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Mobility Vlad - Vlad the immortal (S5)

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This guide may look unusual to new Vlad players but I've played Vlad almost exclusively for 2 seasons now and tried a huge variety of different masteries and runes and these give me the best results by far. The style of this guide is quite conversational and based on a lot of time spent playing him. I refer to some other champion skills by weird descriptive names as opposed to their official names because that's how I view them on screen and know what they are. (e.g. Jax's twirly stick stun) I'm happy playing Vlad top or mid, makes no difference to me I find him effective in both lanes if played properly. I even take Vlad against supposed counters as I've always aimed to master him even if that puts me at a major disadvantage. I don't play LOL to solely win matches, I kind of play it to master Vlad.. that sounds weird but 90% of my games are probably using Vlad in mid or top. I've even used him fairly effectively as a support from time to time. He can't jungle though, I've tried a few times and cant make it work. ;o) MOBILITY - In my opinion the key to Vlad doing well is mobility. With these runes, masteries and starting items your starting speed is 400. The reason mobility is key for Vlad is that you need to be able to dictate when you want to engage and disengage. You're vulnerable at early levels as your main damage transfusion (q) has a very long cool down and your basic attack damage is one of the lowest in the game. You job is simply to survive the first few levels, alive and still in the game. If you can manage this you'll quickly turn it around and start to dominate your opponent. The masteries aim to give you early mobility which in my opinion is worth more than a bit of extra health gained from defensive masteries. The points spent on gold revenue generation and biscuits are great and ensure that Vlad's early game weakness is easier to overcome. With this level of mobility you can catch anybody to land a q. For example, nidalee uses a spear and misses you, you then close the gap and q her before backing off, NOBODY will match your 400 start speed. Alternatively Jax jumps on you, with this speed you can move away and disengage forcing him to give up, and probably allowing you to turn around and q him as he backs off. speed speed speed, its addictive. SNOWBALLERS - As Vlad you are so good at stopping opponents who need to snowball. Champs that rely on kills to snowball early in order to win a game are a great opponent and by simply denying them kills, farming and preventing them roaming you are doing a fantastic job for your team. With flash and pool you have two escapes that should make you incredibly frustrating to lane against and for junglers to try and gank you. Be careful when pool is on cooldown, you're now vulnerable, back off and be cautious until it comes back. SUSTAIN - 5 biscuits to start! The sustain combined with his q is immense. Yes it's quite a gold investment in consumables early on but it's worth it. As Vlad focus on not dying early on, with 5 biscuits, and your q you should be able to keep your health at close to full. You'll find that when you go back to base you'll always want one or two biscuits in your items until you hit level 9-10 when they wont be necessary anymore as your sustain will be crazy. POOL - Rarely use your pool offensively. Your pool should be used to avoid any cc or high damage ultimate, things like Ahri's charm, Caitlyn ult, Vi's ult, Fizz ult, Zed ult, Leona ult etc. LOW BURST BUT HIGH SUSTAIN - Don't expect to pick up kills easily early on, be satisfied with dominating lane and focusing on farm. Your burst ability isn't great but you're awesome at forcing people to constantly go back to base to heal up. Feel free to trade damage with opponents if you can avoid a lot of their burst. For example, Ahri uses her q on you but misses, you should step in and q her, she may land a charm and some other damage and you might come out of the trade having taken a bit more damage than her, but the difference is that you'll heal it back up again in no time, then when you're close to full health simply rinse and repeat. Just make sure that you have plenty of health when you engage your opponent so they cant burst you down. Watch your map and be aware of their jungler, all standard map awareness stuff really. Your plan is to wear your opponent down, make them go to base constantly, deny them gold and farm. you are a mid/late game beast and you want as much gold as possible. TOWERS - Vlad is awesome at applying pressure to enemies hiding under turrets as he's happy pushing lane, stepping in to land a q and taking a turret hit in return as he backs off, chances are you can heal up all the damage taken on the next q. If they are low under their turret you can flash in, land your ult, e and q and pool back out to cancel the turret aggro, if they are low and under their own turret, Vlad is probably the last champ they want to face. Conversely, Vlad is great at defending a turret vs multiple enemies too. You got three enemies pushing your turret, your e will clear the wave fast and if they dive you, you can damage them all with e and your ult before pooling to give them time to take a couple of turret hits. He's a very difficult champ to deal with if he's defending. WASTE THEIR JUNGLERS TIME - If you know a jungler is nearby but are confident you can use pool to avoid their damage try to do your best to keep them interested. Pretend you don't know they are there, move a bit closer to them. Every second their jungler wastes trying to impossibly gank you is a second they aren't jungling or bothering somebody else. Help your team, tease a jungler. If you have pool and flash and are close enough to your turret you're fine. If your jungler offers you blue buff, decline it. You don't have mana and the cooldown reduction alone is a bit of a waste I think. Let your jungler take blue, the XP and gold will help them more. Again, help the team! NO MANA - You have no mana so you' always have the same potential in lane, forcing your opponent to use mana is a great tactic in lane and many champs can be a pain to deal with early on when they have full mana (like Ziggs or Heimer) but once you force them to burn their mana they will struggle. Be patient, use their mana dependency against them. SPLIT PUSH - You are poor at taking down turrets due to low AD. You are however an amazing split pusher though as you can clear waves in seconds and really they'll need two champs or more to kill you. There are VERY few champs who will be able to kill a fed Vlad 1v1, probably only an equally fed Jax, Rengar, Yasuo, Riven etc. It would need to be a bruiser/fighter type champ with good lifesteal, health and damage. Ok lets get into the rest of this guide!

Early game is Vlad's weak point. He suffers low move speed, health and long cooldowns. You've removed the issue of poor movespeed with your runes and masteries so it's now the total opposite, he's a speed demon. His low starting health is still an issue but with 5 biscuits you should be able to keep your health at 75% or higher until your first back. Don't focus on trying to kill the opponent, it's very difficult for you achieve that early on. You focus on staying alive and harassing them. If they are very passive you will start to dominate and chances are you will send them back to base early which is a great result as you'll have free farm and they'll miss a couple of waves. Enemies who are low and hang around too long not wanting to go back are your main source of early kills. Vlad is AMAZING at turret diving. Flashing into them, e, q and then pool away to cancel the turret aggro. You might even be able to drop an ult in the there if needed and you're 6+. Conversely you're a nightmare for somebody to turret dive solo because of your pool, you can avoid any dive for a few seconds and give your turret some time to damage the enemy enough to kill them. You really shouldn't be that low though hanging around your own turret, you should go b and teleport back again within a few seconds. By the time you hit level 7-9 your power shoots up massively as the cooldown on your q becomes very short and its MID GAME.

If you haven't died and you've farmed well or even killed your opponent you can really start to pull ahead and dominate the game. Once you have Zhonyas you have access to the well known pool, zhonyas, pool combo. This gives you a large windows of invulnerability with only small gaps inbetween. It makes Vlad an incredibly difficult champion to all in and kill. Flashing into the centre of an enemy team and dropping your ult e and q followed by pool SHOULD be the cue for the rest of your team to jump in. The enemy team are now torn between waiting for your pool to run out or engaging your team mates. Hopefully they'll wait for you because you use Zhonyas after you come out of pool (depending on the danger levels and their cc you might want to get off a q or e before going into Zhonyas). Then After Zhonyas your pool will almost be off cooldown (probably a second or two to wait). If you've farmed well and won lane you'll be very strongly placed for late game.

Around 4000 health and 700AP is my late game Vlad build. Add pool and zhonyas to that and you have a champ that can avoid a ton of enemy ults and sustain until the end of the universe. Split push if needed with your TP and get their turrets down. They will need 2 or 3 champs to stop you. As mentioned in the intro there are very few champs who could a full build Vlad 1v1.

In team fights your job is to damage as many opponents as possible and distract the enemy team. Flashing to their back line to threaten their carries before pooling really distracts them and gives the rest of your team a chance to engage. Try to land your ult on as many people as possible but sometimes you can only get it on one person running away but if it secures a kill it's worth it. Your e will damage everyone and late game its a lot of damage. If they have no tanks you'll be shocked at how much carnage a Vlad can cause against a team of glass cannons. If you're pushing a lane to a tower and everyone is in the same lane Vlad is great at moving to the front and landing a q before backing off. Wearing down the enemy and lowering their health, knowing that if they try to engage you (blitz grab, Leona stun) you can pool and back off. Harass them, wear them down, they can't heal up as easily as you.

Well that's about all for now, I will add more champion matchups as I've faced just about every champion multiple times (and had good and bad games against most). Vlad is great, if he's mobile and you can dictate the fight on your terms, then you hopefully can win a game with a clean sheet and truly be Vlad the immortal. One thing I will mention is that while I love playing as Vlad he does have weaknesses that mean he can struggle at times to carry a team to victory (although I've done it plenty of times). Some other champs if they get fed will decimate an enemy team quickly, Vlad is more of a slow burner. I'm S3 at the moment, hoping to be Gold by end of Season 5. Why should you listen to an S3 guide? Well I do play Vlad 90% of games AND I use him even in unfavourable matchups. If I stopped using him in unfavourable match ups and bothered to learn other champs I'm sure I'd do a lot better, but I'm happy with Vlad.

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