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Zyra Mid Lane For People With Trust Issues

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Updated 1 year ago
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Hello, I'm thebowman42. I am a Platinum level player on the NA servers. I live in Sasebo, Japan. I was big into this game during season 3 and I have just recently started playing again in season 5. This guide is about playing Zyra Mid lane. There are lots of guides on Zyra as a support, but not many for Zyra as a mid laner. During season 3 I had 479 ranked games with zyra and reached platinum 1 starting from bronze 3. This guide is targeted toward low elo players looking for creative ways of building Zyra in order to carry games. Zyra is a very powerful aoe mage capable of deleting carries and providing lots of utility for her team, but lacks mobility and health. Her strengths and weaknesses are: [center]Strengths: * Long auto attack range and ability range *High Damage and CC *Can 100-0 most mid laners with 1 item *Resistant to ganks due to her high aoe damage *Is so good in teamfights. If you think she's good in teamfights as a support, she's a god as a mid laner *Plants give good sustained damage *Her W [img=skills/zyra/w.png] gives vision and passive CDR *Her passive is good for hitting those guys that survive Weaknesses: *Low base HP *Low Base Movement Speed *Only escapes are her E [img=skills/zyra/e.png] and her R [img=skills/zyra/r.png] (She's kinda weak if she uses her ult to escape) *If you build full damage, you can [img=summoners/flash.png] steal dragons/baron with your full combo, usually killing the people trying to take it, and that just makes the game unfair. [/center]

I hope someone actually finds this guide useful for getting out of low elo. If you don't agree with something I said, or if I missed something important, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it and I will give you credit. Keep in mind that the best way to improve is to take responsibility for you losses. Just because one person on your team may be having a bad game, doesn't mean that you would lose even if you were better. I've lost so many games that I've played mid because I was too focused on winning my lane than helping bottom lane. I could have won so many games by just being better at carrying my team. Losing is something that happens. It can't be helped. Take every loss as a chance to see what you could improve on.

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