Galio Build Guide

- The Stone FruitBat/Gargoyle(UPDATED to patch 5.12)

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Good day, I'm Xav0k(my first IGN that's now in RU, currently playing as MI6 Talon on EUNE), an Ex Season 2 Platinum player(EUW) and currently a Platinum 1 - Diamond 5 Mid/Jungle and AD Carry player(EUNE). I've also played in a Gold I and Plat V 3v3 and 5v5 ranked team, so I've got quite a lot of experience behind my back. Today I'll be giving you a guide on Galio, one of my best mid picks overall and one of the strongest and most underrated mid/top champions in my opinion. Basically Galio is a built-in AP Tank who shreds enemy hp and gives overall utility to his team with movement speed boosts, armor and magic resist boosts and a lock on taunt ultimate that makes you take the damage the enemies are dealing for the period of the ult. Galio is not that hard to learn to play with, but is really dependable on mana(if you overuse your spells, since they're quite costly) and items(ESPECIALLY mana regen items such as Athene's or Rod of Ages). With the coming of the new season it would be a great time to give this underrated monster some playability. - [b]Abbreviations that are used in this guide and their meaning:[/b] [b]•DoT - Damage over Time •DPS - Damage Per Second[/b]

FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM, FARM In the early game, 99% you should be focusing on farming. It is because Galio is HIGHLY dependent on items and not having enough farm to purchase your core items will make you much less effective. You will have some problems with mana if you are forced to only use spells to farm during early levels(1-6) because Galio's auto attack is melee. Once you grab your catalyst or chalice, most of your mana issues will be solved. Note: Galio has a MELEE autoattack despite being a caster/mage so keep that in mind when farming minions, you will be in danger of harassment.

During this point of the game, you should have completed most of your core items but dont stop farming. By 20~ minutes you should have at least 150 farm if you have been farming decently. Make sure to build appropriately to the enemy team composition, i.e. for heavy AD a Thornmail or for heavy AP a Spirit Visage. By mid game you should start going for objectives, and in Pre-Season 5, after the Dragon/Baron changes, Dragon NO longer gives your whole team gold(but to the player who killed it), but gives a [b][i]PERMANENT[/i][/b] stackable buff that stacks up to 5 times, giving AD and AP, Movement Speed AND Pushing Power With the addition of the new river neutral minion(The River Crab) visibility has become easier and free, just try to get the crab and you'll get a ward that gives visibility to Baron/Dragon(depending on which part of the river you killed the crab) and Movement speed once you go through it. So try to get it while you can or atleast try to steal it.

By now, you should have a complete build because of how much you've been farming all game. Now your biggest objective is to kill the enemy team, get Baron AND win the game Since the new changes, Baron has become a harder but more rewarding objective, giving big boosts in regen/ap/ad and a NEW buff, giving your minions more Damage and Movement Speed whenever you're near them. Try to take Baron because of it's strategic cost and the bonuses it can give. Also, whenever you tower-siege try to harass as much as you can with your E and Q.

Tip 1: Always keep an eye for objectives(Baron/Dragon) and steal them if you can(but don't go kamikaze and kill yourself). Tip 2: Whenever you and your team towersiege and the enemies are defending hard, Use your Rigtheous Fury's active, Flash over to the enemies, then W > R >E > Q. Their chances of escaping that much slow is 10-15% Tip 3: Farm as much as you can, because Galio is item dependent. --------------- [center][big]Teamfights[/big][/center] [b]ALWAYS jump first and initiate teamfights and help your teammates(mainly your ADC) with your W to boost their armor/resist. Try to take on the Carries and ULT them so your team can clean them up and kill their damage dealers.[/b][i] IF YOUR TEAM HAS ANOTHER TANK, LET HIM JUMP!![/i] Try NOT to die first by any means necessary because you're not a pure tank(like Garen for instance) so you can use your utility to help.

[b]In conclusion Galio is a hard-hitting AP Tank/Offtank that can carry and defend your team without a problem. Since the start of the new season and already nearing the end of it in a few months Galio is STILL a good choice in the meta that rarely gets banned in ranked play. Also being the pet of Batman, it would be an EPIC idea if we got a \"Gotham Galio\" skin, but only time will tell. Well, we did get a Gentleman Galio Skin along with a new texture and ability visual change so that's good, Riot have made our flying little stone friend better looking and up to date! Hope you liked and tried this build! Comments along with recommendations are always a good idea for me to keep in touch with you and make the guide better for everyone![/b]

4/07/2015 -Revamped and Updated the guide for the newest LoL patch as of now (5.12) -Made changes to the main build(Switched out Athene's for Morellonomicon) and added a new starting build choice(Faerie Charms + Health Potion) -Added Situational items section with explanation on them -Fixed some minor grammar issues on some sections(due to the fact that when I wrote this guide 7 months ago I was exhausted and it was late at night)

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