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    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
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    Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration (+0.9 Armor Penetration / +0.62 Magic Penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Health (+8 health)
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    Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power (+0.17 ability power per level (+3.06 at champion level 18))
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Hello, my name IGN is \"L3tt3r5\" and I'm here to teach you a thing or two about flying. I didn't play ranked very much in season 2. During season 3 I played a bit more and I managed to go from 1,200 to over 2,100 elo (silver 4 - platinum 1.) Let's begin! Anivia is a relatively high burst ap champion if you play her correctly. However, she also has a great amount of continual damage with proper positioning of her ultimate. She is full of cc, and also has a unique passive that allows you to laugh in the face of ALMOST death. One thing she lacks is a real means of escape, so you must always exercise caution if ward vision is low. There are many ways to build the bird, and as many of you know, your build will always differ depending on how each game is going. So when should you choose the bird? Any time your team is lacking in the crowd control department it's most definitely a good idea. Could you counter the enemy mid laner and shut them down? Do you synergize well with your teams' composition? You also need to know when to leave the bird in the nest. Even if you are confident I still recommend not picking her into a hard counter like Fizz or Diana. If the enemy team has several champions that can stop your ultimate with silences that could spell disaster for your dps in team fights. Also if the enemy team has an all-in comp like Akali, Jarvan, and Xin it could just take one wrong step and 3 people will jump you. Imagine your flash is on cooldown from an earlier engagement and you miss the stun. -[highlight]Pros[/highlight] -Full of crowd control -Scales very well late game -High range auto attack for early harass -Passive makes it hard to focus her -High burst potential when used correctly -Ultimate ability makes it very easy to farm -One wall can change the tides! -Not a priority ban in solo queue -Flies because walking is for bads. -[highlight]Cons[/highlight] -No real means of escape -Relatively squishy -One wall used incorrectly can change the tides for the worst! -Her stun is a skill shot -Extremely reliant on mana! Needs blues early game for fast farming -Movement speed is relatively low These are my Season 3 stats. Silver 4 to Platinum 1 with Anivia as my main champion [img=] Over a 5.0 KDA, always remember it's better to live than get a kill and die. You will lose cs, map pressure, and grant the enemy team gold in a 1 for 1 exchange. [imgext=]

[img=] Commonly referred to as the 21-0-9 page; This page emphasizes maximum damage output by putting 21 points into the offense tree. The other 9 points are in utility for mana regeneration, movement speed, summoner spell cooldowns, and neutral buff duration.

[title]Offensive Tree[/title] I highly recommend taking a full 21 points in this section so you are maxing your damage potential. [highlight]Summoners Wrath:[/highlight] I take 1 point in this when using ignite to increase my ap by 5 during cooldown [highlight]Sorcery:[/highlight] This deserves all 4 points to give you 4% cooldown reduction, thus decreasing the amount of time you need before you can combo again. [highlight]Havoc:[/highlight] Many players put 3 points into this for an extra 2% damage on all damage dealt. To me this isn't really worth 3 points. Think of it this way. If you do a combo that puts out 1,000 damage, an extra 2% damage is only 20 damage. I would much rather take more points in cooldown reduction and butcher for easier last hitting. [highlight]Butcher:[/highlight] Any Anivia player will tell you last hitting early game is very difficult on the bird. The extra 4 true damage really makes a huge difference! I highly recommend 2 points in this! [highlight]Destruction:[/highlight] Everyone knows that the point of the game is to take down turrets, but you are not a split pusher. Leave this one empty. [highlight]Blast:[/highlight] I always put 4 points into this. It is essentially exactly the same as taking ap per level seals. It is also simply required to keep moving down the magic side of the tree. [highlight]Arcane Knowledge:[/highlight] This is a must! While 8% magic pen won't do much for you early game, if the enemy team stacks magic resist later, this is awesome! [highlight]Mental Force:[/highlight] 3 Pointer! Early game 6 ap can be the difference between frostbite granting you first blood or letting them escape with 10 health left. [highlight]Spellsword:[/highlight] I always take a point in this for Anivia. Her auto attack range is larger than most champions on the game. So, naturally an extra percentage of damage on auto attacks will allow for easy harass early game and easier last hitting. [highlight]Archmage:[/highlight] Definitely put 4 points into this. As with Sorcery, you will not notice much from 5% more ability power early on. However, late game if you have 600 ap, an extra 5% will add 30 ability power. Take the ratio of the price of an amplifying tome (435 gold) to the ap it grants (20). This means that 30 ability power is worth over 600 gold! This stacks with Rabadons. [highlight]Executioner:[/highlight] This will be your last point in offense. Any target below 50% health will take 5% increased damage. [title]Defensive Tree[/title] While I only choose to put in 6 points at most to this tree, I will go up to 9 if you would like to experiment a little. [highlight]Durability:[/highlight] I put 4 points into this for an extra 108 health at level 18. This will make it harder to burst you down immediately. As an ap carry you really need to be able to survive in team fights in order to dish our your own damage. [highlight]Resistance:[/highlight] When laning vs an AP mid, you can put 2 or 3 points into this for more resistance early game. This will help you greatly when you are matched up against high burst champions like Leblanc or Veigar. [highlight]Hardiness:[/highlight] Any time you are against an AD mid move your points from resistance to this. This will help you to survive the laning phase and prevent the enemy from snowballing easily. [highlight]Veteran's Scars:[/highlight] If you do decide to try 9 points in Defense, place the last point here. An extra 30 health is great at any given time during the game! [title]Utility Tree[/title] [highlight]Summoner's Insight:[/highlight] Excellent for 1 point! Your flash cooldown will be reduced by 15 seconds! Also, if you are trying out teleport, this will reduce the cast time by 0.5 seconds [highlight]Meditation:[/highlight] For every point you put in, you will receive 1 mana regen per 5 seconds. Great for farming! [highlight]Expanded Mind:[/highlight] 3 points allow up to +180 mana at level 18. This goes well with an Archangel's Staff. [highlight]Mastermind:[/highlight] Each point reduces your summoner spell cooldowns by a percentage, up to 10% with 3 points. This is applied before flat reduction. [highlight]Runic Affinity:[/highlight] This will give you 20% more time with that wonderful blue buff that you love so much. On a 21-0-9 mastery, this will be the final point. [highlight]Biscuiteer:[/highlight] Restores 80 health and 50 mana over 10 seconds. Take a point in this to get to explorer if you are trying the utility mastery setup. [highlight]Explorer:[/highlight] You will be given a blue ward at level 1. This ward is great to throw down very early to guard against invades. Grants vision for 60 seconds. [highlight]Strength of Spirit:[/highlight] This grants health regen dependent on the amount of mana you have, up to 3 health per 5 seconds per every 400 mana you have. If you are going for late game and building a tear and or catalyst, this will provide a ton of sustain to help you farm away. [highlight]Awareness:[/highlight] Grants 1.25% increased experience per point spent, up to 5%. This can allow you to hit levels faster than your opponent and go on the aggressive with that early ultimate surprise! Also, leveling up faster will grant you the rewards from per level runes and other master points faster. [highlight]Intelligence:[/highlight] This one gives 2% cooldown reduction per point up to 6%. Cdr is of the utmost importance on any and all caster champions! [highlight]Nimble:[/highlight] If you chose to put 21 points into utlity, this is your last point! 3% movement speed is actually GREAT for Anivia. This allows you to do anything from simply running away to catching up and landing that perfect stun or wall. This will stack nicely with movement quints!

[imgext=] If you are afraid of the enemy ap mid's early harass use this page for early magic resist. [imgext=] Use this page for armor vs an AD mid. [imgext=] If you know you are going to play the safe farm game, use this for mana regen and late game scaling ap runes. [title]Marks[/title] -[highlight]Flat Magic Penetration[/highlight] Flat magic penetration is almost mandatory for an ap champion! Magic penetration is just as important as ap. If you have 20 magic penetration, and your opponent has 30 magic resist, it's like they only have 10 magic resist! This of course allows you to hit much harder. [title]Seals[/title] -[highlight]Scaling Mana Regen[/highlight] I feel Anivia benefits early/mid game more from mana regen than extra ap. My reasoning is of course for better farming potential. The more mana a bird has, the more money a bird can make! I would rather clear mid and do jungle camps or roam and gank than have a little extra damage. I choose scaling mana regen over flat regen simply because the bird needs mana all game long, not just early. Therefore, scaling mana regen runes will continue to give more regen every time you level up to 18 where it max's at 1.17 per rune. Flat mana regen will only be 0.41 from level 1 to 18. You can see after level 7 scaling mana regen is the way to go. -[highlight]Flat Armor[/highlight] Ad assassin/bruiser mids are becoming extremely common. Popular examples include: Kha'Zix, Jayce, Zed, Lee Sin, and Talon to name a few. Any time you know you are going to be laning vs an ad mid, it's a great idea to take armor seals. This will help to nullify some of their early game damage on you, and if you're lucky they will underestimate their damage resulting in an early kill for you. -[highlight]Health Per Level[/highlight] If you are against a high burst champion like Leblanc you may find health per level is somewhat of a counter. Even if they can do their full burst, with enough health you won't die. When they are on cooldown you can decide whether it's best to go on the offensive or try to grab some cs. -[highlight]Flat Ability Power[/highlight] Taking flat ap runes over scaling will give you a huge early game advantage. I recommend only doing this when you are countering their mid player. It should allow you to easily harass them out of lane or snowball yourself. Also, if you are against a champion like Ryze who has no early game wave clear the flat ap you have will allow you to clear waves even faster, eliminating the possibility of them roaming. -[highlight]Ability Power Per Level[/highlight] If you really want to build toward your late game damage this is the way to go. You won't have much early game power, but mid to late game your combos will really be doing some damage. Gaining 0.1 ap per level, when you reach level 7 these runes will outperform flat ap. [title]Glyphs[/title] -[highlight]Flat Magic Resist[/highlight] Magic Resist never hurt anyone! I choose flat magic resist mid over per level so that you have a high resistance early game when you are much weaker. Late game if you need more magic resist you could consider an abyssal scepter or banshees veil. Definitely choose magic resist in a lane you think will be hard for you to sustain in. -[highlight]Ability Power Per Level[/highlight] If you would rather have more burst potential, ap per level is most definitely the rune for you! In the end this really comes down to preference. These runes will of course allow you to burst a little harder and farm quicker. However, I HIGHLY recommend these runes over flat ap. Flat ap will give you 1.19 ap per rune even at level 1. However, the ap per level runes will give you 1.19 each at level 7. EVery level after that you will keep benefiting up to 3.06 each at level 18, whereas you would still have 1.19 each with the alternative. -[highlight]Flat Armor[/highlight] As stated in the seals section, if you are going to be laning vs an ad mid, you could pick up double armor runes on seals and glyphs. Stacking both of these would really put a hurt on the enemy's dps before they can complete some armor penetration items. However, I only recommend getting rid of magic resist glyphs if the enemy team is comprised of all ad champions. -[highlight]Flat Cooldown Reduction[/highlight] These will grant a total of 7.5% cooldown reduction. If you want to be able to put out the maximum amount of stuns, frostbites, and walls, take these! If your team is lacking in damage for late game, every spell you use will really help. However, taking these runes can sometimes be a waste if you do not build accordingly. For example, Athenes Grail (20%), runes (7.5%), mastery (4%), blue buff (20%), and a blue potion (10%) is way way over the 40% max cdr limit, so please build accordingly. [title]Quintessences[/title] -[highlight]Flat Ability Power[/highlight] Flat ap is my rune of choice. The reasoning behind this decision? Even though my focus is on farming early game, instead of creating a kill lane, you still need some damage. If your opponent sees you have no ability power, they won't fear you. Therefore, you will be much more prone to being harassed. Overall, the ap runes will really help you farm and give you the damage to follow up a friendly gank early game. -[highlight]Movement Speed[/highlight] The bird sure does flap those wings slowly. I mean how are champions walking faster than you can fly? It makes no sense! Movement speed quints will help give Anivia some more utility to catch up and land that game changing crystalize > flashfrost combo. OR it could save your life by flying swiftly back to the safety of your nest. (Base)

[title][img=skills/anivia/p.png] Passive: Rebirth[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Once you have taken lethal damage, you will turn into one of teemo's easter eggs with reduced armor/magic resistance. If your egg can survive for 6 seconds, you will be reborn with the same percentage of health the egg had left. This is awesome! Early game it is very easy to bait the enemy apc into your minions with half hp, combo them with q, e, and ignite. Even if you egg your minoins will kill them before they even get a chance to kill your egg. Use this to bait all game! If you are low and your jungler is coming to give you a gank, don't be too aggressive and give it away. Instead, \"accidentally\" allow yourself to be in harms way and bait your opponent to come harass you near the bush your jungler is in. During teamfights, if you are low, keep baiting the enemy to chase you. This can do anything from peel people off your adc and allow them to kill the chaser to simply giving your team a 4v4 instead of 4v5 while the enemy support tries desperately (in vein) to kill your egg. [title][img=skills/anivia/q.png] Q: Flash Frost[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a rather unique skill shot stun. After you shoot it out, you may reactivate the skill to blow it up and stun whenever you choose, or it will automatically at the end of the shot. Enemies that the ice ball passes through are also chilled and thus slowed. IMPORTANT: If you time it correctly, you may hit targets twice with this skill by allowing the ball to pass through them, while blowing it up on them as well. -When you are getting a friendly gank, wait for your opponent to go for a last hit on a creep. This will make it very easy for you to stun them. This is also a very effective way to safely harass by combo-ing with frostbite when you simply want to chunk your enemy's hp bar down a bit. -If you are in lane vs a fizz, kassadin, katarina, talon or any other champion with high mobility, LET THEM USE IT. Do not try to lane a stun if they are not on cooldown. They will dodge it and retaliate. Instead let them jump to you then start your ultimate to slow them, making it easy to stun them on it, and follow up with frostbite. -If you know you are not going to be able to kill your opponent, it may be wise to max this instead of frostbite so that you may farm the jungle camps easier with the aoe damage it provides. [title][img=skills/anivia/w.png] W: Crystallize[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a touchy skill. The wall may not be passed by either team, so you must use caution and not block off your team from escape and or getting kills. The best use of this wall is to block off part of the enemy team so that you may outnumber the ones trapped by your wall. Also, if you wall off a certain part of the map, this makes it very easy to predict enemy movements and land your stun. -Wall off jungle ramps when the enemy is retreating. -Block enemies inside dragon or baron pit or blue/red if they are close enough. -This skill can also be used as a huge ward to check bushes for safe ward placement or passage. -Can be used late game to wall off entire entrances to base. Excellent for keeping enemies in or out! -Keep your eye out for someone to take a different path through the jungle than the others, this makes it extremely easy to block them off from the meeting point and force a fight. [title][img=skills/anivia/e.png] E: Frostbite[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] The title says it all. This is a single target nuke. IMPORTANT: Deals double damage to enemies that are chilled by your flashfrost or glacial storm. Always use this on high priority targets, and make sure they are chilled first. Remember in fights even if you just used it, the cooldown is relatively low on this skill. The only time you should use this on a bruiser is if you simply can not reach the carries on the other team. Want to be sneaky? If you simply want to harass an opponent in lane, they won't see it coming if you use this skill then immediately toggle your ultimate on them. If you do this quickly, they will be chilled before the missile hits them and therefore still take double damage. It's much harder to anticipate the harassment if you don't warn them with Glacial Storm first. A special note: When you are laning vs an Evelynn, always remember that she can cleanse the slow off of her so she will not take double damage from this. Try to wait until she uses her W first, or you can safely use frostbite if she is STUNNED by flashfrost. Also, keep checking the enemy supports' items. If they build Mikhael's Crucible, this can grant the same effect to any member she uses it on, most likely the ad carry. [title][img=skills/anivia/r.png] R: Glacial Storm[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Her ultimate is an aoe toggle skill. It allows for very easy farming, and massive team fight damage potential with proper positioning. This also applies chill to all targets caught in it and slows them, allowing for double damage on frostbite. During teamfights you MUST remember to toggle it off to start the cooldown if the enemies have moved off of it. Unlike swains' ultimate, it does not matter how long you leave this toggled on, the damage and upkeep cost will remain the same. Remember to avoid silences as they will toggle glacial storm off. Your ultimate will combo very nicely with liandry's torment as every tic of your ultimate will refresh the % dmg from liandry's. This is great for softening up the front line with no effort at all while you're using your other skills to take out the enemy carries. Also, if you opted to buy tear of the goddess, you will really appreciate how easy your tear stacks up with this skill. Downsides? Anivia's ultimate has no nuke potential like most other ap mids. A lot of players would rather summon Tibbers and see huge damage rather than slowly take down their opponents. It's also no secret that her ultimate drains your mana pool pretty quickly so you will be dependent on blue early game. Champion Spotlight to visually see skills: [youtube][/youtube]

In most cases you will level up your skills according to this: R>E>Q>W [highlight]Flash Frost[/highlight] This skill is usually maxed second to give you more damage in skirmishes and if needed wave clear more effectively. However, I do take this skill at level 1 for the stun in case of invades. It also helps the jungler if you double damage and stun the small camp and buff bearers. [highlight]Crystallize[/highlight] The wall is generally maxed 3rd, but still you should take a point at level 4 to assist and prevent ganks. I recommend experimenting with this skill. Some Anivia players believe the wall is such a huge element of the game that they max it second before the stun to block of huge portions of the map early. [highlight]Frostbite[/highlight] Almost always max this first. This is your main source of damage. Remember that when the opponent is chilled the damage is doubled! The only time I do not max this first is if I am not interested in trying to kill my lane opponent. I will instead max flast frost and farm waves quickly so that i may roam to other lanes or clear jungle camps. [highlight]Glacial Storm[/highlight] Most champions in the game (Anivia included) will always skill a point in their ultimate whenever possible. Take points in this at 6, 11, and 16 to maximize damage potential.

Anivia is VERY reliant on mana. Any way you build her, you are definitely going to want to invest in some mana. Every ap carry of course needs to build high ability power as well. [highlight]Starting items:[/highlight] [img=items/faerie-charm.png][img=items/sight-ward2.png][img=items/health-potion4.png] The charm will grant you some extra mana to harass or farm with. Wards are always necessary especially against aggressive junglers like Lee Sin. Of course health potions will simply help you to sustain in the lane and not be forced back too early. However, this doesn't give you an excuse to allow them to harass freely. [img=items/crystalline-flask.png][img=items/sight-ward.png][img=items/health-potion.png] Alternatively, it's become increasingly common to buy all consumables at the start of the game. If you are laning against someone like malzahar whom is notorious for pushing the lane extremely hard you should consider buying a flask. You're going to have to expend a lot of mana to get your cs before the turret gets it. This will help a lot during lane phase and can be sold later. [highlight]Early Backs:[/highlight] [img=items/chalice-of-harmony.png][img=items/catalyst-the-protector.png] I like to combo these items together. The mana regen and passive from the chalice combined with the unique passive of catalyst allow you to sustain in lane very nicely! If you have blue buff on top of these you won't have to worry about mana at all! [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] If you are on a late game team or you simply plan on not fighting for a while, you can pick this item up early to start stacking the mana. [highlight]Special Note:[/highlight] [img=items/seekers-armguard.png] If you are laning against an AD caster mid like Zed or Khazix this is a must buy early! It's very cost effective and will grant an excellent amount of ap and armor. [highlight]Boots:[/highlight] [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] I build these 99% of time for magic penetration to increase overall damage. [img=items/mercurys-treads.png] Build these against high burst champions like leblanc and veigar. Also, if the enemy team is very cc heavy, these are a great buy. [img=items/ninja-tabi.png] These are definitely a viable option against an all AD team, which usually happens when there is an AD caster mid. [img=items/boots-of-swiftness.png] These are excellent against kiting opponents. Also the extra movement speed can allow you to catch up and wall off people or land stuns [highlight]Enchantments:[/highlight] [img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png] These are always a great buy! They allow you to get back to lane or get to objectives very quickly. Especially useful if your team is pushed to your base and being sieged. Also, somewhat counters backdoor strategies. [img=items/enchantment-furor.png] While your auto attack doesn't do much damage late game, this will reward your attacks or single target spells with a burst of movement speed to keep up. [img=items/enchantment-alacrity.png] Flat increase to movement speed by 15. I would only recommend this one if you put it on boots of swiftness for super speed! [img=items/enchantment-distortion.png] This will be useful to reduce flash cooldown if you are against an opponent who can trap you like Jarvan. Also, if you took teleport or ghost they will have their cooldowns reduced by 25% as well. [img=items/enchantment-captain.png] This would only be useful if you were caught out in the middle of the enemy team and your team wanted to rush in. Leave this to the tank or initiator. [highlight]Core Items:[/highlight] [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png]+[img=items/haunting-guise.png] Stacking these magic penetration items with your runes will allow for near true damage early to mid game. [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] I buy Rod of Ages in 100% of my games as Anivia. It is simply too good! The catalyst gives you early lane sustain when you level up and provides a bit of health and mana. However, when you finish the item it stacks 10 times providing more health, mana, and ability power once per minute. After 10 minutes RoA grants 650 health, 650 mana, and 80 ability power. So, you will be fairly tanky mid game, you'll have more mana to dish out more damage, and you'll have more ability power to increase that damage. This item truly does it all for Anivia. [highlight]Mid Game Goals:[/highlight] [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/rod-of-ages.png][img=items/liandrys-torment.png] Finish Rod of Ages asap to begin its 10 minute stacking time. As stated earlier, stacking both of these magic penetration items with your runes will make you hit extremely hard early game. RoA and Liandry's both grant health, so during the mid game you're going to be pretty tanky. Even though you don't have a deathcap yet, the high damage base on your skills, magic pen, and liandry's procs are going to make you a huge mid game threat. [highlight]Late Game and Situational Items[/highlight] [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] Almost mandatory! Huge 120 ap + increases overall ap by 30%. If you are getting fed hard, rush this item after you complete rod of ages and haunting guise. [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] This item is made for you! This item will proc every half a second, and tick 6 times. Normally, each tick would do 1% of the targets current life. BUT! If the target's movement is hindered at all say by Glacial Storm... the damage is instead doubled to 2% per tick! Needless to say, you can soften up the whole team pretty quickly with a well placed ultimate. [img=items/void-staff.png] Buy if opponents are piling magic resist over 100 late game. Combined with Arcane Knowledge from your mastery, you will have just over 40% magic penetration. If your opponent has for example 100 resist, 40% off will already be 60. After that your magic penetration from boots, haunting guise, and runes will knock off another 38 MR, taking his true resist down to a mere 22! [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] Unique active can do anything from get the focus off of you in a fight to saving your life from those last few tics of ignite. Also it can get the turret to aggro onto someone else if needed. You should always build this item vs opponents like Karthus, Zed, and Vladimir to completely eliminate the damage from their ultimates. [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] This item is great for a lot of ap champions. It provides a ton of magic resist and mana regen. Also, it provides 60 ap and an insane 20% cooldown reduction. A great buy if the enemy team has a double ap composition. [img=items/morellos-evil-tome.png] 75 ap is nice but not the reason for this item. 20% cooldown reduction and mana regen are excellent as well, but that's still not it. This item is my pick to counter champions that rely on health regen, life steal, and spell vamp. It will inflict them with grievous wound (50% healing) when they are below 40% health. It's great against champions like AD Sion, Mundo, Vladimir, and Mordekaiser. [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png] Double ap on your team? Buy to reduce surrounding enemies' magic resist by 20. This will greatly increase your damage and your ally's. It nearly eliminates the magic resist aura from the enemy runic bulwark as well which grants 25 MR. [img=items/warmogs-armor.png] You can buy this vs a high burst (leblanc/veigar) IF AND ONLY IF you are well ahead of the enemy team. Otherwise, you will sacrifice way too much damage spending gold on this. [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] Buy this when you know it's going to be a long game, and you'll have time to stack the tear. If you don't have a late game composition and your team wants to fight early, you won't be able to follow up. You will simply have too much mana and not enough ability power. [img=items/lich-bane.png] Anivia does not use auto attacks nearly enough to get real use out of this item. It's gonna be a no. [img=items/spirit-of-the-spectral-wraith.png][img=items/will-of-the-ancients.png] These items are surprisingly viable if you opt for a more tanky build. However, if you are going for burst damage, these are not for you. [img=items/guardian-angel.png] This is a great item on most AP and AD carries. BUT, on Anivia, I would not recommend this because your passive already functions like a GA. The resistances are nice of course, but late game you will find that if these are your only resistances it won't do much for you. [img=items/banshees-veil.png] If you keep getting grabbed by Blitzcrank or Thresh buy this! It's also very nice if the enemy team has a double ap comp or one super fed ap carry. The health and mana are a nice pick up as well in any situation. [img=items/thornmail.png] Even if all members of the enemy team are AD, please no. Yes, the 100 armor and passive are great. But, in order to use that passive, you are planning on putting yourself in harms way. Instead, try to keep your distance and buy more damage to take them out faster. [img=items/elixir-of-brilliance.png] If your team is about to force a fight or you are a full build, pick this up for increased ap and cdr. [img=items/oracles-elixir.png] Buy this if you have enough gold to clear out enemy wards and traps. Remember to be careful clearing wards because if you are caught out by the enemy team it can cost your team much more than an oracles elixir. [img=items/elixir-of-fortitude.png] Buy this when you have a full build and already have the other elixirs. Extra health is always great!

[highlight]Pre-Lane Phase[/highlight] In level 1 engagements, you're going to want to skill your flast frost. The double damage you can deal with it alongside the stun can almost single handedly win the fight. While your auto attacks won't deal much damage, they will be from a mostly safe distance as Anivia's auto attack range is 650. Be careful baiting your egg in early fights like this because it won't take much to kill a 426 health egg with -25 armor. Oh, and please please please don't tower dive level 1. [highlight]Early Harass[/highlight] Anivia is great at harassing very early (level 1-5.) Her huge auto attack range makes it easy to harass from a safe distance and pick down your enemy's health bar slowly. While you are last hitting minoins, pay attention to your creeps health bars. Right as one of yours is about to die, you can land an easy stun on your opponent when he is going to last hit and combo with frost bite. Remember, if you have a close fight early game and your opponents' health is low, you may want to just egg in your minoins instead of flash away. Many times people don't realize that minion aggro combined with ignite will kill them until it's too late. [highlight]Farm followed by Farm[/highlight] Your main focus however should be farming! After 6 it is very easy to clear waves with your ultimate. After you get some ap, you can combo your ultimate/Q while the enemy creeps are walking toward mid. This will get you a perfect 6 cs every time. After that you can easily clear jungle camps like your wraiths or wolves as well. Just remember your jungler does need xp and gold just as much as you. So, please only take the jungle when you think they will not be clearing it in the next 60 seconds. However, no one cares about the enemy wraiths! If you can see the enemy jungler in a different lane, and you can't get there in time to help, take his wraiths! [highlight]Vision[/highlight] PLEASE BUY WARDS! As stated previously, Anivia has no true escape methods, so you really don't want an aggressive jungler taking advantage of you. Warding your side bushes is actually not very efficient. Instead, consider warding the enemy banana bushe to see them before they even get close. On the other side, put a ward right at the corner of the bush that is hugging the back side of the red buff trees. This ward is awesome! It will allow you vision on both sides of the corner and in the bush itself of course. This is also very useful because it will allow bottom and top lanes to see if the enemy jungler is walking toward their lane. If you are against a jungler that ganks often like Lee Sin or Maokai, you will often be rewarded for warding both sides of the river. However, if you are against a low presence jungler like a shen, you can ward one side of the river and hug that side. [highlight]Just a Thought[/highlight] These days it seems that everyone tries for the quick 20 minute wins. In the event that your lane opponent roams to gank another lane, you have two choices. One, you could immediately make your way there to help. Or two, if you know you can't get there in time to help, help your whole team by taking down that mid lane turret. It not only grants more map control, but it raises global gold allowing for an early advantage and possibly the win. Anivia's wave clear makes her turret pushing even better because it allows all of your allowed minions to attack the turret as well instead of the enemy creeps.

Do your best to always combo Flashfrost + Frostbite on the enemy carries. Taking them out early will greatly reduce the overall dps the other team can put out. Any time enemies are running away, try to position your ultimate so that they must walk all the way through it, therefore slowing them the maximum amount of time. By now you should have a point or 2 in your wall so try to split up the enemies creating an easy advantage for your team. If you are trying to farm as much as you can you may find knowing the jungle timers to be helpful. Here are the respawn times: -Wolves: 50 seconds -Wraiths: 1 minute -Double Golems: 50 seconds -Red and Blue Buff: 5 minutes -Dragon: 6 minutes -Baron: 7 minutes [highlight]Blue Buff[/highlight] Do your best to especially keep track of your blue buff timer along with dragon and baron. Also, when you know you can solo blue, just tell our jungler you don't need help. Instead of helping you he can clear wolves for more of that lovely gold and xp. Just a few seconds can be the difference between a successful counter gank or simply having to hold the lane because he wasn't there. Now then, if you have enough damage and a few points into the wall, you can actually wall the blue buff in, and just kill it over the wall. This will save time and let you get back to lane quicker! Remember, keeping the timer is important. A good way to keep track is to type in the chat. An example of this would be if you killed the blue buff camp at 12:07, the new one will respawn at 17:07. Simply type in the chat 17:07 ob. This means 17:07 our blue respawns. [highlight]Dragon[/highlight] Always be present for dragon! This is nearly 1k global gold for your team available every 6 minutes after it has been slain. You can do a lot of damage for a fast secure with your ultimate. Use your wall to delay/block off the enemy smite from dragon/baron. Also, even if you can't completely block a retreating enemies path, the wall can be used to detour them slightly in one direction. You will then know exactly where to direct your stun. Even if your flashfrost is on cooldown, using the wall could give your teammates just the time they needed to further cc that champion. If the enemy smite does get near dragon, but it's not too low let them tank it! Simply stop dealing damage to the dragon and focus on them. They will have to choose whether to keep attacking the dragon and taking damage from you or running away back into the jungle from whence they came. [highlight]Global Gold Matters![/highlight] If you haven't taken the enemy mid tower by now, try to siege it down safely and grant your team another 750 global gold. Once you've pushed your lane up, you should fly top or bottom all stealthy like and try to gank. With any luck, you can secure a kill or 2 and push down that turret as well. After your team shops it would be a great idea to direct them to take down the 3rd outter turret. This will open up the entire enemy jungle to your team and you will have gained 450 gold per person from just 3 turrets. Always remember, the game is about turrets and objectives, not chasing the enemy hoping for an ace. Any time you can take an objective, do it. [highlight]Roaming[/highlight] Roaming overall is very underrated. Most mid laners will simply sit mid and farm or attack the enemy turret when their opponent leaves. Only after they hear \"enemy double kill\" do they realized they should have followed their counterpart. Please, follow your enemy and ping warnings! You should have wards to warn your allies as well! Anivia is like a second jungler. She has so much crowd control with her wall, slow, and stun combined, it's like Leona on crack! When you see an opportunity top or bottom, simply push your lane with your ultimate + Q combo. IMPORTANT: Make sure you exit your lane out of the enemy mid laners' sight. It would also be nice if you pay attention to where they placed their wards. Depending on which side of the map you are on, it's usually best to come from behind your opponents if you can. (Top on blue side, bottom on purple side.) Make sure your allies know you are coming though! Even if you lose your turret after 2 or 3 ganks, if you can manage to get your top and bottom lanes fed, it will be very much worth it in the end. However, you should still do your best to be quick and get back to lane and protect your turret as long as you can.

This guide probably says it 3 or 4 times, hit as many enemies as possible with your ultimate! If you feel your team has enough cc, it's also a good idea to hit 3+ people with your Q if they line up for you during the team fight. Just make sure you stun the maximum number of people you can. While the team fight is going on, pay attention to your ultimate, if there are only 1 or 2 enemies left on it, toggle it off so that you may re-position it and combo with frostbite on a high priority target. Only bait your egg on the outskirts of the fight. If you egg in the middle of the fight even if your team is there to watch your back.... err egg... you can still take massive damage from aoe skills. Be sure to take special care against champions like blitzcrank and cho'gath in team fights. Their aoe silence can easily stop your ultimate, greatly reducing the overall dps you're putting out. Any champion with a silence is bad news for the bird. Keep a good eye on your adc during the fight as well. You have several ways to protect and peel for them. Even if you just slow the person chasing, it will allow them to kite and possibly lifesteal their way back into the fight. Remember, even if you can see someone in the enemy back line with 200 health left, it will probably not be worth it for your to go diving in. As Anivia, your place is on the outskirts of the fight. If you go diving in you will fall victim to aoe skills, auto attacks from bruisers, and the enemy adc very quickly! Instead, keep a safe distance and keep pumping out the damage. However, if the fight is really looking quite even toward the end and you are full health, you need to step in. Soak up some damage and raise your teams' morale with your high health presence. The odds are the enemy will begin to lose hope and retreat. After they do that it's time to use that wall and catch a few of them. During fights you should be going through a checklist: -Blow up an enemy carry or peel for yours -Use your wall to catch someone out or save it to cut the team fight in two -It's always a good idea to drop wards in bushes during fights to maintain vision -Do you need the kill or would your team benefit more if you let another have it? -Should you toggle off your ult to re-position? -Do I have the actives from Zhonya's or Seraph's available to me? -Continue chasing the enemy team after a win or gain objectives (turrets, dragon, buffs, baron) -Can I safely bait my egg and hopefully take the pressure off one or two of my allies with the distraction? Remember, this is solo queue. Not everyone is as smart as you are! Instruct your team early on in the game that if you win a team fight later on and you have a 5v2 on the map, you need to take objectives! I've seen so many losses because my team would rather chase Soraka than gather and push down turrets or take a free baron. Ping turrets or baron 1 or 2 times and your team will usually make the right decision.

-1v1 If you are 1v1 against the enemy apc and the enemy is wanting to fight, it will be best to get him in your ultimate and use frostbite immediately to start the cooldown. After your frostbite hits, stun them so they dont leave your ult. After they turn to run away, wall them off so they remain chilled for a split second longer. This will allow you just enough time to use your frostbite for the 2nd time, you probably won't even need to ignite assuming you're both the same level. So, this will look like: [imgsmall=skills/anivia/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/e.png] -The Chase! If your enemy is running away, the best way to approach is to wall them off so they can only run to one side of it if possible. Throw your stun immediately in that direction and make sure to blow it up on impact with them. After that position your ultimate so they must run through it to progress toward safety. Remember to use frostbite when you are in range. This should look like: [imgsmall=skills/anivia/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/anivia/e.png] -The Teamfight! This I can not tell you a combo for as it is all situational. Simply do your best to get as many as possible in your ultimate. If you can divide their team in two by walling off a jungle entrance or the entrance to a base. Just remember to try to use your frostbite on the enemy carries. It's a good idea to throw your Flashfrost through the team fight as well if you can hit 3+ champions, just be sure to blow it up on the maximum number of enemies you can to stun them.

The late game bird is truly terrifying. Her burst can usually kill the enemy ap or ad carry in just one cycle. Meanwhile, her ultimate paired with Liandry's is destroying tanks as well. It's also very hard to focus her because of her passive. Don't forget to use seraph's embrace and or zhonya's if you are getting focused hard. I've won countless late games (50 minutes or longer) by simply walling off a carry from the other 4 members of their team. Your bruiser/tank will jump on that opportunity, and because of your one wall, it's an instant 5v4, and usually gg wp! Be ready for any opportunity you get! It's always a good idea to stand just out of sight in the fog of war to try this. [highlight]Take Charge![/highlight] Remember, this is solo queue. Not everyone is as smart as you are! Instruct your team early on in the game that if you win a team fight and you have a 5v2 on the map, you need to take objectives! I've seen so many losses because my team would rather chase soraka than gather and push down turrets or take a free baron. Lead them with pings and suggestions, not yelling and name calling. You will get no response out of aggression towards your team. [highlight]Baron, the Noob Magnet![/highlight] Help your team with wards both greens and pinks for baron. Remember you can use your wall to check bushes for safe warding. Also, if the enemy team is pinking baron over and over, try putting a ward right behind the small signs that make the gate into baron. Most people will pink ward the middle of the gate outside and these wards will not be able to see your hidden ward at that angle. This can give them a false sense of safety if they want to attempt a steal. Also, if your team is far ahead, you need to realize that there is no reason to even grab baron. That can create a chance for the enemy to smite steal and or ambush your weakened team and get back in the game. Only take it if you can visibly see 1 or 2 people across the map (hopefully one is the enemy smite.) [highlight]Turtles Love Birds[/highlight] It's 28 minutes and the enemy team is grouping up mid lane. Your team is with you, but your team is down 14-7 in kills and 2 dragons. This isn't the time to initiate a fight! Your team needs to farm to late game and make a play later on. Remember you alone can keep the enemy from taking your towers. Use your ultimate+Q combo to waveclear immediately. Eventually, the enemy team is going to realize their efforts are futile and they will either disperse back to the other lanes or make the big mistake! Tower diving with no creeps! If this happens, you need to use your kit to wall off the enemy carries! If they dive a tower and have no damage coming out, they're going to want to retreat. Nope! Stunned. Followed by a big aoe slow, not going to make it are you Nautilus? Remember, if you are at the inhibitor and your wall is maxed, you can wall off the entire base from creeps and champions alike. If Sivir wants to stick around and hit your turret one more time, lock the door! Best case scenario, your team pounces on her and makes it an easy 5v4. However, even if she is simply forced to use flash, that's still a small win you can take advantage of later. [highlight]Sieging[/highlight] We all know that if the bottom inhibitor is down in the enemy base, it's best to go top and stall the enemy team. This of course allows the super creeps in the bottom lane to demand attention when it reaches the base, otherwise it's a free nexus! Since top is the farthest lane away from the bottom it's logical to split the enemy players apart as much as you can. When the time is right and you have a 5v4 or less, your team can begin to attack the turret almost freely in most cases. What if you didn't have any base turrets down yet? Anivia can help you with that! When your team has the creep wave pushed up to the turret, Place your ultimate at the base of their tower and step back. You can zone out the enemy team with Glacial Storm while staying out of turret range. This will allow your ADC to attack the turret with little or no retaliation. Most teams' simply can not answer this method. However, be ready to stun or wall off the enemies if they do try to engage on your ADC.

Difficulty Scale: 1-10 (1 is easy, 10 is time for a lane swap) [img=champ/ahri.png] Difficulty: 7 Ahri is very skill shot reliant. This is where you show off your mad juke skills. Avoid the taunt at all costs! Once ahri hit's 6, she will never be kept in your ultimate, do your best to farm and roam to other lanes, as she will do the same. If you are going to attempt to kill her, you need an ally with another hard form of CC to lock her down with you so that you will have enough time to dish out the damage needed. Please, ward or call mia to warn your teammates so she can't roam. [img=champ/cassiopeia.png] Difficulty: 8 Cass is capable of clearing waves much faster than you before level 6. Do your best to keep up, BUT if she is trying to harass you, you MUST trade with her. You can't take free harass from her. Do your best to dodge her poison so she can't refresh the timer on her twin fangs. Before level 6, you should be able to trade farily well with your flashfrost into frostbite combo. You must ward after she hits 6! Due to your lack of mobility, you can't afford to get ganked for free due to her ultimate stunning you. [img=champ/ryze.png] Difficulty: 4 Early game Ryze is simply too squishy for your double damage Q and E. Watch your creeps' health bars, and right as he is about to last hit one, punish him! You need to keep wards on both sides of the river for this matchup because it's near impossible for ryze to miss his smart skill root on you, making for an easy gank. After he hits level 6, remember not to underestimate the spellvamp and movement speed he gains from his ultimate. [img=champ/veigar.png] Difficutly: 9 Veigar is just op! His Aoe stun is very easy to use, and with his ultimate, the stronger you are, the stronger he is! I recommend you grab mercury's treds early to escape his wall of pain. Keep in mind, although he is scary, he is also very very squishy! Ask your jungler for a gank before level 6, and you should have no problem in this matchup. Anivia's wave clear is also much better than his. Another thought, Veigar really benefits from last hitting minions with his Q. So, by keeping your lane pushed up to his turret, you will not only deny some of those ability power stacks, but you will ensure he's not roaming to other lanes. Please ward vs Veigar as well! His stun is simply heaven for the enemy jungler to work with. [img=champ/nidalee.png] Difficulty: Entirely up to you! We've all seen the spears that chunk down 1/2 of an ally's lifebar in 1 hit. PLEASE, stand behind your creeps and laugh in her face! Most nidalee players will try to counter this technique with walking to the left or right. IF you have wards down, simply counter it! Or, since she's walking in a predictable path use this to your advantage and engage on her! After playing so defensively, she will never expect it. You'll find it's easy to land a stun when she's trying to get a clear path of vision to you. Nidalee is of course very squishy, but if you intend to kill her, ignite her BEFORE she heals, cutting the health received in half. When she hits level 6, she will have very high mobility with her kitty cat form. Make sure to ward so she can't roam freely to the other lanes. Also, during any part of a game vs Nidalee, you should always be on your toes, ready to dodge a spear from the fog of war. Beware! During the lane phase, pay attention to where she places traps, so that you can warn your jungler before he attempts a gank. [img=champ/leblanc.png] Difficutly: 8 I have found the best way to defeat the hyper death burst LeBlanc is to keep her on her turret and deny the opportunity for kills before level 6. She has no way to clear out minions without using her key mobility/damaging spells. However, you must ward to safely push and prevent her from simply roaming top or bottom. Since her kit allows for a double silence potential, I highly recommend picking up mercury's treds to reduce the disable times and nullify some of that burst damage. Late game, you should try your best to target her first and either blow her up or peel her away from your ad carry. [img=champ/fizz.png] Difficutlty: 8 This guy! His high mobility and untargetable time are a nightmare for your ultimate. It's also very hard to land a stun and or frostbite combo on him. Also, after level 6, if he lands his ultimate on you it's almost a guaranteed egg. Do your best to farm passively and wait for a gank from your jungler. After level 6, you can do your best to push up the wave and roam to other lanes. However, you need to ward so he can't follow unnoticed. [img=champ/kayle.png] Difficulty: 3 Kayle's slow is nothing! Anivia has a slow AND a stun! Autowin! When kayle wants to auto attack you with righteous fury, she will not be moving much, stun her on your ult and combo the frostbite. She's very squishy early game and you can force her to use her ultimate. Be patient and finish her off on the next minion wave, or simply push and deny farm to turrets. In the late game, you should try to wall her off from the fight as she can only re-enter with a flash. [img=champ/zed.png] Difficulty: 7 Zed has no mana, so he potentially has infinite harass. Do your best to dodge his skills. You MUST build Zhonyas Hourglass as one of your first items. This will allow you to negate the damage from his ultimate. If you intend to fight Zed, try to do so only after he has used his W so he can't slip away from you easily. Also, wait for him to commit with his ultimate before you place your ultimate. This way you can get him right in the middle of glacial storm for the duration of the fight. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] Difficulty: 5 Let's be honest, NO ONE likes the suprise parties this guy throws. Early merc treds will help alleviate some of your fears (literally 3 seconds!) It's no secret that fiddle isn't the best farmer. I like to keep him pushed on his turret so he will lose a lot of cs. Wards are mandatory for this! If you try to trade with him you will find in the end he wins due to the sustain he gets from his drain. Keep your distance from him as much as possible when using your ultimate as it will toggle off when silenced. During team fights you need to try to wall his ult away from your teammates. [img=champ/kassadin.png] Difficulty: 7 Kassadin hits pretty hard and has a very spammable silence! However, it does require he spend a lot of his mana. Beg your jungler for a gank pre level 6, because after he gets his blink, it's near impossible to gank kass. Speaking of which, you MUST ward to warn your other lanes of his impending gank! While trading/fighting kass, wait for him to use his silence, and then go on the aggression. [img=champ/malzahar.png] Difficutly: 8 Most Malzahar players will push the enemy mid non stop. You of course can not keep up with this farming speeds pre level 6. You can auto attack if he's pushing or you can use your Q to stun/slow minoins advancing to keep the creeps off your turret and buy more time. Malz has a very high burst and unfortunately for your toggle utlimate, a silence! While it may not seem that he does a ton of damage immediately to you, his malefic vision does a ton of damage over time, especially when paired with liandry's torment. You must ward in this lane as well due to his ultimate. It's impossible to miss and will suppress you for 2.5 seconds, making you easy prey for an enemy jungler. During the lane phase, be sure to stand clear of your dying minions so you don't take free harass from his E. When trying to fight malz, you must be ready to dodge his silence! Just like you he has not escape methods, so a well placed wall should allow for an easy stun and follow up gank from your jungler. [img=champ/chogath.png] Difficulty: 7 Cho'Gath has way way too much sustain for Anivia's early game. His passive grants health and mana for every minion he kills. You will basically have 0 kill potential if you're not getting a gank. I advise that you do exactly what he is doing and focus on farming. After 6 you need to keep him on his turret so he at least loses a few cs. His Q W combo will be able to clear whole waves pretty soon though. Make sure you avoid his knock up and silence whenever you are using glacial storm. They will not only deal a ton of damage, but they will both stop your ultimate. Also, remember that Cho's Feast will deal a TON of TRUE damage. Don't think your egg is safe around him. If you consider Cho's ultimate passive, he is going to be stacking health no matter what. Consider picking up Liandry's Torment to counter his tankyness.

[img=champ/amumu.png] Amumu just needs to do one thing. Land the bandage! As soon as that lands the enemy mid can either flash away or get stunned again by you for free. When amumu hits 6 his ganks of course will be even better. During team fights the two of you will really shine together. Assuming you built liandry's, you will have two champions on your team dealing aoe percentage life damage. Your ultimate will be doing current life percentage while Amumu does max life percentage with his tears. You can already see how easily a team will melt. Be sure to let him engage the team fights. If you wall off a priority target and he is able to lane a bandage, just use Flash Frost. Wait until Amumu ults and stuns 3 or 4 people, and then use your ultimate on them so they are instantly slowed again. [img=champ/jarvaniv.png] Jarvan has a huge presence when he's in a game. Generally he ganks a lot early game, so prepare to snowball! Wait for him to land his E Q combo for a knock up before you stun, this way you can't miss. These two were basically made for each other. They both have a slow, they both have impassible terrain, and they can both freeze someone in place. It's just too good. Obviously in team fights you want to put your ultimate on the targets he traps in his Cataclysm. But! If you see an opportunity to combine your wall with his ultimate to completely block a path like a jungle ramp and keep some enemies completely out of the fight, do it! [img=champ/malphite.png] Malphite's Seismic Shard is crazy! It will slow the enemy champion for 4 seconds and is only an 8 second cooldown. This is great for letting you to catch up and dish out your own crowd control. When Malphite engages team fights later on with his ultimate, you MUST be ready to combo your stun. When they hit the ground you can stun at least 2 or 3 people. If it's safe enough for you to get close, position your ultimate under the enemies that were ulted by him,and put your wall right behind them when they start retreating. This is where he will start slowing a target with his seismic shard. Since the slow amount is pretty big, you should be able to keep up and land another stun. [img=champ/kennen.png] Kennen has the potential to stun the entire enemy team all by himself. This of course means free damage for your ultimate. When you see him lightning rush into the enemy and pop his ultimate, remember he needs to get 3 stacks of his passive on each enemy before the stun will proc. Use your wall to help corral the enemy team for him so they can't split up easily. The best way to do it would be throwing your wall one way, stun the other way, and using your ultimate on the others to slow them. He should be able to get several stuns off with your help. During a fight, Kennen can easily get off 2 stuns on an enemy though, so remember to stick with him if he is confidently chasing someone down. [img=champ/ashe.png] This lady can just slow for days. Her volley and frost shot can usually keep someone from getting away for as long as she wants to pursue them. You should have no problem keeping up in a chase. This will also work the other way around when you need to kite back and run from the enemy team. She can just throw out volleys while you are stunning the ones she doesn't hit. Also, you ultimate and wall can help escape of course. Make sure you follow up ashe's ultimate and stun lock the targets she hits right before her stun is about to wear out. If your team is running low on wards, together you can really provide some vision. She of course can use her hawkshot, but remember your wall can provide huge areas of vision for safe warding. [img=champ/sejuani.png] Part of the reason Sejuani is a counter to Anivia is because she can pretty much indefinitely slow people with her permafrost. Of course Anivia has no built in escapes, so this is a huge problem. But! Lucky for you, this works the other way around too! She can give you tons of time dish out damage. During lane phase, let her initiate with Arctic Assault. The enemy will only be knocked up briefly so be on your toes ready to stun. During team fights later on, make sure to combo your Flast Frost with her Glacial Prison so that you can stun lock as many people as possible. [img=champ/maokai.png] I LOVE having maokai in the jungle when I'm using the bird. His early ganks are so easy. He will root in allowing you an effortless stun/frostbite combo. However, the real beauty is the combination of his and your ultimate in a team fight. Communicate early with your maokai to make sure the entire team fight takes place in his and your ultimate. Your team will take reduced damage while theirs is standing on a swirly ice storm of death. One sided team fight to be honest!

Positioning is key on most ap carries. Try not to get caught out, and always buy wards. Do your best to get as many people in your ultimate as you can in team fights. Always use Frostbite on high priority targets AFTER they are chilled. Bait your egg as often as you like if you have the backup there. Whatever you do, don't block off your team with the op wall! If anyone has any questions or would like to queue up together, just add me in game \"L3tt3r5\". I hope this guide has helped shed some light! With enough practice you should be soaring above the competition in no time! Good luck and thank you!

Please I need a few more referrals for Medieval Twitch! Help me out if you're planning on smurfing, thanks!

[highlight]6-12-2013:[/highlight] Changed jungle respawn timers to comply with patch 3.8. [highlight]10-20-2013:[/highlight] Updated my solo queue stats and pictures.

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