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Talon The Executor [S4]

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Hi Its my First Guide. My name is Antoan. Follow all steps and you will play well as Talon!

Pre-6 Combos Beginner: (E) to enemy then (W) in their direction Intermediate: Activate (Q), then (E) to enemy and (W) in their direction Advanced: 1) (E) onto enemy, auto attack then immediately (Q), then (W) as they are running away 2) (E) onto enemy, auto attack then immediately (W), auto attack then immediately (Q)

1-3: Farm passively until level 3 with your Rake and reset auto attack with Noxian Diplomacy if you need to. 3-6: Once you have all three of your basic abilities at level 3, you can start to seek opportunities to trade with the enemy mid laner. When against standard AP casters, jump with with E, do some quick burst with Q and W, then back off so you don't take too much minion aggro/damage. Talon is really good at following up and initiating ganks because of his blink(E), which silences as well. 6-9: You should have Brutalizer and Boots of Speed by now if your early laning phase was decent. During this time, you should try to roam and snowball other lanes because once you hit level 6 and have Brutalizer, you will be able to 100-0 low level enemies with your combo+Ignite.

9-11: This is usually the transition from laning phase to skirmishes/small teamfights/dragon control. Talon's spells are best utilized in teamfights at small,enclosed places such as near dragon. Talon's aoe potential burst outclasses nearly all other mid laners because of his ultimate. 11-16: During this time, towers should be down allowing you more space to roam freely. If any outer towers are still up, do not hesitate to tower dive enemies. Because of Talon's unique abilities as an assassin, you can easily instagib someone at tower and run away with your stealth/movespeed from (R).

16-18: With multiple towers and dragons already being taken, the game will begin to revolve around Baron Nashor, as it can make or break games. You should have enough items to be able to 100-0 any carry on the opposing team, so now is the time for you and your team to buy wards. Place them aggressively on the enemy's side of the map, and roam around and try to pick off lone enemies. Since Talon has relatively low cooldowns even without Blue buff, don't be afraid to burn your ultimate to get good damage off on the enemy, even if it won't 100% kill them. After you and your team pokes them low, either force or bait out Baron Nashor. In order to roam and Baron dance effectively, someone on your team (preferabbly jungler or support) must buy an Oracle's Elixir and deny the other team vision of your movements. If this strategy does not work, you can easily splitpush as Talon while your team groups as four near Baron or in another lane. Talon's Q, being an auto attack reset, naturally makes Talon an amazing splitpusher. Late game, there will be very little champions who will be able to 1v1 you, so when they send more members to try to pick you off, simply R and run away while in stealth.

In teamfights, generally Talon's role is similar to that of Katarina, where you wait for either team to initiate and use the majority of their cc's and aoe abilities, then jump in a cleanup a fight. However, with the recent change to The Black Cleaver, Talon's core build makes him a little tankier. In addition, Talon's ultimate lets you jump into the fray of the fight, combos your abilities, and get get out with the stealth and bonus movespeed from your ultimate. Afterwards, see how the fight is going, and if relatively safe, you can jump back in once your cooldowns are refreshed.

This Build is perfect for mid lane because talon get much damage, armor penetration and life steal and so easy can kill mages.

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