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Unfinished Nocturne Mid guide. (PreSeason 5.22)

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Let's start this guide with a short rant about the misconception concerning Nocturne's damage. People take him into the jungle where he will receive a severely limited gold income. By having a limited gold income they will not be able to buy damage items. Then they cry that \"he's an assassin, but he can't blow people up.\" How many assassins thrive in the jungle? Kha'zix, Rengar, (maybe) Eve? How many of them are popular right now? Now if you give these assassins lane income and how much easier is it to assassinate your targets? It isn't his kit- it's that the jungle just DOESN'T support most assassins! Now that that's out of the way, so let's talk about the advantages of Nocturne mid. Nocturne's combination of poke and sustain is outright oppressive. His shoving power is tier 1. Easily up there with Viktor. Nocturne is one of only six other \"assassins\" to have access to hard CC (Ekko, Fizz, Jarvan, LeBlanc, Rengar, Shaco) Post 11 ganks are game-changing and post 6 ultimates are lane-changing.

CS is the most reliable form of gold income. Your ability to delete enemies isn't there yet, but you can get into extended duals pretty safely because of flask and Q. Just don't die to ganks and you'll be eating oranges.

Don't dive 1v5. Hold onto your ultimate. Keep your E to peel if you need to. Poke people down with Q. Ideally you can blow up your target without using unspeakable horror [img=skills/nocturne/e.png] which lets you keep that ability to help you escape.

Dont dive 1v5. Delete squishies. Poke. Use your Q to get safe chips in on towers. Use your ultimate to scare the enemy away from objectives without going in if you have to. Since you have 28-38% CDR you can do that.

Assassins are hard to play in teamfights. You need to wait for your target to use their escape/ cc/ position too far from their peel. Chip away at them with Q. If you land them they will hurt. If you don't land them they will not. The thing that sets Nocturne's poke apart from Jayce, Caitlyn, or Zed is that it does not suffer from pass-through reductions. All targets hit will take full damage which is EXTREMELY helpful for poking down the backline. Once you see your oportunity to delete the priority target- R-> GHOSTBLADE-> R -> Q-> BoRK -> AA till they die. If you NEED to you can use your fear on them, but you'll find that often they will die before they even get feared. If the target dies before they get feared, then you effectively screwed yourself out of an escape mechanic since E gives you movement speed, and the Q trail you left mid ultimate might even still be there to further let you fly OUT. People who say Nocturne doesn't have an escape mechanic are jungling him, so they doesn't have the income to blow up their targets without using it. Between blade active, ghostblade active, Q R and passive you can delete just about any squishy before the channel on your fear finishes, so don't bother.

If you want to play Nocturne how he was supposed to be played, then you need lane income. Here's a link to a guide translated from Korean which also gives a lot of insight into laning with Nocturne. there are also some fun youtube videos at the bottom of that guide, so shoutout to that guy.

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