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The Unstoppable Forest Viking: Patch 5.16 Olaf Jungle (Top Lane Sections WIP)

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Hi, I'm Pyroedd, and I am an Olaf Addict. Olaf has alays been deep in my heart as one of my favorite champions, and in the last few months he's been my entire league experience. I absolutely adore his Dive and Delete playstyle. As I was just starting to play him, I looked around to see what a lot of the professional players were building, only to find that most people built him full tank. Now looking at his kit, I could tell this was by all means a massive waste of potential for a monstrous viking like he is. Disappointed with my findings in the pro players, I went on a personal mission to find the best build for the bearded helmet man. What I found was one of the best anti-carry champions in the game. Too many people are stuck in the past of stack hp and just do whatever you feel like Olaf. While this general mindset still works, the time has come to move on. The passive stats to R and the new scaling portion to E really open up a large area to build some damage. Olaf's entire kit is built around running down their AD, Bopping them, then removing the rest of the team. With this in mind, I decided to try one of my favorite items on him, the mother of all bruiser items [img=items/trinity-force.png]. The fact that almost no one builds triforce on Olaf is astounding. With his Q and E on such short cooldowns thanks to their passive effects, you are consistently getting the sheen proc. And don't even get me started on how much the phage effect helps him. Mix that with the new passive damage of Devourer+Challenging smite and you find a force to be reckoned with. The best part of it all is, Olaf thrives in the new jungle. Thanks to his W buffing healing from all sources, his potions are much more effective, effectively giving him about 3 potions worth with the 2 you start with. To make matters even better, if you smite red buff while W is procced you get even more healing from it, making Olaf's early clear a breeze. Because of this, you can clear your entire jungle, including scuttles without needing to recall. If I've convinced you enough with these last few paragraphs, let's really get into [b]the laf.[/b] [center][img=http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101129205543/leagueoflegends/images/thumb/3/3e/Olaf_BrolafSkin.jpg/613x460x2-Olaf_BrolafSkin.png][/center] [center]Jungle: [/center] [center]Pros: -Very high sustain -High damage and good scaling -Innate tankiness after level 6 -Surprising amounts of burst at low levels -Effective ganking with chilling smite and Q -Very strong split push thanks to an assortment of steriods -CC Immunity makes for effective dive and destroy strategies -Very difficult to kite if axes are connecting -One of the fastest and safest early clears -Safe, effective early game dragons Cons: -No gap closer -Skillshot reliant for maximum dps and anti-kiting -No CC aside from your slow -Relatively weak to AP champions due to armor focused build path -Extreme weakness to Grievous Wounds -Ultimate requires proper timing for maximum effectiveness -Unless an extra damage item is built, becomes solely a distraction or splitpush late game -Damage is mostly autoattack based, so [img=items/thornmail.png] and [img=skills/nasus/w.png] can eliminate your damage -Very little peel, avoid playing in \"protect the carry\" compositions[/center] If you're feeling like winning, I suggest you give this big guy a shot. (Heavy WIP. Hundreds of match-ups and all around build+playstyle details to come.)

After watching a few videos of champions being able to solo dragon at level 2 even after the juggle nerf and block removal on dragon, I decided to give olaf a chance to try it out. On my first few tries, I died. I got him just outside of smite range, but he was strong enough to kill me, so I started to tinker with my method. After a few attempts, I came across the method to kill the dragon with about 100 hp left over. [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaFNAg0-14M] It's not 100% required, but I recommend switching out the blade weaving mastery for butcher. The extra 2 damage per auto attack adds up by the end. The basics of soloing the dragon level 2 are getting blue buff, along with keeping two potions and your smite. After finishing Blue, you need to head back to base. Don't waste much time, because you need blue buff for the entirety of the fight. When you reach the dragon, you must start it with an auto attack. Due to it's little flight move, the first hit you do to it is healed back, so the q is wasted while the auto attack still gets the burn damage off. Toss your Q's on cooldown and auto attack as much as possible. After taking three shots, pop your first potion followed by your first W. Do your best to move as little as possible while your W is active so you get the full effect of the healing. From then, use your W on cooldown. After your first potion, you have a window from the end of the potion, all the way to the 9 second marker on your W's cooldown. Any point after that, the potion won't be enough to save you. Don't be afraid to let an axe sit for a bit with W active. You only get a maximum of three Ws throughout the fight, while you can manage 8 axes. The axes are more based on your mana than the actual cooldown on them, so you're only punishing yourself by moving during your W.

As Olaf Jungle, you have two main jungle routes you can take if you're not going for the level 2 dragon. My preferred jungle route, then the safe jungle route. I'll divide them up so you can choose the one you prefer. [b]PREFERRED ROUTE[/b] Do your best to find where your enemy is starting, and do your best to start where they start. If they start on top side at their blue buff, you start top side at your red buff and vice versa for bot. If it's too risky to find out where they're starting, always default to whichever side blue is on. If starting blue, clear from Gromp all the way through Golems. Always smite Gromp. When killing camps, 4 auto attacks and an axe will kill blue buff/red buff/wolf small mobs, while 2 auto attacks and an axe will kill the chickens small mobs. It's preferred that you kill the small mobs first due to your clear speed. Save your second smite until red buff. While you're fighting red buff, pop w and in the last moments, smite red for maximum healing. From red, kill golems which will leave you at level four. After killing scuttles, if you procced w while killing you should be at ~50% health. From here you can make the choice of placing a deep ward at the four way near blue buff and taking their gromp, or looking for a gank. From that point onward, clear as normal and keep your map awareness on high. Do your best to keep track of the enemy jungler and don't be afraid to counter jungle as you can 1v1 any jungler if you play it correctly.

During mid game, you want to make sure you're keeping your farm up. Even if you're ganking heavily, keep that jungle cleared. At this point laners may start to take the camps on a regular basis though, so be ready to farm lanes to make up for the gold you're losing. You want to have as much dragon control as possible. As olaf you are completely capable of soloing the dragon at any point of the game post-devourer, so if you see any opportunity to ward and set up for it, take advantage of it. The buffs from dragon are worth too much to pass up. If your team has a capable 4v5 and you have teleport, don't be afraid to split-push. With your ultimate, w and phage passive, you can melt turrets before the enemy can even get a chance to respond. Just be sure not to overstay. If you get killed without getting a tower, you're doing more harm than good.

When you're finally in the late game, you need to be always wary of possible baron/dragon attempts. It is completely possible at this point that either team could have 4 dragons, and the fifth is a complete game changer. If either are up and you see a danger of them starting one, do not show in the opposite lane of them. Don't try for any stupid steals unless you're absolutely confident. A lost baron isn't necessarily a lost game until your Olaf decides to try to steal the baron, ends up smiting their maokai, and dying. Also at this point in the game, if you seen a opportunity, split-pushing is very effective. Thanks to all of your passive stats mentioned in mid game, you can melt turrets. Before you split push though, be aware of your teams strength and as to whether they can win a fight without you or not.

When teamfights finally start happening, you have your time to show what you're made to do. Be sneaky, be blunt, whatever method you prefer. Just chase down that ADC and kill them. You generally want to avoid ap champions though, as they're a dent in your armor when you're built to destroy their ad champs. If their most dangerous champion is an assassin, instead of diving in for their carry, just peel for your carry. Remember, the most effective cc is death.

Thanks for reading friends. All I want to do is spread the joy of the hero we call Olaf. Comment questions and anything that I may have missed.

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