Kha'Zix Build Guide

khazix jungle carry 5.11 and up to 5.15 "one shot build" detailed guide

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khazix jungle carry if you like to carry and you like to feel a god in real life play khazix he is fun and strong and so scary with just a few items khazix is one of the best 1 vs 1 fighter in the game you should try him and i hope you like this assassin with the resets THERE IS 3 BUILDS IN MY GUIDS YOU CAN LOOK AT THE BUILDS THEY ARE UNDER BUILD VS 2 OR MORE AP AT THE BOTTOM

Gromp \"smite\" > blue > wolves > red \"smite\" or Gromp \"smite\" > blue > Scuttle > Recall or/ wolves and recall ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ after the 1st back go to golems > Red \" smite for full hp gank\"/counter jugnle

W > E > Q > AA > AA > Q After 6 W > E > Q > AA > AA> Q > R > AA > Q > R > W small tips in ganks early game \" hold on E and gank from behind allways for the passive and the flash force then u can follow up with E as gab closer \"

early game try to get the easiest lane to gank and the free kill farming makes any champ op get drags khazix strong on drags because of his passive avoid ganking to strong fed lane \"3 kills and up\" TEAM FIGHTING u have to look at the low hp target to go in and get the resets khazix strong clean up champ if not the strongest after katarina look for the resets 99% of the time except if the one of the enemy carry is in bad position and in that case is your time to shine and 1 shot him E / hydra mid air / Q / W / R / AA / Q / R do not start any fight or initiate with khazix thats not you job focus on finishing a carry or look for resets or peel for adc

khazix fits most of the compositions but pick it when \"tank top\" \"tank support\" he fits the best or pick it with strong cc or disengage champs \" janna / nami / bard \"

zed / zilian / soraka / oriana / jax / lissandra / syndra / ryze / thresh / j4 / irelia / kassidin / karthus there is many other champs but this list is what on top of my head best combo with khazix is oriana / jax and karthus who dive hard for all in fits khazix and who heal you and peel is also strong

patch 5.8 khazix w got buffed on the healing ratio its now 60 instead of 40 my guide the same and this change is not worth to change the way that u play khazix what you need to know is that riot with this buff telling you that khazix bad early in the jungle and he need sustain so here is some more healing for better early levels and better jungle clear

is this patch the passive range shorter it was 500 and now 425 i dont feel its a bad or strong however the jungle changes on the camps health and damage will benefits khazix in early game the camps lower hp and less damage so the jungle now its easier for khazix he can now do something after a rotation like a gank and you dont need to base after a camp if you dont want to this patch is a nerf and a an direct buff for carry junglers in general now you will see more carry junglers than before khazix rengar pantheon wukong eve xin and many others u can say that champs like khazix stil stable in the jungle \"not bad but not great\"

i hope you find this guide usefull i will updated when i can plz leave a comment or a any thing you like even a question or even if you think you know something i dont know it am happy to add it thanks all ill try my best to keep this upgraded the guide not finished yet but i need sometime for everything

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