Jinx Build Guide

The Ol' Switcheroo!

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Jinx's 700 range enables her to be a hyper carry and despite her lack of escape has a good amount of CC with Flame Chompers and Zap! Jinx is a very unique champion who can switch from 525 range to 700 range. Mastering her will be quite hard considering how you must know when to switcheroo. I feel Jinx is one of the stronger Marksman for the laning phase considering she can get up to 0.9 attack speed at level 1, it enables you to push up and have good lane control where you can harras and take minimal creep damage. This guide will go in depth on how to play her when you should go aggressive and how to get comfortable with her.

Early game as a Marksman is generally very normal, you just walk to lane farm a lot and try to harras your enemy while your support makes plays, that's generally how I see bot lane. And for Jinx you can get a small lead in CS if you're able to push up to their turret with mini gun and keep them on their turret, generally players will lose a bit of CS under the turret so this is a very good tactic, and Jinx can set it up very easily considering she gets the highest attack speed at level 1. Basically you just push up apply pressure with your rocket form, and back off every time a new wave arrives.

During mid game you should already have [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] [img=items/dorans-blade.png][img=items/berserkers-greaves.png] and maybe [img=items/zeal.png] This is Jinx's strongest point of the game she has crazy objective control with Mini-gun , if you leave Jinx alone with a turret shes going to get it. You should look for objectives more than kills at this point, if your middle lane is winning you can call for a group mid and just take the turret it should be in a matter of seconds with Mini-gun, of course you only group middle if the bottom turret is already down, otherwise you would lose more than you gain if they were to get your bottom turret and it would be an even trade. You should always keep your eye on the minimap, you may be able to pick up some free kills with your ult

Jinx has one of the better late games in the game considering she has 700 range, she is basically [img=champ/tristana.png] with no attack speed, but It's fine considering you're going to go for burst with Jinx. I generally play late game like a mage, I like to go in auto attack a couple of times use spells and run to a safe spot, I have no escape that's why I like to do this. She is very good at sieging turrets when you get to that point, when there is people defending the turret you can use the rocket launcher to hit it from a range and when nobody is around you secure that turret in under 10 seconds with mini gun. Jinx is a very good champion to capitalize on your enemy's mistakes.

her teamfights are pretty easy, you like to be like a type of mage in teamfights poking in and out using spells off cooldown shes basically a high range mage. Usually I drop the Flame chompers on myself when they have assassins like [img=champ/zed.png][img=champ/ahri.png][img=champ/fizz.png], they would usually step on it if I drop it and flash instantly it's a really good way to catch assassins.

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