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S5 Yi jungle

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Hi, my name is Ramudown known in game as, Ramudown. In this guide I will teach you the key points and how this build works. I am one of those players that gets stuck in low elo with the trolls and people that shouldnt be playing this game but my skill with master yi has just came back after many months of watching trolls playing him in ranked.

Early game you will be playing quite aggressive and trying to get the opponent out of the lane so you can push. If you can push you could have the turret down by 12 min. When I use this build I normally take the turret at between 12-14 min. After taking the turret try and push more and get farm to complete your IE.

Mid game you are most likely roaming and getting assists or kills. What I do is steal the enemy junglers buffs after taking the turret so he is behind. The point is to put the top laner of the enemy team and he enemy jungler by stealing his buffs and ganking other lanes.

Late game is when this build becomes a terror, when you get your Hydra and your phantom dancer together they cause you to be dealing massive damage not to one target but many. and with the AD of the IE and your E and your hydra you have close to 300 AD with out your BT. The statikk shiv is ment to to deal even more damage on top of the hydra.

In team fights it is your job to either be clean up or the initiator. If you come in as the clean up you will ult and kill their team with your resets. If your the initiator you will ult Q and then auto attack so you deal AoE and your E with your passive will one shot.

To finish this build off I say this, when you start using this build it will not matter if you are slightly behind you will end up getting the damage due to the way you buy the items. If you finish the build right you will be carrying. Please leave feedback tell me if this build works and I will love to read it.

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