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  • 9
    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Scaling Health (+1.33 health per level (+24 at champion level 18))
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction (-0.83% cooldowns)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Health (+26 health)
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Vladimir is one of the strongest AP carries and hes very good at counter initiating. He is one of the strongest AP carries in the game.

For Runes, I go with Magic Penetration Marks. The Magic Pen really helps because with Vladimir's build, you won't get void staff until your 4th or 5th item. For seals, I go with Health per level because vlad is very strong in long sustain fights. You do not want to get bursted down. Your goal is to absorb as much damage and deal as much damage as possible without dying. With the health, you get ability power and become really tanky as well. For Glyphs, I go with Cooldown per level because with my item build, I usually get up to 40% CDR. 40% cdr makes vlad really strong and helps vlad deal very strong consistent damage. For Quintessence, I go with Health quints to help my early game and to survive from burst damage.

Skill Order with vlad is very simple. You always want to max [imgsmall=skills/vladimir/q.png] first. This is vlad's bread and butter skill, which contributes to his lane dominance. For [imgsmall=skills/vladimir/w.png], you want to max this spell last because [imgsmall=skills/vladimir/e.png] does much more damage. Pool is to escape and avoid burst damage. You can also use this spell offensively to slow opponents. After maxing transfusion, you want to max [imgsmall=skills/vladimir/e.png] because this spell helps you push and clear waves. When your opponents heals, your goal is to push the creeps to their tower to make them lose exp, while damaging their tower. For your ultimate, always level it up when you can ex; 6,11,16. At level one, if you were to team fight, you want to get [img=skills/vladimir/w.png]. Many people underestimate vladimir's strength at level 1. In my opinion he is the strongest level one ap caster. If you were to fight at level one, get sanguine pool first. Your goal is to rush in and pool the 5 enemies to slow them and damage them. After your pool, make sure you run away and escape focus damage. Laning may be hard, until you reach level 2. You can also level up pool at level one to avoid early ganks and roamers ex; alistar, taric, nunu.

Early game is the hardest phase for vladimir. Your objective is to farm as much as possible and to play safe. Vladimir starts to pick up from level 5 and becomes insanely strong at level 9. Once you reach level 9, you can overextend and deny your opponent as long as you have proper warding. Try to always avoid harassment and just farm. If you want to harass your opponent at early levels, try to only trade 1 attack for 1 and heal up with transfusion. Do not trade multiple attacks with your opponent, otherwise they'll be able to zone you from experience and farm. Trading 1 attack for 1 helps vladimir because he can heal up with transfusion and begin more 1 to 1 attacks. Only try to do this, when your hp is sustainable because you can always get ganked. Always choose your match-ups wisely. You want to lane against their weakest lvl 1 solo lane and trade lanes if you're unable to deal with the match-ups. Your goal is to reach 9 without dying and to get every cs. Try to avoid laning against [img=champ/corki.png] and [imgsmall=champ/tristana.png] top lane. Vlad should beable to lane against every champion mid lane. He may have a hard time against tristana mid if she has ignite.

As soon as you reach level 9 with [img=items/hextech-revolver.png] and [img=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png], you can begin denying your opponent and harassing them. Make sure to ward your lane properly and then you'll be able to completely dominate at level 9 until laning phase is over.

As the game progresses, you should be the highest on the CS charts. During the whole game, your objective is to farm and to help with team fights. Vladimir is only good in team fights late game, do not attempt to try to push.

Make sure to always avoid burst damage! Position yourself behind tanks and ult as many as you can without being focused down, while absorbing some damage . You want to pull your ultimate early off the fight because thats when all the spells are going off. If you're unable to reach their carries, try to focus their tanks with transfusion and spam tides of blood to aoe everyone near you.

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