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Highlander - Godlike Yi Jungle

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Master Yi is a fast and high damaging melee carry champion. He specializes in assassinating single targets while still bringing a lot of AOE damage and reset potential to teamfights. If farmed enough, Master Yi can carry the game harder than almost any other champion, and forces the enemy team to buy tons of armor items to combat him. He is a strong duelist, and can farm his jungle quickly and efficiently with his alpha strike ability. [img=] [highlight]Master Yi's Base Stats:[/highlight] Health = 444 (+92/Lvl) Health Regen per 5 = 6.5 (+0.65/Lvl) Mana = 180-894 Mana Regen per 5 = 6.5 - 14.2 Attack Range = 125 Attack Damage = 55 - 106 Attack Speed = 0.679 (+0% – 34.0%) Armor = 19 - 70 Magic Resistance = 30.0 – 51.3 Base Movement Speed = 355 Pros: [.]Farms jungle very quickly and effectively [.]Scales very well into lategame [.]Can deal with tanks with true damage E ability [.]Almost impossible to catch post-6 with ultimate [.]70% damage reduction meditate [.]High assassination ability [.]Literally impossible to be outdueled with six items [.]Can very well solo Baron and Dragon [.]Highest base movement speed in the game Cons: [.]Extremely weak ganker even post level 6 [.]Loses quite a bit of health during first jungle clear [.]100% item dependent, provides no utility for the team [.]Vulnerable to hard CC abilities [.]Doesn't get full resets off kills after nerf, only 70% cooldown refresh

During the early game as Master Yi, your #1 goal is to secure both of your buffs. I recommend starting at red buff, because it is more common for an enemy jungler to start at their blue buff, and not invade you at your own. If you lose one of your buffs to counterjungling, it can be game changing.Make sure you ask your top/bot lane to protect your blue buff. If the buff is clear around 1:40 into the game, usually you're golden and can secure your two buffs. After doing red, learn W and [b]MEDITATE IMMEDIATELY[/b]. do the Razorbeak (wraith) camp. This allows you to get the experience you need to achieve level 3 off of your second buff. Sometimes, you won't be healthy enough to do your second buff and you'll have to back after Razorbeaks. The increased smite cooldown also factors into potentially being too weak to do your second buff before you back. Make sure you activate your E as you clear jungle camps. It makes your jungle speed marginally faster. You should look to back with around 500 gold. This will allow you to get your jungle item, as well as some health potions and a critial PINK WARD. If you're healthy enough to keep jungling, go for it. You'll want to complete your Devouring enchanted Ranger's as soon as humanly possible.

Mid game is where you start to get your core items completed, and make the evolution into an unstoppable carry. Once you have enough gold to buy Devouring, back immediately and buy it. You want as much time as possible to stack its passive, which gives you a noticeable and meaningful onhit damagebonus. Skip boots until after your cutlass is completed. Yi has the highest base movement speed in the game and is perfectly capable of going past the 20 minute mark with no boots. One thing that not enough junglers do is ward. You should always ward for your team, to prevent your lanes from getting demolished by the enemy jungler. Master Yi is one of the worst gankers in the game pre level six, and puts out very little pressure compared to the top junglers in the current meta. If you can ward for your team to spot out ganks from the opposing jungler, you have made them waste time and you'll become ahead of them. [b]The Power of Powerfarming[/b] Master Yi scales with items significantly more than he does with level. This is a contrast to the current top jungler picks who scale better with level than they do with items. As a carry champion, you'll want to make as much gold as you can. This means taxing lanes and stealing kills. Gold on you is more valuable than gold on the other champions on your team! Keep this mentality whenever you play Master Yi. You need the gold to snowball into big ticket items that bloom your DPS. The new jungle makes it really easy for you to keep equal with your laners in terms of gold. The gromp camp especially gives a ton of gold and exp and is up very often. As a champion with pretty terrible early ganks, you'll want to powerfarm as much as you can. If your laner backs, go to his lane and take all of the cs. Like I said earlier, you'll need this extra gold to complete big items,. Time objectives, 100 percent of the time. It can literally win you the game. Red and Blue buff spawn [b]5 minutes[/b] after the camp has been cleared Dragon spawns [b]6 minutes[/b] after being slain. Baron spawns [b]7 minutes[/b] after being slain.

Lategame is where you are God as Master Yi. At this point, you have most of your items completed, and are reaching terminal mass. In the lategame you should look at the enemy team, and asses who can splitpush against you. Itemize against them and do your best to apply pressure to the map. Master Yi utterly destroys towers once he has items. Maintain your eyes on the prize, which is the enemy nexus. Few can fight Master Yi 1v1 at six items. Keep this in mind when you splitpush against someone. The most important thing I can tell you for a game that goes late is don't surround yourself in fog of war. Despite your insane damage, you are susceptible to being blown up instantly, and your ultimate can only go so far in terms of saving you. As a melee champion, Master Yi doesn't do well in a drawn out siege despite his ability to do a lot of damage to towers. It's usually better to splitpush due to master Yi's extremely fast wave clear and dueling potential. However, you shouldn't split bot when objectives like Baron or top towers/inhib are available for the enemy team to make. Make smart decisions, because in the lategame, death timers are extremely unforgiving.

In a teamfight, your job as Master Yi is to dive the enemy backline. In today's armor stacking meta, Master Yi has a really hard time dealing with tanks in the frontline, despite his true damage E ability. You have to make the decision of [b]when to go in[/b] often as master yi. This decision separates the good Yi players from the terrible ones, no matter how fed you may be. Look for an oppertunity. Enemy Tristana used her ultimate to knock back one of your teammates? Flash alpha strike. A Veigar wastes his cage, the only peel available for an enemy Jinx? Highlander into Youmuu's into alpha strike. Yi does a disgusting amount of damage with items. You can easily sweep a team single handedly, but only if you choose the right time to go in. Remember to use your actives, especially your Youmuu's and your E. They can be the difference between getting a kill, and getting killed and losing the game.

[b]Finally I'd like to say that Master Yi is absolutely still viable after the nerfs to his resets, and he is still a champion worth learning and playing, because his carry potential is unrivaled and he is one of the easiest yet most rewarding and most fun champions in the game. He also has very high potential to get pentakills! Good luck with him and please leave a comment if you agree/disagree with something in my build.[/b] [img=]

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