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Sated Devourer Evelynn

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I made this guide to tell the true power of devourer evelynn, since i dont see people making it, they prefer Runeglave, which is good but not as good as the Devourer Evelynn. Devourer Evelynn can carry soloqueue so well, because people will not expect the damage output that this guide provides, you dont need to afk jungle with this guide, you can gank lanes early and mid game you benefit so much with it. On my personal opinion this is even better then the devourer Master Yi.

Evelynn´s early as a jungler is not bad at all, try to farm until you get your devourer then you can start ganking lanes, be carefull before level 6 because you are too squishy, before 6 you will most likely just farm the jungle, and make 1/2 ganks. After 6 just abuse of your ult to gank, the evelynn gank are awsome, and early game they dont have too much pink wards, so they wont see the gank coming. When you get the Devourer try to get the most Scuttle Crab´s you can get and always get the Dragon. Remember Scuttle Crab = 2 Devourer Stacks and Dragon = 5 Devourer Stacks, so trhey are the best thing to get for stacks, 1 kill = 1 stack and 1 jungle camp = 1 stack.

Mid Game is where the fun begins, specially if you have your BOTRK already, Evelynn´s Mid Game is super strong, if you land the ultimate properly, you get a huge shield so help your team to get objectives and try to get as fed as possible.

Late Game you should try to tank some of the teamfight damage, engage teamfights with your ultimate, your job is to be in the front line and still make damage, always protect your carries and let them do their job

Engage teamfights with your ultimate, try to be on the frontline of the teamfight and tank the damage for your carries, protect your carries, if the enemy is too behing try to ultimate and enter their back line to kill their carries, this way you take away most of the enemy team´s damage, and since you are so good against tanks you shouldn´t see any dificulty to kill the tanks after that, if the enemies are not behind you can ult and try to kill who is in the front line that is Half Tanky and deals damage then you get in the backline, leave the tanks with no damage for the last, because they wont do much without their carries

This guide is the way i like to play Evelynn, im not saying that it is the best Guide or the best way to build Evelynn on the jungle, for my experience with Evelynn this is a great way to build her and I tried to explain my thinking process so you can get the idea of why I play this and why I think this build is good

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