't wait too long as the enemy could ignite you and reduce your healing. [.]In AOE team compositions, Blade Waltz works extremely well if the enemy is clumped up. Blade Waltz deals over 2000 total damage with a 5.1 bonus AD ratio to 4 targets. [.]Blade Waltz can be used as a finisher along with [imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png] which can be cast in Blade Waltz's duration. Its especially helpful when tower diving as the tower can't hurt you and will shift targets when you come out until you attack the enemy champion again. [.]Blade Waltz if uncancelled will always leave Fiora next to her initial target. So if you are attempting to assassinate the enemy ADC that is going flash over a wall, using Blade Waltz will give you a ride over with him as well. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Calcuating Blade Waltz's damage[/highlight] Blade Waltz's damage potential can be rather confusing so let me explain how much damage it can do. The key fact to understand is that [number]each strike to the same champion after the 1st hit to them only deals 25% of the damage and at 25% of the AD ratio.[/number] On-hit effects such as from items like Wit's End still deal the full damage. Lifesteal will be based on the physical damage done as it normally is. [number]Physical Damage per Strike: 160 / 330 / 500 (+1.2 per bonus attack damage)[/number] Each individual strike to a target that hasn't been hit before will be dealt this much. Each additional strike deals: [number]Physical Damage per Additional Strike 40 / 82.5 / 125 (.3 per bonus AD)[/number] The total damage you would deal to the their entire team would be: [number]Total Maximum Physical Damage: 680 / 1402.5 / 2125 (+5.1 per bonus attack damage) [must hit 4 targets][/number] However if the first target is dead before the final strike then Fiora will attack the fifth enemy champion. (If he isn't there then Fiora will attack the second target she hit with reduced damage) [number]Total Maximum Possible Physical Damage: 800 / 1650 / 2500 (+6 per bonus attack damage) [must hit all 5 targets, only possible if the targeted champion dies before the last dash] [/number] This is all fine and good for teamfights, but you probably are going to only use Blade Waltz against one target in the laning phase as well as when you attempt to assassinate the enemy carry. So let's look at Blade Waltz's damage against a single target. [number]Total Maximum Single Target Physical Damage: 320 / 660 / 1000 (+2.4 per bonus attack damage)[/number] The first strike deals the full damage with each additional hit dealing 25% of the damage. 25% * 4 additional strikes = 100%. Essentially Fiora deals 2 full damage strikes when only using Blade Waltz against one target. Fiora loses 2 and 1/4 strikes worth of damage if she uses it against a single target. Still, a 1000 base damage at max rank to a single target is enormous. But the inefficiency of the 4 additional hits leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There should be a way to increase the single target damage, no? This is where the on-hit effect of Blade Waltz comes in. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight]

[highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] This is where the fact that Blade Waltz triggers on-hit effects is key. Whereas the base damage and AD of each additional strike is reduced by 25%, [number]the damage from on-hit items is not diminished.[/number] This makes on-hit much more effective when the there are fewer targets. Here is an example: [.]take [imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png]'s 70 AD * 2.4 bonus AD on a single target = 168 additional damage. [.]take [imgsmall=items/wits-end.png]'s on-hit 42 magical damage * 5 strikes = 210 additional damage. Obviously there are other factors such as Fiora building armor pen instead of magic pen, crit chance and damage when she auto-attacks, etc; however the point is clear. On-hit items deal more individual damage with Blade Waltz then pure AD items due to 25% damage reduction on each additional hit. Its another story if Blade Waltz hits more targets though. [.]take [imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png]'s 70 AD * 5.1 bonus AD on 4 targets = 357 Building on-hit items is extremely useful on Fiora if you intend on dealing maximum single target damage with [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png] where as AD will deal more damage over the entire team. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Advantages and Disadvantages of On-hit[/highlight] [number]Advantages: [/number] [.]Higher single target damage on R [.]Works well with Fiora's E [.]On-hit items provide Attack Speed, E has a short duration and is easily disrupted [number]Disadvantages: [/number] [.]Falls off damage wise late game compared to AD/crit builds [.]Less lifesteal [.]Worse multi-target damage on R [.]Few good on-hit items [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] Ultimately, I think there aren't enough fitting on-hit items to make an on-hit build work besides Blade of the Ruined King. Its an interesting mechanic but heavily dependent on Fiora's R which is on a long cooldown.

The reason why I max W last is two-fold. One, because W isn't that useful in lane. And two, because Q and E are much better with additional levels than as one point wonders. But I want to emphasize that [highlight]Fiora has no set skill order, it is dependent on matchup.[/highlight] [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Why W isn't that useful in lane.[/highlight] First off, its a conditional damage spell that requires you to play reactive instead of dictating the situation. Relaying on the enemy auto-attacking to deal damage is making a lot of assumptions. One, that they can't harass you with just abilities all day. Two, that you can press W in time to block it. Three, that they won't fake you out by baiting it. [number]Putting all of your damage on how your opponent acts is a gamble I'm not willing to risk.[/number] Secondly, the damage is magical and scales with AP. While I like the idea of dealing magic damage to bypass armor stackers, the damage isn't really so great that I'm willing to max it first. It doesn't have any penetration behind it and procs spellvamp instead of lifesteal. Third, It doesn't get much better with additional levels. Most enemies are cognizant of Fiora's parry and will work around it with either baiting it or by using abilities. Most won't engage in long auto-attack duels which make its cooldown decrease irrelevant. The damage increase per level is not bad, but again it's dependent on the enemy making a mistake. The general reason for maxing W is for the passive AD boost. While more AD is always good, the 1st level of W already provides 15 AD and each additional level only provides 5 AD. That is not worth it in my opinion. Four, It doesn't make sense against common lane match ups. Top lane is full of AD casters, bruisers, and manaless casters. Just about all of them can harass Fiora without auto-attacking. Even against bruisers that relay on auto-attacking, maxing W first is not necessarily a good idea as the mobility Q and E give Fiora are generally more useful outside of lane. [number]I think W is primarily a defensive skill that works best as a one or two point wonder vs. most matchups.[/number] The AD boost at level 1 is good enough to farm with. Its primary purpose is blocking an auto-attack, which it does fine at level 1. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Why I max Q first[/highlight] For one, you can use it to deal damage whenever you are in 600 range and doesn't depend on the enemy. The damage itself is actually 20 base damage higher than W's if you count it as a single ability. If you max W first, you do get 20 additional AD. Secondly, the cooldown at level one is ungodly long at 16 seconds but scales down to 8 seconds at max rank. Having Q on a shorter cooldown is far more helpful in lane as it helps you reposition, farm, harass, and chase the enemy. Additionally, Q is synergistic with the rest of Fiora's kit. Q procs stacks of her passive and E's MS boost, which lets Fiora get in range to auto-attack and use her R. [number]Q holds her entire kit together.[/number] Lastly, Q is the closest thing Fiora has to an escape. She can't lunge to allied minions but she can to enemy minions, champions and jungle creeps. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Why I max E second[/highlight] More movement and attack speed on a shorter cooldown is a good thing, especially for snowballing a lane for by chasing down kills. The cooldown at level 1 is 15 second which is too high for the short duration it lasts. Don't max it first as early game attack speed is not as useful as damage from abilities due to not having items yet. You could max E last and W second as E refreshes on kills and halved on assists which makes the cooldown reduction per level irrelevant. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Why I level R whenever possible[/highlight] Not a question. The damage from Blade Waltz doubles at level two and then by 50% at level 3. The cooldown decrease per level is also extremely key. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Remember, Fiora has no set skill order. It is dependent on matchup.[/highlight] The skill order of R>Q>E>W is only the default option because it plays to Fiora's strengths of snowballing and mobility. However none of her skills are good enough to always level first. In fact they depend heavily on match-ups. Here is a general guide on what to level first and why. For a specific champion, see the match-up chapter. [number]General Skill Order and vs. Casters[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png] This lets Fiora snowball extremely hard with Q's double gap-closer and E's MS and AS boost. Casters generally rely on distance as defense so getting close to constantly trade stops them from poking you to death. If I am winning against a different type of matchup I will also level this way to snowball further. [number]vs. Auto-attack Heavy Melee Champions[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png] This is an increasingly rare matchup as auto-attack bruisers without ranged harass have generally fallen out of favor. Because they are only melee auto-attackers, you do not need to close the gap as they are only melee as well. W's CDR per rank would actually be helpful and E's AS would be useful in melee trades. [number]vs. Melee Champions with ranged harass, dodge, AS slows[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] If they have some kind of stealth, dodge, block, or AS slow then you have to rely on non-auto-attack damage to trade. These are generally the worst match-ups so this is damage control at best. This also assumes they usually use auto-attacks in conjunction which is why W is leveled first. [number]vs. Auto-attack Heavy Ranged champions[/number] [imgsmall=skills/fiora/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png] Fiora will generally win trades with ranged auto-attack champions due to better stats that's only if she can get close. Q is leveled first to do so but W is leveled second to block harass. If the lane is going well, level E before W to maximize Fiora's chasing ability.

[number]An important thing to understand about Fiora is that she is not a duelist in lane.[/number] She loses against numerous bruisers in a duel. In lane, she's a skirmisher who hits and runs. She wins exchanges by relying on her passive and lifesteal to regenerate health while protecting herself with her W and retreating with E's movement speed. The idea is to slowly whittle down the enemy's health while regenerating your own. Fiora is not as tanky as other champions but she can win the battle of attrition if properly played. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Starting Skill[/highlight] Start W if the enemy is auto attack dependent or if you want to play safe. Play defensively, but trade auto-attacks if they get close enough. Farming should be easy with W's increased AD. Since you both are level 1 this increases the likelihood of them using auto-attacks for you to counter. Start with Q if your lane opponent is squishy or ability dependent. This is usually against casters and ranged champions but can work against bruisers that rely on abilities. Your Q + AA + Q + AA combo is generally stronger than their level 1 combo. If you are invading, take Q first as well for mobility. [number]Either way, pay attention to who the enemy jungler is, as usually jungle ganks are what makes Fiora lose lane due to not having an escape.[/number] If they start at blue when you are the purple team or start at red when you are the blue team then play cautiously in case they attempt a level 2 gank. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Harassing as Fiora[/highlight] Try to always keep a stack of Duelist up if you are not full health by attacking minions. This not only sustains Fiora's health but also makes it easier to get more stacks when harassing an enemy champion. When attempting to the harass the enemy, [number]keep the engagements short, you want to get full stacks of Duelist and then retreat.[/number] Utilize the Lunge combos I showed you above. Once you have all 3 skills, the standard harass goes like this: E(Optional, don't use if low mana) + Q + AA + Q + AA. If they attempt to auto-attack at any point, use W. E's movement speed boost is triggered by Qs and autoattacks, getting the max 3 stacks which helps you retreat before the enemy to counterattack. If you are both melee, you can start this off by walking up to them first. Hit them with an AA then activate E to reset Fiora's AA for a faster attack. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Lane Control[/highlight] When you autoattack enemy champions, this aggros the enemy minions. This is both good and bad. The bad part is that it pushes the lane as the enemy creeps are attacking you while your creeps are still attacking the enemy creeps. The good part is that when you retreat, the enemy melee minions will follow you. When they stop pursuing you (break line of sight by going into the bush), they'll attack the closest target which will be your caster minions. This will make it harder for the enemy champion to cs your caster minions while making it easier to cs their melee minions. Having their melee minions closer to your tower is useful as you can use Q to them as an escape. This also sets you for a Q + AA + Q retreat combo.

Once you get your ultimate, your kill potential increases dramatically. However the cooldown is rather long at 130 seconds at level 1. Never pursue a kill without your ultimate, you are significantly weaker without it. Another huge power spike is at level 11, when you get the second rank of your ultimate which doubles its damage. Buying wards is extra important on Fiora as she is squishy and has no escapes. Always ward the tribush and the enemy blue entrance if you are purple team. Always ward the tribush as blue team and hopefully your mid will ward the enemy wraith camp. If the enemy laner is constantly bush juking or you suspect a bush gank then ward their bushes as well. Playing Fiora requires even more attention to map awareness then usual. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Tower Diving as Fiora[/highlight] Fiora is extremely good at tower diving. The optimal tower dive is with allied minions pushed up to the tower. Enemy towers deal increased damage with each successive hit. Assuming the enemy has no cc, you should soak the first hit of the tower as it shouldn't deal too much damage. While the second hit is coming towards you, use R to dodge it and disengage from the tower's priority of attack. If allied minions are near, the tower will attack them instead. If the enemy champion isn't dead yet, you can continue attacking them. Save Ghost or E if you can for your ultimate or last auto-attack as it gives Fiora an MS boost to run away faster. I recommend you tower diving mid rather rather than top as enemy mid-laners tend to be squishier and mid-lane offers multiple escape routes afterwards. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Ganking as Fiora[/highlight] There is a current tread in top lane to never leave the lane and play as an isolated 1 v 1 away from the rest of the game (besides jungle ganks). I don't think that's a good idea. Specifically Fiora's high damage and high mobility makes her a decent ganker around mid game. Since you are top lane, you only have the option of ganking mid lane. If the enemy jungler is ganking bot, you know that you have an opportunity. If the enemy top is freezing a pushed top lane and you can't farm, try ganking. Having mobility boots really helps here. Mid lane tends to be full of squishy mages that pack some kind of hard cc. The key is avoid their cc with Q (if they use skillshots) or R. Tower dive with R as stated above. Make sure to always have ghost and ignite up to secure the kill and run away if the enemy jungler comes. [number]The Approach: As Purple side[/number] Middle blue players will typically ward here: [imgext=] Whereas top blue players usually ward here: [imgext=] That means the river path from this brush is to the middle brush will have no vision, allowing a free ganking path. [imgext=] The blue top player can warn the blue mid player if they see you though. To discourage this, you want to pop in and out of the bush lull them into thinking you are just brush juking. Make sure to have a ward at the blue side blue buff entrance so the enemy jungle doesn't catch you in the middle of the river. [number]The Approach: As Blue side[/number] This is harder and more dangerous than the purple side approach. Mid purple players typically ward here: [imgext=] Top purple players will typically ward here, but some are lazy and ward closer to the lane. If they do that then you will be seen unless you enter near the top purple tower. [imgext=] Blue side's ganking route takes you their the purple side's jungle which is extremely dangerous. Make sure to spot the purple side jungle near bot lane before trying this. [imgext=] [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Misc. Tips[/highlight] Against ranged champions, always utilize the bushes to reduce their zone. This is especially useful against champions with only targeted abilities like [imgsmall=champ/kayle.png]. Fiora can easily take down towers with her E but its not necessarily always a good thing to do so. If you take their tower, they could freeze the lane next to the inner tower, which makes it easier for Fiora to get ganked. The benefits of taking the tower would be helping your team push down middle and killing dragon. Its very situational and depends heavily on who your enemy laner is, who is winning the lane and how your team is doing.

Fiora has two roles late game. One, Fiora is an assassin who specializes in killing AD carries due to Lunge's double dash and her parry. And two, Fiora is a melee carry who can clean up teamfights with E's cooldown refresh on kills. Regardless, you do not want to be the first one in. Wait until most of the enemy cc has been blown before dashing it in. Ideally, you don't want to approach from the front. Flanking the enemy team or attacking from behind is the ideal approach. That way you can get closer to the AD carry and away from the enemy peelers. Wait until they blow their flash or escape ability before using your second lunge. Shurelia has a great rule about playing assassins: \"Assass(in), Assass(out)\" don't stay and get gibbed by the enemy team. Fiora is extremely relent on her ultimate and lifesteal for survivability. Any cc that disrupts your ability to auto-attack will spell death for Fiora. Until she gets into very late game Fiora will probably lose duels to especially tanky bruisers. However if lefted unchecked, she can dish out amazing damage with [imgsmall=skills/fiora/e.png]'s cooldown refresh on kills. Fiora should focus on killing the squishest targets first due to this mechanic. It sounds incredibly obvious but its still worth mentioning. Its honestly not a bad idea to continuously press W and in late game team fights as the cooldown is very low and auto-attacks are flying everywhere. I've won close duels due to the enemy killing themselves by autoattacking a riposte. Similarly keep an eye on E's cooldown. It doesn't have to be active during a kill or assist to receive the refresh/reduction. In hectic teamfights, you might have it up all of the time. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [highlight]Split Pushing as Fiora[/highlight] Fiora can be an effective late game split pusher but remember that her MS boost is conditional on auto-attacking or lunging. Unlike [imgsmall=champ/masteryi.png], she can be caught easily so keep the jungle paths warded. Vision on jungle creeps also gives Fiora mobility in the jungle by using them as lunge targets through walls or as auto-attack targets to get an MS boost. The time it takes to auto-attack is generally made up for by the enormous MS boost afterwards.

I highly recommend watching Shurelia's guide to middle lane Fiora. I think mid-lane Fiora is extremely viable and Shurelia has a great understanding of the champion. Even if you've played Fiora before, I think you can learn something new by watching her tutorial. Pay attention to her combo section, its very well done. [youtube][/youtube] Much of the statistical info and skill descriptions is from the LoL wiki. Its a excellent resource for clarifying how game mechanics work. The champion comments can be a great place to discuss a specific champion. I check those comments every so often as well. You should read the other approved Fiora guides here on solomid. While I disagree with their skill-order and item builds, they do provide good insight on Fiora. Specifically this section is helpful: I even encourage you to read guides from other websites; whether it be mobafire, lolpro or lolking. Ideas can come from anywhere, but use your own critical thinking to analyze them. Here's a good example of one by the1banana at

Fiora is an underplayed and under-appreciated champion. I hope to change that. I do think Fiora could use some buffs such as negating on-hit effects with W, decreasing R's cooldown, or increasing Duelist's numbers. Regardless, I think this is a better way to play Fiora than the commonly accepted path. Disagree in the comments if you'd like, I'd be happy to answer any concerns. Remember to play Fiora with [highlight]\"Precision and Grace!\"[/highlight] [imgext=] Source:

[highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [center][title]Before We Begin[/title][/center] Jungle Fiora requires your team to build around you. Unlike most junglers, Fiora brings no cc nor is she tanky. [number]Therefore the first question to consider before picking jungle Fiora is whether your team has enough cc and tankiness to teamfight effectively.[/number] The benefit of Fiora jungling is a safer early game but less gold overall. You can either continuously farm the jungle for more gold or gank, Fiora is neither amazing nor terrible at either. You lose to most early game junglers such as Lee Sin and Elise so try to avoid them if they invade. Due to Fiora's lack of cc, I'd suggest counterganking or farming until you are level 6.

START: [img=items/hunters-machete.png][img=items/health-potion5.png] OR [img=items/hunters-machete.png][img=items/health-potion2.png][img=items/sight-ward.png] EARLY: [img=items/spirit-of-the-elder-lizard.png] MID: [img=items/tiamat.png] INTO [img=items/ravenous-hydra.png] [img=items/boots-of-mobility.png] OR [img=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png] OR [img=items/mercurys-treads.png] LATE: [img=items/the-black-cleaver.png] ___________________________________________ Justification: The idea behind Jungle Fiora's effectiveness is proccing Spirit of the Elder Lizard on as many targets as possible using Fiora's Q and R. You increase the chance of this happening with Tiamat/Hydra afterwards and to clear the jungle faster as Fiora has no innate AOE spells. Late game, you buy Black Cleaver to further amplify Fiora's AOE damage and to help your ADC cut through tanks easier. As long as your team is able to follow up, Fiora should R into the enemy team when they are clumped and probably die afterwards; but with the teamfight won. Defensive items like Guardian Angel should be bought afterwards.

[img=summoners/smite.png] AND [img=summoners/flash.png] OR [img=summoners/ghost.png] [title]Explanation:[/title] Smite is necessary for buff control, clearing the jungle quicker, and is of course mandatory. The argument made for flash being better in the jungle is due to being closer to walls to jump, though I sometimes take ghost anyways because I'm more comfortable with its shorter cooldown and ability to run quickly within Q range. Either is fine.

[b]Runes:[/b] A number of different runes could be run on Fiora but the main question is whether to have AD, AS or Armor Pen Reds and Quints. Lifesteal on Quints is an option too that lets you start with a ward. AS provides max clear speeds, Armor Pen provides max damage in ganks, and AD is somewhere in between. I run AD just as an easy compromise but all 3 are fine. My setup: [img=] [number]Reds:[/number] AD or AS is ideal for clear speeds and ganks. I mix and match a bit. [number]Yellows:[/number] Armor is mandatory on almost every jungler to maintain high health, especially for your first clear. [number]Blues:[/number]CDR is nice to have since Fiora's E, Q and R are on long cooldowns E is especially is key for clearing. This is a personal preference, you can replace them with MR blues if you don't have CDR blues or wish to be more tanky. [number]Quints:[/number]AD is your likely choice here since they are more efficient than AS or ArPen Quints. Lifesteal is less necessary due to Spirit Stone's regen now but they are good as well. ___________________________ [b]Masteries[/b] [img=] You only really have one choice here as Jungle Fiora is all about outputting as much damage before dying. 21/9/0 with slight defensive mastery changes for jungling. ___________________________ Jungle Skill Order Level 1: W Level 2: E Level 3: Q Then R>Q>E>W as per the usual skill order is best for ganking but if you want maximum clear time: R>E>Q>W. E max first can be better for ganks if the enemy is immobile and lets you auto often.

There was several minor details about Fiora's skills that can increase your clear times. Let's go through each of her skills. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [center][img=skills/fiora/q.png][/center] [number]Use both of its charges at once in the jungle.[/number] Why? The cooldown of Fiora's Q starts cooling down when the second charge is used, not when the first charge is used. I originally thought it reset Fiora's auto-attack but I'm not longer sure that is the case. [number]Don't use Q during E's duration when just farming.[/number] E's AS steroid duration is only 3 seconds so you don't want to waste those .5 seconds using Q instead. [center][img=skills/fiora/w.png][/center] [number]Fiora's W only reflects on large monsters so attack the smaller minions first.[/number] This maximizes the amount of times W can be procced. Otherwise, you are wasting W's active on small monsters that won't proc the riposte. The exception to this is the double golems which both proc W's active. Try to time your W to the auto-attack animation of the monsters to ensure it is procc'ed. W does not interrupt Fiora's auto-attack animations so it can be used during E's AS boost duration. If you are running the [number]Bladed Armor[/number] mastery, and the smaller monster's health are low enough that an auto-attack is overkill, and Bladed Armor could finish them within several seconds, attack the larger monster instead. I honestly don't recommend using W to clear unless you have Blue buff or are conserving health. E clears much faster and Q is much more useful for ganks. [center][img=skills/fiora/e.png][/center] [number]Fiora's E is a very awkward auto-attack reset that will rob you of an auto-attack if mistimed.[/number] Do it too quickly, and it will cancel your auto-attack, do it too late and you'll see a lull between Fiora's first (no E) auto-attack and her second (using E) auto-attack. This is more noticeable at earlier levels of E. If you have mana and are moving from camp to camp, [number]saving E til near the end lets you use the MS boost to run to the next camp faster.[/number] Remember that the MS boost is separate from the AS boost, it will continue to be in effect for up to 3 seconds after the AS boost expires. [center][img=skills/fiora/r.png][/center] [number]Fiora's ultimate will deal no damage if the enemy breaks line of sight[/number], this can be problematic in the jungle with brushes everywhere. Either save it until you reach an open area, are inside of the brush itself or have a ward. [highlight]________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] These are all relatively minor details but worth mentioning. If nothing else, remember to not save the smaller minions til the end. Fiora clears the jungle at a relatively high health so damage taken is not a big concern.

7/17/12: Finally finished Fiora guide. That took forever. 7/18/12: Approved! That was fast. 8/24/12: Ionic Spark moved to other items. Sometimes situational items are too situational to be kept. 9/18/12: Added ganking mid section in mid-game chapter. With pictures. 9/22/12: Clarified Skill Order and added Last Whisper and Wriggles to situational. Moved EC and Doran's to main build. 9/24/12: Added BC and Ult vs. BT chapter. Lots of math 9/26/12: Added Rincent masteries 10/2/12: Wrote explanation to skill order match-ups and started match-up chapter. Need to do skill based and unfavorable lanes. 10/24/12: Added 9/14/7 mastery option. 11/15/12: Removed Wit's End from recommended items. Added Hexdrinker instead. Explaination: On-hit items like Wit's End are great damage wise when completed. I realized each piece of the recipe cost a lot of gold but little return value in power spike. Wit's End requires you to buy a Recurved Bow at 1050 gold which is a lot of gold to sit on. Then you have to get 775 more gold for the combine cost. The power spike from getting Executioner's/Brutalizer/Double Doran's is much larger. Since Fiora has such a volatile laning phase, I think getting these strong mid-tier items helps her survive in lane better. 12/19/12: Started rewriting for Season 3. 12/21/12: Finished basic rewriting for Season 3. Will add Blade of the Ruined King and Black Cleaver specific analysis later. Also, I'll finally try to finish the match ups section. 1/15/13: Attempting to finish Jungle Fiora sections. 1/16/13: Added Boots of Swiftness 1/17/13: Changed balanced masteries, added full AD runes, changed crystalline flask cost 2/11/13: Added Hydra to 1st items, changed jungle items and masteries, updated Youmuu's. 2/20/13: Added Jungle Skills section 3/4/14: Added Randuin's Omen, removed second rune page, tweaked jungle sections. 7/24/13: Wow, what a difference a year makes. Revamped item build section and fixed some words. Will update jungle section later. 2/21/14: Updated Jungle Sections and minor masteries and skill order changes. Removed matchup sections since I never plan on writing those anyways

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