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[S4] bz - Karma Support (Damage Style)

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[big][b]Who Am I?[/b][/big] Hi, I'm bz (IM bz / Stool) and I am a Diamond 1 Player on the NA server. (Formerly Tsunamiie http://lol.gamepedia.com/Tsunamiie) I main jungle but I play a few champions that's outside my main role. I've started playing League of Legends since Summer of 2010, (near start of Season 1) and been playing ever since :) In the past, I've played competitively for Team Wish, Team Clasik (FXOpen), and Fidelis. (Made it to Season 3 NA LCS Summer Promotion Qualifiers in LA) I hope my guides will aid you at learning how to play your champions! :) You can follow me on Twitter : www.twitter.com/IMbzgg Facebook : www.facebook.com/IMbzgg Twitch : www.twitch.tv/IMbzgg YouTube : www.youtube.com/IMbzgg [big][b]Why Play Support (Damage) Karma?[/b][/big] [big][b]Pros[/b][/big] - High damage output for a support - Extra [img=items/talisman-of-ascension.png] through using [img=skills/karma/r.png]+[img=skills/karma/e.png] - Excellent poking power - Great at peeling for backline - Can take over the \"carry\" role / be an extra damage threat - Excellent mana sustain (expect a nerf in the future) - Abilities have very low cooldowns [b][big]Cons[/big][/b] - Doesn't snowball too heavy (compared to supports like Annie, Thresh, Sona) - Hard to make a play (Weak initiation power, need to get close to enemies to try initiating [risk dying]) - Missing [img=skills/karma/q.png] can be very punishing. Too see how much burst a Damage Style Support Karma can do, play the video below for a sample! [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JUcG7xa48M] [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekmzlD4XQMo]

[b]Level 1[/b] - Buy your starting items [img=items/ancient-coin.png][img=items/total-biscuit-of-rejuvination.png][img=items/total-biscuit-of-rejuvination.png][img=items/sight-ward.png][img=items/warding-totem.png] - [Blue Side] - Walk down bottom lane, and sit in the tri brush above your Outer Bottom Turret to cover for any invades. If enemy team tries to invade through your bottom tri brush, throw a [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] and run away to tower. Be ready to team fight in the jungle with your team if they make the call. - [Blue Side] - If your jungler decides to start red buff, fire a [img=skills/karma/q.png] on the Red Lizard when it spawns at 1:55 and auto attack it until 2:00. Then walk to bottom lane with your AD Carry / Marksman. - [Purple Side] - Walk down bottom lane and cover the blue buff entrance ramp (above the dragon pit) for any invades. If enemy team tries to invade through your blue buff entrance ramp, throw a [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] and run up the blue buff and turn right into Inner Bottom Turret. Be ready to team fight in the jungle with your team if they make the call. - [Purple Side] - If your jungler decides to start blue buff, fire a [img=skills/karma/q.png] on the Blue Golem when it spawns at 1:55 and auto attack it until 2:00. Then walk to bottom lane with your AD Carry / Marksman. [b]Laning[/b] During laning phase, your role as support Karma is to utilize a mix of your abilities to zone your lane opponents away from last hitting minions and getting exp. [b]What to do [/b] - Walk back and forth and look for an opening where you can land Karma's [img=skills/karma/q.png] to deal damage / harrass enemy champions in lane. - Trying to land Karma's [img=skills/karma/q.png] directly on champions can be difficult to do. Since Karma's [img=skills/karma/q.png] splashes upon impact, aim Karma's [img=skills/karma/q.png] at an enemy minion near the enemy champion. The splash damage from [img=skills/karma/q.png] hitting the enemy minion will deal full damage to the enemy champion. - Use [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] combo to deal devastating damage. Karma's [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] works a little different from a normal Karma [img=skills/karma/q.png]. The projectile deals AoE damage at max range no matter what. A [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] is powerful enough to take out 25%+ of enemy champion's HP in 1 hit. - Use [img=skills/karma/e.png] to speed boost yourself toward the enemy champion to create pressure. Your opponents will have to back away when you charge at them because they won't be able to tell whether you are bluffing or charging in to put a [img=skills/karma/w.png] on them. - When your jungler / mid come bot for a gank, use [img=skills/karma/e.png] on yourself to get closer to the enemy champions and place a [img=skills/karma/w.png] on them.

[b]Mid Game (~15 Minute Mark)[/b] Generally, you enter the Mid Game stage of the game when you destroy the Outer Turret. Around this point, your AD Carry / Marksman does not need you in lane to farm and rather, you being around them leaching exp is more detrimental to your victory than beneficial. As a damage oriented Support Karma, your job during mid game is to function as another jungler-like threat on the map. Place 1 or 2 wards for bottom lane so your AD carry can safely farm while having vision. Then start roaming around the map to make plays happen. [b]What to do[/b] - Place wards for your AD Carry in bot lane area so he can safely CS without being blind. - Help push Mid Outer Turret down - Help / Look for a gank in Top Lane (if ally top lane is losing) - Clear wards / place wards around mid lane area to control mid area of the map. - If your AD Carry needs help, (Enemy bot lane pushing your Outer Turret), regroup with your AD carry to hold tower.

[b]Late Game / Teamfights[/b] Lane phase is clearly over, Baron control is being fought over, a bad team fight can decide everything for either teams. Ok, we're in late game. What should you be doing as Support Karma during late game phase of the game? Well, like every supports, you should be placing wards down near where the next plays / teamfights may break out. If you start to see the enemy team grouping up and come to push Mid Inhibitor Turret, place 1 ward over the wall outside the base on left side of the Mid Inhibitor Turret and another on the right side of the Mid Inhibitor Turret. If your team is grouping and pushing their Mid Inner Turret, place 1 ward by the enemy Wraith bush, and another by the wolf entrance area. Once you've finished your warding, now you wait for a play / teamfight to break out. [b]Teamfight[/b] \"Damage Style Support Karma's To-Do List before and during teamfights\" - Use [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] before teamfights to deal massive poke damage before a teamfight. - If enemy champion breaks through your team's frontline and comes after your backline, - Use [img=skills/karma/e.png] on the ally (AD Carry usually) that is being targeted by the enemy team. - Use [img=skills/karma/w.png] on the biggest enemy threat that is targeting your ally (AD Carry usually) - Use [img=skills/karma/q.png] or [img=skills/karma/r.png][img=skills/karma/q.png] to slow the enemy champions trying to zerg your backline.

Sorry for no commentary over the gameplay. Not too great with commentaries, currently practicing. Expect a commentary guide real soon! [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6SVNQ3GENA] [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-s7dQk-w1w] [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrkmPlvgTeM]

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