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Ambidextrous Fury

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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (+1.5% Life Steal.)
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[title]EDIT 4/30/2012: It's finally summer, so I don't have to worry about finals anymore. I have a lot of free time with my schedule, so I should finally be able to finish my guide remake. I'm not deadset on achieving Diamond before releasing it anymore, so I'll probably be able to release it if I get over procrastinating trying to learn how to export screenshots from in-game. I'll still try to rise up the ladder, though. For now I just edited the quick guide stuff above. I switched to Lifesteal quints a while back once the Koreans started using them a lot. Ignite is being phased out because Cleanse and Barrier are more useful in team fights.[/title] I'll just skip the personal introduction and go straight to information about Varus because I'm just some not-high-Elo player that no one cares about. But I'll say that I was a Platinum 18XX Elo player in Season 2 to give my guide even the slightest bit of credibility beyond its content. Varus is a strong early and mid game AD carry more focused on good utility in his CC and ability damage alongside his poke. [highlight]Because of his focus on ability damage, he requires a lot of skill and skill shot hitting to be effective. [/highlight]His burst and poke/harass damage are one of the highest in lane amongst the AD carries with the use of his abilities, procs, and hard-hitting auto-attack pokes, making him a very effective skirmisher. His CC from a strong slow and an almost-Ashe-ultimate allow him to set up plays and ganks in his lane. Varus' weaknesses are his lower DPS from a lack of steroids and his lack of movement abilities, including escapes. Both interfere with the AD carry necessities in competitive play of outputting high damage and staying safe, but his effective CC can help him set up the game for his other teammates. Note: The guide's title a slight joke at how Varus' Classic skin is using the bow in the right hand, yet in his Blight Crystal skin and in-game model he is using it in his left. [highlight]Pros:[/highlight] +Good poking from out-of-range +multi-target hard CC and AoE slow +Good harass with procs, strong abilities, and strong individual auto-attacks +Initiate ability +High early and mid game burst from abilities +High base movement speed (335 when AD carries usually have 325 or 330; allows for aggressive play) [highlight]Cons:[/highlight] -No escapes (thus requires good positioning and timing on when to enter fights) -Low DPS compared to most other AD carries, especially those with steroids -Ability-dependent for damage (makes him mana dependent and falls off more later game) -Skillshot dependent [highlight]When to Choose Varus Over Other AD Carries[/highlight] [.]When your team is low on CC [.]When your team has AoE CC ultimates (Galio, Amumu, etc.) [.]When the enemy does not have any sustain or strong initiators (allows you to poke) [.]When your other teammates have strong damage [.]When the enemy team has no assassins or gap closers to catch you (Varus has no escapes)

[highlight]Marks: Attack Speed[/highlight] First off, yes I did get this idea from Yellowpete's Varus Razer Academy guide. I used to use armor penetration, but after the post-preseason patch came and flat ArPen got nerfed early game with Black Cleaver, I've been looking for an alternative but completely forgot about Attack speed. It's great for applying more damage early game and for applying W as much as possible. Flat AD isn't needed since Varus can kill minions easily with the damage from his W. The main skill this guide maxes, E, doesn't scale too well with AD as well. [highlight]Seals: Flat Armor[/highlight] You really can't get away with not using flat armor in the bottom lane. If you don't use it, you'll lose every trade and get abused very hard. There aren't really better options anyway; mana regen is the closest thing to a good option for Varus, but even then you don't need it if you play smart. [highlight]Glyphs: Flat Magic Resist or Magic Resist/Level[/highlight] I recommend flat MR. If you want to dominate the laning phase, you'll need every advantage you can get. But if you have the rune page to spare, you can make a MR/Level page for if the enemy bottom lane is only physical damage, which is still possible. Per Level will help survive AP carry bursts if you get caught out of position, and they are especially useful against APs with reliable hitting abilities. These include AP assassins. I get flat MR when I think I'll have trouble in lane or an equal lane (especially against magic bursts like Taric, Alistar, and Leona), and I get MR/level otherwise or when I think an AP listed below will get fed/farmed. [number]Champions to get flat MR against:[/number] [imgsmall=champ/alistar.png][imgsmall=champ/corki.png][imgsmall=champ/kogmaw.png][imgsmall=champ/leona.png][imgsmall=champ/lulu.png][imgsmall=champ/sona.png][imgsmall=champ/taric.png] [number]Champions to get MR/level against: [/number][imgsmall=champ/ahri.png][imgsmall=champ/akali.png][imgsmall=champ/diana.png][imgsmall=champ/evelynn.png][imgsmall=champ/kassadin.png][imgsmall=champ/katarina.png][imgsmall=champ/leblanc.png][imgsmall=champ/lux.png][imgsmall=champ/veigar.png] [highlight]Quintessences: Flat AD[/highlight] Flat AD gives early game strength to your auto-attacks and abilities. Since Brutalizer isn't core anymore, you don't need to stack ArPen. Flat AD Quintessences are also more efficient than ArPen ones, as flat AD Quints are worth 237% of their Mark counterparts, while ArPen is only 200%.

[title]Note: I replaced some of the values with the Skill values from the League of Legends Wikia for more accurate information. [/title] [title][img=skills/varus/p.png] Passive: Living Vengeance[/title] [number]On champion kill or assist, Varus gains 40% attack speed for 6 seconds. On minion or neutral monster kill, Varus gains 20% attack speed for 3 seconds. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ability makes Varus very strong at pushing minion waves without wasting mana and at pushing down towers. In lane, it allows you to not be as vulnerable as other champions when going for last hits. You're also able to be stronger than a lot of other AD carries when they go for their own last hits right after you get the passive effect. [highlight]The fastest way to take down a tower is to proc your passive with your abilities on minions while keeping your auto-attacks on the tower, though this wastes mana.[/highlight] In team fights, the ability is less useful and less dependable than other AD carry steroids, but it does allow you to snowball in strength the moment a champion is killed. So focusing a single champion is pretty important, and having strong burst champions on your team is very, very good. [title][img=skills/varus/q.png] Q: Piercing Arrow[/title] [number]First Cast: Varus starts drawing back his next shot, gradually increasing its range and damage. Second Cast: Varus fires, dealing 10 / 43 / 77 / 110 / 143 (+1 per Attack Damage) to 15 / 65 / 115 / 165 / 215 (+1.6 per Attack Damage) physical damage, reduced by 15% per enemy hit (minimum 33%). While preparing to shoot Varus' Movement Speed is slowed by 20%. After 4 seconds, Piercing Arrow fails but refunds half its mana cost. Cooldown 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 seconds Cost 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 Mana Range 850 - 1475 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] In lane, this ability will just be used either charged to poke enemies out of fights and out of range or instantly to get what's effectively another auto-attack that procs your W stacks since it has a 1.0 AD ratio. [highlight]Be careful with its usage in lane since you will have low mana without 9 Utility masteries. Try to save it just to have extra damage when bursting enemies down.[/highlight] But nonetheless, here are some tips to hitting it. [.][highlight]Don't charge it up when you're in range to auto-attack.[/highlight] Auto-attacks do more damage. [.]Try to launch it when enemies are against walls or when they're going for last hits on minions. [.]Try to charge Q in a brush so the enemy won't see you charging it. [.]Try to be as close as possible without being in range of the enemy so it will be harder to dodge. [.]It can also hit an enemy running away from or trying to kite an approaching minion wave. Before team fights, poke enemies in order to weaken them. Poke damage really adds up and can turn the tide of fights into your favor. But be careful to not get initiated on by champions like Ashe and Malphite or to just get caught in general because charging Q slows your movement speed, so don't let enemy champions get too close while you charge it. The best way to use Q to kill minions is to charge up an arrow when minions are entering in a straight line, and then fire and hit all of them. I recommend smartcasting this ability to help get those quick shots off, but it's up to what you're comfortable with. Note that this ability makes a noise when it hits champions, so it can be used to check brushes. [title][img=skills/varus/w.png] W: Blighted Quiver[/title] [number]Passive: Varus' basic attacks deal 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 (+0.25 per Ability Power) bonus magic damage and apply Blight for 6 seconds (stacks 3 times). Varus' other abilities detonate Blight, dealing magic damage equal to 2 / 2.75 / 3.5 / 4.25 / 5% (+0.02% per Ability Power) of the target's maximum Health per stack (Max: 360 total damage vs Monsters). [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] The passive on this ability makes Varus come out on top in most auto-attack fights, and the proc effect with his E makes him come out on top versus anyone in ability trades. The extra damage also helps in getting minion kills. Taking advantage of those procs is VERY important, so it's important for you to hit your other skillshots and to space them out. Remember that your ultimate also procs your stacks; this fact is very useful for getting extra damage in lane. Also remember that you can have stacks on multiple targets. When pushing, it's kinda a waste of time to proc every single minion, but it could be worth it to get stacks onto a Cannon Minion before using an ability. [title][img=skills/varus/e.png] E: Hail of Arrows[/title] [number]Varus fires a hail of arrows that deals 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 (+0.6 per Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and desecrates the ground for 4 seconds. Desecrated Ground slows enemy Movement Speed by 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% and reduces healing effects by 50%. Cooldown 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds Cost 80 Mana Range 925 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Early game, this ability is mostly used to activate your procs, to set up for allied ganks, or to stop enemy ganks at their choke points. It also makes a very good trading ability, similar to Corki's Phosphorus Bomb Q. Late game, it becomes a very effective AoE slow for chain CCing, zoning, or for closing off a choke point as well as just decent AoE damage in general. There is about a 0.5 second gap between activation and land time, so be sure to lead off your targeting a bit. Smartcasting this ability could be a good idea if you want to get your abilities out fast, but aiming this ability and using its range is important. [highlight]Note that the slow can be used to set up for an allied CC, like a Lux binding or a Leona CC.[/highlight] This makes it amazing in lane if the enemy extends too far. It's hard to predict when the enemy will try to heal, but if the enemy team has a Soraka and your team is about to burst the heck out of the enemy team, then try to land this first to anticipate the Wish and to reduce healing. This ability CANNOT check brushes. [title][img=skills/varus/r.png] R: Chain of Corruption[/title] [number]Varus flings out a tendril of corruption that deals 150 / 250 / 350 (+1 per Ability Power) magic damage and immobilizes the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds. The corruption then spreads towards nearby uninfected enemy champions, applying the same damage and immobilize if it reaches them. Cooldown 120 / 105 / 90 seconds Cost 120 Mana Range 1075 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] The best time to use this ability in a team fight is when the enemy is not moving and grouped up, especially since [highlight]your enemies have to be close to your initial target at the moment of impact in order for the CC to spread.[/highlight] Since you want your enemy to not be moving, this'll be when someone lands an AoE CC or when both teams are equal in advantages (so they'll both try to fight and not run) and when the carries ideally want to turn around and start throwing out damage. You'll just need experience to know how team fights flow. But just hit it. This ability has multiple uses: [.]Initiate a jungle gank from lane when the enemy is going for minion kills (similar to Ashe arrow). [.]When facing multiple enemies, it's best chained with your E slow so the enemies can't run away from it. [.]Counter-initiate when the enemy team is running up to you. They'll all run towards your ult. [.]Chain CC with other AoE CC ultimates. [.]Proc W stacks (best used in lane or dueling since it's more important to use it at the right time in team fights). [.]Escape with it. [highlight]BE SURE YOUR ULTIMATE HITS SOMETHING IN TEAM FIGHTS.[/highlight] It's nice to hit that carry and take him out of the fight instantly, but it may not be worth the risk of losing your ultimate. Without your ultimate, you lose the possibility to lock up the majority of the enemy team into immobility, which is really powerful. Instead of making that pro skillshot and risking losing any part of your ultimate, it may be best to just hit that tank in front of you, and let the spread do the rest of the work. The ultimate has long range, but don't use it at longest range unless your target is CCed. The travel time will make it miss, so aim for about 4/5 of its max range at most. [highlight]Note that you get vision of the target you hit. This won't be game changing, but it's nice to know.[/highlight]

[title][img=skills/varus/r.png] > [img=skills/varus/e.png] > [img=skills/varus/w.png] > [img=skills/varus/q.png][/title] [.]E is maxed first because of the utility it brings in slow and because of its sheer upfront burst damage. It really helps in trading with opponents; it's much akin to how Corki harasses with his Phosphorus Bomb Q. There are two reasons I don't max Q first. One is that it's very easy to dodge in lane if you're against a good lane opponent. If you get close to not miss, then they'll just attack to punish you for charging it anyway. Another reason is that it doesn't contribute much during fights. It helps a lot before fights with charged poke and after with finishers, but charging it in the middle of a fight when you could be auto-attacking is not good for damage. [.]W is maxed second. Q doesn't get much damage increase per skill level up; it's mostly about the AD scaling, which is independent of skill level. W second helps kill Dragon and tanky junglers once the team fights start rolling around. Just be sure to use your procs well. [.]One point in W is taken ASAP for more auto-attack damage to last hit easier. But if you're invading, it could be better to take Q or E first. Q is good if your team needs a brush check tool, and E is just great for level 1 fights with its AoE damage and CC. [.]A second point in Q is taken at level 8. This is because the base damage for Q increases a lot percentage-wise from the first to second level, and that will help clear minions. [.]All basic abilities can be taken at level 3. This gives you the most burst just in case an all-in fight breaks out early, especially with aggressive initiative supports like Leona and Blitzcrank.

[title]Starting Items: [img=items/long-sword.png][img=items/health-potion2.png] OR [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/health-potion3.png][/title] Since the movement speed nerf on Boots, they're a lot less useful to get not only as a first item but in bottom lane in general. Long Sword provides a lot of damage for both harass and burst. Long Sword is the default start unless you're against an aggressive or skillshot-based lane like Caitlyn, Leona, Blitzcrank, etc. [title]Early Game Items: [img=items/vampiric-scepter.png][img=items/dorans-blade.png][img=items/berserkers-greaves.png][img=items/bf-sword.png][img=items/health-potion.png][/title] These are all items to consider getting when you're in the laning phase. Note that the order you get them in is pretty important. The second Doran's Blade is situational; you get it when bottom lane in general has a lot of fighting and when you are competing neck-and-neck for power. Below lists the useful situations or advantages each item gives in order of importance (first item is most important). [img=items/bf-sword.png] [highlight]B.F. Sword[/highlight] [.]Buy whenever you can if you don't need a Vampiric Scepter [.]Save up for it if bottom lane is passive and has low kill threat [img=items/vampiric-scepter.png] [highlight]Vampiric Scepter[/highlight] [.]If the enemy harasses you a lot [.]If the enemy doesn't want to all-out fight and focuses on harass damage over time [.]If your support doesn't have sustain [.]DO NOT get when you're being zoned by kill threat (being zoned = no hits on minions = no lifesteal) [img=items/dorans-blade.png] [highlight]Doran's Blade[/highlight] (2nd one is optional) [.]If the enemy has a lot of burst [.]If your lane is a kill lane [.](Second Doran's) If bottom lane has a lot of fighting [img=items/berserkers-greaves.png] [highlight]Berserker's Greaves[/highlight] [.]Run from strong gankers or if you push a lot [.]Dodge skillshots [.](Boots) If you have 350g when at base [.]If you already have Vampiric Scepter and a Doran's [img=items/health-potion.png] [highlight]Health Potions[/highlight] [.]If your support can't sustain you fast enough through harass [.]If you skirmish a lot with the enemy bottom lane [.]If the enemy doesn't have sustain (you'll win trades eventually) [.]If you're getting harassed out of lifestealing for sustain [img=items/sight-ward.png] [highlight]Sight Wards[/highlight] [.]If your support doesn't get any (which he should unless the below situation occurs) [.]If your support can't afford to buy one since he borderline afforded an item [title]Mid game Items: [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png][img=items/phantom-dancer.png] OR [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png][img=items/statikk-shiv.png][/title] Bloodthirster is preferred over Infinity Edge. Varus' ability damage really skyrockets with the AD from BT, and his need for attack speed for DPS is addressed with an earlier attack speed item because of how BT is cheaper to finish than IE. BT is good for burst damage against squishier enemies and for survivability against more mobile or assassin enemy champions. Even with its movement speed nerf, Phantom Dancer is still the go-to item for single-target DPS. The critical rate and its high attack speed simply cannot be rivaled. So if the enemy has a strong tank or has a fed top lane or jungler, this will be the item you want. Statikk Shiv is good versus squishy enemy teams because of the burst from its proc. It's really cool on Varus because he just melts minion waves with it. I don't like Runaan's Hurricane anymore; actually, I wasn't fond of it in the first place but it seemed okay statistically. It doesn't give enough single-target damage for AD carries to do what they need to do: kill tanks. Without critical rate you're losing A LOT of damage. [title]Situational Items: [img=items/last-whisper.png][img=items/infinity-edge.png][img=items/quicksilver-sash.png][img=items/guardian-angel.png][img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png][img=items/enchantment-furor.png][img=items/enchantment-distortion.png][img=items/warmogs-armor.png][/title] [img=items/last-whisper.png] [highlight]Last Whisper[/highlight] (usually go-to damage item) [.]If you need damage but aren't able to buy Infinity Edge (e.g. not fed enough) [.]If the enemy tank is buying armor [img=items/infinity-edge.png] [highlight]Infinity Edge[/highlight] [.]If you're fed [.]If the enemy isn't stacking armor or doesn't have completed Advanced/Legendary armor items [.]If you don't need survivability (e.g. no assassins or gap-closing champions) [.]If the enemy has a single, very tanky enemy [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png] [highlight]Quicksilver Sash[/highlight] [.]If you need magic resist (just Negatron Cloak) [.]If the enemy has a lot of CC [.]If the enemy has a lot of initiates (Ashe, Warwick) [.](Upgrade to Mercurial Scimitar once you run out of item slots; the upgrade doesn't do much for ranged except add AD) [img=items/guardian-angel.png] [highlight]Guardian Angel[/highlight] [.]If you need armor [.]If the enemy team has a lot of burst assassins (single champions that dive with blinks, gap closers, or high cooldown abilities for instagibbing) [.]If the game is approaching high time (maybe 40+ minutes so respawn timers are longer and team fights more influential) [img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png] [highlight]Enchantment: Homeguard[/highlight] [.]If you have leftover gold [.]If your team is on the defensive and the enemy is sieging your base (great because Varus is a strong counter-pusher) [img=items/enchantment-furor.png] [highlight]Enchantment: Furor[/highlight] [.]If you have leftover gold [.]If your team is low on CC and the enemy is constantly trying to bulldoze over you [.]If the enemy team does not have gap closers [img=items/enchantment-distortion.png] [highlight]Enchantment: Distortion[/highlight] [.]If you have leftover gold [.]If the enemy team has gap closers and is trying to kill you [img=items/warmogs-armor.png] [highlight]Warmog's Armor[/highlight] [.]If you're really fed [.]If the enemy team has multiple types of damage [.]If you don't need much more damage to kill the enemy team [highlight][img=items/elixir-of-fortitude.png] Elixir of Fortitude[/highlight] Once the game reaches past 35 minutes, respawn timers start to get really long, and won team fights end up being more decisive as your team has more free time while the enemy is dead to attack an enemy base. When you think a decisive fight is coming, elixirs can be very useful items. If you think a Baron fight is going to come soon, then get these. If you have Baron, get these. If the enemy has Baron, get these. If the game reaches 45+ minutes, then just get these as much as possible. Almost any team fight at that point on will be the game-winning one.

[title]Pre-Game[/title] [highlight]Champions[/highlight] First thing you want to do is assess which lane is stronger at what. Is the enemy harass-based with Sona or Caitlyn? Is the enemy burst-based with Alistar or Tristana? Is the enemy passive with Vayne or Ashe? Are you out-ranged by Ashe or Caitlyn? Does the enemy have sustain and you don't? [highlight][number]What's your support good at, passivity, harass over time, or all-in burst?[/number][/highlight] These are all factors to consider. [highlight]Enemy Items[/highlight] Check what items the enemy has ASAP. If the enemy support has no wards, then call for a jungle gank. If the enemy AD has a Long Sword, be careful about getting bursted down. If the enemy AD has a Crystalline Flask, then be careful about trading over time and try to just focus on bursting them down or farming and getting ahead in gold. [highlight]Summoner Spells[/highlight] Check which lane has the most duel spells. These include Exhaust, Heal, Ignite, and sometimes Cleanse. The lane with more of these "duel spells" will have an automatic advantage in all-out fights. Note that Cleanse can stop Exhaust+Ignite at the same time, and Ignite counters Heal. And then [highlight][number]always keep track of what Summoner Spells are up for the enemy.[/number][/highlight] [title]Laning[/title] [highlight]Getting minion kills is the MOST important thing.[/highlight] Your job as AD carry is to be your team's damage late game, so you'll need as much farm as you can get. The importance of minion kills really cannot be overstated. Being down 20 CS can easily mean you're an item behind your enemy, and when that happens, it'll be a slippery slope to losing your lane. So looking for chances to harass should come after securing the upcoming minion kills. If the enemy laners are aggressive, you'll want to get minion kills from as far back as possible so you'll either be out of range of the enemy at your most vulnerable moment (after getting a minion kill, you'll be down an auto-attack) or so you have allied minions around you to help fight if they try to force an engage. So determine ahead of time which minion will go low first, and then back up as far as you can while still being in range of the minion. [highlight]Harassing[/highlight] [.][highlight][number]The best time to harass an enemy is when they're going for minion kills.[/number][/highlight] They'll either lose the minion gold or be an auto-attack down in trading damage. [.]Harass with auto-attack pokes or using your [number]E[/number] to proc 2 or 3 [number]W[/number] stacks. Varus' range and [number]W[/number] damage let his auto-attacks do a lot of damage. [.][highlight][number]Do not use your Q to harass.[/number][/highlight] It uses too much mana without 9 Utility masteries. Save it for extra damage in kill bursts, [number]W[/number] stack procing, and fights-to-the-death. [.]Usually back up immediately after you harass if you aren't going for a kill. This reduces counterattack and enemy minion damage. [.]Don't get in range when your abilities are on cooldown, and play aggressively when the enemy's main harass/burst abilities are on cooldown. [.]Harass only if you have wards, if none of the minions you need to kill are low, and if the enemy doesn't have a ton of minions (harassing gives minion aggro, which will push your lane and a lot of minions will hurt). Be aware of the enemy support. Make sure the support isn't going to attack or CC you while you go to harass. Try to stay in range of your own support too, just in case he makes plays or catches the enemy. The moment either of you separate can be taken advantage of. [highlight]Using your [img=skills/varus/r.png]Chain of Corruption Ultimate[/highlight] [.]Force fights to kill an enemy if they're low on HP (be most aware of Summoner Spells cooldowns for these fights). [.]Start out jungle ganks by catching an enemy. [.]Chain CC by either using a more reliable CC to make your ult easier to hit (e.g. your [number]E[/number], Taric stun, Nunu snowball) or by initiating with your ult to follow-up with a less reliable CC (e.g. Sona ult, Blitzcrank grab). [.]Proc [number]W[/number] stacks in close fights. [.]Disengage bad fights for you. [highlight]Lane Control[/highlight] [.]If you're blue (bottom left) side, you'll want Dragon warded. But be aware that the jungler can gank from behind you in the tribrush if they invade. [.]If you're purple (top right) side, you'll want the river (including the tribrush exit) warded if you're playing passively; if you're playing aggressively, you'll want the tribrush warded at least and Dragon warded too if possible. [.]You'll also want the brush that the enemy support is in warded so you can know when they're playing aggressively. It also helps against jungler lane ganks. [.]If you see the enemy jungler in top lane and the enemy mid laner is still mid and won't destroy you with roaming, then you can auto-attack minions to push your lane. A pushing lane has minions to help trade damage, and the enemy loses minion kills if they're under the tower. If you want to play passively and hold your lane, ideally you want the enemy minions to have maybe 2 Caster Minions more than yours so that it will push faster but won't push too fast. So if your enemy is pushing your lane over time with auto-attacks, try to match their killing rate with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 minions. You won't like melee minions, as they can't be spaced away from your tower if you're holding the minion line away from it. [highlight][number]Make sure the enemy AD never goes back to buy lots of items without you knowing and doing so as well. This includes deaths.[/number][/highlight] If he does recall, try to push the lane to his tower before he gets back into lane; if you can't, then just recall immediately. The best times to go back are when the enemy can't push the minion line to your tower, which is usually when there are Cannon Minions in the upcoming wave or when the line is pushed to the enemy's tower.

[title]Unfavorable/Difficult Match-Ups:[/title] [img=champ/caitlyn.png][img=champ/urgot.png] [title]Varus does not have any outright advantageous match-ups, especially with supports influencing match-ups, but every match-up outside of Caitlyn and Urgot are at least tied with Varus. If anything, I find that he has a slight advantage over almost all AD carries.[/title] [title]Good Supports to Have:[/title] [img=champ/janna.png][img=champ/leona.png][img=champ/nunu.png][img=champ/taric.png] [highlight]Note that information in this section is just general guidelines, as how to play varies depending on combinations of ADs and supports.[/highlight] [title]Good Allied Supports[/title] [img=champ/janna.png] [highlight]Janna[/highlight] Janna is good because she makes her carries the best at trading damage in lane, and Varus is very strong at forcing trades and doing them. You want to try to poke around when you have the shield on, and be careful when you don't and it's on cooldown. Be careful of all-out engagements later in the laning phase, as Janna provides little strength with no hard CC or damage; it's best to whittle your enemy down before then. She's good at disengaging those all-out fights though, and that disengage helps tremendously in team fights to cover for your lack of escapes. [img=champ/leona.png] [highlight]Leona[/highlight] Leona combos amazingly with Varus. Varus' high burst with two offensive abilities combines well with Leona's high burst potential with her passive to give one of the strongest kill threats in the bottom lane. Also, if you harass and lay down your [number]E[/number] slow, Leona can follow up with an easy Zenith Blade gap closer on the slowed target who can't dodge, and you can continue dishing out punishment. And once you reach level 6, you can initiate on an enemy with your ultimate and set up Leona for easy chain CC with her ultimate stun. Alongside Exhaust and good spacing of CCs, you can effectively lock down an enemy AD carry for over 6 seconds or so. [img=champ/nunu.png] [highlight]Nunu[/highlight] Nunu's main power comes in the later laning phase when his attack speed buff covers your DPS weakness, so play passively until then. It will feel like a 1v2 for a lot of the early laning phase. Your all-out fights with Nunu become very strong because of his attack speed buff for you and debuff for enemies. He can tank very well too, especially with his self-healing, so it could be good to have him tank abilities and bursts before fully committing. Nunu works especially well with Varus because his snowball slow can lead to an almost guaranteed [number]Q[/number] hit. [img=champ/taric.png] [highlight]Taric[/highlight] Taric is a great laning support overall, but his main strength comes when you both have your ultimates. If you manage to land your ultimate on an enemy, you can easily chain lock that enemy after that ult with a Taric stun and then your [number]E[/number] slow and heal debuff. With Taric's burst damage from his Shatter and ultimate combined with your DPS and slight burst, this will do massive damage enough to kill most champions while getting a lot of free hits off with no counterattack. The heal debuff also prevents most Heal from cockblocking your kill. Oh, and randomly note that Taric does have sustain, but it's very mana expensive and very weak, so don't depend on it if you can. [title]Enemy ADs[/title] [img=champ/ashe.png] [highlight]Ashe[/highlight] First and foremost, be careful of that level 1 critical. Let her do whatever she wants until she uses that crit on a minion. Early on, her Volley is on high cooldown, so when she uses it, you can be aggressive on her. Stay behind groups of minions by about a Teemo-and-a-half so Volley won't hit you. Without Volley, you will dominate trades. If she does have it, she will hurt a lot and can disengage with its slow. She out-ranges you, and it's disadvantageous to wait out the lane because of her ultimate, so it's a pretty difficult match-up if the Ashe is good. Taking advantage of Volley's cooldown and Ashe's low DPS is the best thing you can do. You'll want to try to get an advantage before level 6, for once Ashe reaches level 6, she will be a lot stronger. Your ultimates are similar, but hers stops you from attacking and has better range, so she's stronger. So be careful about having low HP. Be sure to have wards to spot the enemy jungler early, as a jungle gank onto an Ashe ultimate arrow stun is almost always deadly. Don't let her get to your tower either because that stun can allow easy tower dives. [img=champ/caitlyn.png] [highlight]Caitlyn[/highlight] Caitlyn out-ranges you, and will be putting out the damage when you go for minion kills. You can't really do anything before level 6 against her. If she has her passive proc on, then avoid her until she uses it on a minion; it isn't worth getting hit by those. If she doesn't have sustain on her side, then try to get charged [number]Q[/number] pokes onto her. Other than that, auto-attacking her in lane will lead to your loss. Just try to stay as farmed as her by level 6. Once you get your ultimate, you can try to force fights with it if you're as itemized as her or if your support is stronger in fights. But really, at this point she's still almost just as strong as you, so you'll need the fight in your favor. You want to [number]Q[/number] poke her beforehand so that you have more HP. [img=champ/draven.png] [highlight]Draven[/highlight] [highlight]TRY TO AVOID HIS Q HITTING YOU.[/highlight] That shit hurts. You won't be able to match Draven in a straight fight because he has really high DPS and good disengage. If he moves too far forward to try to hit you, try to [number]E[/number] preemptively so that once he hits you with Q, he's slowed, can't catch another Q, and is vulnerable for your support to come back you up. Draven is really vulnerable when he goes for minion kills since all his damage comes from auto-attacks and because he has to catch his axe; harass him when he auto-attacks minions, then run like hell. Be careful of his burst at level 6. It's deceptively strong with QER. [img=champ/ezreal.png] [highlight]Ezreal[/highlight] The key to beating Ezreal is to avoid any chances of him using his Mystic Shot Q. Always have minions in-between you and him. Outside of his Q, his auto-attacks are very average, and your auto-attack pokes can whittle him down with greater range and damage. Be careful about him jumping to you with his Arcane Shift E and forcing a fight, especially because it has a lot of burst damage. If your minion line is about to die, retreat so he doesn't jump on you with it. Be careful of when he's in the brush after level 6, as he can sneak cast his ultimate on you without you seeing it. Ezreal's defensive stats and auto-attack animation are pretty weak, so take advantage of those and try to attack him if he goes in to last hit minions, but don't let him get the chance to Q you. Be aware of when he's out of mana, as Ezreal is extremely weak without mana. [img=champ/graves.png] [highlight]Graves[/highlight] Graves is a pretty good match-up in favor of Varus pre-level 6 (after that, it's a losing match-up though). At range, you beat him. Simple as that. You can poke him down with auto-attacks, as there's a pretty decent range difference between you two. Just get a single auto-attack in when he needs to go for minions, and then back off. And your [number]E[/number] from afar does more damage than his Buckshot early on, especially if you have [number]W[/number] procs on him. So your auto-attacks and your abilities do more damage. [number]Note that Buckshot is Graves' main damage, so if he wastes it on minions, go aggressive on him until its off cooldown.[/number] The main problem with Graves early on is that he can force fights. If a fight is favorable for him, he can dash in and do a point blank Buckshot on you for a lot of damage, and then you can't fight back if he takes advantage of a situation in his favor. You want to make sure that these situations in his favor don't pop up. Stay nearby your support, and don't be aggressive when Graves has a lot of minions. If he tries to charge in and burst in unfavorable situations, then your total DPS should beat his if you use your abilities and [number]W[/number] procs correctly. Also be careful of aggressive enemy supports like Leona and Taric. They can allow Graves to easily dive in to have an even more advantageous fight. Against match-ups like those, you want to kite and not get caught by a CC. But after level 6 you just lose. Literally, you can be 2 kills' worth of gold ahead but still be equal if not behind in power after level 6. This is because Graves' ultimate is much more useful in a bottom lane fight with its pure damage, while your ultimate is focused on non-stunning CC. And then Buckshot becomes crazy strong. So very rarely can you fight him at this stage. Just try to work around your ultimate and use it to initiate allied jungle ganks, but remember that he has a dash to escape. [img=champ/kogmaw.png] [highlight]Kog'Maw[/highlight] DO NOT let Kog'Maw farm freely early on. He's incredibly strong past level 6, and you don't want to let him get there easily. Before then and without his W, his auto-attack range is only 500 while yours is 575, so take advantage of this and auto-attack harass him a lot when he goes to last hit minions. If he uses his W, then you'll probably need to stay away from him until it wears off, as he will out-range and pretty much out-damage you. Before level 6, minions will usually dissuade him from chasing you too far to harass you. Once his W wears off, he's quite defenseless, so harass him like crazy; you can notice because W gives him a slight red tint on his body. Be aware that when you kill Kog'Maw, he will have his explosion passive that can usually kill you if you've been trading equally. So try to kill him from afar if possible. You can also try to juke through the brush if he's following you. If you're going to Flash, wait for him to about to explode, and then Flash right before so he can't chase you afterwards. Past level 6, Kog'Maw gets incredibly strong because his ultimate does incredible harass damage. Always be aware of its possibility of use, and be ready to dodge. If he spams it, follow his mana, as Kog'Maw's ultimate costs A LOT of mana. His W also gets very strong too, so you can barely fight him when he has it on, and with his E slow, he can harass you without you having the ability to counterattack. If his W is down and you're strong enough to fight him, try to catch him with your ultimate, as he's much weaker in a fight without his W. Just be sure to use your [number]E[/number] early so he can't run away, as his own E slow may prevent you from jumping on him. [img=champ/missfortune.png] [highlight]Miss Fortune[/highlight] Varus does pretty well against Miss Fortune. You can trade better than her because your auto-attacks combined with abilities are stronger than hers. But her passive movement speed lets her dodge charged [number]Qs[/number] easily, so don't use those on her. If you will [number]Q[/number] her, then do so after you've damaged her so she's slower. Don't stand with minions in-between you and her, or you'll get hit by her Q poke; try to stand to the side or diagonally of them. Be careful for extended battles with her, as her auto-attacks will build more damage with her attack speed buff and increasing on-hit damage, so don't push too far forward in lane and don't fight without many minions so you can easily retreat. Your [number]E[/number] also helps a lot in disengaging. [img=champ/sivir.png] [highlight]Sivir[/highlight] You out-range her hard, so just auto-attack her. If she gets close to try to hit you, just back off because her Ricochet W resets her auto-attack animation and allows her to do more damage than you. Don't use your abilities for the most part because she has her spell shield; just wait for her to waste it before you use any. Be careful about being hit by her Boomerang Blade Q when there are no minions between you and her, as that'll chunk you. If you want to hit your ultimate onto her to get a jungle gank off, try to bait her to spell shield your [number]Q[/number] by charging it up slightly so she sees it and letting it go. Also, be careful about extending far in the lane when she can kill you, as she can ultimate for the movement speed and then chase you down. If you see that she's spamming her Q, then keep an eye on her mana. When she's out of mana, she's useless, and take a chance to go on the offensive then and don't let her recall. If she has 65 mana, she can Spell Shield, so don't use any abilities until she wastes it. [img=champ/tristana.png] [highlight]Tristana[/highlight] You want to avoid getting into auto-attack trades with Tristana. This isn't because she will win them, but because it's much more dangerous for you to be at low HP than it is for her. She will burst you down and kill you if you aren't careful. So just try to charge [number]Q[/number] hit her from afar to weaken her. If she does use her Explosive Shot E on you, then just try to be aggressive on her for the next few seconds because it has a really long cooldown. Don't stand around your minions when they're low on HP, since her last hits will put damage onto you. At level 6, her burst gets even larger, so be more careful. You may want to get more potions than usual. [img=champ/twitch.png] [highlight]Twitch[/highlight] Twitch shouldn't be a hard lane, but a big problem with him is that if you don't take advantage of his weaker early game, he will rip apart your team mid and late game because his ultimate, Spray and Pray, is so powerful. Twitch has high DPS in extended engagements because of his passive's power in higher stack values and because of his Expunge dealing one of the highest damages if he gets all his stacks on you. So try to avoid long battles, but this does not mean avoid being aggressive as Twitch has no upfront burst like Corki or Graves. Either burst him with a few auto-attacks and [number]E[/number] or snipe him with [number]Q[/number] from afar. Retreat promptly after the majority of your damage or your abilities are used. Take advantage of your minions so if he tries to fight for too long your minions will rip him apart. Mind his stealth too. If you can't see Twitch, then stay close to your minions and to your support so that if he pops out of stealth to battle, you'll have an advantage. Note when he goes into brushes too, as he could stealth quickly in there and sneak out while you think he's sitting in it. If you don't have many minions and can't see Twitch, retreat to the next upcoming wave of yours. But all this fear of his extended DPS doesn't apply if you have a burst support like Alistar or Leona. In longer fights with those supports, you'll simply burst him down with Varus' high ability damage before he can do anything because Twitch is very squishy. [img=champ/urgot.png] [highlight]Urgot[/highlight] Urgot will kick your ass. You can't win in an upfront fight at any point of the laning phase, as his passive and ultimate armor buff make you useless against him. He wins at harassing whenever you go in for minion kills. Really, the only thing you can do is just survive and hope you scale better than he does later on. If his misses his Corrosive Charge E, then you have a few seconds of free time to get minion kills while he can't kill you. Also, his mana tends to be really bad until he gets a Tear of the Goddess on his first back or so, so maybe try to get an advantage before then. You can try to [number]Q[/number] harass him, but again, it's very difficult to win upfront fights against you, so that harass could be useless. [number]Q[/number] could be better off used to get minion kills. Outside of the laning phase, be aware that getting close to Urgot allows him to use his ultimate on you and probably launch you in the middle of his team to die. [img=champ/vayne.png] [highlight]Vayne[/highlight] You're stronger than Vayne early on, even when she uses Tumble. Auto-attack her during her minion kills, and depend on using quick [number]Qs[/number] to proc [number]W[/number] stacks. Her Tumble will get her a bit of damage, but your abilities and her extremely low defensive stats should still put your damage higher than hers. Her Tumble or passive movement speed may help her dodge charged [number]Qs[/number], so opt to use [number]E[/number] more instead. Don't stand near walls. At level 6, don't be at low HP in lane or she can chase you down with bonus movement speed and kill you. She will be stronger at this point if you can't CC her down or weaken her before an engagement, so try to avoid duels or extending too far in lane. If you're dueling her, refrain from using your ultimate until after she Tumbles so she doesn't dodge it. [title]Enemy Supports[/title] [img=champ/alistar.png] [highlight]Alistar[/highlight] Be sure to have a ward in your lane brush so Alistar doesn't zone you out of it. If he goes into your lane brush, just hit him from a distance until he leaves. He shouldn't want to fight you on your side of the minions if you and your support are even close to the fighting power of him and his AD. Don't stand near walls, or he will Headbutt you into them and Pulverize, leaving you vulnerable for a good 3 seconds. Once he reaches level 6, don't let him get to your tower while you're low. His ultimate can tank tower hits. Also do not try to kill him when his ultimate is up. Just focus the enemy AD instead, or you'll waste damage on a target you can't kill. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] [highlight]Blitzcrank[/highlight] Most of Blitzcrank support is just his grab. You must always be aware of whether he can grab you or not. Having a ward in your side's brush can prevent him from zoning you out with it. Don't do anything without minions in-between you and him to prevent his grab. If your lane is pushed towards their side, be careful of Blitzcrank using the Overdrive movement speed buff to run past your minion line to get in range to grab or to just punch you and continuously CC you; so when your lane is pushed up, be wary and space yourself well. Also be careful of when you're close to his tower, as the grab can get you under it. If he misses his grab, then it's pretty much a 2v1 with your support and you vs. their AD carry in harassments for 10+ seconds if you stay out of close-range range of Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank doesn't provide any sustain either, so try to fit in pokes to the enemy AD or Blitzcrank (if safe from his grab) for permanent damage. [img=champ/janna.png] [highlight]Janna[/highlight] Her shield lets her AD come out on top of trades. Try to bait the shield by looking as if you're going to auto-attack the enemy by making forward movements. Or just put in little single auto-attacks until she uses it. Once the duration is done and her shield is on cooldown, try to inflict damage onto the enemy with your [number]W[/number] procs and [number]E[/number]. But the cooldown window is very small, so you'll need to be quick and not commit too hard. You can also just attack the target that wasn't shielded if he/she is in range. Be careful of her slow, as it can cause you to die from a chase if you're too low on HP or if your support isn't with you. [img=champ/leona.png] [highlight]Leona[/highlight] Leona is a pain in the ass. If you get caught by her, there's a good chance you'll either blow a Summoner Spell or just die. And then she actually scales decently into the late game. Try to get your brush warded, and just poke her down with charged [number]Qs[/number] if she tries to zone you. If she misses her Zenith Blade E, then try to get as many auto-attacks onto her or the enemy AD as possible until its cooldown is up because she'll be useless unless she walks right up to your face and hits you. Fit in as much pokes as possible since Leona can't sustain. Try to damage her as much as possible before she reaches level 2 so that her HP is too low to dive you. Leona can't do much level 1 without being in your face. [img=champ/sona.png] [highlight]Sona[/highlight] Sona has crazy harass damage, so try to avoid getting near her or harassing when she's close by. But her Q has really short range, so it's easy for her to waste it on minions. If that happens, then you'll get a window where you can attack her and the enemy AD. Her sustain isn't too strong, so using [number]Q[/number] can be beneficial. Usually kill supports make really short work of her too, so getting [number]E[/number] for the burst and CC to hurt her more when she's caught can easily kill her. [img=champ/soraka.png] [highlight]Soraka[/highlight] Soraka is weakest early in the laning phase. You want to try to be as aggressive as possible before her heal gives crazy amounts of armor. Be sure to coordinate with your support to do so, or you'll just end up 1v1 trading against an opponent with a heal. If a Soraka tries to go for a clutch heal, try to use your [number]E[/number] early to lower its effectiveness. After you see the enemy receive a heal, just back off, since that armor buff will make the enemy win trades. After it wears off, abuse the enemy laner, as it's basically a 2v1 until that heal comes back. [img=champ/taric.png] [highlight]Taric[/highlight] Taric has sustain, but it's very mana-intensive. If he is healing constantly, then he will have little mana to stun and Shatter, and vice-versa. Keep an eye on his mana and note when it's low so you can start playing aggressively. Beating Taric requires good cooperation with your support. Taric can easily capitalize on you being out of position and force 1v2s with his stun, allowing the enemy AD to get free harass damage on you. But if the Taric stuns with himself out of position, then the enemy AD cannot attack you while you're stunned, which takes a big advantage out of Taric's arsenal. But only cooperation with your support at this opportunity will make it an advantage, as without your support it's still 1v1. Note Taric's burst damage at level 6. He can do very high damage with his ultimate + Shatter, which may not kill you, but a follow-up with the enemy AD definitely can. keep yourself healthy with lifesteal or potions, and don't be too far forward and stunnable when low.

If you're still laning with both towers up, then you want to be sure to have wards up at this time. Jungler ganks are deadly at this post-level 6 phase, the mid lanes will probably be doing ganks, and Dragon will be contested and ninja-killable (a.k.a. sneaked) with small teams. [imgsmall=items/vision-ward.png]Vision Wards will be strong items at this point to open up ganks against your enemies, but they're expensive, so just ask your support to get them. [title]When To Take the Enemy Tower:[/title] [.]When you have your Core AD Item [.]If your team's other lanes aren't doing so well [.]If the enemy is reliant on the neutral monster buff on their bottom side (Blue team has Red buff, and Purple has Blue buff) [.]When you want to apply Dragon pressure [.]If the enemy bottom lanes are stronger is smaller-scale fights (usually happens when their support is offensive or your support is defensive, as defensive supports like Janna are better in team fights instead of duels) [title]Post-Laning Phase[/title] [.]Farm farm farm. Get those last hits. Only not farm when an objective is being contested, like Dragon, mid tower, or a nearby jungle buff (for bottom lane, they're blue side's Lizard Elder and purple side's Ancient Golem). [.]If teams aren't grouping, then don't push if you're farming. The minions will come to you even if you sit there. But if an objective is being contested, push your lane. [.]If your support isn't too reliable or if he's not following you at all times, consider buying a ward to safely farm. [.]Once the laning phase ends, farming turns a bit different. You'll want to find lanes that are pushing towards you and push them back towards the enemy ASAP. But be careful since that leaves your team in a 4v5 while you go farm. Be sure an objective isn't being forced. [.]Usually you'll want to take the secondary towers once enemy champions are dead or once your team is pushing as a group. It's usually too risky to get them on your own since the enemy can easily get behind you while you're too far to run. If you push up to the secondary tower but can't take it down, then just roam to mid lane and help push that tower down or try to take the enemy jungle creeps (with ward safety so you don't get caught). [highlight]Be aware of how strong an enemy team's total DPS is.[/highlight] This way, you can judge the approximate point of the game at which they can try to Baron, and in turn avoid going too far and allowing them to sneak one. Only ask for your team's Red buff if your team is roaming as a group or if an objective is going to be forced soon. Otherwise, you don't need Red to farm.

[highlight]Farming[/highlight] You'll still be farming until you max out your items, but be much more careful on how you farm. Don't go bottom lane to farm when the enemy team has the potential to kill Baron. Try to get as many Red buffs as possible at this point. Always be sure where the enemy team is, and if you don't know the approximate area of the map they're in, then you need more wards. If there's even a slight possibility they are somewhere, then don't go there. Don't facecheck brushes. If anyone on your team is going to explore areas of the map you don't have vision of, then go as 5 with the tanky champion leading. Remember that your [number]Q[/number] can check brushes with sound-on-hit. If the enemy has Oracles and is clearing out your wards, try to bait him into killing a ward and then catch him with your ultimate. However, this'll only work if the enemy team doesn't jump you when you're jumping on the support. The key is to kill the guy and then back out before any committed fighting happens, or you'll be down a really strong ultimate. [highlight]Baron Nashor[/highlight] For Baron, you'll always want a ward on him. If the enemy sends a champion bottom lane or has a champion go back who does not have [imgsmall=summoners/teleport.png]Teleport, then you can try to Baron and force the enemy team to either let you have a free Baron or to fight a 4v5 in your favor. If you're trying to kill Baron as soon as possible, then proc your [number]W[/number] stacks. If there is a chance for a team fight, then save your abilities, as they have moderately high cooldowns that you don't want to waste and not have for a fight. [highlight]Sieging Towers[/highlight] If your team is pushing down a tower, it's important that you hit the tower. The ranged AD usually focuses on killing the tower safely if there isn't a team fight yet. But make sure you won't get caught by a CC or initiate; also factor in Flash distance with these CCs. Be especially careful when you have very few minions remaining tanking a tower. Enemies tend to try to force initiations at this time so the tower will hit your team once it finishes with minions. If you're waiting for the next minion wave, then harass the enemy with [number]Q[/number] while you wait. But if the next minion wave is really far away, then your entire team might as well migrate to another tower; another option is to get a single member to separate and push the minions of another tower while the rest of your team plays safely to not get into a man-down fight.

[title]Before the Fight[/title] Prior to a team fight, be sure to poke the enemy team with your [number]Q[/number]. Weakening them down like this is really helpful and can turn the favor of fights around before they even start. Also, you want to look to see if the enemy carries are overextending. If they expose themselves, then you could try to catch them with your ultimate. But be careful, if you miss, then you lose a lot of team fight strength that you could have. [title]During the Fight[/title] [highlight]Team fights for AD carries are all about positioning and staying alive.[/highlight] Getting shots in while you can be safe or while you're kite-moving is important too. Positioning is especially necessary for Varus, as you have no movement abilities. You must not get caught by people who can kill you, and this includes people who can CC you so people who can kill you can do so. Consider entering a fight later than you're used to so an enemy doesn't immediately jump onto you. Be especially aware of those with gap closers, like assassins. A good rule of thumb is to just attack the closest target. Don't chase low targets into the enemy team if you'll get caught doing so; just switch to the closest target. If the only safe target is a tank, that's fine; your job is to melt the tanks, and aiming for carries is only important if you can do so safely, which is rarely an option. If no targets are safe to hit, then just [number]Q[/number] from a distance until it becomes safe, such as an assassin wasting their gap closer on someone else. Try to focus a single target or the target that everyone else is focusing if it's safe. This way you can get a kill as soon as possible and get your passive attack speed steroid, which will increase your DPS output by A LOT. [title]Abilities[/title] Try to use your abilities after every 3 auto-attacks on a target to take advantage of your [number]W[/number], but don't force yourself to do only that; first and foremost, use your abilities when you need them. Don't bother charging your [number]Q[/number] unless you're trying to snipe an enemy or if gap closing champions are zoning you; you'll get more DPS from auto-attacking than from charging. Your [number]E[/number] can be used to block off escape/entry routes, to slow the enemy team after they get caught by a CC, or to slow/zone/kite champions running at your face. [highlight]Your [number]E[/number] combos well with your ultimate onto a cluttered team, as the AoE slow will prevent the enemies from moving away from the ultimate's CC spread, locking them all down.[/highlight] [highlight]BE SURE TO HIT YOUR ULTIMATE.[/highlight] Varus' ultimate is extremely strong, and really if you don't hit it your team loses a ton of power. Varus' ultimate is like 60% of Varus' contribution to a fight. So go for the safe hit instead of the risky one. Use the ultimate at the most appropriate time, which would be to either catch a squishy, important target or to catch a large group of enemies. It's difficult to gauge when to use your ultimate though. Here are some good times: [highlight]When to use your ultimate:[/highlight] [.]To catch enemy carries [.]As a follow-up to another AoE CC ultimate (Amumu, Galio, Leona, etc.) [.]To immobilize fleeing, almost dead targets [.]When the fight is at a stand-still (which will be when both sides think that it's good to fight, or when the carries would think to stop and attack) [.]When the enemy team is running at yours (counter-initiate) [.]To immobilize someone attacking you (try to leave this up to your support, though)

Yes, I'm very late in posting one, and I probably should have posted one a long time ago. However, I've been wanting to do a video instead of just a replay and was hoping my computer/uploading limitations would change when I moved as of a few weeks ago, but they both still suck and will continue to suck. So a replay has to suffice with no commentary. I can put notes, though. [highlight]Notes:[/highlight] [.]I level 1 fight Tristana because I do more auto-attack damage than her, because I'm out of range of minions while she isn't, and because Taric isn't close to use abilities and make it a 1v2. Admittedly I expected her to get Explosive Shot instead of Rocket Jump first, so it could have been risky if Sona wasn't in position to burst Tristana when she jumped in. [.]Because of my HP advantage from the level 1 exchange, I stay in positions to both get minion kills when they pop up and harass Tristana if she goes in for her own minion kills. [.]I poke down large waves when they're pushing towards me, but I don't clear them fully so that they'll keep pushing towards me, making me safer from ganks and able to deny Tristana. Make note to kill melee minions if you're about to approach tower, as they're really hard to stop from getting in range while tanking them. [.]I suck at hitting my Qs this game. I whiff my ultimates a lot because I don't give a crap because I'm in the lead. [.]Yes, my support is doing work. [.]Taric isn't syncing well with his AD, as usually when I get stunned Tristana isn't in the position to capitalize on it soon enough and hit me while I'm stunned. I usually come out of stun by the time she starts hitting me, allowing me to fight back. [.]Sona is dealing good harass damage, like a Sona should, and I'm usually staying in a position where I can promptly enter a fight if they stun or jump onto her and waste all their burst and escapes. [.]When Tristana first recalls, I push my lane to her tower so she loses minions, then I go back promptly in order to not get behind in items and thus in power. [.]I maintain my farm and try to keep the minions away from my tower throughout the game, even after the laning phase. [.]Whenever I see Xin Zhao, I am (usually) careful and aware of his cooldown on his charge gap closer before I get near or hit him. [.]Minions, effective uses of slows, trading aggro between running and hitting, and avoiding gap closers allow us to kite Xin in the bottom lane fight. [.]My team fighting is pretty poor; I should have been more aware of Malphite ultimate and waited for it to be used before I approached any fight, and I should have fought targets while staying away from Xin Zhao until he did not have his dash.

Feel free to ask questions, leave suggestions, or give comments about the guide or Varus as a whole. This is my second guide to Solomid, and I hope to improve it later as I get even more experience with Varus. I'm pretty much checking this guide every 50 minutes of my life, so I'll probably get back to feedback left behind.

[.][number]2/28/2013[/number] - Edited the Tl;dr parts of the guide: runes, masteries, and skill order. [.][number]1/31/2013[/number] - Changed a lot of stuff in the Item Build section. Homeguard is really good since 475g is nothing late game. [.][number]1/16/2013[/number] - With Yellowpete's influence and some testing, replaced ArPen Marks with Attack Speed in the Runes section. Mentioned 21/5/4 in the Masteries section. [.][number]1/3/2013[/number] - Edited around the Early Game Items in the Item Builds section. Formatted the Early Game and Mid Game sections with bullets to make it easier to read. Added Draven to the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]1/2/2013[/number] - Happy New Year. Added a list of champions for flat MR and MR/level in the Runes section. Used bullets to shorten the Skills section. I hope to use bullets in basically all my tl;dr sections eventually to make them shorter. [.][number]12/17/2012[/number] - Adjusted to the Black Cleaver nerf, though it's still strong. Made Brutalizer situational. Replaced Mercurial Scimitar with only Quicksilver Sash. Added Enchantment: Distortion to items. Added Barrier to Summoner Spells instead of Heal. Changed back to Flat AD Quintessences. [highlight]Changed to sexy background.[/highlight] [.][number]12/10/2012[/number] - Made the big changes to my Varus guide for Season 3. Fixed up the Item Build, a bit of Runes, Masteries, Skill Order, and Early Game sections. Took out some pictures because I'm lazy. [.][number]12/4/2012[/number] - Made small speculative changes for the start of Season 3. I will update later once I play more. [.][number]10/31/2012[/number] - Changed a bit of stuff around in the Lane Match-Ups section. I've recently come to "epiphanies" with playing Varus and have been doing very well, so I'm hoping to sometime do a large revamp of the guide. Maybe once the new skin comes out or if I try to make 2100 Elo for Featured or something. But at the very least, the guide in its current state is 85% good enough, albeit longer and more wordier than it needs to be. [.][number]10/16/2012[/number] - Pretty large update. Changed the Skill Order, Item Build, and some Masteries. As for sections, I changed bits in the Introduction, Masteries, Skills, Skill Order, Item Builds, Mid Game, and Team Fights sections. [.][number]9/3/2012[/number] - Updated the Introduction to more accurately assess and summarize Varus' role and playstyle from his strengths and weaknesses. Added a tidbit on 21/0/9 on the Masteries section. Took out the Favorable Match-Ups in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]8/8/2012[/number] - Added elaboration on maxing W first in the Skill Order section and made small changes around the section. [.][number]8/7/2012[/number] - Changed the Skill Order for like the 5th time. Elaborated more in the Skill Order section to help educate a decision on which to max first. Added a level 2 Q damage change thanks to thresholden. Added Taric to Enemy Supports in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]8/6/2012[/number] - Added a replay! Sorry it's late. [.][number]8/1/2012[/number] - Updated the Graves and Ezreal to Enemy ADs in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]7/18/2012[/number] - Reworked Twitch added to Enemy ADs in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]7/7/2012[/number] - Changed around the Item Builds section according to the new information by The Different View on Reign of Gaming that Last Whisper usually does more damage than The Bloodthirster in most situations (>37 armor vs. unstacked; >100 armor vs. fully stacked). [.][number]7/6/2012[/number] - Cleaned up all the sections prior to the Skill Order section to take out outdated or irrelevant information for better readability. Added Exhaust in the Summoner Spells section. Took out ArPen Quintessences in the Runes section. Edited the skill values in the Skills section. [.][number]7/5/2012[/number] - Added The Bloodthirster + Phantom Dancer as an alternative to Infinity Edge. Added Banshee's Veil to the Situational Items in the Items Builds Section. [.][number]6/30/2012[/number] - Added 21/9/0 to the Masteries section. Edited the Skills, Lane Match-Ups, and Early Game sections according to new thought processes on abilities (Q for poking, E for trading). Took out the Combos sub-section in the Early Game section and simply listed pros and cons for harassment methods and specified on how to use Varus' ultimate in lane. [.][number]6/24/2012[/number] - Total Skill Order revamp that I've been meaning to do for a while. [.][number]6/23/2012[/number] - Fixed the Q Skill Order image (originally was just two E skilling). [.][number]6/13/2012[/number] - Added Graves to Enemy ADs in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]6/3/2012[/number] - Slight revamp: changed Summoner Spells with switching Heal for Ignite; changed Masteries from 21/0/9 to 21/3/6; added Frozen Mallet to Situational Items in the Item Builds. [.][number]6/2/2012[/number] - Added Ezreal and Kog'Maw and edited Ashe, Vayne, and a bit of Sivir to Enemy ADs in the Lane Match-Ups section. Removed Vayne from the Favorable Match-Ups in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]5/30/2012[/number] - Added Soraka to Enemy Supports in the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]5/27/2012[/number] - Added some stuff to Harassing in the Early Game section. Added Blitzcrank to Enemy Supports in the Lane Match-Ups section. Added an ultimate range tip. [.][number]5/26/2012[/number] - Accentuated the viability of maxing E first in the Introduction. Removed the apology from the Introduction because it's outdated. Added some stuff in the Introduction, Skills, and Team Fights sections with focusing targets for quick kills for Varus' passive steroid. Added a tip to hitting Q in the Skills section. Added Good Supports to Have to the Lane Match-Ups section. Removed Graves from the Unfavorable/Difficult Match-Ups of the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]5/17/2012[/number] - Set W as maxed last in Skill Order and put a build with maxing E first. Changed Masteries and Lane Match-Ups accordingly. Changed a bit of information in the Skills section. Added my skill order apology in the Introduction. Added Urgot to the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]5/16/2012[/number] - Finally gave in and made maxing Q first an option. Changed the Masteries and Skill Order accordingly. Made Flat AD Quintessences the primary choice, though ArPen are better for experienced players. Added the Lane Match-Ups section. [.][number]5/13/2012[/number] - Added some tiny stuff to the Skills section and the Pros and Cons of the Introduction. Made Flat AD Quintessences a viable choice. [.][number]5/11/2012[/number] - Replaced Flat AD Marks and Quintessences with Armor Penetration after Chaox and Bidorr The Great advocated it. [.][number]5/10/2012[/number] - Added more to the Mid Game, Late Game, and Team Fights sections thanks to IJunglerSoraka's suggestion and later Approval. Thank you. Added more titles to make the blocks of text easier to read. Added cooldowns to the Skills section and some other Summoner Spell options at Lacksadaisy's suggestion. Changed that E does not give vision of the area that it lands in! [.][number]5/9/2012[/number] - Guide created! Submitted for Approval slightly later. Made a Skill Order change as per Catmurderer's suggestion.

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