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Mid lane Galio [4.21 Updated]

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In this guide you will find some tips using the gargoyle as a mid laner, item builds etc. Feel free to post some feedback of the guide, your opinions, questions or anything else. Every feedback is welcomed and appreciated! [img=champ/galio.png] is a champion that does not get played too much, he is considered to be best in mid lane as an AP mid counter because of his passive, [img=skills/galio/p.png], which lets him build magic resist while still doing good damage, altough I also like him as a tank/utility support, however this guide will be about the mid lane role. He has it's strenghts, and of course it's weaknesses, but then again, so does every champion. I'm no pro here, but I've played LOTS of Galio games, it's a great pick, of course depending on the enemy team comp he could do better or worse, but it is a good pick overall and will get the AP carry job done properly. Feel free to try it out and give your opinions. [img=] [img=]

This can be the hard part of the game. You can run out of mana so easily early game so try not to spam too much or else you will end up almost helpless. Try to poke with your Q while at the same time last hitting minions for the gold. Use your W only to trade effectively or when you are sure you can get some decent health off of it. A good trick is to shield your jungler over the wall when he is doing the raptors (previously wraiths camp) for some easy and safe lane sustain. It's not recommended to use your E too much because its mana cost is too high, altough you should be able to Q > E combo the caster minions and kill them at champion level 5 which is why its worth having. (3 ranks on Q 1 on E, 1 on W)

It becomes really easy to farm if you have at least [img=items/chalice-of-harmony.png] or some other item that gives you flat mana or mana regen, Q>E combo the caster minions or simply Q them if [img=skills/galio/q.png] is maxed, they should die with enough AP, not much. A couple of autoattacks on the melee minions and a Q should finish them off. You can also put down a ward at the enemy raptors camp, Q>E over the wall to kill the little ones, it basically gives you a cannon minion gold each time they spawn. In my opinion this is the time Galio spikes in power. With just a couple of the right items can make the enemy team have a hard time killing you. [vid=]

you should be focusing on getting a good teamfight, your ultimate can devastate a whole enemy team is used in a good way. Try to use it when you know you wont be interrupted as soon as you activate it. It's really unfortunate when you are about to press R and lets say, Janna, decides the same thing, both of you ulting at the same time causing your channeling to get disrupted immediately. So basically teamfight and try to avoid ulting whenever it's not safe. (example: udyr [img=skills/udyr/e.png], blitzcrank [img=skills/blitzcrank/e.png], etc.

Teamfighting is pretty much straight forward, try to poke with your Q and E before engaging or getting engaged, shield your tank for him to initiate better or protect your allies when they get focused or even yourself. Seek the opportunity to position for a good [img=skills/galio/r.png], using [img=summoners/flash.png] makes this easier, locking down as many enemies as you can, piling them for your team to deal damage safely for a few seconds. Remember you can shield yourself for an extra AP bonus while you channel your ultimate, and recieve less damage. You can also use [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] after you finish channeling your to avoid getting focused right after the ultimate if necessary. Chase down any survivor with your E movement speed buff and slow them down with your Q. [vid=]

Galio's early game can be difficult with his mana issues, if the enemy can poke you freely either with autoattacks or with no mana consuming abilities you could find yourself very low on health or very low on mana if you decided to use [img=skills/galio/w.png] constantly to avoid some damage. Overcoming this is really important to get your necessary items faster and begin dominating your lane with your [img=skills/galio/q.png] high base damage and forcing the enemy out of the lane. You can poke at a safe distance during the late game and protect your allies pretty well with your shield. Overall Galio is a pretty good pick, of course if the enemy team is AP heavy you will likely dominate thanks to your passive, and even if the enemy is AD heavy you can still be pretty tanky and do good damage with the right items. Galio relies on a good teamwork, he could deal some great damage by himself with his ultimate, but if your team isn't able to follow up you are pretty much dead.

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