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Graggy Ice, Top Lane AP Alcoholic. [5.11]

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Hey guys, cheeseFIZZ aka big goose here with a guide for my boy Gragas. Right now a lot of people will tell you that Gragas is a tanky jungler and that is the only way he should ever be played. To that I say, \"fuck you, you don't know my story\". Gragas is a beautiful, majestic, alcoholic AP top laner and that's all that matters. If you follow these easy steps you'll be slam jamming kiddies (pls don't actually slam kids...) and gaining ELO ez pz. A little backstory on my boy Gragas, I've been playing Gragas since season 2 and he's been my most played champion across every season I've ever touched ranked, barring this season as I've not really touched the ranked scene in a bit. Basically I've got all the tips, tricks and tidbits of info you'll need to properly dish out some delicious hoppy flavored justice. Enjoy the guide, leave a like if you enjoy and remember \"The only time I have a drinking problem when I spill it!\" Leave a comment below with the champion you want me to cover for my next in depth guide. Thanks for reading!

You have to be one with the Gragas. You have to truly take over the lifestyle, and you have to be ready to have fun. Basically not for the weakminded and lame META players. You too can be the alcoholic that I am. All you need to do is throw away your inhibitions and take up the drink. Also you gotta play with some swagger, don't play not to lose. You gotta play to win and win by such a large margin that Riot basically offers you Rank 5 Mastery of this fat bastard for free. Do not go softly into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the party. - Gragas 2015

So for the early part of the game you're gonna want to try to land your Q on both the enemy laner AND the minions. You can try to push as hard as you can and roam around level 6, or you can play passive and let it come to you. You're super strong at level 9 with your rank 5 barrel. Once you pick up catalyst you'll have a ton of sustain from both your passive and Catalyst passive. Its smooth sailing after Rod of Ages. Remember to ward up the river, you can be ganked pretty easily pre level 6.

Once you finish 2 items your Drunken Rage aka Keg Smash will deal some real damage. Its hard to trade with you and you can delete squishies completely with your full combo. Try to look for the backline and hope they don't kill you. It's a spooky world out there my friends.

Late game you need to understand your role. You are a ranged poker/sieger with good engage potential and insane AoE burst. Your W will delete someone with Lich Bane and you can easily peel for your backline while also dealing damage to their backline. Good kiting potential.


So in conclusion, I hope I convinced you to atleast try out this guide. Please don't mind my persona, as I will be making more guides if this guide is popular. I try to embody the champion that I'm playing to properly convey the ideas I want to get across. Don't forget to leave a like and try my boy Graggy Ice out. GL HF and please, Drink Responsibly. Stay thirsty my friends.

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