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Queen of the Jungle - S4 AD Jungle Evelynn (Patch 4.7 WIP)

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With the new vision changes in the preseason so far, 2 champions have gotten really stupidly OP: [img=champ/teemo.png]<--This asshole with his shrooms and [img=champ/evelynn.png]<--This goddess of a jungler Jungle Evelynn is really overpowered right now. Evelynn has always been a powerful jungler but with the removal of Oracle's and Pink Wards now being visible, she's one of the best junglers in the game at this time. [center][b][color=red]*Note: This build was previously full AP damage. I have recently adapted to the tank AD build and that is what this build will now cover[/b][/center][/color=red] Pros: -Quick jungle clear. -Vision changes make her ganks amazingly easy. -Can snowball out of control. -Can be a carry Jungler. -W ability gets rid of slows. -Can soak up a lot of damage in teamfights from the shield she gets from her ult. Cons: -Vulnerable to invades/counter jungling because she can get low from buff camps early on. -Hard to come back from being behind. -Hard CC will wreck her. -No CC pre-6. -Item reliant.

Early game you are pretty squishy so I wouldn't advise to counter-gank or invade. I still always start bot side buff out of habit from s3. After taking the first buff you'll get to level 2 so take a point in Ravange. Rush to the second buff to make sure you don't get counter jungled. Some junglers take small camp in-between buff camps to get to level 3 after the second buff. This could open a window to get your second buff taken while you are taking a small camp so rush to the second buff to make sure this doesn't happen. Take a small camp after your buff camps are done. At level 3 look to gank a lane, preferably mid or top since you only need to worry about 1 champion. Ganking bot early might get you killed since you're squishy early game. If no lane is in a gankable position, keep farming your jungle until you get to level 4. I think at level 4 you should really look for a gank and if you can, get the kill so you can start to snowball. Before you gank, I'd advise to ward the lane you are ganking in order to look out for a counter gank. One your first back you should get [img=items/spirit-stone.png], [img=items/boots-of-speed.png], some [img=items/health-potion.png], along with a [img=items/sight-ward.png] or 2 if you have enough. Get 2 [img=items/dorans-ring.png] if you are behind a little and you want to farm your jungle more. Keep ganking and farming your jungle until you get some more items under your belt. If you've gotten a few kills and are feeling ballsy, you can try your luck with counter-jungling but be careful if the enemy jungler is a strong duelist.

By mid game you should have [img=items/spirit-of-the-spectral-wraith.png] (or [img=items/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.png] if you fell behind and have to build tanky), [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png](or other boots that you prefer), along with any other item that is in the 6 item build or in the \"Situational Items\" section. If you are ahead and have items like [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png] and [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png], then ganks will be pretty easy. Grab a [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] if you want to add some DoT to your spells and the enemy team is starting to get hp items. Just keep ganking and getting kills and putting your team ahead at this point in the game. If you fell behind and have to be tanky hopefully you have [img=items/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.png], boots that correspond to what the enemy team has ([img=items/mercurys-treads.png] for AP and CC, [img=items/ninja-tabi.png] for heavy AD), [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png], and are starting on [img=items/randuins-omen.png] and/or [img=items/banshees-veil.png]. I wouldn't get [img=items/locket-of-the-iron-solari.png] unless your support or top lane refuse to get it.

Late game you should have full build (whether carry or tank) and it's mainly a waiting game now. If your team is winning, don't slack off and get full of yourself. Just end the game as soon as possible so the enemy has no time for a comeback. Ward their jungle so you always know where they are and when their buffs are up and keep taking objectives whether it be towers, dragon or baron. If your team is losing, stick together and try not to get picked off or get stuck in a bad position. Try to win teamfights and hopefully you'll be able to turn the game around.

Never initiate in a teamfight if you build full damage. You'll get melted in a heartbeat. Always stick to the jungle and keep your invisibility up until your team initiates. Try to ult as many people as you can and then focus the enemy carries. You'll be able to take some hits if you ult enough people and you'll have the damage to melt the enemy carries. If you have a [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png], use it on one of the carries before you ult to get them killed even quicker. If you are tanky, you could initiate with your ult and hopefully your team follows up. Follow the same teamfight rules above if you are tank (except the DFG part because you shouldn't try to get a DFG if you had to build tanky)

This is my jungle Eve build. She is really strong in the jungle now with the new vision system. She has amazing ganks and can be a big pain in the ass to the enemy team...but not as bad as these [img=skills/teemo/r.png] :) GLHF

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