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Jinx the lane wrecker [S4 UPDATED]

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Updated 3 years ago
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Hey guys! I am Beloreftw and this is my first guide here. I am currently Silver 3, but working my way up the ladders. Started with Gold elo back in the days. My prefered role is ADcarry/marksman, and that is why I made this guide. Yes I know I am Silver 3, but not everyone in Silver is bad. I might even beat you! Hahaha. Please place a comment on how to improve the guide, and what items you prefer (With an explanation if possible!) Goodluck and Have fun with the guide!

Farm up! Push the lane in hard, and go back on the 6:30 mark. Try to get a Vamp scepter and boots if you can. The reason for the back is, towers take less damage untill the 8th minute mark is hit. If you go back, the enemy is still clearing his wave, has NO item advantage, and is pushing. Now you should go all-in, take him down, make him go back. After you've killed or made him back, INSTANTLY PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN! By now the 8th minute mark should be hit, so take the tower fast! After you've taken down the tower, go back to base, buy items, and tell your support to get a pink, or get it yourself. Go back to lane, push the wave in, ask your jungler to come through either THEIR blue buff (If you're blue side) or THEIR red side (If you're purple). Make them go back, and get dragon.

So you've just taken a tower, and probably a dragon. The bot lane should not be pushed by the enemy, as you are stronger then him, so he will try to freeze the lane. Roam to mid, and take the turret fast. Now it is just a waiting game, take either there red / blue depending on what side you are on. Keep pushing in the waves, preferable 1-2 minutes BEFORE dragon spawns, AND TIME THEIR BUFFS! Take their buffs whenever you can, but don't go away. If you have take lens, first sweep either BEHIND their red buff, (If you're purple side) Or the blue buff bush itself (You're blue side) Take dragon over and over, and pressure towers. Top lane should have gotten the tower, so group up, and force a fight. Bait baron, or bait even the dragon. Keep pressuring.

Good job coming this far! You should really focus on getting baron, tell everyone to get 3 wards, and ward all around their jungle, since it's lategame, one mistake can be fatal. Don't dive, but split push. If someone split pushes, they will have to send someone. As soon as they send someone, tell your split pusher to come and group, now you can dive.

Jinx is amazing in team fights. Simply start up by putting flame chompers right in their team, then use your Super Mega Death Rocket!. It's alot better then keeping it for people that ran away, people should no be able to run away from Jinx! And the damage is ALOT, so the fight will go easier.

Jinx is really fun, but depends on getting alot of farm, or a kill or 2. Try to push hard, and you will win the lane. (Not if you died 3 times because you were pushing ofcourse.) And this was my first guide! I am going to update it, because I still need to do the lane matchups, but do not have the time for it. Please leave your opinions on how the guide looks, and some tips if you can! [b]Please leave a comment on how this looks, and what I can improve. I really want to make a GOOD guide that will help people out.[/b]

UPDATE --------- SEASON 4 Added Trinkets. Added lanematchups UPDATE ---- 11-23-2013 Changed trinket to sweeping lens: Lens is very usefull if your jungler wants to come gank, and gives you ALOT of vision controll. --- Update early game, mid game and late game a bit. Should be more usefull. UPDATE ---- 11-26-2013 Put in a little something in item build. Experiences with lens.

Comments coming soon!
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