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Yo! This is my guide on ADC Kog'Maw! If you would like to see my previous guide on ADC Sivir, follow this link! http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/132195-sivir-build-guide-adc-by-iaml3gion Kog is one of my favorite ADC's to play along with Sivir and Twitch. His late game potential makes him a great pick for a comp with a strong front line such as a Braum or Maokai (or both o.0). This guide will cover how to play him in lane and what you should accomplish in team fights. So with that said, please enjoy my guide on ADC Kog'Maw!

Early game, your focus is to follow the match-ups listed above. You either need to focus on poking or freezing lane. When skirmishing, use the Tri Force trick I explained earlier in the guide.

Mid game is still going to be a little awkward. You don't really have the damage you need yet to shred the tanks, and you can't really fight the ADC since you don't have the damage from IE. So your best bet is to roam with the team and pick up kills where you can. Make sure to get as much CS as you can. Never stand around doing nothing. That will set you very far behind and you will not be a factor in teamfights. If you are in the Jungle, take camps. If you are in lane, take CS. If you are in a teamfight, take kills. Always take gold when you can since you are a hyper carry and you need to get strong to be good. (I pretty sure my grammar is horrible but its 4 in the morning...)

Late game is where Kog'Maw really shines. Your damage is at its peak and you really can't be killed. You are the most important person on the team now and you are the one controlling the game. Here you need to constantly pushing and forcing fights. Keep rotating and warding behind you so when the enemy team is forced to fight, you will have the upper hand and will most likely come out on top.

In teamfights, your job is to shred down the tank. With BotRK, you do an insane amount of % damage and can pierce through a tank's armor. Kog is very immobile, but make sure you are always moving. It can become a little difficult as you build more Attack Speed, but make sure to move in between your AA. Shred through the enemy front line and use your Living Artillery to hit the back line. This is important because Living Artillery won't do much to a tank, but your AA will. You need to get your Tri Force procs so don't waste Living Artillery shots. Use those shots to hit the back line and deal damage to everyone at once. Being able to multitask in teamfights is essential. It will take a lot of practice, but once you get use to it it becomes natural.

So I really hope you guys enjoyed my guide on Kog'Maw! He is one of my favorite ADC's and is also my most played champion as well as my highest win rate champion! If you guys have the time, please visit my profile and check out my other guides! I put a lot of work into writing guides for you all and I would love if you would check them out and tell me what you think! I will be writing another guide soon. If you have any champions you would like me to write a guide for, feel free to leave a comment or email me at roguenexus@yahoo.com and I will definitely write a guide for you! Thank you again and good luck!

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