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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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[title]Introduction:[/title] Hey everyone, and welcome to my Nidalee guide. Lets clear some things up right off the bat -Dont play with this build if you want to have crazy crits like Trynd. -Dont play this build if u want to be your teams main carry and get all the kills. -Dont play this build if you dont like farming and splitpushing. -Play with this build if you like to support your team and still do a conciderable amount of damage. -Play with this build if you are good at AFK-farming top for 30 min and then shred peole apart. -Play this build if you like split pushing and shredding towers in seconds now lets move on to the guide! Have fun!

[title]Pros:[/title] - Good Damage - Great sustain - Great awareness with traps - Good escapist - Really good harasser - Superb pusher [title]Cons:[/title] - Squishy - Bad on mana unless you have blue.

[title]Runes:[/title] reds: Flat AD. BiS Blues: Flat Magic Resistance. Those bursty Ap champs hurt! Yellow: Flat armor. Quints: Movement speed or Flat AD

[title][img=skills/nidalee/p.png] Passive: Prowl[/title] [number]Moving through brush increases Nidalee's movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Nidalee's passive can be very useful for catching opponents, or running away. If you are in any situation where you are chasing someone or being chased, use any nearby bushes for the speed boost. I usually go threw every bush anyway just for the boost, unless I know there's a teemo mushroom in it. Also, while laning, bushes can be very useful to use to harass players with your spear. Just use it to give yourself a speed boost for poking early game. [title][img=skills/nidalee/q.png] Q: Javelin Toss / Takedown[/title] [number]Human: Nidalee tosses her javelin, dealing 55 / 95 / 140 / 185 / 230 (+65% of ability power) magic damage on impact (deals up to 250% damage the further away the target is). Cougar: Nidalee's next attack deals additional damage based on how low her opponent's life is. Cooldown 6 seconds Cost 50/60/70/80/90 mana Range 1500[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Javelin Toss is a nice ability to use for harassing. This is mainly going to be used in late game, since you should be maxing heal first. Mid to late game though, it can do some nice harassment and damage if you manage to hit one. I also love to use it to poke the enemy team right before a team fight. It can really help tremendously if you hit one on a squishy. In cougar, takedown is a nice skill. It does decent damage, and when your enemy is low it will do some insane burst. You're going to want to use this as your last ability in your combo while killing somebody. [title][img=skills/nidalee/w.png] W: Bushwhack / Pounce[/title] [number]Human: Nidalee lays a trap that deals 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+40% of ability power) damage over 2 seconds, reveals the target, and reduces their armor and magic resistance by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% for 12 seconds. Traps last for 4 minutes. Cougar: Nidalee lunges forward, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Pounce is not affected by cooldown reduction. Cooldown 18seconds Cost 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120mana Range 900[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is another amazing skill Nidalee has. Her Bushwhack is very useful while laning. You should be putting a trap in all possible gank bushes/areas. You can also put it down in useful area's such as their blue, or dragon/baron. It will give you full vision of the enemy if they hit it. It's also useful to scout bushes if you are suspicious, and its also an amazing way of detecting traps and killing them. You can no longer find wards and kill them, but traps are still amazing to use. Now for pounce on the other hand, this is just amazing. Pounce can be VERY useful in different ways. 1. Pounce is great for farming minions. Just initiate the minions with pounce and spam your e+q. 2. When you're in cougar and spamming pounce, it's really easy to catch people or run away. 3. My favorite thing about pounce is that it's so easy to keep your rageblade stacks up. You should ALWAYS keep them up. 4. You can also pounce over certain walls. [title][img=skills/nidalee/e.png] E: Primal Surge / Swipe[/title] [number]Human: Nidalee heals an ally champion for 50/85/120/155/190 (+70% of ability power) and grants them a 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60% attack speed for 7 seconds. Cougar: Nidelee claws at enemies in front of her. Cooldown 10 seconds Cost 60/80/100/120/140 mana Range 600[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Nidalee's heal, Primal Surge, is the best skill to max for our build since it has a build in ATS Steroid. The heal is not as strong as it used to be. Primal Swipe is a very good ability for farming. Once you are farmed enough you can basically one shot minions. [title][img=skills/nidalee/r.png] R: Aspect Of The Cougar[/title] [number]Passive: Each additional rank increases the effectiveness of Nidalee's cougar abilities. Nidalee transforms into a vicious cougar, gaining 20 movement speed, 10/20/30 armor and magic resistance and a new set of abilities. Cooldown 4 seconds[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Her ultimate, cougar form, is pretty much self explanatory. Having cougar form is just amazing. Also, if you are chasing somebody or running away you obviously should be in cougar form because of the armor and MR, movement speed increase + pounce.

[title]Skillorder:[/title] For the skill sequence, you ALWAYS want to max heal first. It is extremely nice early game, and the extra attack speed is insane for poking enemys and towers. You also will need one point in your trap for vision/protection. It's pretty much an easy skill order. Just max heal, spear, then trap.

[title]Farming:[/title] Farming on Nidalee is VERY easy. Once you have cougar form, you can just pounce onto minions and spam e+q. Of course, playing as Nidalee, you should be farming as much as you can since the cost of her full build is fairly expensive. Another thing you can do to to make farming easier is that you can bushwhack a full line of creeps which will make your w and e combo one hit caster minions during lower levels. You basically want to spam her abilites, it will just make everything go faster.

[title]Lane Matchups:[/title] Riven As Nidalee pre 6 you are a squishy champion with no escape, so if you haven't played this matchup before, proceed with extreme caution. Riven's damage in an all out fight is always higher than yours. The difference is even more noticeable at 6 where as Nidalee you should be used to having an advantage. This matchup is winnable but very hard as riven has the turning power and burst potential like nid but noticeably more of it. Also riven has no resource so her only limitation is that she is ranged. Also one of Riven's biggest advantages in most lanes is her mobility, but Nidalee actually excels in this aspect even more so than Riven does at earl levels try to have your passive activated at all times and keep traps in the bushes. If you can keep bush control and play passive at early levels and poke her by dipping in and out of bushes dropping minion aggro, then you can do well early. If you're afraid of their jungler do not harass much at early levels as this will eventually push your lane and set up extremely easy ganks and make csing very dangerous. If Riven goes aggressive on you early just keep backing up with your passive crazy move speed and the moment she turns and/or her cooldowns are gone you can get free harass with auto attacks. At 6 beware of her burst. DO NOT engage in full on completely committed fights. Wait till she uses cooldowns by either baiting them out by being close then pouncing away or her using them to farm. Then jump in for a cougar combo and jump out and get whatever safe autos that you can. Even if she is below 50% and you are full health at 6 she can STILL win an all out 1v1. Her passive and two cc's combined with her short cd ult give her crazy dueling power and burst potential. Do not underestimate the damage her ult combo + ignite can do. Often even when ganked Riven can 2v1, get a kill and walk away. Be mindful of her flash combo and if needed let your jungler finish her off or kite her until she has used cooldowns on your jungler and then go in. Do not trade 1 for 1. Let your jungler have the kill if you have to. Lee sin This can be a tough matchup that is really based a lot on player skill. I'd say the less experienced the players the more I give this matchup to lee sin. Lee can primarily be played two ways top. He should either max w or q. If he has something like 76 ad at level 1 and is being aggressive early he is going for a really early kill to snowball the lane and probably maxing q. If you can manage to not get hit by his q's, and punish him with cougar form when he does waste q, then the lane is extremely winnable. Because of all the extra movespeed you should have, dodging q's shouldn't be a problem and you definitely outsustain him overall. If maxing w, lee become extremely hard to push out of lane. After about 3 ranks in shield it's going to become very hard to do any lasting damage to him. You really have to work for a kill in this lane. The trick to this lane is trying to punish lee when his shield is on cd. This skill shields a lot at max rank and gives him insane amounts of free life steal and spellvamp. To be able to get a kill in this lane you have to go aggressive an as so should always make sure you have wards out at all times. You have to poke him as much as humanly possible and start getting him close to at least half health. When his shield is down punish him. When he does shield try not to let him afk attack creeps. If he's attacking creeps, he's not attacking you. Use that. If you can get a cougar combo in without his shield up, do it. If you can get him below 50% and start to zone him off the creep wave, you can start to win. As long as lee is higher health he will sustain so much that your damage won't really mean anything. You want toget him to the point where he takes more damage than he gains from coming up to last hit. Plus, if he is sustaining from autoing creeps, then he's also pushing the lane, which is in your favor. If you an relentlessly poke him and wordless him down, then you really start to do more damage than he can handle at low amounts of health. If you don't get an advantage before he finishes wriggles, it will be fairly hard to land a kill in this lane. GP This lane can be a little tough if you're not used to it but is extremely winnable. Just realize, that like a lot of matchups for Nidalee, he is stronger than you before level 6. If possible to buy, cloth 5 helps a lot. If not, then try to make sure you get a 4th pot for lane. Play passive, farm. You can poke with autos if you see an opportunity, but most of the time you're trading damage with parley. That's a trade you won't win. Hang back and focus on lane control, as being pushed can get you at a pretty huge disadvantage whereas being closer to your tower will give you much more safety. Once you hit 6 though you should win all trades. Run up and cougar combo him, jump out and heal. Then auto with your attack speed buff. Rinse and repeat. His q damage will not be able to trade effectively and/or he will oom quickly at this point in the game. Do not get into long drawn out auto attack battles while in cougar form or melee range in general. His passive does a deceptive amount of damage and will let him win. Abuse your range and mobility and you will have little trouble past 6. Get the dorans and the phage, or a wriggles if you're really struggling just like any other ad lane. Ninja tabi help a lot as well. Fairly straightforward matchup, even if not seen all that much anymore as gangplank became less popular of a pick. Yorick This is a matchup I get lots of questions about. Yorick is such a dominating presence in lane at early levels, and if not jungle camped early when he's vulnerable, can be difficult to deal with. If you're unfamiliar with this matchup you may wish to start depending on their jungler. The key to negating as much harass you possibly can in this lane is abusing the bush at every opportunity. Yorick should not be able to abuse the brush too hard because of your traps. Sit in the bush as much as possible and come out only to last hit at early levels. If yorick is looking to be aggressive and harass you, try not to let him throw his slowing ghoul (this one is the only one he can use to check bushes) at you. Come out of the bush to let it aggro you. Then walk back into the bush and the ghouls will de-aggro from you. The other harass he has should be able to be fairly close to fully negated between your pots and heal. Try not to take too much harass early by abusing the bush and this lane should not be as hard as it can seem if you are having lots of trouble with yorick. Once you start getting items you simply start out damaging him. Once you get double dorans into a phage, you shouldn't be at a disadvantage any longer. Your sustain will be better than his. If you really need it, pick up a vamp scepter instead of one of the dorans (to make sure you have spots for wards) and you should have no problems at all. You REALLY start to outrade him once you also pick up your sheen. And if you can get yorick to 50% you can start to even zone him off of creeps and really start to be a bully in lane. And anytime you see yorick oom, punish him extremely hard for staying in lane. This is one of the biggest weaknesses of heavy sustain tops like warwick and yorick. They oom quickly if they have to sustain a lot. Take advantage of that. Also if you have an aggressive jungler, just tell them to camp yorick early. Bait him into trades he would normally win, and your jungler will easily be able to gank him. Yorick has no escapes and is fairly weak at early levels. This is a winnable matchup if played correctly. Irelia Irelia can either be a pretty tough matchup or an easy matchup depending almost completely on how the irelia builds. If Irelia builds gp10, be cautious when you have to, but shove her shit in most of the time, especially when her w is on cooldown. An irelia who goes gp10 simply will lose lane to Nidalee. She won't do enough damage and Nidalee will sustain more while having better up close burst and ranged harass. If Irelia builds actual items, like double dorans, wits end, phage, etc... the lane changes dramatically. Beware of the burst that comes out of a level 6 irelia with two dorans blades. In a straight up fight with everything up, Irelia will win. Never let Irelia walk up to you and stun you if you can help it. If she can stun/slow you while in melee range and activate her true damage you're in for a really punishing combo. If this happens, after you try to run away she will q to you and get an extra auto attack or two on top of everything she already did. If at level 6, this combo with ignite can almost do your full health. If you wish to try defensive masteries (at least the 9 points) against irelia and switch out the movespeed for something else, go for it. Even hp quints would be a good idea vs irelia. Try to force the following trade to win your lane vs irelia. Make her q to you if she wants to combo you. When this happens often you will get stunned and/or slowed. Heal yourself then jump into cougar form. Q-e her. Then turn around and pounce away. Use your ult to get back into human form. And pepper her with auto attacks as she runs away. Once irelia's q is down she can't really force any trades on you. And once her true damage is on cd she doesn't have anywhere near the damage she normally does. Try not to fight her with her w activated if at all possible. Use the techniques explained earlier to abuse melee champions with bush control. DO NOT underestimate irelia who goes dorans instead of gp10. Brolaf This is usually a fairly easy lane matchup for me. But you REALLY need to take advantage of him and snowball yourself because if you let the game go to 35-40 minutes even if you raped him in lane, he's going to start being more useful than you. In lane, olaf will either max q or e. If I was playing olaf vs nidalee I would max q. If he maxes e then it slightly changes how you play the matchup but it's even easier. Olaf is a strong top lane, but the only way he's going to kill you is if he can fully all in you at early levels by picking up his axe over and over. Nidalee can be vulnerable early game if you don't dodge his axes. This is why I would stick with my preferred setup for runes and masteries and take all the movespeed you can. With your passive on there should be no reason you can't dodge every axe. And everytime he misses an axe you can poke the hell out of him with auto attacks. Even when his axe is up, poke him by going in and out of the bush dropping minion aggro after you attack him. Do this to make sure not to push the lane too hard at early levels, especially if you're afraid of their jungler. Olaf really isn't that strong against nidalee in lane. After playing it a few times you should find that you can win this lane with little problem. Once you hit 6, the lane gets oh so much easier. Everytime you can run up and cougar combo him if it's safe. If he happens to miss an axe, definitely take advantage of this. He's either going to take cougar damage, or he's going to get zoned. If he's been maxing e the matchup doesn't change much. Except you can poke the hell out of him even easier. If you want to go in for a cougar combo you will take fairly significant damage, but if you heal after each time you still come out on top fairly easily. The main thing that will screw you in this matchup is jungler ganks. So be careful of any very early gank focused junglers and play passively if you have to. You will end up beating him at 6 anyways. So it's better to be safe at early levels if you need to be. Try to get an advantage in lane as it's not that hard to get olaf's to low health and you start to do really high burst to low health targets. With flash up you should be able to snag a kill unless he's extremely cautious and misses several waves of cs over and over again. Jac Overall, this matchup should be in nidalee's favor. Once you have a phage, kiting him around and your sustain should allow you to win this lane. Jax has a pretty distinct advantage pre 6 except for the fact that if he trades with you 2-3 times he's pretty much oom. If you see this situation happening early take advantage of it by poking him down if you can do it safely. Your heal should help alot with his early harass. If he uses his full combo he will win the trade. But he will also oom pretty easily early in lane. Barring jungler ganks I don't think you should die at any point in this lane early without severly misplaying it. At 6 you can start trading with jax fairly effectively. Try not to let him leap strike to you when your pounce is on cd. If you can avoid the stun you will do pretty well in most trades. If you can't avoid the stun this lane is going to suck for you. Even if you can the only reason you will eventually start to get ahead on trades is because of your heal. Jax's combo does more damage than yours with his q-w-e and third auto attack procs. It is tough to kill Jax but you can open up killing opportunities over time by trading, healing, and watching him slowly oom. You will oom eventually as well. But when you're both oom you have the advantage. If you can bait Jax into hitting his w and not being able to use it on you by jumping into a bush or just pouncing away, that can also help you get ahead in the lane. Anything you can do to oom jax without taking too much harass is what you should be aiming for. Try to get some kills in lane if possible, as if you can get ahead of jax you can bully him for a good portion of the early-mid game. The mid game in this lane should really be Nidalee's and will only be frustrating if their jungler camps the lane and yours isn't around. If you can ask your jungler to help you get ahead. Jax isn't the most vulnerable top, but he isn't the safest either. If you bait him into a fight then he has no cd's left to try to escape with, then he's an easy gank. Vlad I reccomend running the extra flat magic resist runes that I have for ap matchups. At early levels try to focus a lot on lane control just like any other matchup. Vlad in top lane can either be really strong, or really weak. If you can take advantage of him early, he can end up being really weak. Before 6, and especially around levels 1-3 just focus on last hitting. If you can harass with autos, do it. But make sure you duck back into the bush right after so you don't push your lane super hard. The closer vlad is to his tower the stronger and safer he becomes. If you can keep the minions on your side of the river it's almost a guaranteed win. If your jungler wants to level 2 gank with red buff try to do it quickly before he skills pool. Very good vlads might actually wait to skill anything up at all until they see they're getting ganked just to have the option to get pool level 1. Be aware of what your opponent is doing and try to see what he leveled up first, if anything. Usually against any ap, within my first two backs I have two null magic mantles and two dorans blades. What order you get those in is your own choice but i would reccomend at least one mantle on your first back if not both. If you can get two mantls and a dorans, that's even better. After this, build your hexdrinker. By this point vlad shouldn't be able to do anything to you. And you should beat him in every all in battle as you'll get at least two cd's of q doing a really good amount of his health, especially when's he's already low. There really isn't a point in lane I ever feel vlad is stronger unless I push him to his tower because he can safely spell vamp without much harass. Once you hit 6 just continue to push his shit in. You should have so much magic resist that every trade goes easily in your favor. Zoning him shouldn't be a problem at all. As soon as you hit 6 you should start getting aggressive and forcing fights. Make sure you have wards though and trap around, as every fight could be a bait. If he's pooling at low health, just stand in it and wait for him to come out of it so you can q him. This is how I get most of my vlad kills. With a hexdrinker, unless you really fuck up, you really shouldn't be able to lose this lane. Getting a hexdrinker early does delay your trinity but it's worth it. If you happen to just get way far ahead anyways because of your jungler or severe misplay on the vlad's part, you could rush a phage/mantle combo and skip the dorans, just like in any lane. If you don't get any dorans, I would reccomend picking up a vamp scepter however. Kayle This can be a tough matchup because kayle has a significant advantage as soon as she hits level 2, but it's definitely winnable. Kayle is stronger than you at level 2, but her ranged auto has a cooldown. You're basically free to do what you want when this is down. So, if Kayle has such strong harass that she can zone you at level 2, why aren't we that concerned about this? And why is this lane easily winnable? I'm glad you asked. If kayle goes super aggressive on you at level 2 at least one of the two following things will happen. With no jungle presence, this will suck for just a little bit, as you might get zoned out of 4-5 cs at most. But if Kayle activates Righteous Fury to harass you, she will have to last hit with it on, which will push the lane since it cleaves and does aoe. So you won't get zoned for too long as the lane will push to you shortly. If she goes aggressive on you, kayle is extremely vulnerable early on to jungle ganks. She won't even get her heal till level 4 and if she uses her slow offensively she has literally nothing to ward off the incoming jungler. She will die or have to blow flash... or both. And because of your heal she really can't outtrade you extremely hard unless you literally auto attack her the entire time her righteous fury is up. So you definitely want to play safe, use the bushes and play back. If you go in close and way far out in the lane on her side of the river before 6 you're very vulnerable. She will slow you and chances are you will take a lot of damage that you can't return at all because you have to run away the whole time. At 6 this lane starts to look a whole lot better for nidalee. As you can jump out do a cougar combo and retreat to the bushes to drop vision. If she chases you that far you're going to get another cougar combo on her as it comes up and her righteous fury i going to wear off making you win the trade way harder than you would have. You sustain more than kayle so use this to your advantage. The lane is still relatively close in power level at this point however if you both have the same items. So be careful. If kayle can bait you into wasting a cougar q on her while she's ulted, she can surprise you and win a really clutch trade and land a kill on you. For this reason do not hit your q until you are ready to use it whereas sometimes I like to hit q before I even pounce in on champions. Or you can hit your q beforehand with the intention of pouncing on top of her and not procing your q by auto attacking. If you can bait her ult this way then that could also land you a kill and snowball the lane in your favor. Whoever lands the first kill in this matchup is likely going to keep the advantage they have barring pretty good jungler intervention. So be careful. However, in my opinion if played properly nidalee can win this lane every time and land a kill after 6. Rumble Rumble is one of those top lanes that really shits on basically any player who doesn't have a lot of experience. I used to think Rumble was a counter to Nidalee myself until I learned how to play against it and got a lot of experience playing against the lane. Take my standard ap setup against this lane just like the vlad matchup. If you think rumble is really difficult to lane against, go try to play him if you haven't before and tell me how much fun you have at levels 1-4. If you have the right amount of magic resist, this guy can't touch you at early levels. Keep lane control as much as possible and don't push to his tower unless you're pretty safe against their jungler and really want to push to tower to make him lose a lot of cs. It's very hard to last hit at tower early as rumble, so this strategy could work fairly effectively even against really good players. Don't be afraid to trade with rumble if he for some reason wants to be aggressive early. Just step back a few steps at a time. Heal yourself and keep auto attacking him. You will get several free autos on him as he walks back to his creeps. If he silences himself by filling up his resource bar, then take advantage of it and auto him for free while he can't answer back. As he gets a few more levels his belt, beware the damage he does while in the danger zone (when his bar turns yellow) however, as his dps will increase significantly. But if you get an early hexdrinker, merc treads and a dorans or two you should win this lane without too much trouble. If you can hit 6 before him ABUSE it. Go extremely aggressive on and zone him hard. Once he hits 6 his dueling power increases by a lot. Don't be afraid to use flash just to flash out of his ult immediately to take no damage from it. This will greatly decrease the amount of dps he's putting out and let you win duels he might have won. Rumble is also pretty susceptible to early ganks, so don't be afraid to ask for a gank or two early in top lane. Pantheon Pantheon doesn't really concern me that much if I can go cloth armor. Just sit back, play like a pussy (see what i did there?) and farm. You will have 5 pots + your heal and lots of armor. You're not going anywhere. If their jungler is someone really aggressive like maokai, nautilus or alistar you're pretty much forced into taking boots. My best advice to you is to try to use the brush to your best advantage and to try to bait harass without fighting back so that your lane will push to you so you can be safer. With pots and heal you should be ok. You may want to consider adding extra armor in quints to your rune page for this matchup however. Or even hp quints and the health in defense. If you're experienced with the matchup and can get by the standard movespeed setup, then I would. Pantheon's spear harass early is pretty gay. It's really tough if you take every spear to the face repeatedly. Try to back up and not let him do it literally every time the cd is up. If you can sustain enough eventually he'll run out of mana and you'll be in decent shape. There's not getting around that he's stronger than you at levels 1-5 by a lot. However at levl 6 you should be able to win, though it will probably be close. Make sure you don't make the mistake of using your q when his passive is up. Take his passive off with an auto attack. And get dorans in this matchup. You will need it. If your jungler comes to gank, either bait the stun or make sure your jungler doesn't go all the way around behind him if you're on blue side. Pantheon will just jump away with his stun and be safe while taking relatively no damage. Other than that, Pantheon is a pretty straightforward champion. If you don't have much armor and really need it, wriggles can make it a pretty easy lane, but as stated multiple times before, I'd rather get to the trinity force earlier. Kennen This matchup is so hard to write a small part of a guide for, because it's do dependent on the kennen player. If you're facing a pure ap kennen, this lane is pretty winnable at all time. You don't have a range advantage on him like almost every champion top, but if he has 50 ad and you have over 60 then you will win trades as long as you can dodge his shurikens. Rush a like against every ap matchup (or if that's your preference since it does give more magic resist). Your cougar damage will do pretty significant damage to him and if you can somehow bait out his ult and jump away (very possible with nidalee's mobility) then you will easily win this lane. One of the only lanes where are a must on an early pickup though. If you're facing a double pen kennen, the only advantage you have on him is your sustain early game. He will go sorc shoes double dorans and do pretty significant harass as you can't really out trade him with autos unless you back off and don't get hit by his w when it's up. To have an easier time in this lane, back up and get zoned off your creeps any time his w is up and he runs forward. A lot of kennens max w in this matchup and its painful guaranteed damage. The one saving grace about this kennen build is that some of them skip revolver and go straight to zhonyas. It's really hard to fight them once they have it, but it does take a little bit of a buildup and if you outplay him you can pretty easily secure some kills before he gets it. Overall, try to outharass as you will win trades as long as you dodge his q's preventing as many stuns as possible. You have a heal that gives you an attack speed boost, and a higher burst combo if you can get into melee range with him. Anytime his e is down or he is low on energy, you should try to force a trade if possible as you will win. If you're facing pure ad kennen... like wriggles, phantom dancer, ie... Honestly this straight up counters nidalee. Unless the other player is worse, you should lose. His auto attack range is really long, and with some attack speed with his w coming up and doing so much free damage, along with him stunning you all the time... this is a frustrating matchup. And you can't even build ninja tabi to help because you NEED merc treads. His magic damage isn't even ignorable until well into mid game. This doesn't happen often, but if you do run into it, know that you're in for a rough time. Try to farm the best you can and roam to secure objectives and/or gank other lanes when you have the opportunity to shove and go do other things. Because you won't be winning your lane. Jarvan This matchup shouldn't be that hard unless you mess up and give up an early kill. Q's aren't that easy to dodge but it's no more damage than what you heal for and his knockup combo is pretty easy to dodge with all the movespeed i run. Just don't put yourself in a situation where you have very few options of where to run and with a little bit of experience doing this lane you should be dodging most of his knockups without a problem. Those cooldowns are rather long, so anytime he uses anything, he's melee. Abuse it. Auto attack him to death just like any other melee champion. This matchup should be pretty easy unless he snowballs ahead of you early. Try not to blow your flash unless you really need to as using pounce to hop out of his ult is unreliable though is definitely executable. If he's chasing you and you know he wants to ult you, try to save your pounce for exactly when he ults you and you can jump right out of it as if you flashed. You have sustain and range on him. And once you hit 6 he can't keep trading with you. Easy lane. Singed This lane really shouldn't be too hard for you. Don't stand in his poison damage for a long period of time is the only thing I can really say. And watch out for early jungler ganks if he's going extremely aggressive on you. Other than that Singed is very weak early. Nidalee is considered a "counter" to singed lane and you really shouldn't have trouble winning this one. Your ranged harass with your attack speed boost from your heal will poke him down over time significantly. And once you hit 6 this lane should be over. Your cougar damage will be well above anything he can dish out. Be smartly aggressive and just push him out of lane and get kills. The only way you can throw this lane is by chasing a singed into tower without ignite up and barely missing a kill. Darius I've had a lot of people ask me about this matchup saying they have trouble with it. I'd say the main thing is to play very cautious pre-6 and try to have really good lane control. If he doesn't snowball before you hit 6, then he's probably not going to. His biggest weakness is that he's a top lane with absolutely 0 escape. So your jungler should be able to gank this lane without many problems. Just be careful of getting into all out 100 to 0 trades with him and the damage he wields is a bit stronger in this scenario. Nidalee's strength comes in trading over time. Heal and abuse your range. Most of the time I can destroy Darius lanes by hanging out on the edge of their ability range, and baiting out q's and e's from them. Once his e (his pull) is on cooldown, then this guy literally has nothing. Go in, do your damage, back out and heal. Or keep chasing if you know it's an easy kill. Overall this lane shouldn't be that hard unless you trade too much and let it snowball pre 6. Watch out for his damage at 6 as well. If you're getting chunked and he hasn't used his pull yet, you could be in for a world of hurt. Renekton This matchup can be a little bit difficult at early levels if you're not used to renekton's damage. But overall, if you utilize the lane control techniques I talked about earlier in the guide then this matchup shouldn't be that hard. Renekton does have a pretty strong combo approaching levels 3-5 compared to nidalee who hasn't hit 6 yet. So be careful. Farm, use traps in the bush. All that good stuff. But overall your mobility and sustain is just to high for a melee champion to deal with you. Be careful about his double dash, as he gets to if he hits a target with his first. But once again, a should make this matchup fairly easy. Don't get baited into diving a renekton at low health on tower past 6 though. His ultimate is not effected by ignite as it is maximum health, not healing or regeneration. It's a lot like a riven matchup. You could be at 80% and they could be at 30%, but a lot of the time you still can't dive them. Just try to keep poking them and force out their ultimate. Renekton has a lot of turning power. You do have the advantage, just be careful not to throw it by diving into a 20% renekton under tower who still has ult and/or summoners. Malphite This matchup shouldn't be that hard. You just want to make sure that you win your lane as best as possible because malphite is a monster later in the game. And if you can keep him down he will be less of a problem later. Malphite is not there to win lane, he's there to farm up the best he can and be a beast in teamfights. If he's maxing e, this matchup is pretty incredibly simple. You are ranged with a heal. He shouldn't ever be able to get in range of you to e you. And even if he does, you have more sustain than he has harass and he ooms pretty easily early game. If he's maxing q, then his harass might be a little more significant as he's probably going for a early-mid game damage build revolving around an . His q will hurt more, but he will oom even quicker and more often. And your cougar damage will still be able to outrade him. Play this matchup like most melees but beware sticking around below half health with a malphite with ult up in the lane. His burst can be pretty high even if building just armor and no ap. And he's an incredibly easy lane to gank for once he's 6. So after your first back make sure you're always warded. Pay attention to malphite's passive as well early game. Poke the shield off of him and try to make it stay off as much as possible. It takes 10 seconds to recharge, so just 1 auto attack every several seconds is more than worth it. If he constantly backs up and has his passive up you won't be able to do too much in lane - especially before 6.

[title]Pushing Towers:[/title] This is what we are made for. Push whenever you can, wherever you are, dont be scared to overextend a bit, you are an escape artist! While they chase you, your team can push other towers, can do dragon or Baron.

[title]Team Fights:[/title] First of all and the best advice i can give you: DONT RAMBO IN IN COUGAR FORM, you will drop like a fly. When it comes to Teamfights you should be in the back, autoattacking the shit out of everyone that is near you. Try to support your Team with Spears,Traps and Heals. Also, just to emphasize this even more, you should ONLY go into a team fight with cougar if its very obvious that your team is winning and you can go in there without taking much damage and are able to clean up some kills.

FARM. ONCE U HIT LEVEL 6 FARM HARDER. NO REALLY, FARM! Spread your Traps for better awareness, WARD ALL THE BRUSHES.

Here is where u shine, your lane oponent should be depressive by now cause he cant really farm cause once he gets into ur range hes gonna get blown away by your crazy harass. Keep on farming to finish ur build,your Trin Force should be completed. Start to get some ganks going. Shouldn't be a big problem since u move extremely fast in cougar form. Try to secure as many Dragons as possible. If you picked teleport u are a permanent threat.

If you completed your build get into teamfights(refer to "Team Fight" section) Try to splitpush, get towers and try to get ready for a baron. Remember to pot up if you completed your build.

Hope you enjoyed my 2cents on nidalee and i hope you will have a lot of fun with her in the future. Please bare with any mistakes or if some parts of the Guide look unfinnished since this Guide is still under construction. Peace out, Spektroo

-05.10.2011 Guide created -06.10.2011 Added "counter" section and fixed some typos. -09.10.2011 Fixed minor mistakes. -18.10.2011 Added Early-Lategame Tips -25.10.2011 Fixed some Chapters, changed summoners, Pretty much completed the Guide. Only Pictures missing. -28.07.2011 I am back into league once again and started playing Nid again, currently hovering arround 1900 elo.

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