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Every win in the bot lane

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[img=] Season 4 Item changes have been updated! Varus has an amazing kit that can easily lane harass or dominate a team fight. He has an aoe snare, aoe slow/heal debuff, long range sniper shot, and a passive that can boost his atk speed damage. What he lacks in an escape skill he makes up for in utility and control when enemies are present. Varus is strongest mid to mid late game with very solid burst damage vs. his opponents. He does % health damage so is a great choice for the current meta of champions who build health. [img=champ/varus.png] Pros: Strong Harass in Lane AOE Snare Great Farmer/Pusher Solid Burst Damage Sniper/Headshot Master Cons: Zero Escape Skills Needs lots of time in fight to maximize damage Low HP= Bullseye on your back

Last Hitting: Waiting until the minions are one hit from being dead and being the one to take the last hit. This allows you to farm $$$ without pushing your lane. This will make it harder for enemy junglers to gank you and easier for you to win. Winning>Losing. Once you are in lane, your job is to focus on three things.

At this point in the game, you and your team need to be thinking about 3 things: Towers Dragon Buffs Work towards pushing your lane tower down or getting a kill bottom lane either by yourself or with a jungler. Once accomplished, kill the dragon for much needed team gold. Your team should be grouping and starting team fights. Freezing a laneFreezing a lane: The term for when you allow the enemy minions to push just before your tower to meet your own minions without taking turret hits. This is perfect for reducing ganking risk from enemy jungler and for zoning out the enemy team. This also makes the enemy team overextend if they want $$$ and opens an opportunity for your jungler to gank.

When playing any AD Carry, you have one job. Don't die and do as much damage to the correct targets as possible. This is done by proper positioning and kiting. Once you are comfortable with Varus, you can initiate team fights with your Chain of Corruption but until then, stay in the back. You cannot risk being stunned and immediately killed. Target the enemies that are most threatening to you. The enemy tank/assassins will do their best to dive you and burst you down. Stay calm, shoot as your move backwards between shots. You have your Hail of Arrows to slow and Chain of Corruption to snare any divers that come your way. We get Last Whisper to burst down tanks and after you can help the team kill the rest. If the enemy tank doesn't dive you, focus your damage on their damage dealers if it is safe.

Always stay in the back row and get pentakill's

Varus is good.

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