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Righteous Jungler [Patch 5.13]

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[center][big]Welcome to jungle kayle \"hidden\" OP since patch 5.13! [/big] My name is qoonminati and i am a kayle main form euw. Currently i am mid elo and am on a 70% win rate with kayle (mainly mid but jungle too). I really like this champ because of the incredible potenticial she has when fed. Even when behind she still got gamebreaking utility and can carry the game with this. Because of that i like to play her the resistence shred way. It helps your whole team a lot especially when you have another Aoe hypercarry in your team like kata. Now i will show you the most effictive ways of playing her as jungler.[/center] Planing to do a devourer kayle top guide (ad on-hit)! :D Works really good I tested it.

Frog (smite) -> Blue (if the enemie mid laner doesnt show up i usually ward behind my blue to make sure he doesnt intend to steal it) -> river -> red(Smite) -> river OR back depends on how big the leash you got was (I wouldnt go to river with 100hp since the enemy jungle might show up) OR if you play against a easy matchup: Frog (Smite) -> Blue -> rush to enemie red (ward the bush) (Smite) -> gank mid/top if not to low Once you head back and got your jungle item you should have no problems cleaning camps.

You should do dragon once your bot lane or mid lane got time for it : when the lane is pushed very hard or the enemie is not there. If you were jungling before drake make sure to keep one charge of your smite!!! For Baron : do it when you reach about lvl 14 and just won a teamfight.

Your weak point. Do your best farming to lvl6. Gets a few ganks off once you skill your q and try to survive. Jungling can be really hard sometimes in early just buy healthpots.

With the burst build this is your time to shine. Once you got lichbane you will destroy all squishies and deal decent damage to tanks. With tank shred build you are pretty weak at this point ([img=items/skirmishers-sabre-enchantment---devour.png] & [img=items/runaans-hurricane.png] with those items you got nearly no ap)

Kayle is so op if you didnt win until now its over for them. Once you got a full build you do incredible damage even to hypertanks like mundo! with the shred build you are even stronger. You can maybe even 1vs5 if you play well and make good use of kiting & [img=items/runaans-hurricane.png].

This is your thing! With [img=items/lich-bane.png] build focus their carry you will likely kill him with q+e. If you think you need ulti for that to not die then do it! Always use your ulti early in teamfight just to make sure you get to use it at all. With [img=items/runaans-hurricane.png] build you destroy their whole team and your adc/apc will have a even easier time destroying them.

Kayle is currently very strong in the jungle with the tank meta. Most of the matchups can be kited easily and then be finished, without taking much damage. While the mid laner meta are assasins you hardcounter their burst with your ulti.

[center][big]Thanks for reading my guide! I hope you will have fun playing it and maybe even get out of elo hell :o[/big][/center]

#28.06.15 Updated to new masteries #30.06.15 Updated to runegrave enchantment. -Runes updated -Build updated -Masteries updated #08.07.15 THANKS riot! Patch 5.13 kayle buff. Her e now got higher ratios on normal&splash damage! Really nice with ap build. -Builds changed to fit new \"sated devourer\" > double on-hit effects are INSANE! -the item sated devourer is not avaible on solomid. In your endgame builds you should of course have sated devourer and not the normal \"stacking\" devourer. -Whole item section updated -avoid fighting a ryze with will of acients !!!! o.O #10.07.15 Fixed all my mistakes regarding sated devourer. -Guide \"design\" updated -Build section updated -Masteries updated

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