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[4.19] God Karthus NA's (Master Rank) Solo Lane Karthus Guide!

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Hi everyone ~ I'm God Karthus NA (I also go by Bernkastar sometimes) and I've been playing League since Season 1. Champions I have mained earlier include [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png][img=champ/amumu.png][img=champ/ezreal.png]. Ever since I picked up Karthus, I've been climbing the ladder with him for 3 seasons. Currently, at the end of the 2014 Season, I am ranked in the Master Tier (with my non-Karthus smurf, squirreis, in Diamond 3) and was close to Challenger on several occasions. Other champions I currently enjoy playing a lot include [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][img=champ/ezreal.png][img=champ/orianna.png][img=champ/ahri.png]. This guide focuses on Karthus in a solo lane with emphasis on Mid. When played correctly, Karthus can be really threatening at all stages in the game. The common opinion is that [img=champ/karthus.png] has a very weak laning and a very strong late game. This isn't very accurate; Karthus' landing is actually quite strong due to his low CD, long range, harass and farming capabilities in addition to high DPS and his late game has exploitable weaknesses. That being said, Karthus has a very unique playstyle (with [img=champ/cassiopeia.png] being the only champion with a similar playstyle) and will take time and effort to learn. Hopefully this guide will give you some insight on how to improve your Karthus if you do choose to play the deadly lich.

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