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Solymus susaN Top Lane guide! Challenger in rising!

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Updated 1 year ago
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Hello all of you dear readers of my guide, and visitors of SoloMid. Welcome to my very first EVER guide on this site. Im from Serbia, I'm 19 years old and I play League since the Beta version. Farest I came with this game on the ranked side is Diamond 3, but only because I had no computer at my home so I had to play at the PC World or at my friends. I spent alot of hours on this game, several accounts got hacked, or scammed or call it what ever you like it, and I got mad about it. But that was the motivation for me, that made me push even harder into the game, set my self some new goals for every incoming season. NEVER GIVE UP FOLKS. Currently leveling my account that sits on 20 lvl, on EuNE Server, that I will transfer to EUW a.s.a.p.. No more shitty talk about me, lets get back to the guide. Every criticizam is welcome, and every (thumb up) is welcome. I don't expect that much positive comments since i can't post you any of mine LoL King pictures because currently im leveling my accounts as I said before. Check me out on there if you wish. Cheers ! Facebook : - accepting everyone and Im open for conversation.

Farm farm and only farm, avoid fighting with your enemy unless you are sure you can kill him.

Making teamfights, chasing ADC or Mage till they die, taking dragons ETC ETC.

Late game, bruising everyone that is in your path!

Guys, I am really sorry, I've had a blast while writting this \"guide\" If i may call it like that, but unfortunately I couldnt post any pictures as I said, so my motivation went down and havent gave all my self to this guide. Its probably because of my shitty laptop. Later on the days ill try to fix my computer because I plan to spend allot of time on this great site and help you guys to improve your playstyle on league. Im open for some in-game chats, skype calls, raidcalls, even to play some games if i catch some spare time. Facebook : - accepting everyone and Im open for conversation. Every feedback and critics are welcome ! Since its the first stupid guide I don't expect that much. See ya guys later or in the game, brace your self!

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