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Kassadin - Ap Assassin Build

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Hello, this is my first guide for playing Kassadin as he was meant to be played, an AP Assassin. I'll try to keep it short and simple, with only the necessary information. Kassadin has fell out of popularity recently, after a number of nerfs and reworks. I believe he did need these nerfs and despite what people think he is still a strong pick for top or midlane.

Buy Flask, CS as much as possible, Q opponent whenever its off CD, add in an E too once you have ranked it. Until you get Rod of Ages!

Keep Farming as always. Keep an eye on dragons and bot lane over extending for tp's. By now your Q/ E poke should hurt quite a bit. Notice your opponent getting low. Go in for the kill! you can always riftwalk out again if it goes tits up. Oh and Farm. Above all else.

You will do lots of damage, and you should have a zhonya's, so dont be afraid to dive right in.

Go for the carries whichever one is more fed. ADC or Mid lane. Probably ADC since you wont have fed mid right. Ideally get a few stacks of riftwalk up before the fight, it doesnt take long. Wait for the main engage from either side, And when safe plonk yourself right ontop of the ADC's head. You can probably burst them in one. If not riftwalk again. They'll surely be dead. If you get focused while doing this, use zhonyas and your team will help you out. Then refocus on helping out your surviving team members. During the fights try to use the full combo burst, disengage, and then re-engage once you have your QEW off cd.

Play Kassa win Games. Its that simple. Need advice? ask me.

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