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Squishing People to Obtain Viktory

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Viktor is a very powerful early to late game champion that only slightly falls off after a full item build. Luckily, very rarely do games go that long, so Viktor is always a great choice. There are very few counters to him, namely Talon and Fizz, and even these can be outplayed. Once Viktor gets three points in his [img=skills/viktor/e.png] , the enemy mid will begin to fear him. I hope through this guide you can learn to destroy mid and dominate every game you play. :) My summoner name is Scott Lightning and I live in Florida and play on the NA server. My stream can be found at Please visit it if you want to have a fun time and watch me terrorize solo queue from the mid lane. Thank you for reading my guide!!!!

Early, you want be farming, but also do your best to poke and zone. Viktor is one of the best zoners in the game and so you should take advantage of that. You can beat most mids with your q+e combo plus an auto attack. You can use q for farming effectively as it uses a small amount of mana and you can poke with it as well. Usually you want to be out of mana because of all your farming by the time you have 1200 gold. At this time you should generally recall and buy the Death Augment, 2 wards, and some health potions. Return to lane and continue to harass and zone. Remember to focus on farming well because this can enable you to carry the game even if you do not get fed with kills early. Take wraiths and wolves whenever you can, and steal other people's farm whenever you can :P

Now, you should have your blue buff and should be quickly harassing the enemy out of lane or preparing to kill him or her. Do not forget to farm though. Remember that you can beat most people when right next to them so zone them out and make them want to switch roles with you very badly. Help your team out on objectives like Dragon and begin to roam if you can. Keep everything warded even if the support doesn't help you. This can win you games. Related to this, remember that your e gives vision and can be used to scout behind dragon for potential steals. You can easily kill the ad carry bottom lane even if there is a ward. Just run in, place a w under or in between them and the turret, and burst them quickly. Sometimes you must wait for your teammates to initiate before going in. Abuse Viktor's epic power during mid game and try to force engagements so your team will gain the lead in the game.

Depending on the situation, there are different orders in which you want to use Viktor's abilities. FIrst of all, if in any of these you miss 1 of your abilities, it is very likely you will lose the trade or will die. Aim is extremely important on Viktor. Burst Combo: [imgsmall=skills/viktor/r.png][imgsmall=skills/viktor/q.png][imgsmall=skills/viktor/e.png] Helping your jungler who is ganking combo: Wait for jungler to cc, place your gravity field down near the end of the cc duration, ult immediately after you place your w, then use power transfer and death ray to finish off the combo. In almost any combo late game, you want to use your power transfer before death ray because the slow proc of the power transfer (with Rylai's) makes death ray much easier to hit and also if they flash away, the death ray may still have enough range to hit them. Past level 2 or 3, do not think that the tiny shield from power transfer will significantly help you in trades. Anyway, around this time you should be either recalling and buying your augment, after which you can poke with death ray, or you should be getting blue, at which time you can spam all your abilities on the enemy laner.

Late game, you are at your peak in having a balance of damage and tankiness. You should be able to kite and burst almost anyone with your full ult duration and ignite. Make sure you are in every teamfight but that you are still farming. Watch for Baron to be up and make sure you stand in the back of your team while doing it so you cannot be sniped before a baron fight. If in a poking contest with the enemy team, use your e to shred its health and watch it back to the next turret while you push with your team. At this point you should never wander alone as a team without Viktor is a losing team.

During teamfights, make sure you start at the back of your team to be protected. Once your tank initiates, ult. Now, you want to place your ult on as many people as possible, but if you can kill the enemy ad carry immediately, do it (this can be situational; if you are the only fed person on your team and a 1 for 1 trade would not be beneficial to your team, consider ulting the most people possible). You can always reposition your ult over the rest of the team afterward. Do not forget to use your w when possible to stun as many people on the enemy team as you can. This sets you up for a flawless e to destroy the enemy team's health. The only way a Viktor's team can lose a teamfight is if he dies immediately or misses/badly places all his spells.

Just a little note about farming. I have found a high amount of novice players to undervalue farming during a game. It happens very often with some of my weaker mid laners that I don't necessarily get lots of kills or assists, but get fed just from farming. This is special because it can be achieved without any resistance or risk. Then, in the teamfights, the enemies realize just how strong you are because you have 245 cs at 22 minutes. Getting to your full build as Viktor early is indescribably epic as it includes so much damage and tankiness. You should try to take your team's wraiths and wolves whenever possible (e.g. you see jungler ganking another lane) and even the enemies' if you think it's safe. This is especially great if you are being zoned out in lane (which should really never happen except with fizz/talon) as you can keep up in farm without a problem. FARM FARM FARM!!!!

One of the biggest problems in solo queue and one of the main reasons so many games are thrown at low elo is that the map is rarely sufficiently warded. This allows people to be caught out and to slowly snowball the game for the enemy. Everyone needs to ward until they have full builds. 1 TRINKET WARD IS NOT ENOUGH. The trinket wards are short-lasting and do not cover enough of the map. They are a good start, and good for early game, definitely, but extra wards need to be supplemented to secure a win or prevent a thrown one. As a midlaner, try to buy 2 wards and a vision ward on your first back and replace them when they die. Place the vision ward somewhere in your jungle (i.e. your blue buff) and the stealth wards more offensively at entrances to the enemy jungle where your enemy laner or the enemy jungler might roam. Wards will help your bot lane to back out of a fight if your midlaner is roaming and will help to get dragon control. Later game, they will enable you to get catches on enemy squishies, potentially winning the game right there. BUY WARDS!!!! YOUR TEAM WILL APPRECIATE IT.

I will soon have more videos, but here is one that at least gives you an idea of Viktor's tremendous damage and teamfight capabilities. Sorry for the below par quality :( [youtube][/youtube]

I hope this guide helped you and interested you and makes you want to play Viktor RIGHT NOW. Currently, I play almost every ranked game as Viktor and win my lane nearly every time. (not true anymore; fizz now :P) You can check out my stream if you want to see some epic plays and carrying from the mid lane. I love mid and I hope you do too or will soon once you try out this guide :). Thanks and please leave me any comments indicating what you think could help to make this guide better. YAY.

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