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Your Emperor Has Return - In-Depth Azir Guide - Patch 5.23

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[img=] Welcome to my In-Depth Azir guide! A long time ago, Bjergsen, my favourite mid laner from TSM inspired me to play and master Azir - as I saw his amazing mechanics and understanding of the champion. Ever since my first game with Azir, I knew he was going to be an extremely fun champion to play and I tried to learn and master him. Azir is currently an extremely strong pick, especially in higher elos. Azir has many mechanics and requires precise skills and management of the sand soldiers that you control. In lower elos, Azir is not as strong of a pick because he is more of a teamfight carry instead of a solo carry (which is what low elos need). Azir focuses on using his soldiers to auto attack and melt down enemies (anyone - even mundo). He has superior range and is able to provide high damage for his team from a safe distance. Azir is an incredibly special champion with a unique kit to utilise. With practice and by reading this guide, you will be able to dominate the Rift as the emperor of SHURIMA. Read this guide and practice your skills and you will be able to easily outplay and defeat any champion or team in League. [big][/big] PROS AND CONS OF AZIR Pros: - pretty strong laning phase if played right - VERY strong teamfighting - lots of poke and strong sieging potential - game changing ultimate - high skill cap - useful passive if used correctly - he is A BIRD - has an escape (although not very strong and reliable) Cons: - squishy - difficult to manage soldiers and position well - needs items to scale well and be strong

Azir is generally not as strong in the early game, but he provides strong early harass and damage for the enemy laner. Farming is relatively with Azir and pretty safe. If the enemy is melee, punish them when they come to CS. Use your standard [img=skills/azir/w.png] Auto [img=skills/azir/q.png] Auto combo to harass. Try to force the enemy out of lane to deny CS and so that you can gain lane presence. Look to farm until you get your [img=items/stinger.png] and another item (eg. [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png], [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png]). Always save at least one charge of your [img=skills/azir/w.png] and [img=skills/azir/e.png] in case you get ganked/the enemy engages hard on you and you think you can't win. There isn't much else in the early game.

In the Mid Game, towers begin to get destroyed and people start rotating around, grouping, and taking objectives. As Azir, you want to stick with your team as much as you can, as your teamfight and poking potential is extremely strong. Try to ask your team to pressure a particular lane and try to get towers as a team. This is because Azir has one of the best sieging kits in the game - zoning with soldiers, poking with soldiers, zoning with passive turret, and much more. When pushing with your team, try to keep soldiers around your team so that they can poke the enemy if they come too close. You can use your Q to move the soldiers around in order to poke down enemies from afar so that they will eventually be forced out of the fight, gaining your team a stronger presence and strength. Dragon is also a very important objective that is taken most often in the mid game. Azir excels in taking these objectives as his damage to them is incredibly high. Furthermore, contesting and forcing fights in the dragon pit/river is very effective as Azir. Due to the many choke points and narrow areas in that area, the potential zoning is very high and your ult can even trap the enemy inside the pit (while the dragon attacks them to death!). You can even attack the dragon from over the wall with your Q to get in range. Another thing to note is that if you see the enemy overextending in the top/bot lane, you can quickly push out your lane with your amazing waveclear and roam for some kills and possibly even objectives. I really like going to the bot lane to roam as you can use your [img=skills/azir/r.png] to push back the enemy ADC AND Support so that you AND your teammates can shred them with ease. Your abilities are really effective in fights where there are multiple enemies, as you have AOE damage, CC, and zoning.

The Late Game is where I personally think Azir shines the most. At this point, you should have most of your build finished. Your damage will be insane and your teamfighting potential will be 10/10. During fights, you want to keep your distance and poke down the enemy while dishing out TONS of damage to the squishy enemy carries like the enemy ADC. Just like in the Mid game, taking dragon and now Baron as well is something Azir does well at. The main aspect of the late game that Azir benefits from the most is team fighting, which we will get to next. Here's a clip of FeniX making an outplay against CLG. [vid=]

In teamfights, you just want to sit behind and constantly attack the enemy with your soldiers to force enemies out of the fight. Always look out for opportunities to dash in [img=skills/azir/w.png][img=skills/azir/q.png][img=skills/azir/e.png] and Ulti [img=skills/azir/r.png] the enemy team - most likely winning your team the fight. If you aren't in range to ult the enemy EVEN after you dash in, you can use your flash to get behind the enemy and ult them afterwards. After dashing in and ulting, you can use your zhonyas to prevent damage from the enemy (as you are in the middle of all of them). In this time, your team can finish them off. You have successfully won your team the fight. GG. Here's a montage of plays from Bjergsen of TSM, one of my favourite mid laners. [vid=]

Thank you so much for reading this guide and I hope you learned a lot about Azir and how to play him to perfection. Remember to practice and follow this guide to be the best BIRD in the world. And once again you will say, \"Shurima, your emperor has RETURN!\". I will be adding matchups as time goes along and updating it whenever there are changes. Please give me suggestions and comments as they will help me improve my guides for all of you! [img=]

7/11/2015 - Added guide! More matchups coming soon! 8/11/2015 - Added pictures and videos to certain sections 15/11/2015 - Added in-depth item descriptions and updated for 5.22 15/11/2015 - Added Kassadin and Orianna matchup 30/11/2015 - Updated starting item description. Updated Brand and Anivia matchup description. Added a summarized \"TL;DR\" for each matchup.

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