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My name is Thorn, I've played Twitch since Season 2. I was #1 Twitch on lolskill, currently I'm the #2 twitch [img=] I'm a Twitch main because I went from Gold 4 > Diamond 1 in 2 weeks in Season 2 (OFG Saiph provided a guide at the time) Twitch is becoming popular again so I thought I'd write this guide. I'm going to try and make it as short and concise as possible!

Early Game/Laning phase: [b]The hardest part about Twitch is getting past lane phase[/b]. I can't think of anyway to easily win lanephase, because all of his abilities are outclassed by casters. So simply try to go even/kill their tower first through passive behavior or last hitting. [center][b]Last hit, last hit, did I mention to last hit? LAST F*CKING HIT![/b][/center] Avoid trading if at all possible, you only win trades if you can get free autoattacks off, or 5 stacks+ (after Expunge lvl2) Level 4; typically your [b]as strong as the enemy[/b] adc if you understand how to trade properly, if you have trouble trading or understanding this, you'll be weaker than enemy *** If you went back and you have an awkward amount of money (710g) you can buy boots and longsword/pot and gank mid. Do not attempt if ally mid is weak or he pushed *** Whenever you go B, try to buy 2 potions every time, you are incredibly vulnerable as it is, don't give them kill potential When you can afford Bilgewater, go back. This is always necessary #1 item you want in lanephase. Level 6; this is where twitch starts his ramp-up. Try to only fight when you have ULT up, avoid all other fights Try to only fight when you have stealth and ult up (30-40%AS, 26 AD increase), stealth lasts for 5 seconds (ult lasts for 7) giant DPS increase In lane, you can actually tell your support to fight when you stealth beside the enemy adc, stealth up to them, open with cask, bilgewater and ult *** This is highly touchy, you should only ever attempt assasination when there's no chance of them winning a fight *** (if you got an annie support this is usually successful at killing enemies, but if you got a babysit/tempo support don't try this, youll lose) Take tower after you got about 2400 gold (bilgewater + tier 2 boots) [generally when you got about 100 cs] There's a lot of ways to win and lose lane phase as twitch, your only hope is to go even in lane (losing in a couple CS doesn't matter because you ramp up so incredibly hard)

This is what seperates regular Twitch players from good Twich players after bot lanephase, you become an assasin, pretty much a rengar just without the burst (for anyone wondering about how to properly assasinate, i'll add the notes to the tactics section) - You can decide the flow of the game right now, by assasinating top lane, mid lane or getting good deep vision in enemy jungle - If the enemy ADC isn't fed, you can generally assasinate them too Decide if you can assassinate or play regular AD role (seige and teamfight properly) If you can't assassinate, play mid lane, try to stay in fog of war while doing something. Farm jungle or stay in EXP range mid (while in fog of war if possible) You pose a threat everytime your not seen. At this point, your hoping to have BoRK/Tier 2 boots and upgraded trinket (get sightstone upgrade if even/behind, pinkward if ahead) *** If you can ever hope to have all your abilities up, and get a red buff before a teamfight, you can do a lot of damage *** twitch with redbuff is stronger than any other ADC (his ult can hit up to 5 others and apply on-hit, so position properly) this is when you can deal decent damage, twitch can be quite mobile with tier 2 boots, bork and stealth. You have potential to peel for yourself now. Besides that, farm for static shiv, only build youmuus if they have single-target initiate or if team is 3 AP champs. (zed/vi/liss)

Twitches strongest point is lv 16, after that he stays the same. (His W doesn't do much for him besides catching people out [huge slow]) All you want to focus on is perfect positioning so you do not get caught. You are literally worse than Teemo for getting killed. At least that rat can build zhonyas... Only use max range ult if they have someone who can easily get to you (single target initiate/gap close) Use regular autoattacks on someone like singed, who you can't gapclose well. I don't even want to include this section because I know a lot of people will try this (and fail at first), but after mastering it it's a useful skill to know. [b]TL;DR stealthing up to enemies lategame, opening with ult, bork a nearby enemy and flash away while kiting. [center][/center][/b] You have no idea how many times this has won me games, when the enemy is caught by surprise and doesn't react properly (under 0.5 seconds) you can successfully initiate a teamfight as twitch. This is a tactic Imp/Deft/Uzi use with other champions (ezreal, tristana) to initiate fights knowing they have the potential to win hard. This is for the long run twitches, the people who plan on playing this champion to fullest extent

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