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Hello everyone, I am NextLvLPlays a Diamond Katarina player and have played on multiple smurf accounts only playing Katarina. I have yet to see a guide for season 4 Kata so I decided to hook up the community and make one. I have a strong feeling Katarina is going to be a huge threat competitively (Professional play/Solo) this season for many reasons. *Wink* Anyway, in the words of Mario \"Here we gooooooo!\" (So far we've seen kat in lcs a few times since I made this guide before the season started) [center][img=http://i448.photobucket.com/albums/qq210/ryanlewis021/MEEEE_zpsb7a0ce86.png][/center] [b]Some of examples of Kat Games[/b] [center][img=http://i448.photobucket.com/albums/qq210/ryanlewis021/examplesofkatgames_zpsda36caa3.png][/center] [left][b]You get the idea[/b][/left] [b]My Kat Stats[/b] [center][img=http://i448.photobucket.com/albums/qq210/ryanlewis021/Katstats_zpsd5d18369.png][/center] [b]Statistics[/b] HEALTH 425 (+80) HEALTH REGEN. 6.95 (+0.55) MANA N/A ARMOR 17 (+3.5) MAGIC RES. 30 (+1.25) ATTACK DAMAGE 53 (+3.2) ATTACK SPEED 0.658 (+2.74%) RANGE 125 MOV. SPEED 345

Katarina is strong in all phases of the game --------------------------------------------------------------------- First few levels depending on lane match up, majority of the time its annoying. Just q harrass with lucky bounces off creeps and wait for levels and items. Work on not missing any cs and avoid getting ganked. Early game no is extremely easy for katarina because of the new trinket system. Always save your shunpo in lanes you can win with q harrass and dodge their abilities properly. Shove your lane up into turret. When the jungle gank comes, lay trinket, shunpo to it (If you don't have any incoming creeps to shunpo to) and you're safe and free.

Katarina is strong in all phases of the game

Katarina is strong in all phases of the game (Basically in end game, you need to wait for your team to engage and start a fight, kind of sit off in the back and pay attention to the enemy teams cooldowns. Once they use their forms of cc thats your invitation to enter the fight and clean up.) Sometimes this can be hard in solo que because certain team mates you may have might not engage properly.

In team fights you have to be smart. Normally what I pay attention to is my teams position, my initiators movement prediction. Once the fight is initiated I usually wait for people to be dumb and blow their forms of CC on others, once I notice those are on CD, Im full ham on their carries then go to work on the rest of the team. If I notice their frontline trying to zone out my adc, I normally help out that adc to survive longer in the fight to help me polish off their carries... While their carries are being zoned by our front line. Kat carries team fights pretty hard if she knows the right time to engage on the fight. Kat should NEVER ever be the one engaging the team fight (IN MOST CIRCUMSTANCES) You need to be the one that enters the fight at a safe precise time to clean up quick and easy.

Katarina is a very strong champion in solo que, and I am willing to bet that during LCS and other professional leagues you'll be seeing her a lot this season 4 in ranked team play. Season 4 all around compliments her extremely well!

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