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Hellfire Artillery: Diamond AP Kog'maw

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As of patch 5.22, Kog now deals half his previous poke damage on full health targets, although 50% more than before on below 25% health targets. The poke style of AP Kog has been nerfed into oblivion. However, AP Kog is still quite a viable pick in the midlane. I am still experimenting with the best build. I have had lots of success with a core build of Rod of Ages / Nashor's Tooth / Sorcerer's Shoes. After this core is situational, but in general we could build Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff > Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Skill E > W > Q > max R > max E > W > max Q > max W. Run 12/18 masteries, with points in Sorcery, Feast (maybe Double Edged Sword), Natural Talent, Bounty Hunter, Savagery, Secret Stash (or Assasin), Merciless, Dangerous Game, Precision, and Thunderlord's Decree. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [b]Hi all, I'm Tinkady, a three-time Diamond player on the NA server.[/b] This guide is a place for me to showcase my current build, musings, and math on AP Kog'maw. My favorite champions have always been poke-heavy mids: AP Corki, AP Kog'maw, pre-rework Nidalee, Jayce, etc. As a general rule, this type of champion is incredibly strong in solo queue due to a lack of coordination on the other team. You may know me from my Solomid guide on AP Corki, which was sadly nerfed from its OP state. As a result, I've switched back to AP Kog'maw as my go-to mid. Overall, I have approximately 250 AP Kog'maw games played with an estimated winrate of at least 60%. The AP itemization rework of patch 5.13 greatly favored AP Kog, particularly via buffs to Rylai's and Liandry's. After patch 5.13, I went on a 11-1 run with Kog'maw. My ranked stats are also shown below. [img=http://i.imgur.com/pjQw9d1.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/RJ1Avfo.png] [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/0d4Z6jv.png][/center] [b]AP Kog'maw is quite possibly the most extreme champion in League of Legends [/b] (extreme, not overpowered). A lategame AP Kog is one of the strongest hypercarries, and can deal his damage from nearly an entire screen away (2200 range). I'm not exaggerating when I say that I almost always do the most damage to champions in the game, and quite often deal double the second highest value. On four recorded occasions, two since patch 5.13, I've dealt more damage than the rest of my team put together: [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/7bPkesh.png?1][img=http://i.imgur.com/L4qvi24.jpg?1][/center] [img=http://i.imgur.com/fwbqMW1.png] In competitive play, this feat is not particularly rare. When an organized team groups around an AP Kog'maw, ludicrous amounts of damage will be dealt. Look no further than Bjergsen's last two Kog games in the gameplay section later in the guide. [b]Pros:[/b] [.]Best champion in the game after level 16 powerspike [.]Depending on patch, ranks #1 or #2 in overall damage dealt (along with mid Karthus) [.]Longest range and most damaging poke in the game [.]Extremely strong sustained AoE DPS [.]Decently good burst with E-R combo [.]Instant long range waveclear at level 9- safe farmer, and best turtler in the game (comparable to Ziggs) [.]Can singlehandedly carry games after ~25-35 minutes [.]Can engage and disengage from long range after Rylai's purchase [.]Tank killer: sustained DPS with W and R, % health damage on W and Liandry's, Penetration on Q and Boots/Liandry's/Void [.]Lion Dance skin is awesome [b]Cons:[/b] [.]Weak early laning phase and map pressure [.]Assassins can crush you in lane and snowball [.]Relatively long ramp-up time [.]Squishy with no escapes - mitigated by Flash/Ghost [.]Hurt by blue buff denial [.]Skillshot reliant- inconsistent damage and difficult to play

Depending on the matchup, you are most likely going to just play the farming game until level 6 or when your jungler ganks. Try to focus on getting every single CS much more than harassing. On the other hand, Kog is similar to Kassadin in that, pre-6, it's fine to miss creeps if you stay in exp range and it means that you can prevent getting harassed out of lane. It's most important to play scared and survive until level 6; gold will come easily once you're high enough level. Tell your jungler that you are going to need blue buffs. Also warn your jungler about your pitiful early damage, and that he's free to gank but generally should't camp you expecting a kill.

At level 9, you can oneshot the wave with a single E-R combo. At this point, you can try to poke your opponent out of lane, but often it's better to just shove and farm razorbeaks and wolves, and occasionally roam. When your laner roams, you need to ping missing and call out where they're going (try to keep vision) and then either shove your lane hard and take tower, or follow them. Staying in your lane and pushing tower is a surprisingly viable option- you will lose skirmishes as Kog, and often will just bait your team into dying or get caught in transit. You have potent roams if the enemy overextends- you don't have a gapcloser, but you do have high damage and a moderately strong CC in your E- but you should roam less on Kog'maw than you would on another mid simply because if you run into somebody alone you will often die. Make sure you always have dragon vision, and call for your team to do dragon with you whenever you have a big advantage, particularly if the enemy jungler shows top. The best time to do dragon is after a successful jungler gank and double kill botlane, but don't ignore the midlaner- mids are much stronger than botlaners in midgame, and dragon damage can simply set you up to be triple killed.

Once you hit level 16, it's time to win. Tell your team not to fight if you're about to hit 11 or 16, and once you do try to force engagements. I'm not kidding. Be bossy and tell your team to wait. One of the best ways to carry solo queue is by shotcalling. At this point, you should almost never be alone. Stay with your team, especially a teammate that can disengage for you. Always check bushes with your ults, and highly prioritize not dying over taking risks, because you can singlehandedly hold off a siege. Time your blue buffs' spawns, and tell your team that they need to group and poke+fight whenever you get a blue. Unless way ahead, tell your team to avoid fighting until you've softened them up with poke first. With Rylai's, you can often get a chain of ults on a single target and will be tempted to go totally ham to finish the kill. Fight this urge unless you have vision of the area and know it's safe to chase- if you're ambushed, you're useless. However, this is a very good way to initiate a teamfight when winning- if you land an ult on a squishy with no escape and your team is with you, they're dead. Baron is, as usual, an important objective, and once you get it you can go siegeing which Kog loves. One caveat: more so with AP Kog than with other champions, try to avoid situations in which you are taking baron and can get caught in the pit. I recommend standing off to the side, away from the approaching enemy, or if you have flash up you can simply stand in the back of the pit and jump over when in trouble. When doing baron, you often want to turn on your W auto steroid (percent health shreds baron) and then simply use E and R to scout and zone anybody coming. When the opposing team does baron, you are at a very large advantage because you can poke them quite easily. They will group, and can often be funneled into certain paths in the jungle. One of Kog's core strengths is his ability to stall. When the other team is grouped up and pushing, with a simple E-R you can clear the entire wave and make it much harder for them to siege towers. Once again, highly prioritize staying alive- if you die, there's nothing to stop your towers from being taken. Your team will often lose hope because they don't realize how good Kog is at stalling until he oustcales. Tell your team all about this, and always be a positive influence in chat (although don't chat too much).

Stay as far back as you can while hitting groups of people or important carries with your ults. When somebody walks towards you or they group up nicely, throw an E in the mix. Teamfights are wonderful for you, because players will tend to clump up and not pay attention to dodging your ults. When getting dove, lead with Q and kite backwards over your ooze while autoing. It is quite easy to land ults on people trying to kill you because you know exactly where they will go next. However, you only have so many ults per teamfight, so don't ignore carries/grouped targets in favor of hitting the thing in front of you. The beauty of Kog's point-and-click mechainc and enoromous range is that you can focus whoever you want, regardless of whether you're about to die. Hitting their most fed squishy is almost always the answer. With Rylai's, you can initiate teamfights by making catches from long distance surprisingly well, as mentioned above.

Here is a recent LCS game in which Bjergsen carried with AP Kog'maw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX4Y1UEjASE&t=12m54s. Detailed match history is available here, and you can see the order in which he purchased his items: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH1/1001260073?gameHash=f82fa235ee6ed757&tab=overview Note that Bjergsen did more damage than the rest of his team combined! This is quite common when Kog is played in pro games, as teams are able to effectively play poke compositions. Here's another Bjergsen game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BELrvyQH_iw&t=14m36s. Here's the damage dealt, once again more than the rest of his team combined! [img=http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CKy-AqYVAAAyhH7.jpg]

If you've gotten this far, you are now a master of AP Kog- enjoy your freelo. If you disagree with any of my points, or have any new ideas, let me know- I love theorycrafting and doing mathematical analysis. If you enjoyed the guide, like it and leave a comment. Thanks! This is my second of three Solomid guides. You can see my others here: http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/134415-tahmkench-build-guide-jungle-by-tinkady (new!) http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=57630-tinkady-corki-build-guide (obsolete, previously featured)

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