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Shurima... Your Emperor Has Returned! - Azir Mid Guide - Patch 4.16

Updated 2 years ago
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Hello there. My name is Pestilential on the NA server and I'm going to be honest with you; I'm not that great of a player and this is my very first guide. However, with that being said, I do think I have some valuable knowledge in some aspects to newer players and I think this guide will test it. I've already began analyzing and thinking of some good ideas. I personally think Azir is a mid laner (ranged, harass similar to [img=champ/heimerdinger.png]`s [img=skills/heimerdinger/q.png]). Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to ask questions/leave feedback in the comments! [center][b]Changelog[/b][/center] 08/27/14: Guide released. Also fixed some grammar here and there, added [img=items/banshees-veil.png] to the Situational Items, and did a pretty decent change to all of the guide using some BBCode.[b][/b] 09/10/14: Massive update with the official release of Azir. Will be updating every time I find better setups; check here often! 09/17/14: Another huge update. Finally added a matchup and gave some advice on early, mid, late game and teamfights. Another update coming soon.

As with most mid laners your early game is really weak, so poke the enemy with your Sand Soldiers and farm, farm, farm. Eventually (if played well enough), you will reach a point where one of you has whittled each other low enough to force backs. At this point, hoping it was the enemy who was backing, push with your soldiers and try your best to get the turret. If you do, use your passive disc and back. You'll be winning your lane sneakily, because the more towers you have the more Azir thrives.

Mid Game is when you start doing more noticeable things. Pressure your lane hard, and remember to buy lots of [img=items/sight-ward.png] and an occasional [img=items/vision-ward.png], especially if their jungler is [img=champ/evelynn.png]. Roam to bot if at all possible; two kills is very possible if you push them towards your teammates with your ultimate. Try your best to snowball so you won't do anything late game. Your dueling powers must be prime here; every death counts.

Late game is Azir's time to be free like the bird that he is. He can do lots of burst and sustained damage if played correctly. Remember to be doing as much for your team as possible; this is where people start reaching full builds and can fight you equally. Use your W + E combo to jump over walls if getting chased, then fire them back over the wall at them using your Q to slow them. Stick with your team, ward baron and dragon often, and win the game.

Azir isn't that great in teamfights because he doesn't have a stun like [img=champ/syndra.png], but his ult is great for setting up some free damage. Use your W to initiate, Q them all, and THEN ult for maximum damage. If done correctly, you'll get some great rewards out of it and get the win. Remember that your E also knocks up people and gives you a sweet shield; its good to win a close duel.

Overall, I think Azir is a very fun champion; I hope I can actually come up with much better builds in the future! Also, keep in mind that I really do appreciate any constructive criticism you may have for me. This guide is undergoing a huge overhaul, so if I can make it even \"huge-er\" that'd be awesome. Credit to Jiggaflip/Abaxial for helping me out with some structuring here, from his [img=champ/chogath.png] guide.

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