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D1/Challenger Insoy's Straight up Murder Talon

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Hi, I\"m Insoy and I've been playing league since the Olaf/Malzahar patch. I started playing the game since I've always gamed since I was 3 from NES. I've played Dota 1 (WC3 Custom Maps) playing Spirit Lancer, Phantom Assassin, Bounty Hunter, and Lina Inverse. I branched out from every champion then and learned a lot of strats like being able to farm mid and bot lane with Axe/Abbadon/(Heal champ) by simply having them drag both waves in the middle of the bottom jungle and have axe spin with abbadon shield with heals leaving the opposing team lane dry + DMG to towers. After Dota 1, I went to HoN and now finally here after a friend whom I taught to play Dota1 recommended me to league. I was Gold in Season 1 (1850elo), Season 2 (2287 elo), Season 3 (D1/challenger), and Season 4 (D1/challenger). I started playing mater yi, katarina, chogath and talon by the end of season 1 where talon was released by the end of that season. I played through the times (Season 1) when Talon mid was known to be back in the day a \"troll\" idea, a few folks took him to mid and I was one of those dudes that suffered the hate in season 1 as it was out of the normal meta. Season 2 slowly eased up as people where able to see him as a contender as a mid laner and a few players played him as he received a lot of nerfs. There was no awesome Tiamat back then. IT WAS HORRIBLE. But I manage. Season 3 No one questioned Talon mid anymore and I started building the Tiamat idea along with attaching tiamat to every AD caster I got my hands into (Khazix, Zed, and Lee sin) They also nerfed his Q stating that his E never produce the % amp damage and that they fixed it so they nerfed his Q for those reasons...I found out I played a champ for a whole year without an amp to my E.......oh man.. Season 4 remained the same as most of the AD items barely changed. Talon has just to deal with a samurai guy who pokes x300 times in laning phase and perma mobility with projectile neutralizing shield that crits with every other hit until he gets 2 crits items to reach 100 % crit. [img=http://i.imgur.com/ALp3lY6.jpg] [img= http://i.imgur.com/IqjWCoT.jpg] Season 3 Challenger [img=http://i.imgur.com/JjQIhhy.jpg ] My 1337 deaths in season 2 [img= http://i.imgur.com/igrkdeH.jpg] Season 2 History [img= http://i.imgur.com/UqJh9kd.jpg] Season 4 Challenger Note: Still Updating and on the works (6/29/2014) I gotta eat too you know Talon Zhonya's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQSa5U_KEGo Please follow me at http://www.twitch.tv/insoy Subscribe to my youtube account channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1D...ofptMMePAY7-mA Like me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Insoy...309?ref=stream

Goal is to get 875 $ Lvls 1-5 Any more than that is a bonus and can be put towers a pink ward or other items you get through early kills. Chug flasks and potions to keep HP above 75 % staying healthy while using W to CS and harrassing at the same time. Auto when you can safely for CS. Only attempt to kill your laner if they receive enough damage when they go low around 40 % HP, you might be able to go in for an E Q W ignite. Be careful about summoners and double check to make sure they are using barrier or heal before attempting this or their lee sin with that flashing W to save them from the last tick of ignite. Toughest part of the game and remember you will be autoed harassed especially if they are range. Constantly check around mini map where your jungler is or if there's a small skirmish happening to get an early kill from Top, jungle or bottom. Otherwise proceed on first goal.

Goal is to Roam and kill Lvls 5-12 If things go the way they should and you have a tiamat to clear waves to control lane. Things should be a little lighter on your melee tough life. You can start to remain hidden by clearing waves fast enough that your laner should be left to pick up their wave while you go roam or get time to breathe during game. You can start picking up kills with your tiamat and MoB boots to snowball or just farm for your Last whisper and slowly build your armor shredding items to late game. Take a look at your laners items and if he doesn't have a single armor item, you will have a good chance at taking him out and picking up a dragon along the way.

Goal is to Roam and prevent teamfights Lvls 12-18 You shouldn't have a problem with dealing with any of the carries and should be able to be responsibly take them out as an assassin. Your team will rely on your damage. Use a full rotation of E Q W R ignite (tiamat active) to execute carries and keeping your teammates alive. Wait for CCs and check for the other team's items to make sure you don't jump into someone with 3000 hp and 200 armor or even worse, a zhonyas as they will just laugh at your damage no matter how far ahead you are. Your damage is the best asset in a teamfight and you can afford to blow it on someone who's going to stasis for 2.5 seconds. The E silence for 1 second and is not enough to stop them from using it before you can unleash your rotation. You could try to E to them and wait for them to panic zhonya's stasis but in that case their other 4 team members are going to go full goon squad on you while you want to save your CDs for damage on the stasis target you were aiming. Stasis and Randuins with Thornmails are always a big no no for targets, remember to aim others even a support at this point as you still want to do damage for your team if it gets this bad. If you are snowballing, point and click like you were 20-0 annie with flash tibbers zhonyas on any of the carries.

Aim for carries, check for CCs used before a teamfight, there's times where you can potentially initiate a fight but I don't recommend for new players. Be careful of pink ward akali treament before you engage as you will be caught in your ult and be CCed to death during your rotation. Remember TF ults can see you through your ult. If your jungler gets a good initiate, go in for the carries and keep wary of AoE stuns or bubbles from nami as you have to be melee close to do your job as an assassin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXh5S2op6no Here's a vid of me watching out for CCs and using a youmuu's trick which is activating youmuus then ulting into E Q W ignite (tiamat active)

In conclusion I believe talon is a pretty high burst assassin that's able to do quickly punish over extended players out of the map. He is versatile but is made of paper, that's why I added the zhonyas to kinda give him the utility that AP paper carry champs use to live through teamfights. It's easy to use talon but it's quite hard to apply and live through dangerous situations as being a melee AD caster. Will continue to update. Please feel free to follow me again at http://www.twitch.tv/insoy Like me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Insoy...309?ref=stream Ask questions, leave messages, I'll try to reply when I can.

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