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[S3] Jungling AP Evelynn

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Hi I'm DeepSquad on the NA servers. I'm currently a 1700s player that plays almost exclusively Evelynn at this elo. There aren't many dedicated Jungle AP Evelynn guides out there and especially with the new Season, it might be a good time to share my wisdom.

Evelynn is unique in that she has a passive that gives her invisibility. At the ELOS I play at and probably below that, no one really buys vision wards even though the jungler is Evelynn. This gives you a huge advantage in ganking because no one will see you coming. Some people also play Evelynn AD with a Trinity Force but I feel that this type of Evelynn build requires to much time to kill someone. Part of playing Evelynn is the surprise "insta-gib" factor that it provides and the AD build just doesn't provide that. It also intrinsically makes you more vulnerable to CC because it takes time for you to kill other champions. Your main goal late game is to insta-gib the AP/AD carries and the best way to do that is the super burst of the ult and Q/E combos.

The goal here is to do as much damage as possible because sometimes, that little extra damage and turn the tide in games. Runes: Flat Magic Pen marks are the best in slot to do the most damage. Flat Armor seals are the best in slot for jungling and is mandatory. Flat AP glyphs are good because they are needed to clear the jungle quickly. AP/lvl doesn't offer that to you. Flat Movement Speed quints are good because they give you that extra mobility to gank. Flat AP here is good as well. Masteries: 21/9/0 You need the 21 in offense to maximize your damage and the 9 in defense with minion mitigation to clear the jungle with a decent amount of life to go gank.

Your goal here is to clear the jungle as fast as you can and go gank lanes. Blue Side: Wolves -> Blue -> Wraiths -> Wolves Again -> Red -> Wraiths -> Golems -> Wolves This is the best way to clear all the camps. Using your judgment, you can decide to skip any of these camps if you see one of the lanes are really pushed and the ally in lane has some kind of kill potential. Purple side is essentially the same thing. However, if you don't see any gank opportunities, you can go pick up your stone and either keep clearing your jungle or try to make some plays in the lanes.

At 6, your ult and kit does a pretty good amount of damage. You can chase people down with W and just sustain them down. Note: save W if the opponent champions have a slow. Otherwise, you can initiate with W as soon as the exclamation mark is over your head and go for the kill. The combo you want to do is W (if possible) -> right click them to stick on them and get those autos in -> R -> Q -> E -> QQQQQQ. The auto attack part is fairly important in that it adds quite a bit of damage along with the Attack Speed steroid of E so don't forget that.

The goal here is to just insta-gib the carries with your combo. You should be a powerhouse no matter how much MR they have. The beauty here is that you have so much Spell Vamp that even if they focus you, you will just gain it all back. If they focus you, that means they aren't focusing your AP/AD carry.

I decided to add a new chapter just specifically for ganking since it is what makes or breaks you as an Evelynn player. This build makes Evelynn relatively squishly so logically, you can't really be the first one to jump in massive team fights. Like the old adage, it doesn't matter how much damage you do if you're dead. The advantage that Evelynn has over other squishy type champions is that she has a passive that makes her invisible. Although the range looks somewhat short, you can still lurk around the outskirts of their vision while still being able to go in anytime with your W and fast movement speed of your boots. You want to wait for most of the big CC/slows and cooldowns to blow and then rush in there and kill the AD/AP carry. Evelynn is similar to Katarina in that you are the master of cleaning up since you do so much burst and have so much sustained damage over time. There is a special case in which all 5 members of their other team is together and somewhat low. In that case, you can actually initiate by using your ult and just use your Q/E on the rest of the remaining targets. Since you have a good amount of spell vamp and AP, you should be able to live through whatever remaining damage your opponents can do.

Thanks for reading my guide and I plan to keep it up to date with the meta and whatever new items or changes come out!

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