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[S3] [3.11 Patch] Their Death Awaits

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  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 6
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
  • 3
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
  • 9
    Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration (+0.9 Armor Penetration / +0.62 Magic Penetration)
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Greetings Summoners. Today I bring you a guide on how to go jungling with [imgsmall=champ/nasus.png]. He is a fun champion to play and can shut down ADC and Bruisers thanks to [imgsmall=skills/nasus/w.png]. Nasus jungle is considered to be OP as of late due to [imgsmall=skills/nasus/w.png]. His base lifesteal and abilities are great for clearing, and his base movement speed is pretty good as well. Nasus can also freely farm his [imgsmall=skills/nasus/q.png] in the jungle without having to deal with harass from a top laner. I was happy to see him played by [highlight]V Xmithie[/highlight] in the [highlight]LCS[/highlight]. All in all, Nasus jungle is great in the current meta and not too difficult for beginners. Check out this video where Vulcan Xmithie plays Nasus jungle! - [highlight]10/21/2013[/highlight] - Added "About Me" Chapter [highlight]10/19/2013[/highlight] - Updated Masteries [highlight]8/8/2013[/highlight] - Updated Item Builds, Skills in the Guide [highlight]8/5/2013[/highlight] - Updated Guide [Patch 3.10] [highlight]3/19/2013[/highlight] - Updated Guide [highlight]4/5/2013[/highlight] - Updated Masteries in the Guide [highlight]6/14/2013[/highlight] - Updated Item Builds, Masteries, and Runes in the Guide

I'm just somebody who loves playing League of Legends enough to dig deeper into the game and understand the concepts that make professionals so skilled. In a sense, i'm just like you guys. I hope that through this guide you'll learn how to play Nasus and climb elo with him! Below are my ranked stats with him so far, and it's not much but you can see my good ratios and win rate so at least there's some creditation to what I say in this guide :D [imgext=]

9 Hybrid Penetration Marks: I used to run Armor Penetration Marks, but I realized that I am getting 5.5 extra magic penetration for the sacrifice of 4 armor penetration. On Nasus, that is something i'll definitely be interested in. This will help his [imgsmall=skills/nasus/e.png] deal more magic damage whilst lowering their armor. With hybrid pen marks and Weapon's Expertise, they're pretty much at an extremely lower armor total anyways, so I opt for the extra magic penetration. 9 Flat Armor Seals: The jungle creeps deal physical damage. These runes increase your ability to sustain and should always be used when jungling. 6 Magic Resistance Per Level Glyphs: Standard Glyphs. +16 Magic Resistance at Lvl 18 is nice. 3 Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs: Something I noticed TSM TheOddOne using. I feel like a 8 MR sacrifice late game for 4 early is worth it, especially considering how i'm likely to build some MR at some point in the game. This merely helps you be a bit more tanky especially when you gank an AP lane. 3 Movement Speed Quintessences: These are to help improve your mobility. Nasus already has some good base movement speed but these give you the extra boost to help you land your [imgsmall=skills/nasus/w.png].

[title][img=skills/nasus/p.png] Passive: Soul Eater[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This passive is pretty self-explanatory. It gives Nasus extra lifesteal which is used to better sustain in the jungle and in skirmishes or teamfights. [title][img=skills/nasus/q.png] Q: Siphoning Strike[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This skill is what Nasus is known for. The more you farm it, the more damage it deals. Any good Nasus player will tell you that farming your Q is required. However, since we are taking Nasus and putting him in the jungle, this skill will not be the one maxed first. It is still important to farm it because we want to be able to deal damage late game. [title][img=skills/nasus/w.png] W: Wither[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Now this is what makes Nasus jungle, Nasus jungle. This should instill [highlight]fear[/highlight] into the mind's of the enemy. Any Nasus gank that correctly involves the use of this spell will either end in a kill or a flash CD, that's just the truth. We max this last because one point is all you need for full effectiveness of the skill. [title][img=skills/nasus/e.png] E: Spirit Fire[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Spirit Fire deals AoE magic damage in target area and shreds armor throughout the duration. This is perfect for clearing the jungle and also becomes very useful late game in almost any situation, whether it be teamfights, seiging, poking, etc. Max this first for better jungle clears and better ganks. [title][img=skills/nasus/r.png] R: Fury of the Sands[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ultimate grants Nasus extra health, AD and saps the life from nearby enemies. He converts some of this into extra damage. An [highlight]INCREDIBLE[/highlight] ultimate that can be used to health bait or just straight up tank during fights.

E-Q-W-E-E-R, Prioritizing R>E>Q>W

Start with [imgsmall=items/hunters-machete.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png]. Don't ask why, [highlight]just do it[/highlight]. The machete is essential for junglers because of the extra damage it provides through the early jungle clears. It also builds into [imgsmall=items/spirit-stone.png] which is a great item choice for [imgsmall=champ/nasus.png]. The extra health regen and mana regen is necessary since Nasus [highlight]will have some mana problems[/highlight]. [highlight]Question?[/highlight] Why not go [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png]? In my opinion, Madred's Razors are better for champions that AA to clear jungle camps (like Xin Zhao, Jarvan, etc.) Spirit Stone is more useful for junglers who need to spam spells in order to clear camps, like [imgsmall=champ/nasus.png] for example. I would not recommend using [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png] with Nasus. He just works better with a Spirit Stone. Moving On. On your first recall, you should have enough gold to upgrade your machete into [imgsmall=items/spirit-stone.png] and then pick up [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png]. You can now start working towards your [imgsmall=items/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.png]. The Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a great item for junglers who intend on tanking for their team. It provides great health, decent sustain through regen, extra damage to monsters, and most importantly - [highlight]TENACITY[/highlight]. Thanks to this item you don't have to spend [highlight]1,200 GOLD[/highlight] on Mercury's Treads, which are really only bought for the tenacity anyways since magic damage is so underpowered in this current meta. The new change in this patch is that Runic Bulwark is no longer available. However Aegis is still around and can be built into Locket of the Iron Solari. Of course, it doesn't compare to Runic Bulwark but that item was way too OP anyways. I feel like the game is so much more balanced now thanks to it. When you have the Ancient Golem, Ninja Tabi, and Locket, you should be pretty tanky. [highlight]This is the core build[/highlight]. You want to have these items going into the Mid Game or when the team groups up for fights. Another item that you should have by mid to late game is [img=items/glacial-shroud.png]. This is a really good item on [imgsmall=champ/nasus.png] because of the stats. You can sit on this for the mana, armor and cdr. It also has two possible build paths into either [imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png] or [imgsmall=items/frozen-fist.png]. You can finish it into one of these items if the game drags out. If you are in need of damage and want permaslows - [img=items/frozen-fist.png] If you are in need of armor, cdr, and the enemy has a lot of autoattackers - [img=items/frozen-heart.png] Like i've said in previous guides, [imgsmall=items/spirit-visage.png] is a nice item and can quite honestly work with almost any champion kit. We get this with Nasus for extra health, magic resistance and a nice passive ability that improves healing, lifesteal and spell vamp (Yes, this does make your [imgsmall=skills/nasus/r.png] [highlight]even more godlike[/highlight]). However the clincher is that sick 20% cooldown reduction. With this item, you'll have a full 40% and will have absolutely no need of a blue buff. By this time, your mid lane might already have 40% as well and you can give it to your AD Caster [imgsmall=champ/ezreal.png] or your Top Lane...heck even your support would be happy taking a blue buff for once. So by now your build should look something like this: [img=items/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.png][img=items/ninja-tabi.png][img=items/locket-of-the-iron-solari.png], [img=items/randuins-omen.png] [highlight](VS AD)[/highlight]/[img=items/spirit-visage.png] (VS AP) It is highly likely the game will be over by now, because as long as you can land [img=skills/nasus/w.png] on the opposing ADC during team fights, (granted they don't have [imgsmall=summoners/cleanse.png]) you'll have a huge advantage. Another option is to wither the bruiser and then burst him down when he jumps to try and assassinate your ADC. However, if it continues to drag on, just build [highlight]situational[/highlight]. [highlight][title]Bronze V[/title][/highlight] It can be challenging to carry out of Bronze but if you're going to do it, I would suggest playing as the Jungler. As a jungler, you have the opportunity to influence early stages of the game that can be crucial to the outcome. I know there are many factors out of your control, such as, teammates getting caught, afk's, and/or feeders, but you have to learn to make the best of it. If you are near the mid-way point in a game and you already have your [imgsmall=items/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.png][imgsmall=items/locket-of-the-iron-solari.png] and [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] but you feel as if you are the only one left to carry this game start building damage: [img=items/ravenous-hydra.png] is a really nice item that is good on almost any melee. With Nasus, the great thing is that it grants him health regen and [highlight]LIFESTEAL[/highlight]. Combined with your passive, your lifesteal totals reach up to around 30% at lvl 18. If you are in a teamfight and you ult, they are really going to have to spend some time to kill you. Especially if you are constantly attacking, more preferably peeling for everyone who jumps on your AD Carry. If you wither the bruiser, then continue with the teamfight, you can almost 1v2 with your ultimate. [img=items/last-whisper.png] some might think, well hey I should just build an Infinity Edge or a Bloodthirster if I want damage right? [highlight]Wrong.[/highlight] Most of Nasus' damage comes from his Q farm. The more you have, the more you deal. He doesn't really scale off AD ratios as well, plus it'd be a pain to farm 3200 gold for a bloodthirster. Especially when you're the jungle who aren't supposed to get much farm anyways. Last Whisper is the most ideal item if you want to increase your damage output. If the enemy team builds any form of armor, this item will help you tear through it. Along with your [imgsmall=skills/nasus/e.png], and Weapon's Expertise in masteries and armor penetration in runes, you will be able to bypass a large amount of armor. Add a Last Whisper to that? You'll be chunking people with your Q's and probably three-shotting enemy ADCs if you can last that long without them lifestealing back. Such a good item on Nasus if you really need extra damage look to pick this up. [img=items/frozen-fist.png] this is more of a utility/carry item than the above. It's basically like a tri-force in that it gives you the passive, but instead of random stats it grants armor, cdr, ap and mana. The mana, armor, cdr are all useful for Nasus and the passive abilities are good too. I just wouldn't recommend going this route if you feel like the game is completely on your shoulders. The added slow is good but won't make much use if your team doesn't capitalize on it. I would go this route, if you still want to be a tanky beast but provide more utility and carrying capability. Make sure that at least one of your solo lanes are fed, (preferably an AD Top Lane) before you build this. [highlight]STAT GOALS FOR LATE GAME:[/highlight] [highlight]+200 Armor[/highlight] [highlight]+120 Magic Resistance[/highlight] [highlight]+3,500 Health[/highlight] Aim for these goals with your build by the time Late Game begins.

[imgsmall=champ/nasus.png] needs to start blue buff because he benefits more from the [highlight]CDR[/highlight] and [highlight]mana regen[/highlight] than he does from the DoT and slow that red buff provides. Wolves-Blue-Wraiths-Red-Gank Nasus' ganks are easy since [highlight]All[/highlight] you have to do is land [img=skills/nasus/w.png]. Don't forget to cast [imgsmall=skills/nasus/e.png] too though, because it reduces their armor, making it easier to secure the kill. If the enemy flashes as soon as you land [imgsmall=skills/nasus/w.png] continue to chase because they will just be continually slowed over time and basically wasted their [imgsmall=summoners/flash.png]. Ganking through lane is a strong tactic as most lanes expect a gank from the river or tribrush. You can basically ambush enemies when they least expect it. Learn about the Fog Of War and confer with your team's support so you know which brushes are warded. It may be easier for your ADC and support to force a fight while you [imgsmall=summoners/ghost.png] in to help provide re-inforcemant. However this is more recommended for junglers like [imgsmall=champ/hecarim.png] although I suppose it could work with Nasus if timed right. The key is to [highlight]JUST[/highlight] [highlight]LAND[/highlight] [img=skills/nasus/w.png] [title]General Notes about Jungling[/title] 1) The Role of Jungler: Some people might not understand what exactly the jungler's role is, but after a long while of maining this role I have come to the conclusion that it is primarily a secondary support. Your job is to snowball the lanes as best as you can and secure objectives. This doesn't mean you can't go full DPS build in the jungle, it is just more difficult to do so. Considering the gold gain in the jungle is weak, you'll be fairly behind going full DPS compared to that of an ADC. Most junglers in the current meta have some form of CC (hard,soft or maybe even both) and a good initiate or escape ability. Consider Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Maokai, Nocturne, Volibear, Hecarim, Shen, Lee Sin, and Jax. All of these have a form of CC and most have strong initiates. tl;dr - Junglers are meant to snowball lanes and usually have some form of CC 2) WORTH. Not every gank will be perfect or end with a kill. Even if you happen to get a kill, the gank might not be successful. If your lane dies during a gank, the gank has failed and you've wasted your time. This is why you may see the enemy go balls deep if they notice you coming and know there is no escape. They might as well take one with them right? If possible, be sure to give your lane the kills. They will make better use of the gold and it will help them snowball. However don't be afraid to KS or secure it. It is better to kill steal it than let the prey get away. If that's the case, then you've definitely wasted your time. tl;dr - Ganking won't always be worth it as some ganks will fail. Try to give kills to lane but don't be afraid to KS. 3) Be sure to pull your buffs into the brush if you can. This helps avoid it being countered or stolen. Also, if the enemy jungler attemps an invade, you will instantly be alerted as soon as they step foot into the brush. tl;dr - pull buffs into brush or get them stolen. 4) USE YOUR BUFFS. As soon as you pick up red buff immediately look for the opportunity to gank a lane. There is no point in farming up the jungle buffs and just using their effects for clears. You're much more likely to get a successful gank off when you have doubles. tl;dr - Look to gank ASAP after you get double buff. 5) Farm as much as possible. On occasion, you may be asked to hold a lane. This is a perfect time to make up for your gold disadvantage. Due to the recent jungle nerfs, it is difficult to gain gold farming jungle creeps. Usually you'll end up with a little over the support's total gold and 3k behind that of the ADC, APC and Top lane. Farming minions or lane taxing will help you recover some of that precious gold. However note that it is more important for your laner to receive the majority of the gold so don't stay in their lane forever and deny them from their CS. However, if they are really hurting your team by feeding, etc. then it might be better to "lane tax" them. Basically farming their lane so you get more gold and thus put yourself in a better position to try and carry the game. This isn't recommended though because it puts your laner even farther behind, so use it as a last resort. tl;dr - Farm whenever you can and lane tax if needed 6) Offer your buffs to allies. Typically the second and third blue buffs are given to the Mid laner, as this helps them in numerous ways. The 20% Cdr and Mana Regen puts that player at a strong advantage over the opposing mid unless of course they have blue as well. The red buff is yours but late game you might give to your ADC, as they will be chunking enemies hard and the slow/DoT will help them a lot. You do not want to give buffs away if you know that your teammate will just "feed" them to the opponent. Don't worry about the QQ in chat if you take the second blue because your mid lane is 0/4 already. If they are getting rolled in lane it is your responsibility to help them but that doesn't mean that they are entitled to get "their" blue. tl;dr - Offer your buffs to allies but use your judgement to determine if they will use it to it's potential. If not, take it for yourself. 7) Last but not least...Vision Wars! No, I did not mean to say Vision Wards, although those could help in your cause. Another goal for a jungler is to be able to provide or clear vision to his team. Picking up an oracles elixer and farming wards can be a nice way to improve your gold intake. Be careful though because if you die you've just wasted 400 gold (which is a lot considering you're a jungler). Usually vision wards make do until late game. Picking up a couple wards on every recall and warding for your lane or your own jungle can do wonders. Most of the time, your laners should buy wards themselves, but it is always nice to provide them with some extra vision. Who knows, it might save their life. Vision wards are awesome especially because they can give your team massive control over the Dragon. If you feel like a play on the Dragon needs to be made, pink it and clear the wards out. From here you can either gank or pick up the dragon with your team. Since you cleared the wards they will have no vision and you can secure the dragon or catch someone out of position. tl;dr - Wards win games.

This sums up jungling with Nasus. Thanks for reading! Good luck in your endeavors on the Fields of Justice!

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