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Off-Meta Masters: AP Ezreal: The Comprehensive Guide

Updated 1 year ago

Hey there! I am TheHyperAwesomeX, and this is the first part of my Off-Meta Masters series, where I teach you how too play champions and/or builds that don't fit on most people's radars now. These builds will be in depth and unique. Please note that I am not responsible for any losses you may get from this build. Try it in normals first, then do it in ranked. This guide is updated as much as possible to Preseason 6, but I cannot be 100% sure. I have a PBE account, but due to high ping I rarely play on it. Any comments about it would be extremely helpful. Anyway, let's talk about the Pros and Cons of AP Ezreal. [b][big] Pros [/big][/b] [b]Insane Damage[/b] - AP Ezreal puts out some of the highest, most reliable damage in the game. [b]Extremely Safe[/b] - As AP Ez, you can stay out of most fights and still destroy the enemy team. [b]Ungankable[/b] - With E and Flash, you can easily escape any ganks that come from anywhere. [b]Kiting[/b] - AP Ez can kite as well, using E over walls chunks enemies and can lead to flashy plays. [b]Powerful Lategame[/b] - While AD Ez falls off pretty hard lategame, AP Ez gets even stronger with 1-shot Ults. [big][b]Cons[/b][/big] [b]No Waveclear[/b] - Other than ult, AP Ez has no waveclear throughout the entire game. [b]Squishy[/b] - A Vi or Warwick can easily catch you out and destroy you. [b]Skillshot Reliant[/b] - If you aren't good at landing skillshots, Ez is not for you. [b]High Risk, High Reward[/b] - An AP Ez cannot do anything once he falls 2+ kills behind. You become a walking gold sack for the enemy team. Now that that's finished, let's look at some sets for runes and masteries.

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