Evelynn Build Guide

[Preseason 6] Queen of the Shadows [Patch 5.24]

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Hello and welcome to my preseason 6 Evelynn jungle guide. I'm Mage and I'm currently ranked in diamond where I regularly get to practice my jungling. There aren't many guides on Evelynn at the moment and that's because she's become quite unpopular due to many indirect nerfs such as pink wards being given unlimited placement time and the gold cost of these wards being reduced to 75g also. However, I believe that Evelynn is still a strong contender as one of the top junglers for these reasons: + Her passive makes her completely invisible. This makes ganking very, very easy. + Her passive also gives her stupidly good mana regen based on her missing mana which gives her fantastic sustain in the jungle. + Her kit gives her the ability to easily chase down and kill targets, as well as escaping sticky situations. + Her kit gives her the ability to quickly burst down targets, making her a viably strong assassin. + Her ultimate ability allows her to make strong flanks behind the enemy team, and very strong survivability during teamfights. + She can help her lanes snowball quite easily. Issues with Evelynn: - Early game she is extremely squishy, and so is vulnerable if she overextends or over commits. - If she falls behind she can have trouble getting back into the game without her enemy making mistakes.

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