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If you run, you won't see me STAB you! - SoloQ Katarina guide [S4]

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Hello there, summoner, and welcome to my Katarina guide. Im Hunger4Souls (HungEr4S0uls), a Diamond EUW Katarina player. This is my very first guide on Solomid.net and I hope it will be helpful to you. This guide won't make you the best Katarina in the world, but it should at least teach you the basics, along with some advanced combos and strategies when it comes to Katarina. After all, Katarina isn't really about facerolling the keyboard as many people might think, but more about timing and reactions which I can't teach you. You will have to learn them yourself by playing and practicing. Pros •Extremely easy to carry with if you get ahead •Exceptional in teamfights •Ungankable with [img=skills/katarina/e.png] + [img=items/greater-stealth-totem.png] combo •Manaless •Easy to get multikills with •Got resets •Extremely fun to play •People usually underestimate her power •Has some really nice skins •Sexy as hell Cons •Easily shutdown with any type of hard CC •Weak early game •She can't farm well under turret •Shouldn't be 1st picked •Easy to play. difficult to master

[big]Farming/Pushing/Wave Clear combo[/big] [img=skills/katarina/q.png] ->[img=skills/katarina/w.png]->auto attack ->[img=skills/katarina/e.png] Explanation: Stand in the middle of the minion wave and use your Q on the melee minion, it should bounce 5 times and mark 3 melee and 2 range minions, then use your W to clear 5 out of 6 minions, auto attack the last minion and E if necessary. This way you should get all 6 minions. [big]Harassing/Trading combo[/big] [img=skills/katarina/q.png] -> [img=skills/katarina/e.png] -> [img=skills/katarina/w.png] ->back off/ auto attack Explanation: This is your standard combo. Use it to harass and trade with your enemy. Damage reduction from your E and bonus MS from your W will usually help you win trades. If you see the enemy backing instead of trading when you jump in, continue auto attacking, W whenever it gets off cooldown and, eventually, kill him. If you feel like you can dive the enemy, just go for it, but remember to E out with your trinket. Your ultimate and ignite will usually score you the kill. However if your enemy has [img=summoners/barrier.png] or [img=summoners/flash.png] up think twice before diving the turret. [big]All in combo[/big] [img=skills/katarina/q.png] ->[img=skills/katarina/e.png] ->[img=skills/katarina/w.png]->[img=skills/katarina/r.png]->[img=summoners/ignite.png] [[img=skills/katarina/p.png]] ->[img=skills/katarina/e.png] Explanation: Not much to say about this one. Same as the harass combo, only this time you have much more burst power and kill potential. Consider doing this combo even to just harass the enemy only don't use ignite for harass, save it for kill securing. Be careful when activating your spells, and always try use your R last, because if you don't then combo fails hard and the enemy has a chance to punish you and probably kill you. [big]Teamfight combo[/big] [img=skills/katarina/q.png] -> [img=skills/katarina/e.png] ->[img=skills/katarina/w.png] -> [img=skills/katarina/r.png] ->[img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] [[img=skills/katarina/p.png]] -> [img=skills/katarina/e.png] Explanation: Only use this combo when enemy's disruptions are on cooldown and you feel that you can get the most out of it. Dont be afraid to go in first if that's the situation. Key part in this combo is your Zhonya's. When you go in use Q-E-W-R and wait until the enemy cc's you or you get the kill, if you score a kill continue with E-W-Q on other enemy and so on. However if you don't get a kill and you get CCed use zhonya and wait for your cooldowns or for your team to get a kill so you can either jump out or jump on the other enemy and score more kills.

During levels 1-5 you should really focus only on farming. Try not to miss a single minion and get as much gold as possible before your first back as it is (along with the second back) the most important one. Only go for the kill if your jungler ganks. However, if you really want to get the advantage in lane, you should ask your jungler for a gank on lvl 3-4 when you get your E. If you score a kill, it will really get you ahead, make it easier to farm, harass and win the lane in general. There are 2 ways you can play early game, and it depends both on you and your enemy. I like to play aggressively and push hard during the early levels because midlaners usually have problems with lasthitting under the turret and because you are really, REALLY hard to gank with your E+ trinket + eventual flash combo. Offensive playstyle gives you the lane control and allows you to roam much more efficently. On the other hand, if you chose, or you have to play deffensively thats OK too. Your Q+W combo is enough to clear range minions and with enough practice you won't even miss the melee ones under turret. You are also ungankable under tower, and the enemy is in a far bigger danger because your jungler can gank them easily. However, if you play deffensively, you are unable to roam which is IMO Katarina's biggest strength. Katarina isn't about winning her lane, she is about winning her game(!) by roaming and winning other lanes.

This is the part where Katarina shines, and where the outcome will be decided, most of the time. At this point, you will have your first two or three major items and first teamfights and dragon fights will occur. You have 2 options for mid game: 1. Focus on farming and get as much gold as possible. 2.Start roaming bot or top eventually and get as many kills as possible. I myself prefer the 2nd option, as it not only gets you ahead, but gets your enemies behind. Always ask your bottlane about ward situation, and if the path is clear, and enemy is pushing, or being mid-low under tower just go for it. You should have enough burst damage to safely kill them with the help of your botlane and escape with your resets. Be careful, though , because their mid can also follow you and even their jungle can countergank and the situation might end up being a 4v3 or 4v4. Even then, you should outdamage them because this is the part of the game when you hit your powerspike and you deal most damage.

Late game will mostly be decided by how you played your mid game. If you got ahead you will stomp even harder in this part of the game and if you were decent then you will depend on your team. However, if you got behind you will still have a chance for a comeback because this is the part of the game where it's all about teamfights and baron fights, and that's where Katarina shines. If you got ahead and you are certain that your team will follow you, don't be afraid to go in first, especially if you have a GA, because your Zhonya +GA combo will most likely keep you alive and give your team enough time to get at least one kill so you can continue fighting and getting more kills/resets. Although, if you are decent/behind, you shouldn't really go Leeroy Jenkins and dive into their team. Let your team or their team initiate, wait for their CC to go on cooldown and then Shunpo onto carries or support or whoever is low and spin2win. Get resets, get kills, get wins! Whenever you feel that you are in danger, pop your Zhonya and E out if possible.

In teamfights, you will have to wait for enemy CC to go on cooldown, or if you are really fed you can just preform a teamfight combo on the enemy Carry or Support and they will die before they even realise what happened. However, if that's not the case, you should only go in if you are certain that they won't focus you after you go all in and when their cc is on cooldown and they cant stop you/escape. Your target priority should always be: Enemy with less than 30%HP>Full HP enemy (even if it's an ADC/support/mid).

[big]General Tip 1[/big] Always, ALWAYS, play Katarina on smartcast! I can't stress this enough. She is a champion that really depends on your reflexes and smartcast is much faster than regular cast. It will give you that 0.5 second timeframe to escape and will make a difference between life and death. [big]General Tip 2[/big]: Put your trinket on your extra mouse button if you have them. It might be a little tricky and confusing in the beginning but when you get used to it you will really notice a difference. It is much faster to click Shift+MB+E than it is Shift+4+E just trust me on this one. [big]General Tip 3 [/big] Put your zhonya on the 2nd slot. I don't know if this is just personal preference but i think it gives your fingers more natural positioning and is easier to preform a teamfight combo when your key active item is on the 2nd slot. [big]General Tip 4[/big] Catch the enemy by surprise. \"The unseen blade is the deadliest -Zed\" When the enemy doesn't expect you to go all-in they are far less likely to stop your combo on time or to escape. You will deal much more damage this way than you would if you went in normally when they expect you and are ready to counter you. Even if you have to use flash, if you get a kill, especially in the early game, it will be worth it. Just trust me. [big]Bouncing Blade Tip 1[/big] Katarina's Q spell- Bouncing Blade will bounce onto stealthed enemies as well so don't forget to abuse this. [big]Sinister Steel Tip 1[/big] Katarina's W spell - Sinister Steel does not have cast animation, which means you can auto attack and W at the same time. That makes it a lot easier to last hit, chase down enemies or escape clutch situations. [big]Shunpo Tip 1 [/big] Katarina can not only jump onto friendly wards but she can also jump onto Teemo's shrooms, Jarvan's flag, Shaco's JitB's etc.. [big]Shunpo Tip 2[/big] When enemy places a ward you can [img=skills/katarina/e.png] onto it to reveal it for few more seconds. This is extremely useful as you can destroy enemy wards by yourself the moment they are placed. The proper way to do it yourself is to auto attack-> [img=skills/katarina/e.png] and 2 more auto attacks. However, if your teammates are around you you can just E onto it and destroy it together. [big]Death Lotus Tip 1[/big] If you are in a unwarded brush and you see an enemy coming towards you, start casting your ultimate when they get in range of it (or maybe a bit later because they might realise what's going on). The animation won't reveal you and the enemies won't see you there,However, they will see daggers coming out and their HP getting lower, but most of the time that won't really matter because by the time they realise what is going on, you will Q+E+W and get a kill. You can use this technique by baiting the enemy making it look like you are going to roam to bottom lane, but you will actually be standing in the brush near the blue/red buff ready to perform this combo. [big]Death Lotus Tip 2[/big] Every single dagger of your ultimate is considered a spell itself which means spell shields such as [img=items/banshees-veil.png], Nocturne's [img=skills/nocturne/w.png] and Sivir's[img=skills/sivir/e.png] will only block 1 of your 10 daggers, so dont be afraid of using it when they activate shields. [big]Death Lotus Tip 3[/big] Your ultimate, normally, cannot be cast when you don't have enemy champions in range. However when enemy champion is stealthed and is standing in range of your ultimate, it will become castable and it will hit your enemy as long as they are in range. You can use this trick against stealthy junglers such as [img=champ/shaco.png],[img=champ/wukong.png],[img=champ/rengar.png] etc as your icon will appear ready to use when they are next to you. This can also be used offensively and is a very powerful counter to stealth. [big]Death Lotus Tip 4[/big] You can use summoner spells such as [img=summoners/ignite.png] or [img=summoners/exhaust.png] while your ultimate is being channeled and it won't stop the channeling, however, using [img=summoners/flash.png] will stop your ultimate.

Katarina is a very strong assassin, who can carry games by herself. She is often underrated, and you should use that to your advantage by catching enemies by surprise. She is exceptionally good at roaming because she is a very mobile champion, and she is really good in cleaning up fights because of her passive.The stats that you want to have in your build/runes/masteries are Magic Penetration and AP. And you should be picking Katarina when the enemy team doesn't have much CC. But when you master Katarina you won't really be caring much about CC and will be comfortable even with 1st picking her. She has an insane burst once she gets going, and as a hyper carry she can even 1v5 enemy team if she plays her cards right. As a Katarina you will want to teamfight a lot in the mid-late game and thats where you hit your power spike, so use it to your advantage. ______________ More Champion Matchups will be added later on. Stay tune and please give my guide a thumb up. Any constructive criticism is welcome! If you have any questions or if you need some further explanation, don't hesitate to put that in the comment section below, I will do my best to answer them! Please share your thoughts on Katarina or on this guide in the comment section below. See you on Summoners Rift summoner! :)

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