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[3.13] Nasus dominance (TOP)

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    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction (-0.83% cooldowns)
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    Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (+1.5% Life Steal.)
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Hello, first of all: I am not an English native speaker so please apologise any mistakes. My name is [highlight]Freaky4Life[/highlight], I am currently at the mid of Dia 1 on EuW on would proudly call myself a Nasus main player. [imgext=] [imgext=] I am gonna try to show you guys why I think that [highlight]Nasus[/highlight] is underrated, despite his recent presence in the EUW and NA LCS and why he has the potential to a really really strong toplaner if you play it right. The buffs on [highlight]Spirit Visage[/highlight] and [highlight]Trinity Force[/highlight] helped him a lot too. Aswell as the nerfs on the other toplaners. This guide will be very detailed on some aspects so feel free to skip reading parts you don't wanna read.

2013/11/2: Added Ryze and Vayne to Matchups 2013/10/30: 3.13 Patch hits live servers. Changes that affect Nasus: Pretty big Aatrox nerf, Jarvan nerfs Result: 2 out of the 3 scariest Junglers for Nasus (Aatrox,Jarvan,Lee) got nerfed making Nasus even stronger. Ninja cost increase on Kindlegem and SV by 100. Not too big of a deal. Remains a must-have item. 2013/10/29: Zephyr and Blade of the Ruined King added to late game item choices. 2013/10/19: Changed Mastery choices. Changed Rune choices 9/21/0 masteries. Changed the comparison between Iceborn and Trinity. Added Iceborn Gauntlet to high priority item due to the changed masteries and runes. Changed matchup section due to Iceborn Gauntlet being new high prioty. Currently working on: CDR/lvl glpyhs tests and Zephyr

So you may ask yourself why you don't see that much Nasus played on toplane. The main reason is in my opinion that most players don't know how to deal with his weaknesses. So let's start with the negative things Nasus brings to the table: Contra: - The worst early game laning phase of any toplaner (1v1) - Very weak if shut downed - Doens't offer much to anything in an early game gank by our jungler - No escape versus ganks - Tends to get kited and hard cc'd in team fights Pro: - The best late game scaling of any toplaner - Wins most lanes after first back - He doesn't have matchups that he can't or nearly can't win (there are still a lot of hard early game matchups though) - [imgsmall=skills/nasus/w.png] being on of the best single target cc abilites with 700/800 (with his ult activated) range - He is a dog and a pharoah at once

- Against teams with low kiting potential or single target CC - Against laners who can't put constant poke onto you for a long time - Against heavy movementspeed and autoattack speed dependant comps - Against generally weak laners (like Malphite ) - If your team needs a DPS off tank with good scaling - If you have a farm oriented jungler who doesn't rely too much on early ganks to be effective - If your team has a high mobility, late game scaling single target damage dealing mage mid (Kassadin,Fizz) [highlight]When not to pick Nasus:[/highlight] - Versus Jarvan IV jungle cause of his ult and early game presence and Lee Sin Jungle cause of his early ganks and disengage from his ult - Versus mana-less bully champs (Rumble,Riven etc) - Versus high mobility teams - Versus heavy aoe CC/dmg teams - If your team has no real form of engage/cc

[imgext=] As I mentioned in the other chapters the whole purpose of this masteries and runes is to archieve 40% CDR with only spirit visage. Now you might ask yourself why it is good, I will explain this in the item section cause it takes more space. Back to the rune setup: [highlight][title]Marks:[/title][/highlight] [title]Option 1:[/title] Duo Pen, against medium lane matchups, in which you dont need early AD. Duo pen is better than ARP late game since your E and R deal a lot of magical damage. [highlight]Option 2:[/highlight] 7x AD, 2x duo pen ; go for this if you face hardcounters (Riven, Renekton, Rumble, Lissandra). In early game this marks will give you easier CSing, higher sustain cause of higher dmg output and just a bit of an easier time, I tend to not use them too much but they can be really useful if you are not the comfortable in how to face the counterpicks and are generally new to the champ. You don't need more than 7 AD marks to lasthit, you will take this versus hard matchup anyway so it's not for early trading potential. Using 9ad marks doesn't give you more benefit while reducing your mid-late game power. [title][highlight]Seals[/highlight][/title] [title]Option 3:[/title] 9x ARP Best against easy lane matchups in which you will many stacks and can profit the most of ARP. [highlight][title]Seals[/title][/highlight] No discussion always take Armor seals [title][highlight]Glpyhs[/highlight] [/title] Opinions differ on this question, a lot of people will tell you to go for MR/MR per level. I would recommend you to never take MR/level glpyhs cause you would only take them if you face an AD opponent in which case CDR outclasses them heavily. [highlight]Option 1:[/highlight] CDR glpyhs: I went over to use them all the time, I feel like doing better with them versus APlers than with flat MR. The reason behind this is the following: The early game burst of AP-Mages (Vlad,Kennen,Lissandra) is not as high as the burst of AD casters (Riven,Rene,Kha'Zix), they rely on poking, CDR gives you more sustain than flat MR would cause you will have your q CD reduced by 0,6 secs on level 1 (from 8s to 7,4). MR may be slightly better for the early levels but after level 5 or simply the first back (where you should pick up MR against mages anyway). If you go for the 9/21 you want to pickup 8 x CDR and 1x MR/level or MR flat. You want to get Iceborn if you go for 9/21 anyway. [highlight]Keep in mind that the guide and the builds are all related to you taking CDR glpyhs![/highlight] [highlight]Option 2:[/highlight] Flat MR, they can make more sense than CDR glpyhs if you are generally struggling in your laning phase against AP champs, good for beginners, it is really up to preference and a lot of people will tell you to use those. I prefer CDR but I can see MR being just as fine for the early game. If you take these glpyhs, you should go 9/21/0 and build [highlight]Iceborn Gauntlet instead of Trinity to get 40% CDR. [highlight]Option 3:[/highlight] 6 x CDR/level mixxed with 3 MR per lvl or flat MR Best in hard lanes (hardcountered or 2v1) since you won't be able to use early CDR too well. MR flat vs supports with heavy magical damage. [title][highlight]Quintessences:[/highlight][/title] A lot of discussion on this runes too I will quickly go over all the used quints. [highlight]Option 3:[/highlight] [highlight]3x lifesteal:[/highlight] Good choice, if you like building either Iceborn Gauntlet or Philostone into Shurelyas this is the ideal choice. Take these if you go for the defensive tree. 3x Movement speed quints: Don't ever do this, Nasus has to survive the lane to be useful. Going for this will buff your team fighting and late game slightly better but your laning phase will be a lot worse. [highlight]3x ArP:[/highlight] The arguments for this are : - Your q doesn't scale with anything better than ARP (true) - Your e reduces the enemy armor by so much, that ARP is even more effective (true) While both of those arguments are completly true I think Nasus does a lot better with utility quints, Arp gives you good scaling but doesn't keep up with the lifesteal or CDR you could get. You won't get the 8% Arp in offense tree, you won't build LW too early so this doesn't do enough to make up for the loss of the immense lifesteal boost or CDR. 3x AD: No, just no, this runes give you not even close as much as the others do, you only have 1 scaling ability, ARP benefits your q a lot better, you need utility to survive lane/have a good scaling. [highlight]2x CDR 1x Lifesteal[/highlight] This is my favourite set up, here are my reasons: 1. You get 3% CDR in offense tree, 6% in utility tree, 7,47% from glpyhs addint up to 16,47%, having 2 CDR quints give you 19,81% which is where you wanna be to get 40% CDR easily 2. Lifesteal is the best rune for Toplane Nasus in every other build, any other purpose, since I don't 3 CDR quints I take lifesteal to better my sustain 3. Getting more early CDR allows you to stack your q more, sustain more and CS easier You want to use this versus everything but heavy AD teams who rely on abilites to deal the majority of their damage. [highlight]1x CDR 2 X Lifesteal[/highlight] If you play versus a full ad team you have to adapt your Runes, Mastery and your item build since you won't build [highlight]Spirit Visage[/highlight]. [highlight Heavy AD team consisting of casters, not AA dependant champs:[/highlight] What you wanna go for here are the [highlight]0/9/21 masteries[/highlight]; [imgsmall=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png]; [imgsmall=items/frozen-fist.png] Here is why you wanna go this path: You still want to reach 40% CDR, you still have 7,47% from your Glpyhs and 6% from your utility tree, adding up to 13,47%, going for CDR and Iceborn increases your CDR to 38,47%, getting 1 CDR quint increases it to 40,14% which is ideal.

[title][img=skills/nasus/p.png] Passive: Soul Eater[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] One of the best passives ingame, fits his kit perfectly. Heals for incredible high numbers one's you got stacks, very very good at all stages of the game. Main reason for Nasus' strong lane sustain. He wouldn't work without this. Equals 560-800g dependant on levels. 560 extra g on lvl 1 is huge. This is also why you should 19.81% CDR at level 1 to spam your Q more often and use this passive even more. Don't underestimate this. [title][img=skills/nasus/q.png] Q: Siphoning Strike[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Bread and butter skill of him, always, really always try to use this to get last hits Tip: If you could get the creep with q only but doesn't die from one auto, use one auto attack first to get more lifesteal and then use q. You want to stack this as much as possible, grouping for Nasus should mean straight up team fight/ objective force or no grouping at all cause your q will lose power like any ad caster does who doesn't build damage (Renekton comes into mind) [title][img=skills/nasus/w.png] W: Wither[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] One of the strongest single target CC abilities, shuts down most ADC simply by using it. Try to use it on ADC over diver (higher DPS, longer duration cause of no tenacity and higher shut down potential due to higher dependance on AA. 6,6 s CD on Rank 5 with 40% CDR on a 5s, very good AS and MS slow. You can skill Wither Lvl 2 if you know your jungler will do lvl 3 gank top (Which he shouldn't ever do cause Nasus is bad at lvl 2 and you will most likely end up losing a 2v2) [title][img=skills/nasus/e.png] E: Spirit Fire[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Allows you to get CS from range, quite some DPS if you trade within it, lowers armor by a bit, also helps a lot under turret if you are used to it. This spell has a pretty high mana cost, especially if you max it out early, so try not to use it for no reason. Use it on their frontline in team fights to allow your ADC to have higher DPS [title][img=skills/nasus/r.png] R: Fury of the Sands[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Very strong ult at all stages of the game, very high DPS to tanks, gives you 50 extra q and auto attack range and 100 range on wither/spirit fire. Massive HP boost. A lot of people forget about the AD boost part of it (6,375% of it's damage is converted into AD) You can use this to apply lane pressure if you see an opportunity for it, using it doesn't need to lead into a kill/flash force. It is sometimes enough to get lane dominance and outsustain your enemy with your passive and Q after trading with your ult, only do this if you can land safe dmg, so if you know that the enemy's gap closer /CC is down, this is even better if you have the feature rune and mastery set up (The 120 s CD will be decreased to 96s w/o buying CDR items, which is huge since it lasts 15 s, gives you lane dominance, lets say your enemy has to back which should give you around 20s and you can back after, which should take another 20s. So from the 96s CD you have 96-15-20-20 = 41s downtime where you could use it from a 65s downtime where you could use it. Effective CDR: 37%. Don't underestimate this.

Maxing Q out and skilling ult on lvl 6,11 and 16 should be pretty clear. W or E second? W versus no gap closers, auto attack dependant opponents or an enemy hyper carry (Vayne, Twitch, Tristana) If you are doing fine W is better all the time. You wanna max this versus every champ who doesn't have a high amount of gap closers and relies on AA. W is better in 99% of the case. E versus low MS/AS dependant champs or if you have a very AD heavy team, only maxing it rarely.

This is probably the most important section of any guide, but since the whole Runes & Masteries of this guide is all building up on this section, this has an ever higher importance. First I wanna explain you why I avoid building Iceborn Gauntlet if I take the utility tree OR Shurelya's as source of CDR. [imgsmall=items/frozen-fist.png] VS [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png]: 3250g versus 3628g 30AP vs 30AP 500 Mana 200 Mana (After the buff on Nasus mana costs on his q to 20 at all levels this doesn't matter) [highlight]70 Armor vs 0 Armor[/highlight] 10% CDR vs 0% CDR 0% AD vs 30% 0% AS vs 30% 0% Crit vs 10% [highlight]0% MS vs 8%[/highlight] [highlight]0 HP vs 250 HP[/highlight] Unique passives: 125% base AD bonus dmg and 30% on hit slow with Q for 2 seconds vs 20/60MS on hit, Q empowered by 200% of your base AD. The slow effect is better than the MS effect after laning phase. 200% is better than 125% of your base AD which makes the Unique passives equal. Conclusion: Trinity > Iceborn if you take the utility tree. Iceborn > Trinity if you take the defense tree. Iceborn provides defensive and offensive stats for a low cost. It is the better item for mid-game. The reason why it is better with the defense tree is that you have less CDR from masteries and runes. You 9,67% CDR at level 1 so you will only reach 29,67% with SV, Iceborn gives you the last 10%. Trinity is better with utility tree cause you don't need extra CDR. Trinity outscales Iceborn if you already built a defensive item before you finish Trinity. Shurelyas: While building out of Philostone which can be an ok item in lane, it just doesn't give you enough. 10% CDR is nice but you don't really need the MP5 /HP5. The active isn't too good either. It cost 2100g and it isnt worth more. An item that should be left for supporters. [highlight]Starting items:[/highlight] Option 1 of the 2. section is related to Option 1 of the 1. section , same goes for Option 2 [highlight]Option 1:[/highlight] Crystalline Flask vs Mages with constant harass, here you need the sustain from Flask and the Health pots to survive the laning phase [highlight]Option 2:[/highlight] Doran's Shield vs every champ with high burst, constant AA harass or just all AD champs, I don't think cloth 5 is needed with the right playstle, get the cookie here [highlight]Option 3: (experienced players only)[/highlight] Doran's Blade, only versus easy matchups (Malphite, Zac, Vladimir, yes Vladimir, his early game poke is not anywhere close to Rumble's or Lissandra) Doran's gives you 7HP on hit (5 on hit, 2 from lifesteal on the +10AD). I like using it as often as I can which is not really often but if it is possible it is by far the best option cause the sustain equals the one of flask or Doran's Shield if you have freedom in your lane. Cookie recommended, Pickpocket good option vs Malphite. [highlight]First Back:[/highlight] [highlight]Option 1:[/highlight] Spectre's cowl, versus all AP champs (From Shen to Vlad, Rumble etc.) Best sustain and defense item you can get when facing heavy AP damage [highlight]Option 2:[/highlight] Warden's Mail, versus AD damage opponents if you took the utility tree. [highlight]Option 4:[/highlight] Glacial Shroud, if you went for the defense tree and face an AD champ. Very good core item. [highlight]You may buy a Flask if you see the need for it if you didn't start with it. Always carry a Ward with you![/highlight] [highlight]Core Items:[/highlight] [highlight]Option 1:[/highlight] Finish Spirit Visage to cap CDR, get 200 extra HP, 20% CDR, 20% self healing, 20HP/5 which doesn't need to be triggered. You should have taken utility tree when facing AP. [highlight]Option 2:[/highlight] Don't finish Randuin's, either go Spirit Visage if you face a fed mage mid or a mage mid with AP jungle OR go Trinity if you are doing well and you don't feel like needing MR that early. Again, only if you went for 4/5/21. [highlight]Option 4a[/highlight] Frozen Heart, you wanna go for this if you face FULL ad teams who heavily rely on auto attacks more than abilites in which you won't get Spirit Visage. You won't get Trinity either but Iceborn later if you went for the defense tree. [highlight]Option 4b[/highlight] Iceborn, you wanna go for this if you face FULL ad teams who heavily rely on abilities for their damage output more than auto attacks. Take it only in combination with the defense tree. [highlight]Mid-Late Game:[/highlight] [highlight]Option 1:[/highlight] Get Warden's Mail(vs AD damage) and go for Trinity. [highlight]Option 2:[/highlight] Finish Spirit Visage if you didn't do it yet, finish Trinity if you didnt do it yet, finish Randuin's, finish it even before Spirit Visage/Trinity if you face a really AA dependant team (e.g. Tyrynda Top and Aatrox jungle) [highlight]Option 4a:[/highlight] Get Iceborn if you went for defense tree otherwise: Buy Randuin's and either Thornmail OR Guardian Angel In any case: Get Last Whisper and buy Randuin's OR Guardin Angel dependant on your earlier purchase to complete your build. [highlight]Option 4b:[/highlight] Get Spirit Visage, LW and Randuins or GA [highlight]After Option 1/2:[/highlight] Upgrade your boots to either Mercuries vs heavy cc OR Boots of Swiftness vs heavy slows OR Ninja Tabis vs a lot of AD/AA damage [highlight]After Option 1/2/4a/4b:[/highlight] Get Distortion enchantment if you don't 100%-ly need homeguards. [highlight]For Option 1/2:[/highlight] Pick up Last Whisper, Go for Guardian Angel (vs mixxed dmg and being a major threat) OR Banshee's (vs heavy AP and single target CC/dmg (Nida,Ashe etc.) OR Thormail(vs ADC mid or just very high AD and AA damage, if you go for this you will have Ninja Tabi) If you feel like being tanky enough and want to split push/duel more or just do more damage then go for Blade of the ruined King as 6. item. If it is so late in the game, that you can afford to sell boots and buy instant Zephyr while already having 6 items then go ahead and buy Zephyr. Blade > BT Zephyr>Boots You don't need boots cause you got 345 base MS, 3% MS from Utility Tree, 8% from Trinity and 10% from Zephyr which is more than enough.

The hardest time for Nasus toplane players. Here some tips: - Don't trade before you backed once, you will lose it pretty hard so don't go for it - Accept the fact that you are weaker than the opponent, don't force anything, keep in mind that you outscale them hard - Don't get stacks for every price, losing 20% of your HP for 3 stacks is NOT worth, walking up to the middle of the lane if you have no ward vision to get 1 CS is NOT worth, learn to understand that you may need to sacrifice the gold of a few creeps to not risk your life which would result in you losing massive amout of Q stacks, experience and gold. - Learn to understand that the enemy jungler is highly interested in shutting you down, so don't push the lane - Always auto attack the creeps if you can before you Q them, the additional lifesteal will be a lot more than you think! [highlight]- Don't call your jungler to gank your lane! I can't stress this enough, forcing a gank will result in a 2v2 that you will lose in 9/10 cases, cause as i said before, the enemy jungler will try to shut your down. You don't want early ganks if there isn't a high chance of them diving you so communicate with your jungler![/highlight] You will need a lot of practise to get used to the laning phase of Nasus, try to stick to the tips above.

My definition of Mid-Game: First bigger back (with around 1,5k) until the laning phase is over From the point of your first back you will be able to win every 1v1 all in if you did fine until here. You will be able to trade equally or come out ahead while having the way stronger sustain. Here the stacking time really begins, you will have a 3,2 s Q CD and will be pretty free to stack it up rapidly since you sustain the poke being put onto you. You will be surprised of your own strength, I have had a lot of games where I get ganked after an equal laning phase to this point and can kill both of them. Generally the goal of Mid Game is to get your Q stacks really high (400 at 20-25 minutes is easily do-able). You don't wanna group if not absolutely necessary since you should and will outduel your opponent and if you need to group force a fight right away, the worst thing to happen here is both teams sitting around their mid outer for 10 minutes.

You will be a beast by now, you should have a lot of Q stacks and your ult will deal a lot of damage itself, the new Trinity will boost your damage dramatically. If you group which you will in most games force something, don't stay in mid for 15 minutes waiting for each other to clear the wave, this will decrease the power of your Q by a lot and will also decrease your immense power spike you have around this time. Try to split push (you don't need TP for this) and tell your team to play passive, ward up on possible engage spots and just defend until you reached a turret. From the moment you reach the turret on they will need to send at least 2 people to deal with you since you will be able to 1v1 anyone and kill turrets like nothing. Learn to use your strength, Nasus doesn't behave like other champs, he is very unique in his playstyle, learning this will be one of the most important factors to win more games. He is no Tryndamere who has to split push the entire game but he is a champ who heavily relies on his Q to get stacks without extended periods of times where you can't get them. Nasus remains a strong team fight champ but he is a really weak siege champ. That is why you need to force something as soon as possible from the moment you are grouped as 5. Nasus does amazing amounts of damage to Nashor, especially if he doesn't tank it. His sustain is good enough to tank it though and you may be able to sneak an early 2 man nash with your ADC. Tell your support to carry an oracle or a few pinks and tell your team to go mid as 3 to distract them while you 2 man nashor.

Team fights: You will need to make a decision before you go into any team fight on a lot of toplane, [highlight]peel or dive?[/highlight] I will give you 2 very basic examples where I don't go into detail and just explain general situations that occur in a lot of games. The 3. example will be a lot more detailed version of your behaviour in a specific team fight in a specific comp versus a specific team comp at a specific stage of the game to show you how complex it is and how much you need to think about before team fights start to be always 100% certain of what you are doing atm. [highlight]Scenario 1;[/highlight] Your AD/AP carry is fed while their backline is behind, the enemy team has a standard bruiser frontline, let's say Rene. [highlight]Here is what you should do:[/highlight] - Peel for your backline, Wither their ADC if possible, if not Wither the enemy frontliner (here Rene) and DPS their frontline, if you see their damage dealers overextended and you think your backline is save, ghost, if needed flash towards them and surprise them with Q/W to shut down their DPS and draw all the focus on you [highlight]Scenario 2:[/highlight] You are the main DMG, your backline is behind while their backline is ahead (backline= AD, most of the times midlaner, if no assasssin and support). You play against a kite and heavy single target cc team [highlight]Here is what you should do:[/highlight] - You are the main damage, diving into a full team with CC will end up in you dieing w/o being able to do anything - W their ADC if possible again, if not go for their front line again - Peel for your backline again, remember you are the main damage you can't behave like a meat shield you need to stay back to deal save damage - If you see their backline overextending DON'T go for it, you will end up getting kited and cced while your backline dies to their frontline You really need to behave more like an ADC than an tank in this case, your team needs you, if you die the main damage is gone and your team will die within seconds. The best thing to do is to play save and do damage when you can to who ever you can [highlight]Scenario 3:[/highlight] The game is close, backlines are equally strong, their team consists of an avarage amount of CC, you are doing OK, not too great but not bad either. You have just finish your Trinity and have a Spirit Visage, a Warden's Mail and mercuries by now. The next team fight might decide the game, the enemy has a strong Vayne while you have a fed Ashe. They have a tanky toplaner and an assasssin mid (e.g. Zed or Ahri/Diana) while you have a disengage support (e.g. Janna, Nami, Zyra) and Lux mid The team fight starts with their frontliner engaging on your team around Nashor, close to the jungle, you need to make a decision. [highlight]Here is what you should do: [/highlight] [highlight]Background info:[/highlight] - You play against the ADC with the highest mobility (equal to [Ezreal) - Your backline ADC has no form of escape and requires heavy peeling - The enemy ADC is a tank killer (Tank killers are ADC with % HP damage (Vayne,Kog) - You won't get to DPS Vayne while dieing to her DPS - Wither Vayne if possible but don't leave Ashe, she will need you - You play against a strong frontline with an assassin, it can be wise to use your W on the assassin if he got to Ashe - Lux offers CC and aoe shields while dealing high aoe damage, you should fight into tight spots or drag to fight toward the jungle (also cause of the disengage from the support) - Assassins are squishy, your Q will hurt a lot, your e will have a large impact for Ashe's dps - Your ult does more dmg to high hp targets, their frontline will struggle more in tights spots You wanna peel for Ashe and focus their assassin, ignore the tank first of all, Wither Vayne if she is in range but only then. Switch focus to their backline after the enemy assassin died, don't stay on their frontline, the DPS from Vayne will get to high. Leave Lux, Ashe and the support to deal with the tank, the shields should be enough to prevent Ashe from dieing. Don't chase too deep, your goal is to keep them from DPSing any other target but keep them in range for your backline to focus them if they can or if the enemy tank falls. Chase them away and bait them into kiting you, then if they move a step back turn back to their tank, focus him down as team and go for their backline if you can, look to get Vayne as highest priority target first, her Ult will be down by now. This is a very specific case, knowing how to act in a team fight requires a lot of knowledge on the game itself as well as analysing team comps and having experience with your own champion. [highlight]If you are not sure what to do always PEEL and don't DIVE![/highlight] The only time I would prefer diving is when your backline is strong enough to handle their frontline themselves and they have one main threat without hard protection.

Difficulty 1: easy Difficulty 5: very very hard First of all: I will recommend taking 9/21 over 4/5/21 or 0/9/21 sometimes here. This is mainly for players who are not that experienced with Nasus yet. I find myself always taking 4/5/21 unless I play against a Riven or I know that the enemy Renekton is a really good player. So if you are new to Nasus start with defense tree to switch over to utility when you understood his laning phase flaws. [img=champ/rumble.png]: Difficulty 4 One of the hardest lane bullies in game, his Q is on a short CD and lasts for 3 seconds. You will need to give up some CS to avoid his constant poke, start with Flask. Rumble will push by himself due to his Q which he has to use to poke you, under turret you should be fine, watch out for his E, try to stay behind CS/ move constantly to not get hit. Care for a potential dive by his jungler and him. After your first back you can win an all in, if you fight him go all in and don't take smaller trades. Don't stay in his ult. Go in after he used his Q for pushing/poking and punish him by using Wither on him and Ghost towards him. If you manage to survive while killing him the lane is easy. You may take MR glpyhs. Look in the rune section to see what you should do then. Take ad marks. Avoid early 2v2 unless they dive. Either take utility or defense tree, really up to personal preference. If you go utility tree you should go for 0/9/21 instead of 4/5/21 for the early game tankiness. [img=champ/riven.png]: Difficulty 5 Really tough to play against, don't ever pick Nasus into her. Her early game is really strong, she has no energy system and her escapes make gank attemps from your jungler useless. Her high mobility will allow her to negate a lot the power of Wither while being able to high DPS you. Cloth 5 if you face Lee/J4 jungle, otherwise Doran's Shield. You won't be able to win all ins or trades until late in the game. Just try to farm your q and sustain her poke, trading versus her won't go well for you. After you finished 2-3 core items and only being slightly behind in CS you can start trading. Think about lane swapping if your team is up for it (only in Diamond). You may take pickpocket and auto/q her once after she blew your CDs on you. Take ad marks. Avoid early 2v2 unless they dive. Take 9/21. [img=champ/vladimir.png]: Difficulty 4(unexperienced players) or 2(experienced players) A lot easier than most people think, his early game poke is really low and he won't be able to force you out of lane. Trading with him in early game should still be avoided, he will QE you and then pool your W. Start Flask for less experienced players and Doran's Blade for experienced players. If you go Doran's Blade make sure to get the cookie. After you get your Spectre's Cowl you win your lane pretty easily. All in him after he used Q/E on creeps. This matchup comes down a lot to experience. You will struggle when first playing against him so consider picking up Flask first. You will any all in versus him. Max W over E second since he is so movement speed dependant and his pool doesn't affect Wither. Take utility tree. [img=champ/lissandra.png]: Difficulty 5(unexperienced players) or 4(experienced players) Constant poke, mana saving passive, high kiting potential. Not easy but not impossible. Always start Flask, she will run oom but it will take time, avoiding as many of her Qs as possible is essential. She works really well in ganks too while you won't be able to gank her. Her Q has low range if it doesn't go through creeps and her base MS is the lowest in game(325). This are the only 2 reasons she is difficulty 4 and not 5. Rush Spectre's Cowl. She will just E your Wither while kiting you. Farm the lane out will be the best you can. Early game will be hard but you can pretty much free farm from midgame on. Watch out for early dives. You may take MR glpyhs go to the rune section to see what to do then. Take ad marks. Avoid early 2v2 unless they dive. [img=champ/malphite.png]: Difficulty 1: By far the easiest matchup. You can even go for 9/0/21 masteries and get 8% ARP. He can't do anything vs you stacking Q, his damage will be sustained within seconds, he doesn't support early ganks too well. All in all a really easy lane. Doran's Blade for experienced players otherwise Flask. Take pickpocket you can easily stack it up freely. Don't push the lane in early though the only danger is enemy jungle gank. Care for ganks ones Malphite hits level 6. You may get an earlier Last Whisper than usual if he goes full defense. Take utility tree. [img=champ/zac.png]: Difficulty 2: A bit harder than Malphite but not too big of a deal either. Check his runes CDR glpyhs or AP quints or both go for Flask otherwise for very experienced players only Doran's Blade (take cookie as always with this item). He will push when he pokes you, farming under turret is pretty easy on Nasus if you are used to it. Just farm the lane, ganking him after lvl 4 is neither gonna do much nor necessary. Care for early dives with his passive and his jungler. You can take pickpocket if you go for Flask. I recommend taking Flask with your first back if you started Doran's Blade. Avoid 2v2 early. Outscale him, you win easily after Spectre's Cowl. Take utility tree. [img=champ/renekton.png]: Difficulty 4(unexperienced players) or 3(experienced players) Lane bully without energy system, escapes, sustain and hard cc. Pretty much like Riven apart from his lower mobility and lower burst damage. You won't be able to move close to him and you will need to sacrifice early CS, he may or may not push, don't use your e to get CS if he doesn't push cause he will freeze it and you will end up not getting any stacks/CS cause he can zone you. I find Cloth 5 to be the best if the enemy jungler is Lee or J4, if not you may go Doran's Shield. You won't win trades until you completed a few core items. Care for early dives. Take ad marks. Avoid 2v2 unless they dive. Go for defense tree. You win the lane after getting some stacks and items, Sheen is worth considering if doing OK after your first defensive item. [img=champ/shen.png]: Difficulty 4 (unexperienced players) or 3 (experienced players) He doesn't need to push to poke you, he works well with ganks and escapes them easily. His lvl 1 Q doesn't do much damage but his passive does. Both Doran's Shield and Flask are good start items versus him. You may take pickpocket. His Lvl 1 q DMG is low, care for his passive though. Don't get taunted in his minons. After you finished Spectre's Cowl the lane become a lot easier. He will contribute to his team a lot more with his ult. If he does so within your vision range Wither him AT THE END of the channel, by doing this you have the full duration of the slow on him allowing your team mates to potentially escape the gank. The argument that the slow will be stronger if you use it at the end of the channel is false cause he will use his E right away anyway. Push top out as much as you can . Hit the turret with auto attacks and Q dieing minions. Care for early dives and ganks. Avoid 2v2 unless they dive. I take utility tree but defense tree is possible too. [img=champ/aatrox.png]: Difficulty 5 (unexperienced players) or 4 (experienced players) High sustain, mobility which knocks you up, poke and wave clear. I feel like this is the matchup with is misunderstooden the most. I don't get why people would think that Nasus counters him, sure Wither is very strong versus him but how does this matter if he crushes you for the first 20-25mins? You can't win trades versus him early, and you won't kill him later unless you are really strong and farmed. Taking Ignite is still not recommended! Dodge his E as much as you can it will push the wave, you are a lot safer under turret unless you are low and he can dive you with his passive. Don't talk too close to him he will punish you hard for it. I recommend taking Doran's Shield and a cookie if you are comfortable dodging most of his Es otherwise go for Flask. Don't pick Nasus into him. Ask for lane swap in higher diamond. Go for Glacial Shroud first, it will get easier but no where close the the point where you win versus him. Take ad marks. Avoid early 2v2, call your jungler to take a look at top if they dive. Go for defense tree. A lot easier after the nerfs. [img=champ/darius.png]: Difficulty 4 (unexperienced players) or 2 (experienced players) The bully of low elo, stay out of his q range, Wither him if he lands e on you. Doran's Shield for players who feel comfortable vs him, Flask/Cloth 5 for others. Not too much to say. You win vs him after your first back. Your ult is good vs his, go back if he has stacks on you to avoid him getting another which will refresh the duration. You may ask for an early gank here if you know that the enemy jungler won't be there since he will push and has no escapes. Not too hard of a lane if you have experience in playing vs him. Avoid 2v2 though. Take ad marks and defense tree. [img=champ/elise.png]: Difficulty 3 Not too pick of a deal. Her q harass is mana intense and not that strong that it would do enough to avoid you sustaining. Start with Flask(unexperienced players) or Doran's Shield(experienced players). If you go for Doran's Shield take the cookie. Go for Duo Pen marks and max e second to kill her spiderlings which are a lot squishier after the nerf to them. Don't trade early vs her and avoid getting hit by her e as much as you can. You win after you got Spectre's Cowl. Utility tree is better than defense tree cause of her poke damage more than burst damage in lane. [img=champ/fiora.png]: Difficulty 2 Pretty easy lane, just care for her early trading potential. Start with Doran's Shield and the cookie. She can't do anything versus you if you don't push the lane and Wither her if she goes in. Don't attack her if she has Parry up, it blocks your Q too so just wait it out if you want to trade. After you got Warden's Mail/Glacial Shroud. it is an easy lane, your Wither is very strong versus her. Utility tree recommended but only with 0/9/21 otherwise 9/21 and Glacial Shorud first. [img=champ/gangplank.png]: Difficulty 2 Pretty much the same as Fiora, go Doran's Shield and cookie, avoid early trades, don't use Wither if he has his W up and just farm the lane. Doran's Shield works versus Parrrley too so you shouldn't have too much of a hard time. Just don't push the lane and you are fine, after Warden's Mail you win easily. [img=champ/garen.png]: Difficulty 4,5: I need to admit that i rarely played vs him even if he is really good vs Nasus. His early game dmg is very high, you can't stop his passive. He will push the lane with his e, a good Garen will max Q first and zone you hard. His Q breaks your Wither. You need to let him push and farm under turret. Don't underestimate his damage, it is really high. Don't trade with him until end of mid game and outscale him. Start Doran's Shield and get cookie or even Cloth 5. Avoid 2v2 situations. Take ad marks and defense tree. [img=champ/irelia.png]: Difficulty 3 While she can be annoying your Wither and Doran's Shield are very good versus her. You outscale her pretty hard and you shouldn't be lower HP than she is so she won't get a stun off. Just farm the lane until you got Warden's Mail and you win it. A good Irelia will deny your early a bit but it isn't too bad. Stil difficulty 3 cause it depends so heavily on the Irelia's skill. Defense tree and utility tree are fine. [img=champ/jarvaniv.png]: Difficulty 5 (unexperienced players) or 4 (experienced players) He isn't seen too often top but if he will destroy Nasus. He can constantly proc his passive on you, his q hurts a lot and you have no way of avoiding his EQ or his ult. He will push with his Q but the chance of his jungler coming to dive you is pretty high. Start Doran's Shield (and cookie as always with Doran's item) or Cloth 5. You are a lot safer after your Warden's Mail but it is not gonna be easy. Take ad marks and call your jungler to be around top if they dive you. Go for defense tree. Easier after the recent nerfs. [img=champ/jax.png]: Difficulty 3 His E doesn't block your Q! His early game is not too bad but not nearly as dangerous as other picks. Go for Doran's Shield and play safe until you got Warden's Mail/Glacial Shroud. Avoid any early 2v2 situations. You win all ins and your Wither is really strong versus him. Defense tree is slightly better than utility here. [img=champ/jayce.png]: Difficulty 3 Doran's Shield is incredible effective vs him, avoid his EQ and you are pretty save, don't trade with him early, his disengage is too good. Avoid early 2v2. Wither and Warden's Mail will make the matchup pretty easy. Jayce isn't that strong early anymore, if he goes for Tear you can easily win trades after your first back. You may pick up Flask with your first back. Utility tree best. [img=champ/karma.png]: Difficulty 3 While only seen in higher elo on toplane she can do really fine. You won't be able to catch her until you got Wither maxed. Her kiting ability is really good, she has a snare, a hard slow, a 40% self movementspeed. Farm the lane out, stay behind creeps and her poke is poor. Start Flask and rush Spectre's Cowl. You scale better and she can't force you out of lane that easily. Just don't overchase and force trades too hard. Utility tree. [img=champ/kayle.png]: Difficulty 4: What an annoying champ, kites you all day, makes herself invulnerable and has a movement speed boost. Your Wither is really good vs her but her kiting potential and early game poke will be really annoying. You can either start Doran's Shield or Flask, both are fine. She will at least push the lane so that you can farm under turret relatively freely. If she goes AD/AS you should go Glacial Shroud and if she goes AP rush Spectre's Cowl. After you got a few levels in W you should be fine. Care for lvl 6 dives with or without her jungler. Avoid early 2v2. You may go for ad marks for easier csing under turret. Defense tree recommended. [img=champ/kennen.png]: Difficulty 4 (unexperienced players) or 3 (experienced players) What An annoying yordle. Not that strong after the nerfs though. Doran's Shield is pretty strong against him. Watch out for his W passive, don't walk close to him while he has it otherwise you will eat his W active. Stay behind minions to avoid his QW and constantly look at the stacks he has on you and when they will time out cause of his W. Wither is very good vs his e making him gankable. Survive early and get Spectre's Cowl and Flask if you can. He has no sustain so you win after your first back. Defense tree recommended. [img=champ/khazix.png]: Difficulty 4 A very underrated toplaner. His Q damage is outstanding, especially if he isolates you. His passive will be refreshed when ever he enters a brush. Care for his strong lvl 1,2 and lvl 3. From level 6 on his dmg will go up significantly. Start with Flask and try to let him push. Avoid early 2v2. Your chances go up a lot with Warden's Mail but he will still win if he can isolate you. You may go ad marks and defense tree. [img=champ/leesin.png]: Difficulty 4 (unexperiened players) or 3 (experienced players) His early game is really strong, he will push early, get level 2 and zone you off creeps. You will need to sacrifise a few CS but you should happily take this trade. Start with Cloth 5 or Doran's Shield. His sustain will be as good as yours if he gets Hydra. Wither is pretty good him. You should be fine after you bought Warden's Mail. Avoid early 2v2. Stay behind creeps. You may go ad marks and Flask on your first back. Defense tree recommended. [img=champ/nidalee.png]: Difficulty 2 Pretty easy matchup, her early game AA damage is reduced by your Doran's Shield, her pre 6 killing potential is really small. Her heal doesn't really matter cause you don't wanna trade with her. Go back when she and you hit lvl 6 and you are low on health/mana since she won't need unlike you do. If she goes for AD take Warden's Mail otherwise go for Spectre's Cowl. Look out for her spears. All in all a pretty happy farm lane for you. You may pick up Flask on your first back. Utility tree. [img=champ/olaf.png] Difficulty 2: He can't spam Q's at you anymore which reduces his power dramatically. Just go Doran's Shield and Giants Belt into Randuins early. Don't fight while his Ult is active. [img=champ/pantheon.png] Difficulty 4 I recommend going for Cloth 5. His early game poke is really strong and if he is good he will take Mana glpyhs to be able to spam even more. Care if you are low since he will crit you cause of his E passive. Avoid early 2v2 but gank him if you know that the enemy jungler won't be around. Survive early and your fine. Don't walk close to him for CS he will QWE you and 40% of your HP is gone. Ad marks recommended, get Flask with your first back and rush Glacial Shroud. After your first back he won't have the dominance over you anymore. You can win fights now, outsustain him. Take defense tree. [img=champ/quinn.png] Difficulty 5 Only played in higher elo but very deadly. Very strong early and a blind will shut you down pretty heavily. Start Doran's Shield and try to stay as far back as you can. Take ad marks and avoid early 2v2, you will need a gank though so make sure the enemy jungler is not around. If you get to your Warden's Mail and got a few points in Wither you are fine but getting there will be really hard. She can kite very welll too so don't underestimate her. You will most likely end up being at your turret the whole early game suffering from her Q and auto attacks and crying for help. Take defense tree. [img=champ/rengar.png] Difficulty 3 His poke is little and if he pushes he can't zone you. Avoid using your e early unless you are at tower since it will push the lane. Start Doran's Shield and stay away from brushes. You should be fine afer your Warden's Mail. Avoid early 2v2 and farm the lane out. Tell your team if he is missing post 6 since he will roam quite a lot. Go for 0/9/21, defense tree is fine too though. [img=champ/singed.png] Difficulty 2 His E mana cost is too high to fling you into his poison all the time. Farm fest in which you outscale him, start Doran's Blade (experienced players only) and get the cookie OR start Flask. Pick up Flask on your first back if you started Doran's and can't afford Spectre's Cowl. If he starts to proxy the waves just tank the waves and get free q stacks. All in all a pretty easy lane. The only scary thing is his lvl 2 power spike, he will push so he is gonna get it early. Stay a bit further back if he is about to reach lvl 2 so he can't fling you into his poison and outrun you. Utility tree recommended. [img=champ/teemo.png] Difficulty 4 This champion....Non stop harass and ungankable. Let him push and do your best to farm up. Start with Doran's Shield and cookie. He will blind you when you want to Q a creep and deny you lifesteal and stacks. Really hard lane until you got Warden's Mail if he goes AD or Spectre's Cowl if he goes AP. Wither is pretty strong against him. You will be able to kill him from the mid to end of midgame. Care for his kiting ability with shrooms. Defense tree recommended. [img=champ/trundle.png] Difficulty 2 I didn't play this lane too much tbh but he can't stop you from farming in the early game. Start Doran's Shield and farm up. His ult is really strong, so strong that he can win an all in. His ult has a 80/70/60 s CD so it may be the best for you to just farm and avoid longer trades. You are a lot more useful in late game and in team fights. Rush Glacial Shroud. Go for ad marks and avoid an early 2v2. Utility tree recommended. [img=champ/tryndamere.png] Difficulty 3 Very dependant on the skill of him. He can't deny you super hard early but is still annoying. Start with Doran's Shield and rush Warden's Mail. Your Wither is super effective versus him, so is Randuin's. You should be able to 1v1 him the whole game and farm up pretty freely. A good Trynda will be deadly for the first few levels though. Watch out for lvl 6 dives. Avoid an early 2v2. Defense tree recommended. [img=champ/yorick.png] Difficulty 2 Pretty easy lane for you. You can Q his ghouls and get stacks and lifesteal. Your ult gives you a lot of AD cause of his ghouls. Start with Flask, play passive for the first levels and go on him after your first back where you can either go for Warden's Mail OR Spectre's Cowl if they have a fed AP mid or AP jungle. You win a 1v1 in midgame pretty easily. Yorick] is strong vs many toplaners but not against Nasus. Utility tree recommended. [img=champ/chogath.png] Difficulty 3 Trading versus him is senseless until mid-game, he will constantly shove you under turret and harass you with w. He doesn't have real killing potential but he can zone you off creeps. Take AD marks to deal with his shoving, you outscale him hard. You may wanna go TP versus him. Start with Flask. Rush Spectre's Cowl Utility tree a lot better. [imgsmall=champ/ryze.png] Difficulty 3 His early game is not too great. You can sustain his DPS with Flask. Still get CDR glpyhs. Try to farm until level and then all in him, you get a lot more of LVL 6 in case of an all in. You both scale well but you should outscale him. Rush Spirit Visage and Mercs, take defense tree. [imgsmall=champ/vayne.png] Difficulty 4 Much like Quinn. Really strong duelist and well scaling while being very lane dominant. She will however start with Doran's so ask for an early gank when the enemy jungler won't be around. She is very susceptible to ganks. Rush Tabis and Glacial. Defense tree needed. [imgsmall=champ/shyvana.png] Difficulty 4 This match up is not hard because she can deny you super hard early game but because she is getting insanely tanky while putting out incredible base dps. From level 6 to 7 on she can just take away 20-25% of your HP if she uses her combo correctly for every stack you run up for. She is really hard to gank and can roam after pushing the lane out over and over again. You need to tell your team to care for her roaming potential. Not the hardest lane but you play versus strong late game, high mobility and a very good DPS tank that doesn't really do worse with free farm than you do. [imgsmall=champ/udyr.png] Difficulty 4(Tiger) or 3 You need to adapt to wether he goes tiger or phoenix. If he goes tiger he will stomp the shit out of you early level with red pott or Doran's Blade, the only thing you can do is play SUPER passive and wait for him to push out. If he goes Phoenix early is a lot easier, his burst damage is a lot lower and he will push all day which is not too bad for you. Just farm as much as possible under turret. No matter if Tiger or Phoenix, once you got a few items and level 9 you win an all in super easily since he doesn't get anything from lvl 6. [imgsmall=champ/wukong.png] Difficult 3 Known the have the best Level 2 in the game care for that. His team fighting is good but he can't really kill you in lane versus your sustain. He falls off from Level 2 on and can't beat you in a all in after you got Glacial. Like most other lanes farm it up, care for early game and just win after your first back.

Ty for reading guys I hope you enjoyed it and learned a bit from it. This was my first guide so please let me know what you think about it and how I can improve it. If you have any questions add me IG or leave a message. Again ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

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